Meldrick's Tales, Chapter 7 "Healing all wounds"
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Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:53 pm
Chapter 7

Healing All Wounds

Meldrick sat down in the park on the soft grass. Not often, but every once in awhile, he would get these throbbing headaches because of his eye injury. After his encounter with ˜Red Claw", and the blood brother wound he had received when ˜Red Claw" had sliced the palm of his hand, Meldrick had found that he had been given a special gift . . . a healing touch.

He gently rubbed his forehead and the palm of his hand gave off a soft green glow as the headache subsided.

"Sir Meldrick . . . why was your palm glowing?" A tiny voice asked.

Meldrick had not realized he was not alone, but he could now tell that there were a few children sitting on the ground before him. Children, you have all heard of the story of my meeting the Great Red Dragon?

There was a murmuring and an agreement by all seated before him. He smiled at their agreement and continued, as he showed his palm that 'Red Claw' had scratched his palm and mine and we clasped hands . . . sharing blood?

Again there was a murmuring, "That simple act not only bound us together, it gave me a limited power of healing." The palm of his hand glowed a soft green and the children ˜oohed and awwwed'. Meldrick smiled, "Now, it is not a cure-all, but it does allow me to help until a healer can be found."

He let the children touch his palm as he remembered when the healing touch did more than just a stop gap healing . . .

- - - - - - - - - - -

Meldrick had just reached his 17th birthday a week earlier, when the caravan had passed through the Ungorn Forest heading north for the Northern Ranges. The Gypsy Elves had a salt mine there and once or twice a year they would go there and stock up on salt, for trade and personal use.

As was his habit, Meldrick slipped away from the caravan and headed into the mountains above the salt mines.

Mother Marla smiled as she watched him make his way up the side of the mountain, following the paths made by the fauna of the region. She went back to setting up their campfire and softly sang to herself.

Meldrick felt as if he was being watched and smiled as he looked back to look at the caravan going about setting up camp. He turned back around and returned to the trail that let to a small tarn, which was his objective. He had brought along his fishing gear hand hope to catch enough fish for the caravan to enjoy.

He smiled again as he looked over the valley and could make out the Ungorn Forest south of him. The greenery of the forest seemed to stretch forever. He loved looking over the various valleys he had had the good fortune to see in his lifetime. Each one was different and beautiful in their own way.

Turning back he moved through the path through the rocks that led to the tarn. As he entered the hidden valley, he sensed something was wrong. What was normally a valley teeming with life seemed to have been abandoned. He stopped and found a good vantage point to look about the tarn, to see if he could find anything that was obviously out of the ordinary.

As he scanned the shoreline of the small lake he saw it . . . a Black and Red Lesser Dragon . . . one of the few breeds of Dragons that were known 'man eaters. "No wonder the animals had deserted the area." he thought to himself.

Meldrick watched the dragon for awhile, trying to figure out why it was here and what it was that the dragon might be looking for. As he observed it, he noticed that it barely could open its mouth and that it appeared to be injured in some way. Meldrick knew that an injured Black and Red lesser was even more dangerous than a uninjured one, but something about this dragon called to him.

He felt a tingling in the palm of his right hand and noticed it glowing a soft green. He had only seen this a couple times since ˜Red Claw" had sliced his palm and he knew that it was a manifestation of healing powers. Closing his hand into a fist, he got up and headed towards the injured dragon.

As Meldrick neared it, the injured dragon turned slowly to watch him. The dragon's eyes seemed to stare at the soft green glow of his palm. It seemed to cower back away from him as he neared it.

Meldrick softly chuckled, obviously the Black and Red Lesser could smell the scent of the Great Red Dragon on him . . . a real advantage for Meldrick.

Looking for obvious signs of injury, Meldrick noticed a few stab wounds near the creature's heart and heartstone (a primitive protection for some of the ancient breeds of dragons' hearts). As he moved closer, he saw what was causing the dragon the most distress . . . it appeared as if the creature had tangle with a form of barbed wire. It had somehow jammed between the creature's teeth and around its muzzle. It must have struggled hard and long as the wire had dug deep into the dragon's skin.

Putting his right hand up, palm forward as he neared the creature, he talked softly and calmly to it. "Be still, I won't hurt you." He said, almost chuckling to himself as he knew that if the creature moved it could kill him in so many different ways.

Gently he reached out with his softly glowing hand to touch the creature's muzzle. It seemed to relax against his soft touch. Meldrick pulled out his cutting pliers and gently examined the wire. "This may hurt, but it is the only way to get this wire of you."

He looked into the dragon's eye, there was an intelligence there he hadn't expected to find. The dragon nodded its head as if to say "I understand." Meldrick slowly reached out with the pliers, and started to cut the wire in several places. The dragon closed its eyes as if resigned to whatever would happen to it.

