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Tue May 25, 2010 3:11 am
His mouth felt dry now, though his face was covered in sweat from the inner struggle. His feet shuffled forward a little, but he resisted the movement. It hurt so much though, both for his knees and just in his head. He knew he needed to stop, and he really did want to...
Well, half of him.
He could see her, even in front of him and not just in his mind now. She was almost in his line of sight where his vision wasn't all foggy, and she soon moved right into it.
At first it didn't seem to do anything and he just tried to look around her. His concentration on getting away slipped a little when he didn't have her face to look at anymore. He heard her hiss venomously from behind Phoenix, and that somehow snapped him out of it even more.
His knees gave out, but he felt like he could suddenly breathe a whole lot better. Panting heavily, he looked rather disoriented at first. He started to crawl towards Phoenix, but then changed his mind and crawled away from the pond and towards his sword instead. They needed to get out of there fast before that could happen again...
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Tue May 25, 2010 11:51 am
Phoenix couldn't help but smile when he saw that he wasn't in the water nymph's spell any longer. She saw him fall to the ground, and she could tell that he had a lot less energy in him now than before they encountered the nymphs. Phoenix quickly followed after him as he crawled away from the scene, thinking it was a good idea to get out of there. Suddenly, she felt something cold hit her leg, and it was a lot heavier to pick her leg up than before. She looked down at her leg, and was surprised at what she had found. Her leg was frozen in a sheet of ice. Was that what the other water nymph was doing? She was casting a spell? Phoenix started walking, but she found it impossible to walk with her frozen leg. They were so close to getting out of there... so close to the place where they had entered this mysterious place...
Phoenix desperatly began limping towards her brother. She felt another cold something hit her arm. It was frozen too. They had to get out of there!

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Tue May 25, 2010 1:11 pm
Zephyr shuffled along the grass until he got to where he'd dropped his sword. He fumbled with it awkwardly, his hands feeling a little too tingly and clammy to really do anything with it yet.
Stumbling to his feet, he started to make a run for it, but turned to see if Phoenix was following only to stop immediately. He didn't look close enough to see exactly what was wrong, but he could tell that she was having trouble walking and his immediate guess was that the creatures in the water had something to do with it.
Forgetting his recent experience, his eyes flashed back to the pond, but he very quickly realized his mistake. His world started to get foggy again as soon as he even looked generally in her direction. Thankfully his gaze didn't jump straight for her eyes though, and he was able to squeeze his eyes shut before he got caught in it again.
"Phoenix..." His voice sounded sort of weird in his own ears, though it was probably partly due to the worry traced in it. Not confident enough to open his eyes, he held his arm out and walked carefully in the direction that he last saw her.
Eventually, he felt his palm hit skin, so he wrapped his fingers around her arm. Confident now that it was his sister since she was mostly dry, he opened his eyes. He was rewarded with exactly what he hoped to see, though she looked a little panicked. Now he had to make a decision; get them out of there as fast as he could, or try to fight these things? He didn't know much about spells and things, so he wasn't sure if this thing happening to her was temporary or if he'd have to kill the nymph to get it off...
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Tue May 25, 2010 10:26 pm
Phoenix could barely walk. Her leg and arm was numb, and it was hard to feel them. Phoenix looked up at her brother, a worried look now on her face. But... suddenly, she heard an explosion behind her. Phoenix turned around with a questioning look on her face. At first, it seemed like nothing happened, but then she could see that one of the nymphs was oozing this green liquid from her arm.
"Don't look," Phoenix told her brother, "I think one of them just got... shot in the arm..."
Phoenix looked around, trying to look for the source of this, and finally found something. Two things, who looked like humans every second they got closer, were coming down to them, riding on... things. She wasn't very sure what they were exactly, but it looked like they were flying on these... boards. It was strange... but cool. She could tell one of them was a girl, and the other was a boy. They were getting closer and closer to them.
Bang, bang, bang! They both shot at the water nymphs. The water nymphs took the blows, and they soon went underwater, consumed with furry. But, more than two came up a few seconds later. Five came up, and they were all different, looking up above the surface to see what happened to their friends. It was amasing! Finally, someone was there to save them, and they weren't so alone after all.
"Zephyr, look!" Phoenix said excitedly, pointing up to the two figures up in the sky.

