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Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:36 am
Table of contents

Arrow I. What you May and May Not post
Arrow II. Pointers for Group Projects
Arrow III. Pointers for critiques and comments
Arrow IV. Frequently Asked Questions


I. What you May and May Not post

- The thing with blood and sex
Remember Zantarni is PG-13. You are allowed to post mild violence and hugs and kisses, but state in your topic title if that is so. If you wish to share your more explicit stories (over PG-13), it is still allowed to some extent, but only if you link it out to a different website and clearly state the actions one might encounter in your text. We do not wish to be responsible for nightmares or lifelong traumas.
If you are not sure if your story is OK to post, PM a Knight (Moderator), who will approve or not.

- The everlasting question on Fan fiction
Fan fiction is an art in itself. It is a difficult job to defeat the original writer or to live up to their imagination... or just to simply try and dive into that magical world. Still, most writers do NOT want others to touch their precious work. They own the work and do not want others to use it. For example, Anne Rice strictly forbids it. For this, and so that neither you nor Zantarni will get into trouble, we will not allow you to post fan fiction here. Not under any circumstances.

- Do not post more than one topic in a row
You want to show off 5 poems? Just edit them into one post. If everyone posts each chapter of their novel in a new topic, Zantarni's server will quite possibly die. Please try not to flood the forum.


II. Pointers for Group Projects

Many writers believe it is impossible to share a dream and to be able to write together. Still, many writers see it as a challenge to improve and to learn the art of collaboration.
If you are to start a collaboration, it is a good idea to make sure of a couple of things.

- What is your goal? Will it be a book? A game? A Role-play? Are you going all the way, to have it published? It is important to know this. How much of your heart will you put into a serious novel, and how hard will you try for a simple game? It is significant that you should be clear on this subject, before involving anyone.

- How much time are you willing to spend on it? Is this a summer project? Something that's fun, but will never truly end? Will you set a deadline each Sunday for the next chapter to be done? Choose carefully. Some writers don't like to keep to a strict schedule, but some actually want to finish something... When you begin a project, always state how much work will go into it, and what you expect of your fellow writers.

- Who will come up with the idea? Will it be a strict storyline? Will you just write and see what happens? Make sure your interests match as well. You can mix witches and detectives... but is it really such a good idea? If writers band together to work on one story, it is often best if the genre stays a whole. Don't add characters as you wish, don't make up new sorts of magic if you can't work it out anymore... Stick together.


III. Pointers for critiques and comments

- Let's start with the question of whether someone actually wants critique. The topic starter should clearly add if they are looking for improvement, or just nice comments. If you, as a commenter, are not sure what the writer wants, ask first, before writing an essay on the flaws in the text.

- Never just say harsh things. Never just say it's beautiful. The perfect critique mixes these two things. What if a story just is bad? What if a story just is good? Impossible. Then try harder. "Oh, I like what you did here, but in that next sentence you could switch that word for this." See? Good balance. Or if you really can't help but like the text.. try to look at the whole of it. What impression does it give you? Write it out. Because sometimes a text seems perfectly sweet to you, while the writer meant it to be romantic. Even in compliments, a writer can find critique. This leads to another point; the fact that you should be careful with your compliments. You can say you love the fighting moves, but what if the writer intended to accentuate the characters' emotions, and not the battle? An insult can hide everywhere.

- Mind -what- the writer asks you to critique. Is it the spelling? Is it the word use? Is it the storyline? The characters? The environment? You can rip a text apart all you like... but what if the writer just wanted to know if its characters didn't behave too dramatically?

Critiquing should be done with care. Make a cup of tea and take your time. If you are going to critique, do it well. It won't help a writer, unless you clearly go into details and explain how it could improve.

Good luck.


IV. Frequently Asked Questions

Work in Progress

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Edit by Nema, at the request of Lady Zenobia:

Please note that Lady Zenobia is no longer a Knight of Zantarni, and should not be PM'd with questions on this topic.
A full list of the current Knights may be found in The ZanDex.

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Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:07 pm
Arrow Rule Addendum:
Double posting is not allowed (except for a maximum of 2 initial set-up posts for new threads) and all of The Rules of Zantarni concerning posting, content, etc., should be followed in this forum as well.

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