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Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:00 pm
Zephyr was silent as he watched Blade climb down the ladder. Clenching his jaw, he tried to convince himself of all the realities; the fact that it was an accident and the fact that it wasn't Blade's fault and that he had no real reason to be so mad at him. They were supposed to all be a team now and teams didn't work well when there were little things like this messing them up. It really could mean life or death so he was going to have to push it all aside, at least for a little while.
He then became a little anxious as Phoenix stepped onto the first rung of the ladder. Stepping over to the edge, he watched closely, wanting to make sure she was okay. Though she looked at least as nervous as he felt, she seemed to be doing okay. He sort of wished he had gone before her though; he could have tried to catch her if she had fallen. Then again, Blade was right below her. Would he have tried to catch her? Surely so. Even if he was actually a pervert, surely he wouldn't let either of them fall to their deaths. He seemed rather confident in this whole scary ladder thing anyway.
Turning quickly as he heard Alliyah speak behind him, he nodded quickly before taking another look at the ladder. Now that he remembered that he was going to have to get on it too, he was feeling a little queasy. He wasn't really afraid of heights, but being this high up was enough to make almost anyone feel a little nervous. Turning, he stepped onto it, almost slipping on the first step. After that first near-tragedy, things went just fine, but it could have been partially due to the fact that he now gripped the ladder so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He did finally relax, however, once he could see the ground about ten feet away. Then he was able to fully and completely relax once his toes touched said ground. He now realized just how good it felt to have his feet planted firmly on the grass.

Once on the ground, Blade immediately turned to see where the others were. Phoenix was not far behind, and Zephyr very close behind her. He couldn't see Alliyah around them yet, but he decided to focus on making sure the two newbies made it down alright first.
As Phoenix made it down the last few steps, Blade decided against offering his help. He wasn't so sure it was a good idea to touch her with her brother so close and the incident so recent, but he also figured it was better for them to sort of figure things out for themselves rather than getting help, even if it was something as simple as this. Besides, she seemed pretty pumped that she had done that all by herself.
"Yep, you did." Blade nodded with a grin. She looked alright now, so he directed his attention to Zephyr as he hopped off, skipping the last four rungs. He was clearly very glad to be off of that thing, so Blade didn't press him with any questions or comments. "Now we just have to find the cave or whatever where the... the stuff is." Blade was having trouble keeping track of just how much information the two knew, so he left it fairly vague. "Alliyah knows where it is though I think, right?" He turned his gaze to her, hoping that she would take over. It was never a good idea for him to talk too much when there was information being withheld. He had a way of spilling the beans at just the wrong time and getting everyone angry at him, which was something he was trying to work on for his own sake if for no other reason.

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Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:40 pm
((Sorry it took me so long to write this... I was kinda busy, and I'm a bit of a procrastinator XD))

Phoenix grinned to Blade's comment, and then nodded. "It sounded like she had it all planned out..." She said, and watched as Alliyah started her decent down the ladder. She was very fast when she came down. It was if she's done this millions of times before, maybe even billions. She wondered if Alliyah really did know where the cave was... Then why were they here? There was something strange that Alliyah was planning. She was up to something... and Phoenix had a bad feeling about this one. The cave that they're going to, it sounded familiar. A cave somewhere in the forest, where a treasure was found. It sounded like it was the sacred cave, the cave that if you go there, you will not return. Stories like that always popped up in their village though, if it was talking about something in the forest. But you know, Phoenix just noticed something. They survived. Well, if it wasn't for Blade and Alliyah, but they survived what the whole village feared of. They made it! But now it's time for the rest of the quest.

Alliyah finally climbed down the ladder after Zehpyr. It was so easy! She finally reached the bottom. "Alright. This is the part where you two come in." She said, grinning. She had an idea of where the mountains were, but she really had no clue.
"You two are going to lead us there to the cave. The cave should be in... that direction." She pointed in the direction into the forest. She wondered what they would say to her... They would probably resent the idea, maybe just a little anyways. Alliyah braced herself for their answer.