((I was thinking that these two would take them up to the pirate ships... yeah... xD
Do you want to roleplay as the girl or the guy? I was thinking that they could like like eachother later on in the story... yeah... xD
How does that sound? :D
And, I'm thinking their riding on these :D (hover boards)))

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Wed May 26, 2010 4:18 pm
Zephyr kept his eyes locked on Phoenix's face and his hand locked on her arm. The explosion startled him, and he turned quickly to see what it was. He didn't see anything at first so he looked away, and turned to see what she was talking about out of instinct.
Thankfully for him, the creature was too horrified about what had happened to the other nymph to keep up her spell. At least now he didn't have to be careful where he looked...
Following the direction she pointed in with his eyes, he frowned curiously at the people. It wasn't like anything he'd ever seen, for sure. All he knew was that they had the upper hand now if these two were also enemies with these things...
"Come on; let's get a little further away..." He said quickly, ducking quickly under her arm to help her run. Really, once she was a little further away, he was planning on getting back there to take a swing at the females for doing this to them, but he had to get her a safe distance away first. Normally, he would let her stay close and do the same as him, but she wasn't exactly in perfect fighting condition as it was...

{{~*Oke~ ^^
Doesn't matter to me... If we wanna do love-interests though we better do me male and you female so that it's a little easier. xD; It might get harder if my characters are over kissing in one room while your characters are over in another room.*~}}
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Thu May 27, 2010 9:49 pm
((Yeah... that will be a problem... oh wells xD
We'll worry about that later :D))

Phoenix looked back at the nymphs. "I know what you're thinking. I wanna help, even if I'm like this." She said to him, her head cocked, wondering how he would react. From the small glance she took, she could see that the nymphs were preparing spells, waving their arms around, their hands getting that blue glow that the other nymph had when she was casting a spell. The two flying in the air were getting closer and closer to them and the nymphs, trying to get a clear target to shoot at the nymphs.
"Please, there's got to be a way for me to help." Phoenix pleaded to her brother. All she really wanted to do was to help her brother. No payback involved. And, her free hand was her sword hand, and her sword was light enough to carry in one hand. She was pretty good with one handed sword fighting, but that was just her. But, with her arm and leg being like that, it would slow her down just a little bit.
Then she started to think about just coming into the forest, she was so excited for what awaited them. She wasn't too excited to go further into the forest now though. She heard it got worse as they went further into the forest... which wasn't so good.

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Sat May 29, 2010 4:47 am
Letting out a slow sigh, Zephyr came to a slow stop. Of course, he knew this would happen. That's just how she was, and really, it was how he was too; he would have said the same. Though with him, he might have just jumped in there without telling anyone.
"Just try to be careful..." He said in a huff, turning back to the nymphs. They both looked ready to cast spells again now, though they all looked more physical than the one that had trapped him before. He took this as a good thing; at least he could look at his enemy as he attacked.
Running forward, he snarled slightly as he swung his sword at the face of the one who'd hurt Phoenix. It nicked her arm, but didn't seem to do any damage. She pulled back as well, making it near-impossible for him to reach her without getting in the water. He didn't like that idea either; if they could put him in a trance with their eyes, there was no telling what they could do to him if he was in their water...
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Sat May 29, 2010 2:24 pm
Phoenix nodded hesitantly. She walked up to the nymphs, taking out her long, slim sword, holding it in the had that wasn't frozen. But what she didn't know, or anyone knew except for the nymphs, was that the ice was growing, surging it's way through her entire body until it was completely wrapped in a solid sheet of ice. It was doing it ever so slowly.
Phoenix took a swing at one of the nymphs. She hit it's shoulder blade, and knew that she didn't do a lot of damage. But, the nymph flinched, and was now focused on her. She took a swing again, and again, still it did nothing worth noting. All nicks and scratches. But the nymph was getting annoyed. The nymph backed away from her, further into the water. Now Phoenix couldn't get to it. Going into the water meant suiside. But the nymph that was attacking was preparing a spell now. Oh boy... She could barely move, barely dodge, and right about then she figured out that it was growing. The ice on her arm was now growing on her body, spreading out to her chest, to her stomach. The one on her leg was spreading to her stomach as well. What has she gotten herself into?...
The people on their hoverboards were slowly speeding their way towards the battle at ground. Now she could tell that one of them was a female, and the other a male. They weren't shooting at the nymphs anymore though. Phoenix couldn't tell what they were doing.
Now she started to panick. If the nymph turned her into one thick popsicle, then it was all over for her... well, for fighting that is. What should she do? She started backing up, away from the water, but tripped on something and came tumbling down. She landed on her bottom, hard and fast. She recovered quickly, and started crawling away from the nymph. Soon now, the nymph was going to make her into one human icicle.

