The Unorthodox Threesome - Thank you Turtle and Agent <3
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Sat May 30, 2009 5:57 pm

*The Unorthodox Threesome*

My section updated on Sunday, October 13th 2013, 11:13 PM

Hello, welcome to our little three way quest!!!

My current funds
- 337,403zg and 1 gem...,

Thanks to Strawberry13 I finally have a Punisher!!! My first dream avatar is complete after 2 years!!! Thank you so much!!!
And Kat made it possible for me to complete my second dream avi with her donation of dinky blue horns!!! Thank you bunches!!!
Kat also completed my third dream avi with the donation of the Frozen Blade...:3
And Lumi completed my fourth dream avatar with the donation of a black pirate hat, which I have been looking to obtain since I first came to Zan in 2008, thank you so much!!!

Items I'm Currently Looking For

Enchanted Black Silk Cloak, Blue Cloak, White Cloak

Easter Skull, Happy Mask, Sad Clown Mask, Moon Mask, Feathered Mask

Starry Shoes

Blue Pirate Kitty, White Pirate Kitty, White Sharlou, Baby Dragon Light Blue, Baby Dragon Light Blue, Blue Bruce

Leaf Top, Blue Leaf Shorts, Leaf Boots, Blue Spring Top, Blue Spring Skirt, Flower Boots

I am also questing for all the commons, I have almost completed my quest except for some pants and a few of the more expensive commons...
Here are the items I need to complete my commons quest -

light wizard pants
dark wizard pants
blue cloak for wizards
blue white cloak for wizards
purple cloak for wizards
red cloak for wizards
green cloak for wizards
light wizard coat
dark wizard coat

