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Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:31 pm
*punches* You could have said that. Now I used Tom's name in vain and we'll all get a plague of Sharlou's stealing our underwear or something...

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Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:32 pm
sounds like a plan....o.o
i shall gather the sharlous Very Happy
:O Buggering rabbit nicked my wallet!
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Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:55 pm
i loves my red sharlou, and it's back! yay!! gargoyle... i dunno if i would call it that though.
Needing to buy Gems - need 4 if possible, 2 at min.
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:12 am
**Peeks in and waves**
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:20 am
**Sneaks in and pounces Lady Alivia**
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:22 am
**gets pounced** EEEPS!!! ** Licks Tis's face** Hiya!!

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:33 am
**Nuzzles LAdy Alivia** Doing much better now. XD

How are you hun?

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Queen of the Realm
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:35 am
*sneaks in behind Alivia and Tisiel and pounces them both!* XD
... woooooowwww... VERRRRRRRY Quiet in here today!! What's going on with that?? Confused ... except of course, for Lonewolf teasing some of the thread regulars... Confused *heehee*... actually, it's good to see you coming by, Lone!

Thread Archive, 4 February 2008:

Update & Glitch Overview:
With the continuing explosion of updates and tweaks, it's been difficult to keep up with it all. Soooo, I'm just trying to maintain a quick list here of some of the things going on, or recently changed. If you notice a change or think something should be listed here, please post in the thread or PM me - thanks!

    Exclamation 30Jan: battle system testing underway
    Exclamation 29-30Jan: Shop release coming
    Exclamation 29/30Jan: there was a gem/donation glitch, reportedly fixed now.
    Exclamation 29Jan: Weapons Smith Tool durability seems an issue at this time (degenerates very rapidly for making the 'toys')
    Exclamation 28Jan: Adjustments made for gold payout for deeds/crimes (it's now less)
    Exclamation 28Jan: Smithy released, tool belt and tools released
    Exclamation Wardrobe: Tom seems aware of these issues and will be working on them soon...
      ...Some pets and gender-neutral clothing are experiencing difficulties being equipped.
      ...Remove item and Remove All button in the wardrobe not working
      ...Edit eyes seems not to be working

    Exclamation Farming and Quests are coming soon
    Exclamation Selling fish to the trading shop is encountering errors. The trading shop didn't even load for me last I tried it.
    Exclamation Errors updating siggies have been reported, although for some users clicking "submit" twice seems to send the update request through
    Exclamation Level caps have been raised. The system is coded through level 100 (experience level)
    Exclamation Baskets of Golden Apples are in the donation shop, granting 100NRG each
    Exclamation Potluck is down due to a glitch, don't know when it will be back.
    Exclamation usershops are no more due to the new marketplace.
    Exclamation profiles are broken & profile comments are not working

Concerning Durability of items: [X] & [X]
xtremetom wrote:
ahhhhhh everything will break!!!!!!!

not dont worry it wont.
due to the huge amount of hate for this idea i think the best course of action will be to create a battle paper doll.

which for all you rpg gamers out there will know is like an outline of your player with item space around it for such items as:

    Arrow helmet
    Arrow shield
    Arrow weapons
    Arrow chestplate
    Arrow chain mail
    Arrow boots
    Arrow gloves
    Arrow greeves
    Arrow armour pants
    Arrow special (necklace + rings +tomes)

this will be what you get to edit before a battle. so you can choose to equip something before battle. and you still get to keep you av as it looks.

the option to equip any item you own. so if you do want to battle a dragon with your level 4 ice sword you can. or use a wooden stick....hmm i know which i want to use.

but items will only get damaged if used in battle or in the case of tools, when used in crafting of any kind.

so dont worry you have 100% choice of what you use and where. and an item forge repair shop will be opened.

... AND ...
xtremetom wrote:
Items that you have bought via donations will never break, they are indestructable. so dont worry.

Im know some people were worried about this.

LEGALLY: I can not destroy the items
not useless you the user agree to it.

However t make the battle system fair, the use of these items wll require some very high stats. well you can use an item at any level but if the item is a high level item, chances are it will be very heavy and will massively slow you down, also you will not be able to use it correctly and only be able to strike with a force of 10 when if you were at the correct level, you could strike with 200-300.

Arrow note: Smithy tools have a max durability of 25 points...