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Sat May 29, 2010 4:43 pm
Zephyr was just getting frustrated now. It wasn't anything new; he always got frustrated when things like this happened. Sometimes it helped him to put in the extra power that he needed to turn the fight around, while other times it made him lose his concentration and thus lose the fight.
Lunging forward, he swiped at the girl's head with a snarl. The female only jerked backward out of the way, hissing venomously. Bringing her hands up out of the water, she grinned as she began mumbling words in some language that Zephyr couldn't understand.
Trying hard not to look into her eyes in case she was going for that again, he pulled back a bit. It ended up being futile though; she was aiming for his sword. Starting from the tip, it heated up, red hot. The heat slowly crept up towards him, slowly but surely. At first he was stunned, but then he realized that he could use it to his advantage...
Swiping at her again, he almost fell into the water as he tried again. It didn't matter to him though; he made contact. The technique worked too, the sword this time leaving a nasty-looking burn. She snarled like it hurt too, though she knew that he didn't have long with his new weapon.
Pulling back quickly, he watched as the red hotness reached the hilt finally. He clung to the narrow hope that it wouldn't burn him, but was disappointed to feel it burn a blister easily onto his palm.
Dropping the weapon quickly, he started at it for a moment--which was, unfortunately, a moment too long. He was still close enough to the edge of the water that she could easily grab his ankle and pull him onto the ground once again.
With a yelp, Zephyr pulled his other leg around quickly to kick her in the head. It didn't do much, to his dismay. She was stunned for a short moment, but her iron grip didn't falter. He hoped that those people on the hoverboards would get down here soon if they were really going to help out...
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Sat May 29, 2010 5:39 pm
Phoenix screamed as another spell froze her other leg. The nymph was preparing another spell for her again. Phoenix set her sword down on the grass. It was very hard for her to crawl with two frozen legs. Phoenix looked up at the two. They looked like they were talking to eachother. The female went down to help Zephyr out, and the male was going to help her. That's what she guessed anyways, from all the gestures they were doing.
Phoenix looked at the nymph again, right as a spell hit her arm. She screamed again. "Zephyr!" She screamed, but it looked like he was in a spot of trouble as well. Was this how it was going to end?
The nymph was preparing another spell. Oh boy...

Ailah was speeding towards the ground at a fast pace, leaving her male friend behind. She took out her gun, and shot at the arm of the nymph who was attacking the boy. It hit. The nymph took her hand off of his ankle, and looked up towards the sky. A half smile creaked onto Ailah's face. She shot again at the nymph, this time hitting it's chest. Ailah put her hand out to Zephyr, shouting, "C'mon!" as she did so. These things are tough to beat... surely if Ailah didn't have technology on her side, she would've been underwater. The nymph looked angry, and was chanting another spell. Ailah made room for Zephyr to climb onto her hoverboard.

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Sat May 29, 2010 6:34 pm
Head snapping over towards Phoenix when he heard her scream, he lost his attention on his enemy temporarily. It probably would have been enough for her to drag him under the water if it hadn't been for the girl on the hoverboard.
Scooting quickly away from the edge of the pond, he looked up at the girl, not really sure how to react at first. For one thing, he hadn't quite decided if he wanted to trust these people or not. He quickly eliminated that thought though; they shared an enemy. What more did it matter right now?
His second reason for hesitation was Phoenix. He didn't want to just leave her... but then again, his sword was not yet cool enough to pick up either. It was cooling, but it was slow.
Shaking his head, he grabbed the girl's hand, hopping onto the board behind her. It was really hard for him to balance, but he somehow managed to stay on.

Gun in hand, Blade grinned as he swooped in behind his partner. He did understand the seriousness of the situation, but he couldn't help the fact that fights got him excited like this. The rush was simply amazing. And not only just the fight, but even the wind blowing through his long, flowy, raven hair.
He stopped zig-zagging across the sky long enough to aim, hitting a satisfying target; the nymph's shoulder jerked back from the hit.
"Take that, lady!" He yelled, closing in on the girl she had been attacking. She looked like she was in bad shape, but he didn't really know what to do about it other than try to kill the nymph and get the girl on his board.
Coming to a stop in between the two females, he kept his gun pointed at the water creature. He shot a few more bolts at her as he held out his hand to the girl. "Hop on!" He said enthusiastically, glancing over at her quickly to grin and wink.

{{~*Heheh, he's sort of a flirt. xP*~}}
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Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:28 pm
I've been gone a LONG time D:
I've been... procrastinating XD))

Phoenix looked up at the guy on the hover board. She blinked, and quickly hopped onto the board behind the guy. It took her a while to get her footing right, and it didn't help with the ice on her legs and arms, but she finally found her balance on the board. She looked frighteningly over at the nymph that was going to cast that spell.
"Wait, how can you... look at the nymphs without..." Phoenix couldn't finish the sentence, but she hoped that he got the idea as to what she was asking.
The ice was slowly creeping up her entire body now, and she could feel it. She didn't know how to stop it. Sooner or later she will be consumed by it. And then what?

