Movement on the Horizon [Quest Intro]
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Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:31 am
The Knight tapped his foot as he waited on the castle walls. He had been assigned to look out for the People of the Hoof who stopped by Edingtol every year as they made their migration to the Eastern Plains. In celebration of this, an Eidyllion Festival was held to celebrate the brotherly love between the herd and all the peoples of Zantarni. However, they were late this year. Very late. He began to wonder if they had decided to keep going past Edingtol this year.

However, as soon as that thought struck his mind he spotted some movement in the distance.

“Open the gates!” The knight called out as he quickly made his way out to greet the approaching centaur. The knight had a big grin on his face, but that began to falter when he realized that the centaur looked very worn and had a slight limp.

“Greetings, friend!” The Knight proclaimed once the centaur had reached the gates. “We have eagerly waited for you and your friends to arrive.” Looking past the centaur into the distance, the Knight continued to say, “But where are the rest of your people and Princess Naheros?”

The centaur nodded his head in acknowledgment of the Knight's greeting. “Thank you for your welcome, Sir Knight. The Princess has sent me ahead to inform you of our arrival. Our tardiness was due to the herd being attacked by some stray Trolls.” The messenger paused for a moment. “We were able to succeed against our foe but unfortunately, some of my kin were injured and others were lost. We had hoped that we would still find friends here in our time of need.”

The Knight firmly grasped the shoulder of the centaur. “You will always find friends here in Edingtol.”

Turning to the sentries at the gate, the Knight commanded, “Lead our friend inside and make sure he is well fed and his wounds are looked after.” Speaking to a second soldier, the Knight continued to say, “Gather some volunteers in the town. We will need all the help we can get to make sure the fields surrounding Edingtol will be ready to tend to the herd when they arrive.”

The Knight hurried back inside the gates and headed to the castle to inform the Queen of the latest events. He hoped that they would still be able to pull off the festival somehow.
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