Opinions on a RP that uses simple tabletop RPG system?
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Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:56 pm
I was wondering if anyone has tried posting a roleplay thread with TRPG elements... Like having a narrator (the OP) set the scene and the other players saying what they want to do, and using a dice roll generator to see if they succeed in doing something or not. For example:

You step into the kitchen. The shelves are stocked with preserves, loaves of bread and a few jars of pickled vegetables. You notice that there is a tall jar, sitting at the very top of the shelves, labeled 'COOKIES'.

Then the player would say something like:

"I attempt to jump and grab the cookie jar!"

They would then proceed to roll a die. If they roll over 10, they succeed their jump. If they roll under 10, they fail.

The narrator will then say what happens depending on how well they rolled... Usually, rolling a 1 is a critical fail in TRPGs. So if the player rolled a 1 in this scenario, the next thing that happens could be...

"[Player name] lunges himself at the shelf, extending his arm in hopes of reaching the cookie jar. He feels the tips of his fingers brush the jar, but before he can grab it he falls. He manages to knock over the shelves, shattering dozens of jars in the process."

I can see how this kind of role-playing might take longer than the usual type, but dice-rolling can be reserved to situations like combat and examining surroundings.

I feel that the dice-rolling can add an interesting element, especially in combat scenarios. How well you do in combat won't depend on how powerful your character is in your mind. It would depend on luck. Of course the narrator can help out by adjusting the scenario a bit to maintain a balanced fight.

Each player could have a small sheet of their character's stats. For example, if your character is very nimble and athletic, instead of having a roll of 10 or above be a success in the cookie jar scenario, it could be a 5 or above for them.

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Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:11 am
I personally have never tried a text RP like that, but have played many table top campaigns. My first impressions are that it could work, but having a character sheet would be a necessity in order to determine success or failure. Then you would have to decide if characters earn XP in your world to improve their stats, of they stay the same. And unfortunately, Zantarni doesn't have a dice roll action, so you'd have to find a way to ensure that people don't lie on their rolls (not saying that anyone would, but it's always a possibility).

If you set an RP in this style, I would love to be a part of it; I love RP-ing ^^
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