Items for my mules

Red Cloak, Green Cloak

Lovely People(Donators/People who helped me obtain quest items)
Giving Tree
- Dragon Helmet, Level 2 Water Bow
KK Girl96966 - Ghost Pet
Shinigami2 - White Nightmare Cloak
Quest Helpers Game - Casanova Boots
Aleeloo - Silver Dragon Wings
IvyKitsami - Level 2 Air Chestplate, Level 2 Air Pants, Level 2 Air Boots, Level 2 Air Staff, Level 4 Water Bow
TurtleSensei - Celestial Sword, gem
Inspire - Level 1 Water Bow, Level 2 Water Chestplate, Level 2 Water Pants, Level 2 Water Boots, Celestial Diadem, Celestial Bracers, Celestial Collar, Celestial Garments, Celestial Sandals, Celestial Top, Headless Cloak
.:.kat.:. - Nightmare Sword, Skull Dress, Dinky Blue Horns, Halloween Black Cat Tail, Big Silver Horns, Big Blue Horns, Subzero Top, Frozen Blade, Big Black Horns, Dinky Black Horns
Aubriel Moonshadow - Blue Halloween Cloak
Oreana - White Hooded Cloak+Black Half Cape
Jesmond - Winter '06 Starry Mask and Basket
Fiziali - 10,000zg
Celestrya - 10,000zg, Nightmare Cloak, Pink Roses, Love Spots Topaz Glendor
Kryztol Thorn - Zg, clothes, Glendor, etc. Her whole inventory basically...
Silver Philomena - Black Bow Belt, Black leather pants, Elegant Green Shirt, Gentleman Red Hat, St Patrick Vest
DragonBlaz - Gem, White Armour Belt, White Armour Boots, White Armour Pants, White Armour Shoulderpads, Blue Magical Eye, Celestial Staff, Celestial Sword, Fluffy, Dao, Frostbite, Abraxas Violet Wings, Abraxas Blue Wings, 2,500zg, Glacial Sword, Glacial Axe, Glacial Dagger, Glacial Bow, Curly Black Horns, Curly Bone Horns, Curly Bronze Horns, Curly Gold Horns, Curly Silver Horns, Loving Touch Topaz Glendor x10, My Love Topaz Glendor x15, Wise Old Owl, Blue Kraqu, Anubis, Crystal Wind Orb, Mature Zantosaurus Green, Red Half Cape, Sharlou Horns, Sharlou White Wings, Sharptail Naga Gloves, Shining Green Slippers, Shiny Belly Belt, Silver Turnip Necklace, Silver Turnip Staff, Snow Boots, Snowman Pet, Spring Bud, St Patrick Hat, St Patrick Pants, St Patrick Shoes, St Patrick Vest, Staff of the Harvest, Twinkle, Undead dragon, Undead Mask, White Heart Black Boxers, White Heart Black Slippers, White Heart Black Stockings, White Heart Fan, Wise Old Owl, Witches Cauldron, Witches Long Claws, Xmas Ruby, Yoricks Slippers, 1 x 2010 White Hat, Bat Pet, Black Belt, Black Bruce, Black Naga Gloves, Blue and Teal Peace, Celestial Collar, Celestial Top, Creepy Spider, Crowning Glory, Crystal Potion Bottle, Cupid Bow, Cyclops Head, Cyclops Hoove Shoes, Cyclops Tattered Top, Demon Tail, Devils Pitch Fork, Dinky Orange Horns, Falcon Arrows, Falcon Bow, Flintlock Pirate Pistol, Frozen Belt, Frozen Candy Cane, Frozen Wings, Gemmed Belt, Gemmed Collar, Ghost Pet, Gold Rope Belt, Golden Serpent Bow, Golden Topaz Crown
Lady Miko - Black Cloak and Daisho
Strawberry13 Punisher
Magikjaz - 5,000zg
Unedia - 20,000zg for the purchase of my royal teal cloak
lilyanarose - Level 4 Air Bow
Anonymous Awesome Person - 30k for the purchase of my black wings of death...
Riley and Xeneros - Refined items to help me obtain the Halloween 2010 quest items
Blazestorm - Enchanted Blue Silk Cloak, Starry Basket
Blatch - Silver Curly Horns and 2,500zg
Retuuyo - 900k, 3 gems, his whole inventory, and two refined steel to help me obtain the New Year's quest items
Scarz - Hurricane
EternalHearts - 100,000zg
MythicPhoenix - 35,000zg for the purchase of my Arctic Wolf Hat
Bandaid013 - 150k for the purchase of prizes for the 300th page of the Shugga Shack
Miss Sarah - Dinky Silver Horns
Nuruhanj - Four full St. Patrick's 2011 sets as prizes for the Shugga Shack. 2 full Spring 2011 event sets to use as prizes in the Shugga Shack...
Amiliddo - Three sprigs of holly to use as prizes in the Shugga Shack
Star2000Shadow - Shepherd's Crook to use as a prize in the Shugga Shack
Lady Ice - Black Sharlou, Baby Zantosaurus Blue, Baby Zantosaurus Green, Mature Zantosaurus Blue, Young Zantosaurus Blue, Young Zantosaurus Gold, Black Face Sheep, Bunch of Carrots, Gold Bunny, Gold Sheep x2, Insect Wings x6, Ladybug, Ladybug Shell Wings x7, Purple Butterfly, Rainbow Sheep, Red Butterfly x2, Spotted Bunny x4, Teal Butterfly x3, White Bunny, White Sheep, Yellow Butterfly
Tisiel - Clover
Minac - Gold Magical Eye, Mini Phoenix Wings
Awesome anonymous person - Black Halloween Cloak
Soul - Gold Half Cape, Off White Half Cape, Gold Skull Belt
Anastasia - Gem
Asteria - Cloak of the Harvest
Ducky 333 - Gold Cloak
Mallymkun12 - Halloween Bat Mask
NVS - Blue Sharlou
Shadowfoot - Black Pirate Kitty
Umaeril - Torhild's Cloak
FlamingTriforce - Two Stars Cushion
Mungoboo - The Joker, Heart Half Jacket, Sapphire Glendor, Last Love Sapphire Glendor, Pirate Sword
Lumi - Black Pirate Hat
Asami - 260,000zg
neru-desu - 113,348zg
Dusty - Fools Tights, Gold Delicate Skirt, Golden Mummy Pants, Strawberry Sweet Shorts, Tonal Belly Dancer Skirt
Nick Evans - White Pirate Hat
Freodwyn - Jungle Pants
Agent Xarxes - Cornucopia

If I've forgotten anyone, let me know and I'll add you to the list...Very Happy


~Tea Tyme Contest~
Add me on Facebook:3

Our lovely banner was made by Angelic Goddess... Very Happy

Gifts to me from awesome Zantarnians...