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Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:28 pm
{{~*No problem~ ^__^ I understand. C:*~}}

Zephyr watched silently as they all finally got down. His gaze mostly went towards Phoenix and Blade. He wanted to make sure he kept a close eye on his sister at all times, and he was still a little suspicious of Blade. Even if he was okay with being around him, he still didn't fully trust him.
Looking to Alliyah when she spoke, Zephyr furrowed his brow into a frown. What in the world was she talking about? This was getting weirder and weirder by the minute. Something was definitely up. "What do you mean?" It bothered him enough to speak up about it. "How would we know where it is?" He asked, crossing his arms slowly over his chest. He wasn't about to go trekking blindly through the mountains, pretending to know what he was doing. They had told enough lies already; they didn't need to tangle themselves up even more.

Blade stood back a bit, letting Alliyah take care of things from here. He wasn't really sure what her plan was. It sounded a little weird, how she was going about it. He trusted that she knew what she was doing though. He knew better than to interfere. So, he didn't say anything, just looked at the two expectantly, like this was the plan from the start. Zephyr did raise a good point though. They had no reason t believe that these two could do this, did they? His eyes then went to Alliyah, curious about her reply.
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Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:19 pm
Pheonix raised an eyebrow at Alliyah. It was like she knew where it was... but she didn't. It was a wierd twist.
"Well... If it's the sacred grotto we're looking for, I think I may know..." She said to herself. She remembered the nice old lady next door to their house said something about it... It didn't make much sense untill now. Now that she was in the forest, she could see what all of that meant. She looked on the ground. There they were. She suddenly hopped in the air, away from where she was standing, saying, "Watch out!" at the same time. On the ground, little caterpillars of all sizes, color, everything, they were crawling in a single file line further into the forest.
'Follow the caterpillars,
They'll know where to go.
Don't stray too far,
For the dangers will grow.'

Phoenix said that little part in her head. It was just like she said.... Phoenix started walking along the caterpillars, saying to the others, "Follow the trail!" What an odd way to get to a cave... but it'll work, right? It's just got to...

Alliyah was impressed with Phoenix. A little on the strange side though... Alliyah was carefull not to step on any of the caterpillars as she followed Phoenix down the line. She clapped Phoenix on the back, saying, "Good work!" and continued to follow the little things.

((Pffffftttt... I'm sorry XD I couldn't come up with anything XD It's lame, I know. I was thinking about Harry Potter I guess, only it's not following the spiders anymore XD))

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The Leaky Cauldron
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Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:55 pm
Looking at his sister calmly, Zephyr raised a brow subtly as she took charge. That had certainly come out of the blue, but he was glad she had something to add to make things less awkward and suspicious. He had to admit that he was somewhat impressed, as well. Only now that she got to the caterpillar thing did he remember their neighbor mentioning that stuff. Zephyr had a very good memory when it came to things that he read, but anything that he simply heard with his ears was not so sticky in his mind. Clearly Phoenix picked up such things better. That was certainly a good thing...
He realized that he needed to play along a bit with that. Nodding suddenly, he stepped forward to join her. Zephyr took one quick glance back at the other two first though. They would probably follow, right? He couldn't see any reason not to. They had led them to believe that they were some kind of super travelers, after all...

Blade's eyes shot around at all three of the others, finally landing on Alliyah. He wanted to make sure he took his cues from her. At least for now; knowing him, he would soon be blurting out everything and acting on impulse, as usual. At least he could try to just be a follower for a little while though, right...?
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Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:43 am
Alliyah went behind Zephyr. She looked behind her, and Blade was there, giving her the look. Alliyah slapped his arm gently, whispering to him, "Do you want to give yourself away?" She looked up at the siblings, checking if they could hear her. When she thought the coast was clear, she whispered to Blade again, "Try to act normal, alright? At least until we're at the cave."

Phoenix followed the trail... kept on following it... and following it... The trail seemed like it kept on going and going. She stepped over every branch, through every bush, around every tree in their path. Phoenix was getting a little tired. The sun wasn't hitting on them, but the trees trapped in the moisture and the heat into the forest. It was actually quite warm... She was getting a little sweaty, and the trail was still going on. On and on and on... Hours and hours passed.... She didn't speak a word to anyone, she tried to save her strength for the walk. Her legs were already getting tired. Who knew walking was so tiring?
Before she knew it, it was already getting dark outside. Had it really been that long of a hike? It was a lot of work. She could tell it was getting darker from the light seeping in through the trees. Phoenix knew she couldn't stop though, just walk. Actually, her legs were dragging now. It was just instinct to walk.
"Zephyr... I'm getting tired..." Phoenix said back to Zephyr after several hours of walking.

