Meldrick's Tales, Chapter 22 - The Room
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Meldrick the Elder
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Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:40 pm
Meldrick's Tales, Chapter 22, The Room

Meldrick sat on his usual perch on the low stone wall while Loriel flitted about playing with the kids that had gathered. The laughs and giggles filled the air as the children chased Loriel and she sprinkled faerie dust about, all while they waited to go out trick or treating on All Hallow's Eve.

After a while Loriel flitted over to rest on Meldrick's shoulder and the children all sat and lay about in the leaf covered grass.

One little girl approached Meldrick, who smiled as he realized that it was little Sandy, "Mr. Meldrick, I was just wondering."

"Wondering what, Sandy?" Meldrick turned to face her.

She hesitated a bit as she built up the courage to ask what was on her mind, "You know the Kingdom is doing a story contest for "All Hallow's Eve" and I know that you have told spooky stories before. . ." she paused again and looked to the other children, ". . .could you tell us another ghost story, please."

The Old Elf smiled, "Of course, Sandy. . ." The children all moved to sit closer to Meldrick.

"Shortly after I met King Fafner of the Faeries, my little friend Loriel joined me."She smiled and fluttered her wings a bit. "You must remember in those days, to most people Faeries were creatures of tall tales and legend because they were rarely seen and also because they were being hunted."


Deep in the old section of the castle laid a hidden room. A room unchanged by time; that was sealed such a long time ago. Sealed and forgotten until recently.

Workmen discovered it as they prepared the castle for its new inhabitants, the new King and his bride. When the seal was broken and the stones removed, they found the stones had covered up a door. As they opened the door the workers found a room that appeared to have been that of a small child, as there were some toys scattered about and under the layers of dust were bed covers of pink and royal purple. As they started to carefully walk about, they felt that they were being watched.

They heard the creaking of the old rocking chair in the corner. One of the workers moved to check out the chair and was pushed back by an unknown force and a deep voice rumbled throughout the room. "GET OUT!" was all it said.

The workers scrambled to get out of the room as the door slammed hard behind them. As they ran down the hall, they nearly knocked over their foreman who shouted after them, but to no avail. Sighing, he moved to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. "STAY OUT OF THIS ROOM!" The voice shouted. The voice sent a chill down his spine, but before he left, he put up a sign to warn others . . . the words from the room "STAY OUT OF THIS ROOM". He then went to report what had happened to the Castle's Quartermaster.


Meldrick was talking to the Quartermaster about the possibility of a room for the night, when the foreman came running up. Loriel was hidden in Meldrick's bag as the foreman retold his tale to the quartermaster, then left...

"How do ye feel about a-stayin' in a haunted room, boy-o?" The Quartermaster had a grin on his face as if he was laughing at a private joke.

"The room is truly haunted?" Meldrick asked. The Quartermaster nodded, "It must be, the foreman ran off wifout bein' paid. . .no foreman I know would do that. . ."

Meldrick smiled and turned towards the stairway the foreman had run down, "The room is this way?" The Quartermaster nodded again. Meldrick stopped, "Do you know anything about the history of this castle?"

The Quartermaster shook his head, "It be given ta me King as a spoil of war. . .since he married a commoner, His Father couldnae hae him move in ta the Main Castle in Marrsk, now could he?. . .and I be only jokin' 'bout the room fer ye."

Meldrick left the question unanswered, as he knew that royalty or commoner, human or elf, love meant everything, whether one lived in a thatched hut or a castle made of the finest stone. . .


Meldrick climbed the stairs and stopped at the landing outside of the room. . .it had to be the room, as there was the warning sign. As he reached out to touch the door knob, Loriel slipped out of his bag and grabbed his hand, stopping him from turning it. He looked at her quizzically as she stood on the door knob with her hands on her hips. He smiled as it dawned on him that to try to open the door would be rude, so he gently rapped on the door. As he did, Loriel moved to his shoulder.

"Knock-Knock-Knock", Meldrick paused a moment and then raised his hand again to strike just as a voice rang out, "I said STAY OUT OF THIS ROOM! Now go, before I get really angry."