[3 Feb.] Greetings! Questions for conversation and discussion are posted on page 1576, which is about where the conversation for today begins. Join us!

[31 Jan.] We're around page 1541 or so for the beginning of today's conversation... join us. We continue to discuss level cap limitations, the new weapons and shop items, and to work through any little glitches or questions with any of the new areas of the realm...

[30 Jan.] Good morning! Our conversation starts around page 1520 today. We are talking about the new DIs, congratulating Lady Juanalene on her win for the pixel competition and discussing today's announcements including the fact that DI weapons and armor can not be destroyed in the battle area. Join us!

[29 Jan.] Page 1510 is where we start today... The first level of weapon-smithing items is available (toy bow, staff and sword; of wood)

[28 Jan.] Page 1491 is about where our conversation begins... join us!

[27 Jan.] Somewhere about page 1476 is where our conversation starts today. As usual, we are discussing the changes, comparing notes and locating glitches as Tom continues to work on the system. Please join us!

[26 Jan.] Good day, Zantarni! Our conversation today starts around Page 1454... join us! We are discussing the recent changes and updates and trying to sort out and organize the information for the new features now that the dust has settled a bit...

[25 Jan.] Conversation starts around page 1428 today, and Wow! The updates and tweaks keep coming, along with lots of announcements and information on what exactly is going on across the realm! It seems that Sir Tom has a lot on his plate once more today, including:
Exclamation What's on Tom's List for fixes
Exclamation Announcing the soon arrival of the Weapons Smith [X], and Tom's post with some helpful hints:

xtremetom wrote:
hint -1
if i were you i would stock up on refined materials, as they will be needed for the weapon and armour smith. some refined materials will also be usable at the goldsmith to create very expensive items that can only be made not bought anywear in the game

hint -2
quests are coming soon, these will require special items and precious items.
quests will give out high exp and rare items.

Exclamation Tools will soon be removed from the item shop [X]
Exclamation Changes to the System and Limited Durability for Certain Items soon to be implemented. Tom has given a very good overview of what this means in his [Thread]

[24 Jan.] Page 1403 is about where today's discussion begins... please join us. We are still sifting through some minor clothing and marketplace quirks...

[23 Jan.] Hello everyone! We have new wardrobes and dressing features coming today (bye bye ghosting!), in addition to finalization on the new marketplace. Since the wardrobe is still being worked on and it seems we can't get dressed, it's nekkid time!! (only temporary)

[22 Jan.] Good morning! We're somewhere about page 1347 today, discussing the new changes and compiling a chart of stats, levels, requirements, etc. - Come help, or come chat! Heart

I have delayed long enough in sorting through the recent changes and compiling a list... between my own scattered time online and the frequent updates from Tom, the urgency to do so has not been as great as it has been in the past. But it is time... and I need your help to finish the list, so please let me know if there is something I'm missing from the following (& partial) list of recent changes and updates made to Zantarni:

    ... new images for the apples and fish
    ... new marketplace: still in testing/development
    ... inventory tweaks: available on profile page, item lists consolidated
    ... new NPC (fishing) announced... a miner compatriot is on the way
    ... health potions: coming
    ... live issue support: coming
    ... multi-donate to user: can now donate multiple items and item types to a user at one time
    ... battle system
    ... training system
    ... experience points
    ... twirly hairdo fixed (need orb or tome to access)

Stats Info:
Note - this is not really organized at the moment because I have been largely offline the last few days, and as such, I am still muddling through the process and sorting through the details. If you have additional information to share here, please do! Heart

    ... Courage goes up with each experience level gained.
    ... Experience levels are gained through doing deeds (good or crimes)
    ... NRG and Courage auto-increase over time
    ... Time and efficiency to complete tasks (battles and training) depends on your stores of NRG and Courage (I think?)

[21 Jan.] The tsunami of changes and updates to the site seem to be continuing, and we are awaiting the release of the Tailor's shop portion of the new clothing items. In other news, it seems we are experiencing some additional staff changes:
    Haruka wrote:
    Hello everyone!

    I just want you all to know I sent my resignation letter to Tom.