I Heart Asami, she's so sweet... Very Happy

And Mally... Very Happy *huggles*


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Sat May 30, 2009 9:46 pm
Updated 4.12.13
Hi Silent here. :3
I guess this will be my little section of the thread.

My quest current quest is for flight, or basically wings. There are only certain wings I want to obtain, mainly all the ones I really like of course.

Current Funds: 130,782.56 Zg & No gems.

Main Questie
Fake Archangel Wings

Other Dreams:
.Aurora Stockings
.Dark Twilight Flare
.Dark Twilight Top
.Yoricks Splendor Chestguard
.Yoricks Splendor Shirt
.Yoricks Splendor Armguards
.Yoricks Splendor Chausses
.Yoricks Splendor Boots
.Yoricks Splendor Wings
.Yoricks Grace Chestguard
.Yoricks Grace Shirt
.Yoricks Grace Armguards
.Yoricks Grace Chausses
.Yoricks Grace Boots
.Yoricks Grace Wings
.Yoricks Fury Chestguard
.Yoricks Fury Shirt
.Yoricks Fury Armguards
.Yoricks Fury Chausses
.Yoricks Fury Boots
.Yoricks Fury Wings
.Silver Bascinet
.Eclipse Honeydew Top
.Eclipse Mint Top
.Fayerye Leather Pants
.Summer Eclipse Cloak
.Summer Eclipse Cloak
.Princess Wig
.Beautiful Wig
.Blue Ruffelen Jacket
.Black Ruffelen Jacket
.Blue Ruffelen Knickers
.Black Ruffelen Knickers
.Revelers Hat
.Combat Champ Breastplate
.Ameythst MiniWings
.Crystal MiniWings
.Lilac MiniWings
.Teal MiniWings

Lovely Helpers:
Meldrick the Elder: 1k + Captain Cocoa Chic White Shoes Love Spots Amethyst Glendor
Shugga Magnolia: 5k + Icy Queen Mask
Mungo Boo: Big Love Onyx Glendor, Creepy
Spider, Emerald Love Chain Glendor, Pink Rose, Red Cupid Spear + 40k ♥♥♥
Olli: Corset Blue, Wind Sword
WeepingDawn: Hairclip Red Rose
Sharingan: Frozen Wings
space_wolf: White Velvet Skirt, 4 apples
Celestrya: Death Cape
HH: Dark Angel Wings
Angelic Goddess: Xmas Wings ♥♥♥
Silver_Philomena: Black Boxers, 2 x Clover, Gentleman Gold Shoes, Green Boxers, Pink Boxers, Stripy Green Shirt
Inspire: Bunny Ears and Casanova Boots ♥
Sailor Celestial: 5k
Nightsgale: White Hooded Cloak ♥♥
Jesmond: Hypothermia ♥♥
Lanyer: 400k and a gem ♥♥♥ Shocked
Shugga Magnolia: Moon Mask ♥♥♥ Shocked

.Fake Archangel Wings
The Unorthodox 3some Quest

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Sat May 30, 2009 11:58 pm
Updated May 18th
I'm bad about keeping things like this updatedx_x
I guess it's my turn~
Um, I'm Sharingan and well, I'm now 22 and as I said before, it's so weird.. not being a teen any more.
My official join date is May 7th, 2006. I've lived through all of the big down times, and yes, I'm just a bit proud of that fact:3
I haven't really quested seriously since the first few elemental weapons really grabbed my attention, but I'm kind of getting back into the swing, more or less.
No, I'm not good at doing introductions that isn't in a story form, which is why this keeps changing.
There-_- I'm done editing and it only took me an hour and a half ><

[Update, 1/15/2013]You can tell how long it's been since I've updated, I'm 22 and it said I was 20 Xp

Anyhoo, lets get down to the questing.
prices and most pictures from the price guide

YES! Opalesque set acquired!!
Full Magical eye set acquired!!

Current Funds: 54,054.81

Valentines Shield

300,000 - 350,000
(I've got a long way to go~)

Sad Clown Mask

Bat Wings

^^; eh heh heh.