Meldrick sighed, "There is no need to get angry, I was just looking for a place to stay. . .they didn't tell me someone already had the room." Loriel looked at Meldrick as he turned away from the door and sat on the top stair. She was still trying to figure out what was going on when she felt another presence. . .something had passed through the door. . .through her.

She could make out an outline of something, someone standing behind Meldrick.

"They had no right telling you that you could have this room. . .this room is special. . ." The undetermined form seemed to sit beside Meldrick.

Meldrick felt the presence, its strength of purpose was apparent as he turned to look into its face. . .no. . .his face for it was a face of an elderly man that he saw. Loriel flitted over to join Meldrick, landing on his knee.

"They had no idea that the room was there, good sir, no idea how special it is, or they surely would not have told me I could stay there." Meldrick paused, "May I ask why the room is so special?"

The spirit raised his head and Meldrick would have sworn he saw a tear reflected on the apparition's cheek. "It's my granddaughter Teresa's room. . ." The apparition stood up and walked back into the room, the door opened as he did so, so Meldrick and Loriel followed.

It was obvious, that though it was dusty and tattered, the room was that of a little girl. . .the pinks and purples of the bed covers and wall covers, as well as the dolls sitting as silent sentries.

Loriel flitted about the room, taking it all in as Meldrick followed the spirit to the old rocking chair.

Meldrick sat on the floor by the chair, "May I ask what happened to her?"

The spirit was quiet for a moment, then turned to look at Loriel flitting about, "We lost her. . .we lost her at sea. Her mother and her were coming back from a journey and the ship hit a massive storm and she was washed overboard. . ." He looked towards the window.

"They searched for her, even in the storm, they lowered the long boats, but they were unable to find her." Meldrick could sense the sorrow and this time he was sure that he saw tears on the old man's cheeks.

"Her mother returned here and we sent out ship after ship, trying to find Teresa, but to no avail. The healer said my daughter died of pneumonia, but I know she died of a broken heart." He got up and moved to the window, with Meldrick following. The curtains drew back in a shower of dust, as the windows creaked open, his eyes fell upon the old harbor.

"After my daughter died, the kingdom was in disarray, many people left as they thought me quite insane. . .I was, I am, insane with sorrow at my losses." He looked about the land outside, "My barons stole me blind, for all I could think of was my Teresa. . .and before I knew it, almost everyone had gone. . .the farms went back to nature. . .but still I spent my days at the harbor hoping for word; and my nights in this room, praying for her safe return. . ." He turned to Meldrick, "I have been here alone, for a long time. . .when my time came, my last loyal servant. . .no, friend, had me walled in so that no one would disturb my Teresa's room. . .till now."

Loriel flitted close to the old King, for king he truly had been, "Your Majesty, would ye mind if I used a little faerie magic to clean up a bit. . .I promise not to break anything."

The King nodded as he sat at the window seat. Loriel bowed as Meldrick sat on the floor by the King. Then she went about sprinkling faerie dust about; whirling and turning and flying about as ages of dirt and dust seemed to disappear and the waning light of the sun shone through the now clean windows; exposing the purples and pinks of the drapes and ribbons and bedding.

She flew to the small fireplace and started her routine again, lighting candles and a small fire in the hearth. She paused in mid-flight as there on the small mantle was a picture. . .a picture of a young woman holding a baby. . ."Your Majesty, is the little one Teresa?"

The King stood up and moved to the fireplace, "Yes, little one, that is Teresa with my daughter, Naomi. . .we had the picture commissioned shortly after her birth."

The King moved back to the rocking chair, looking from the portrait to the bed and he started humming, then singing. . .

"Ribbons and bows, ribbons and bows. . .
My sweet little darlin' has ten fingers, ten toes;
Ribbons and bows, ribbons and bows. . .
She's the cutest lil angel as everyone knows.

Purples and pinks, purples and pinks. . .
The prettiest colors, so my angel thinks;
Purples and pinks, purple and pinks. . .
Playing and tickling, she giggles and winks. . ."

A shadow moved by the doorway and a woman's voice could be heard. . .