    I have to ask you all to send PMs to Zim or Tom for account activations from now on. :3
Haruka will be sorely missed across the realm. We wish you well in whatever endeavors you pursue, hun. Heart

[19 Jan.] Well, it seems like the updates are still going on, along with little tweaks here and there to even things out and to make playing the new twists and turns a bit more pleasant an experience (instead of tedious and confusing), so we'll have to see what comes next. There have been a veritable heap of announcements posted recently, including the most recent (as of this typing) that we should expect a new Dragon Set of items to soon be released across the DI and regular shops...

[17 Jan.] Ok, so I've been away for a day or two and am sorting through the new changes (not going halfway with this are we? Shocked )

Basically... as a quick overview of what's working and what's not:

    Exclamation Battle System - Not yet out, but work is being done on it.
    Exclamation Gym - Don't train in defense, it'll mess with your stats.
    Exclamation Good and Bad Deeds - Nothing happening according to karma. Possibility of getting 100% probability of success, but still failing, chance of succeeding and getting 0 experience.
    Exclamation Faerie & Nymph Followers - Not yet available.
    Exclamation Games - Still disabled.
    Exclamation Theft - No reports of it happening yet.

If you have other relevant information, please feel free to share in-thread or PM me directly (probably a better route right now) so we can continue to help each other out through all these adjustments...

[15 Jan.] We're somewhere around page 1173 today - join us as we sort through the newest round of changes to the realm...
Arrow Gather a Following of faeries & nymphs [Thread]
    Exclamation the number of helpers depends on your level
    Exclamation you pay them a daily wage
    Exclamation they help you get places that you can not and help with hunting for items or treasure
    Exclamation karma based
    Exclamation nymphs and faeries may not be entirely loyal to you regardless of your karma or deeds

Arrow Good Deeds are now available as an alternative to beating up drunks and pushing over old ladies. [thread]. The option is available on the revised city map under the City Hall section, "Good Samaritan"

[14 Jan.] We're about page 1157 today, discussing the recent changes/updates and new glitches that came with them... all are welcome to add their observations... join us!
Arrow Elven Temple of Healing has been made available (kind of). It's available in the City Map, in the 'City Square' category

[13 Jan.] It seems that we have a few updates today...

    Arrow Battle preparation:
      Exclamation Our character stats are now visible beneath our avatars
      Exclamation Tom has been busy coding a quick battle system to enable us to fight and continue training while the "real" one is completed
      Exclamation The full announcement thread

    Arrow New games available: Located in 'the Shadows' section of the revised City Map, it seems now that gambling with your ZG is legal in Zantarni.

    Arrow Mining and Fishing direct links are now available also on the revised City Map, in the 'Beyond Edingtol' section.

    Arrow Crimes may now be committed across the land:

    Arrow Attribute Regeneration [Thread]
    xtremetom wrote:
    Your character attributes regenerate every five mintues... so you can commit crimes and go fishing and mining then in a few minutes you will have energy to do it all again.

[12 Jan.] Page 1114 is about where our conversation starts today. It seems that some minor updates have been made, by the way...
Towns Page has been Updated with a new banner and what looks to soon be more information and quick links underneath the town image there... it's a ... mini site-map in the making!

[11 Jan.] Page 1104 is about where we are today. Come chat!

[10 Jan.] Conversation starts around page 1080 today...

[9 Jan.]
Well, it seems Tom is traveling between the States and UK once more [X]; He has left the site in the capable hands of the Knights and expects to return "Friday".

Otherwise, we are on about page 1052 today. Come join us!

Arrow [pm update] Tom posted that the seasonal items will be leaving the seasonal on Saturday...

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:45 am
**gets clunked in the head by Blazes Helmet** OUCHIES!!
Watch that thing! And my Blaze...what a big sword you have!!

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:53 am
Was I even there?
Did I take up space?
Will you remember who I was
When another takes my place?
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Queen of the Realm
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:54 am
*snickers at Alivia* I thought the armor was appropriate for tonight... like my new toy, do you? Wink

*waves* Hello Turtle - how are you tonight??

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:56 am
*plops down* i went over by 45 min. stupid work... *grumbles*
Needing to buy Gems - need 4 if possible, 2 at min.
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:56 am
Hey, I'm doing pretty good thanks. How bout yourself?
Was I even there?
Did I take up space?
Will you remember who I was
When another takes my place?
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Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:04 am
**Recovers from Lady Blaze's tackle**

What hit me?! Shocked

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Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:05 am
hellos Turtle and Tisiel!
Needing to buy Gems - need 4 if possible, 2 at min.
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