"Alright, here we go!" Ailah said. They went upward at a fast pace, heading for the sky. Ailah took a quick glance back down at the ground, seeing her comrade and the girl still down there. Ah, he doesn't need help. Ailah thought to herself. She soon was cutting through the air straight ahead. They were traveling towards this very large... ship? It was like a very big pirate ship. They came on this planet for a reason, but these people needed their help first. It's just not right, leaving children like their age to get killed by those water nymphs.
"Hey, you didn't get hurt did you?" Ailah asked the boy behind her. "Those water nymphs are nasty... I wouldn't want to go near them anymore if I were you." She flashed a quick smile.

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Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:29 pm
{{~*It's okee~ I understand. I was on vacation for about half of the time anyway.
Whoops, Zeph left his sword. Poor Zeph has an idiot for a writer. x___x -pulls a lame move-*~}}

Before she could pull away, Zephyr realized that he didn't want to leave his sword and crouched down to grab it. It was still scalding hot, but he tolerated it long enough to throw it into the sheath. Though he had put it off, Zephyr found himself grabbing onto her as they started to move. He didn't really like to touch anyone except his sister, but he also didn't want to fall off.
Taking a few moments to check himself to make sure he wasn't about to lie to her, he gave her an answer. "I think I'm okay. You have good timing..." He let out a relieved sigh as they put more distance between the creatures and themselves, and a slight shiver ran down his spine as he again thought of that stare that had trapped him so. "Yeah, I understand that now..." Not that they had exactly wanted to see the monsters, but now he more fully understood why.
Looking back down at where they had come from, Zephyr saw that Phoenix was okay, which helped him relax a little. He turned his gaze forward once that was settled, frowning at the large ship ahead. That was odd, to say the least. Apparently he'd get to find out more about it though; they seemed to be headed straight for it.

"Just hold on, alright?" Blade hollered back to her, lifting them quickly into the air, just quickly enough that they didn't get left behind due to the laws of physics. "It's not too hard. Just takes some time and skill!" He said in reply to her question. Time and skill, yes, but a little protection spell didn't hurt either. It didn't last long though so it was good that they had made such a clean break.
"Stay close to me; it should help the ice some..." Not a lot, but some. There was also a possibility that it was continue its work and attempt to swallow him up in its nearly-unstoppable path of destruction, but he was going to take that risk. If he could just get her up to the ship nice and fast, they could take care of it completely there.

{{~*I kept getting distracted and stuff and my brain juice was all dry but... oh well. I tried. XD*~}}
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Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:46 am
((Once again, I'm sorry!! D:
I procrastinate too much... and now that school's started, I've been even buisier! D:
Sorry... D:))

Ailah pointed to the ship, looking back at him and noticing his look. "That's our ship, the Oliptus." Ailah said, now looking back at the ship. It was a normal pirate ship, only a little bigger... actually, it was a lot bigger. It was huge! It was named after their captain, Captain Olitpus, her father. They were nearing the ship now, the ship getting bigger and bigger as they got closer to it.
"Oh, by the way, my name's Ailah." Ailah forgot to say.

Phoenix stayed close to the boy, hoping that the ice would start melting or something. She couldn't feel her arms or legs at all. But, the good thing was, they stopped spreading. That was a good sign... hopefully, anyways.
Phoenix remembered about Zephyr, and started looking around for him. She sighed at the sight of him, riding on the back of a hoverboard of another girl. At least he was safe. Then she looked at the big thing infront of her, a huge pirate ship. She couldn't help but have her mouth agate, but when she noticed she had it wide open, she closed it quickly.
This, is what we've been searching for. This, is what we've been dreaming of.

My DA!
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Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:28 pm
{{~*It's okay! I understand. ^__^*~}}

Zephyr only grunted in reply to her identification of the ship. He continued to study it, though he could not hold the gaze for long, unable to resist the urge to glance back at his sister. The height they were at plus the presence of another male was making him a bit nervous. Though there had been few times in the past when other boys had been around in such a way, Zephyr found himself feeling extremely overprotective of her.
"Oh, right..." Zephyr had not even really noticed the lack of introduction. Everything was happening so fast. "I'm Zephyr." He returned the greeting. He found that it would be rather hard to shake her hand at this point, so he decided to skip that. Things were a little different than normal at this point.

Following his partner up toward the craft, Blade had to restrain himself from zig-zagging or flipping or corkscrewing through the air like usual. Having passengers was extremely rare for him. He liked keeping it that way too. The limits it put on him were hardly worth it.
"The name's Blade, by the way!" Blade thought of the introducing at about the same time as Ailah. He pulled his hair back out of his face, quickly tying it into a ponytail so that it would stop whipping her in the face, and him too whenever he turned his head to get a look at her. Her skin still felt cold against him, so he tried to speed up a bit. Even if it seemed to be slowed from spreading, it still could not be pleasant to have ice all over yourself like that. Blade knew this from personal experience.
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