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Owner: shadowfoot
Breed: Zantosaurus (Class Obsidian)
Mother: Lord Alex's Royal Pet
Father: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 5074 Days
Visits: 218
Uniques: 100.8

Description: Currently, there are only two well-known classes of Zantosaurus, the Garnet and the Obsidian, though more are suspected to be living throughout the realm. Of the two known classes, however, each have been observed to display very distinct differences in both personality and habits.
Where the Garnets tend to be much more sociable with other species and curious, Obsidians are often more oriented for violence towards other races and a desire for solitude. The former, apart from the latter, also seem to be much less magically inclined than their counterparts, preferring to delve in physical, "natural" experiments and explorations rather than deepening their experience into magical ones such as spellcasting. Though the two classes do have their differences, they do share similarities in some aspects.
Though neither species of Zantosaurus care for their young after the eggs are laid, the parents do provide somewhat for their chicks before leaving the nest to its own. This is done through their forming of their nests from strongly scented flowers and plants that not only help to ward off predators, but also to attract insects and pollenating animals such as hummingbirds for the young to eat as they grow.
Eggs are most frequently laid singularly, but clutches have been found holding up to three eggs at a time. While the incubation period for eggs is currently unknown, it has been observed that hatchlings will remain in the nest anywhere from a couple of months to a year as their wings develop and start to strengthen enough to allow them flight.
When the chicks are first born, they are only about four inches in length from muzzle to tail tip, have very soft, vulnerable skin, and no evidence of wings. In their first week of life, they will begin to form scales and gradual size, though their wings will not often start to form until the chick is at least two weeks old. Also, though a Zantosaurus may reach full adult size (which is about eight feet in height and twelve in length) by its first five years of life, most do not reach full maturity for ten to twenty years, and they will often only live for fifty or so years in total.

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