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:33 pm
{{~*Sorry this took so long! Every time I started to work on it I would either get distracted or realize that there was something I needed to do... XD*~}}

When Blade realized that she was looking back at him with one of her own looks, he immediately stopped. Once she spoke to him, it then changed to a stubborn, pouty frown. "But normal is so boring..." She would never accept that as a legitimate reason to goof off, as much as he believed in the theory. Face returning to an almost normal expression, he snorted in defeat. Even if he liked to defy authority when it came to such subjects, he was at least smart enough to know that he was never going to win any such battles.
Folding his arms over his chest, Blade stuck his tongue out at her as he pushed past her to get closer to the other two once more. Naturally, he now had to try to come up with a conversation topic. It was rather challenging since he wasn't even sure which one of them to talk to. He was a bit afraid to talk to Zephyr, and Phoenix looked really focused on her task...

Zephyr, on the other hand, was very glad for the silence. He enjoyed the long, long quiet walk; he found it rather relaxing. And he needed that after all that had happened recently. After a while though, he did begin to wonder if they were ever going to get there. Wherever "there" even was. Zephyr didn't like all these mysteries. Hopefully some of the answers to his questions would be revealed soon.
"Well then we should stop and take a break." Zephyr immediately replied to Phoenix's words, pulling her to a halt by grabbing her arm gently.

"Are we there yet?" Blade took the breaking of the silence as a chance to voice the thought he had been chanting in his head for a few hours now. And now that they had gotten him started, it would likely be repeated plenty of times.
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:11 pm
((Naaawww, that's alright^^ I was getting kind of worried though... XD))

Phoenix reluctantly stopped for a break. She looked back at the others, then up at Blade. "I don't know. It could take days to get there..." She said. She really didn't have any idea. It could've taken five minutes to reach it for all she knew (although she would've noticed it). Phoenix leaned against a nearby tree. She looked around at the others again. Zephyr looked completely fine. Actually, he seemed to be enjoying it. Blade looked a little impatient, but other than that he looked fine. Alliyah seemed to be alright as well, although you could see her breathing a little heavier. Maybe it was because Phoenix had asthma ((Sorry for puttin' that there, I was just thinking that she was super out of shape or something was wrong with her because no one else seemed as tired as she did... XD)) that she was so tired. She was breathing a little harder than anyone else in the group anyways.

Alliyah sighed. "Why are we stopping?" She threw her hands in the air stomping towards Phoenix. She didn't even care about the little caterpillars on the ground. She could've stepped on a dozen of them for all she cared.
"We could be an hour away from this cave! C'mon, we're waisting daylight here!" Alliyah pouted. It seemed like Blade and Alliyah had a little in common, impatience wise.

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The Leaky Cauldron
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:41 pm
{{~*Lol sorry.
Haha that's fine. They should have had some effect too probably... XD -not thinking- And of all people I should have thought of that. -knows what it feels like to take a hike for hours while being out of shape and having a mild case of asthma-*~}}

At this point, Blade just had to agree with Alliyah. Though his reasons were probably slightly different from hers as to why he wanted to keep moving. "Yeah, let's not stop now! Aren't we there yet? This place is so boring! I want to find some treasure or whatever!" It took him a moment to remember that they weren't even really going after an immediate treasure. All this pretending was getting confusing. Or maybe it was because he was tired. Or perhaps it was because of how wild he had let his imagination run because he was so bored on this walk.
Whatever was going on, he wanted to be there. And he wanted to be there now. "I'm hungry." He added, looking over at Alliyah with a hungry stare. Did she bring food? He hoped so.