Slowly Meldrick unwrapped the wire from around the creatures muzzle and carefully loosening it from its teeth, making sure he had it all, he threw the pieces of wire away from the dragon. Then laying his right palm on the dragon's muzzle, the soft green glow enveloping its muzzle, slowly he could see the cuts closing up.

"Young Dragon, my face will heal fine and scars will add character."

Meldrick looked into the dragon's eye, "Lord Dragon, I did not know that you could speak our tongue."

The dragon chuckled and coughed, "Young Dragon, it is mind speak, I am surprised you had not encountered it before." The Black and Red Lesser Dragon shuddered a bit.

"What is it? What's wrong." Meldrick looked over the creature and saw that the bleeding around the area of the heart wound had increased.

The dragon closed its eyes before speaking again, "I fear that my heartstone has been damaged . . . " He paused a moment, "That is a problem, if the damage is too great, I will not be long for this world."

Meldrick moved down to the wound, his palm glowing brightly, "Is there anything I can do to help?" He looked up into the dragon's eyes.

The creature turned its head and looked into Meldrick's eyes, "I need you to reach into the wound and examine my heartstone. Tell me the damage you find."

Meldrick nodded and gently reached his hand into the dragon's wound, feeling the heartstone, he gently ran his hand and fingers over it and sighed. "There is a small chip in the upper right corner and there appears to be a crack running halfway down the middle of it."

The dragon gently nodded, "That is what I feared . . . the crack cannot be allowed to grow, if it does it will split and when that happens I will die."

Meldrick felt a warmth growing in the palm of his right hand, "Is there anything that can be done to stop the cracking?"

"Yes, Young Dragon . . . but it may drain your healing power permanently." The dragon looked to where Meldrick's palm was glowing.

"Permanently?" Meldrick asked. He enjoyed having the healing powers, the thought of losing it permanently did not appeal to him, especially since the Black and Red Lessers were 'man' eaters.

"I understand your hesitancy, Young Dragon. Is there anything I can do or say that would convince you to help me in this way?" The dragon coughed again and sighed.

Meldrick thought a moment, "If you would pledge to me that you will no longer hunt 'man' for sport or food. I would be willing to try this."

"I see . . ." The dragon move his head closer to Meldrick and sniffed him and nodded "All right Young Dragon, I, Kazar, of the Black and Red Lesser Dragon Clan, do hereby swear that I will no longer hunt man for sport or food, unless I am provoked." The dragon stared at Meldrick for a moment, "Young Dragon, you are of man, how is it that you have the scent of a Great Red Dragon upon you?"

"I am Meldrick of the Gypsy Elves, blood brother to 'Red Claw' of the Great Red Dragon Clan." He said with no bravado.

Kazar's eyes widened in shock and surprise, "Red Claw . . . You are blood brother to the King's Regent!" Kazar bowed, ”Young Dragon, I had heard that the Regent had a blood brother, but never expected to meet him . . . you."

Meldrick returned the bow, "Now, let's see what we can do about that cracked heartstone of yours." He moved to slip his right hand in the wound and gently placed it on the cracked heartstone, as he did, he felt the heat building in his palm as the dragon's skin glowed green beneath the surface.

He had lost track of the time and it was now dark when Meldrick awoke, he had not realized that he had fallen asleep. His palm was no longer warm and Kazar was also sleeping. Meldrick gently fingered the heartstone searching for any sign of the crack, finding none, he smiled and removed his hand from the wound.

Slowly getting up he walked across the banks of the tarn and knelt and sipped some of the cool water. Looking at his palm, and seeing that the scar still evident, he sighed. He wondered if he ever again would be able to heal anyone again.

Returning to Kazar, he gently patted his shoulder, "I must return to my people, I hope you will recover, Kazar."

Kazar stood and stretched his wings, "Young Dragon . . . Mel-Drick, I feel the strength returning to me now. I am sure I will recover and I will keep my vow to you." He stood and looked down at Meldrick, "The least I can do is fly you back to your people."

Meldrick smiled as he mounted Kazar for his flight home . . .

- - - - - - -

Meldrick smiled at thought of Kazar as the children started asking if he could heal this scratch and that. He chuckled as he reached out with his right palm glowing a soft green and healing each of their little cuts and scratches.


Sit back and I'll tell you tales of Faeries and dragons.

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Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:47 am
Selena watched with amusement as the elder healed up small scratches that the children were likely unaware they had even had before he ended his story.

"You have such amazing adventures, Sir Meldrick." She sighed quietly to herself. "But they couldn't have happened to a better person. We are lucky to have you with us in our fair city."

Seeing the kids still crowding around the elder, Selena turned and walked quietly away. She'd thank him for the story another time, when he wasn't looking so pleased at being once again surrounded by others that care for him.
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