For my mule[Unholy Whisper]
*squees with joy*

Awesome people(and their Donations:):

Silver_Philomena: Elegant Gold Jacket, Grey Rogue Shirt, Red Casanova Top, Red Fire Top, White Zantarni T♥♥
Celestrya:Animated Green Fairy Wings♥♥♥
TurtleSensei: was selling a Halloween Bat Pet, and I was going to buy it. But then! Someone who wished to remain anonymous payed for it for me! Thank you anonymous person! I'd give you a big kiss! If I knew who you were...^^♥♥♥♥♥
Jesmond:Big Blue Horns, Pink Magical Eye, Purple Magical Eye, White Pirate Hat.
Thank you soooo much! You have absolutely made my day♥♥♥♥♥

Oreana: Level 4 Fire Sword♥♥♥
DarkDream/WishingMoon: Magic Fire Staff[Bday Present], Dark Angel Wings, 50k gold[Christmas Present]♥♥♥
Love you Mooney

DragonBlaz:10k[Bday Present]
Lady Miko: Winter 06 Starry Mask♥♥♥♥
.:.kAt.:.: Level 4 Earth Sword, Level 4 Fire Staff, Level 4 Fire Bow[Christmas Present]♥♥♥♥
silent stardust:Mechanic Black Wings♥♥♥♥♥
Sir Scarz:Golden Dragon Tunic[Christmas Present]♥♥♥♥♥
ShuggaMagnolia:Level 4 Fire Bow[Christmas Present] Holly Dress♥♥♥♥
Kiyo Ayanami:Holly Leaf Wings

The Unorthodox Threesome's Quest

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun May 31, 2009 8:02 am
About time you got this together.

Oh yes here is the freebie I owe.

Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Sun May 31, 2009 2:33 pm
*jaw drops to ground*
That is so pretty!!!

I didn't realize that you were doing freebies for everyone, you rock!!!

*huggles pic*

Is that Lene is the background??? Just checking...

And yeah, it is about time, we procrastinate too much, lol...

Thanks for coming by and thanks for the beautiful arts!!! I feel like I need to give you a tip...

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun May 31, 2009 2:35 pm
Glad you like it. Yep I did everyone. Even if it wasn't much at times.

Yep Lene is in the back ground.

Your welcome. There is no need for a tip really.

Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Sun May 31, 2009 2:50 pm
Well, I feel like I owe you a little something at least, I didn't even post that much to deserve such lovely art...

And I thought so, I was just making sure... We all look so lovely together!!!

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun May 31, 2009 2:53 pm
It wasn't your post number that got you the art. You talked about super hero's a big part of this event and you went to all the trouble of finding me pictures.
Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Sun May 31, 2009 4:01 pm
Ah, I see...

I want to still upload my Ron King (Marvel guy) art sometime soon too, as well as a bunch of pics I have been talking about uploading...

Well anyways, thanks again, it is so lovely...

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Sun May 31, 2009 4:02 pm
I love the art. It's so beautiful :3
I am going to add it to my profile :3
I had to add the mermaid wings to my list they are so pretty. I need to hunt down a gem now.
.Fake Archangel Wings
The Unorthodox 3some Quest
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Sun May 31, 2009 4:03 pm
I have already added it to my profile...

And omg, I still haven't made it to the shops to see the new stuff...

*goes MIA for awhile to do some shopping*

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Sun May 31, 2009 4:06 pm
Good luck all of you !!*sprinkles good luck dust on y'all*

I will see what I can do to aid the cause Very Happy
Avi art? Sounds lovely, art me : D
I don't intend to be a thread-killer, but I am.
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Sun May 31, 2009 4:12 pm
I've checked out some of it Maggie. I might get a few things. I am not sure yet. I really just want to get the new DI wings first.

Silver. thank you very much.
.Fake Archangel Wings
The Unorthodox 3some Quest
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Sun May 31, 2009 4:15 pm
Thank you Silver!!! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get with these new items around!!!

I like the mermaid wings, but they don't really show with my cloak on, so I will wait to get those until I am done with my dream avi, and when I am ready to try out more outfits...

I love the new commons too, I will be buying a lot of them probably...

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Sun May 31, 2009 4:18 pm
you're welcome!!! Very Happy

the mermaid items are kinda nice
I just have to find someone whose selling them

I'll check my inventory because I may have some items I can donate to each of you to sell
Avi art? Sounds lovely, art me : D
I don't intend to be a thread-killer, but I am.
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