"Ribbons and bows, ribbons and bows. . .
My sweet little darlin' has ten fingers, ten toes. . ."

The Spirit stopped and stood up, "Who's there? Show yourself? Teresa?"

The lady stopped singing and poked her head into the room, shocked by what she saw. . .a faerie, an elf and a spirit in a room of purples and pinks. "I. . .I. . .am sorry, if I spoiled the song and how do you know my name?"

Meldrick looked from the lady to the portrait and back again, the faces were similar, the red hair and green eyes. . .if he didn't know better this woman could be Naomi's twin."

It was obvious that the King saw the similarities too, "You reminded me of someone I have been waiting for for a long, long time. . .how is it that you know that song?"

The lady was taken aback, as she had been exploring her new home and had accidentally come across this room and was shocked to have heard a song from her past. "It is a traditional song, good sir, it was passed down for generations, from my great-great grandmother, for whom I am named."

The spirit moved closer to her, yet she was unafraid, "Teresa, you smell of the sea, may I ask where you are from and what brings you here?"

She paused a moment before answering, "I am from a small fishing village, Folksport, about 200 miles south of here and with my husband, Prince Thomas of Marrsk, have come to make this castle ours. . .to bring life back to these lands, which were a gift from his father, for our wedding."

She looked into the spirit's eyes, "Why? What does it all mean? How do you know my family's traditional song?. . ." Teresa stopped as her eyes spotted the portrait. "Who is that and why does she look so much like me?"

Meldrick could tell the King seemed shook up by what was happening as his voice was shaky, "The song. . .the song is a part of my own family's tradition. . .I sang it to my daughter, Naomi and she in turn sang it to her daughter, my granddaughter, Teresa. . .that is them in the portrait." He stood again and looked out the window.

She looked from the portrait and back to the spirit, "The song is yours?" She looked to Meldrick, who smiled and shrugged. "How can that be?"

The old king ignored the question and continued, "Folksport, you say. . .we never sent anyone that far away to check," then turning back to Teresa, "Did your great-great grandmother's family always live in Folksport?"

Teresa stared at the spirit before her, "No. . .no. . .the stories say a fisherman found her in his nets. . .there had been a great storm and his nets had tangled. . .several of the floats had been pulled close together. . .when he had returned to his nets after the storm, he found her. . Teresa de la Mer (as she was called, Teresa of the Sea), was asleep in the tangled nets. She knew her name, the song, but little else."

The King had moved to the portrait, lightly touching his granddaughter's face. Tears fell down his cheeks as he listened to the story.

She watched the spirit's reaction to her story, placing her hand on Meldrick's shoulder, "What does it all mean?" She felt warm tears on her own cheeks.

"Your Majesty, I think it means that there was a reason that the Fates brought you here. . .you see, the King has been awaiting the return of his granddaughter, Teresa, who was lost at sea so long ago. . .and you, you have returned to bring life back into these lands; to bring happiness and laughter back to the halls of this castle; something your great-great-great-great grandfather has been waiting a long time to see."

The old King moved to Teresa and reaching out with his fingers he lightly brushed her cheek and touched her tears.


Sandy smiled, "And they lived happily ever after." She giggled, "Thank you Meldrick." Several of the other kids thanked him too and then took off to 'Trick or Treat'.

Meldrick smiled as he sensed that not everyone had left, "Hello, Celene, are you ready to go 'Trick or Treating', too?"

The little red-headed girl giggled as she took Meldrick's hand, "Of course, Mellie, isn't that what "All Hallows Eve" is about?"

Meldrick smiled, "Yes, Celene, it is. . .that and being with friends."


Sit back and I'll tell you tales of Faeries and dragons.
Alice McEddington
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Knight of Zantarni
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Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:14 pm
Alice approaches, a small smile on her lips as she offers The Elder the finest apple from her basket.

"Another wonderful tale, Sir Meldrick! It had me shivering and smiling and tearing in turns. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!"


Meldrick the Elder
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Knight of Zantarni
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Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:19 pm
Meldrick smiles as Alice gives him the apple, "I am so glad you liked it Miss Alice."

Sit back and I'll tell you tales of Faeries and dragons.
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