Zephyr was starting to look a little frazzled all of a sudden as everyone began to pour out their demands and whines. His eyes darted between the three, expression changing depending on who he looked at. To Phoenix, it was a softer, more worried look. To Alliyah, it was a frustrated expression. For Blade, it was pure annoyance. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He took a somewhat defensive stance in front of his sister before he began.
"Would you two just shut up?" Yelling was something Zephyr did very rarely, but it seemed the most effective way to get their attention. "We are taking a break. If you want to go on without us, then you can try to find this place on your own." He wasn't really expecting them to agree to that, and really rather hoped that they wouldn't, since they were sort of in the middle of nowhere. That was why he had tried to make it sound like a terribly foolish idea to go on without them, even if they didn't actually know where they were going. Psychology was a rather powerful tool.
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:59 pm
((Lol XD That's not good! D: Were you okay? D:))

Phoenix looked at her brother as he yelled at Alliyah and Blade. She then looked at Alliyah and Blade, her face showing shock and worriedness. For them to make Zephyr yell, that was hard to do. He only let it out on 'special occasions' when people especially ticked him off.
Phoenix gently grabbed her brother's arm, hopefully calming him down a bit. Phoenix smiled, though she was still a little worried about Zephyr. It was actually hard to imagine Zephyr ever yelling. For someone so quiet, you'd think not of him to do that. She looked at Blade and Alliyah then. What happens if they did decide to leave without them? She thought it out a little... And she knew that her brother had it in the bag. They wouldn't leave. They couldn't. They don't know the way there, plus what would they do if they got lost? The real winner in this fight was Zephyr. Phoenix was so proud of Zephyr, not that she's seen him do it once. He thinks before he says things, which she can say perfectly she couldn't do. She was lucky to have her brother around.

Alliyah was appauld to hear Zephyr yelling. Yelling, at them? They could perfectly well find their way without them! Well... maybe. They would've found the curious line of caterpillars crawling in a perfectly straight line, but what would've happened after that? Nothing. They would've gone no where, lost and confused. In the end, they would've had to retrace their steps, following the row of caterpillars back to the ship.
She couldn't imagine what would've happened. So, after a while she calmed down, and said, "Alright, we'll take a small break. But, after that, we're going to keep going, alright?"
Alliyah looked over at Blade, and rolled her eyes. She took off her backpack, digged into one of the side pockets and pulled out a granola bar. "Here, knock yourself out." She said, and threw the bar to him. She put her backpack back on, and leaned against a tree.

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Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:37 pm
{{~*Haha yeah. I'm still alive, clearly. I just had to take breaks more often than everyone else. I really need to try to actually see if I really do have asthma though because if I do it'd be good to have something for it... XD*~}}

Blade stopped at Zephyr's outburst. He hadn't really been expecting that from him, but now that he thought about it, there was really little reason for him to not expect it. He had faced this wrath from Zephyr before, after all. It really should not have been a surprise at all. The guy was really uptight and overprotective...

Now that he had everyone where he wanted them, Zephyr was able to relax a good deal. He felt rather accomplished that he could actually get everyone's attention so quickly, not that he liked to be the center of attention. "Fine." He said in reply to Alliyah, looking at her for a moment longer before he turned to check on Phoenix. "Why don't you sit down..." He suggested, taking a seat on a smooth-looking rock to encourage her to do so. "Are you hungry? Zephyr then asked, pulling his bag around to where he could rummage through it in search of the food they had packed for their journey the day before.

After the whole tense scene was over, Blade felt a little more calm as well. He wasn't really such a fan of arguments and such. "Great, thanks!" He chirped in reply to Alliyah as she threw him a snack. His eyes sort of lit up as he looked at the snack bar, as if it were gold or something. It was only a short minute before the entire thing had disappeared.
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Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:47 pm
((Zephyr is so amazing! I wish I had a brother like that.... XD
Oh Blade... Blade, Blade, Blade.... XD I laughed.))

Phoenix nodded, saying, "Okay." and settled down on the ground. She lifted her arms over her head, getting as much oxygen as she could. Phoenix smiled at how Zephyr was being so polite, and said, "Just a little, thank you." Phoenix watched as Alliyah leaned against the tree, impatientness rising off her like steam from boiled water. Wow...

Alliyah sighed. She too also settled down, a little bit anyways. Maybe she needed that break... She was getting a little impatient. Maybe she needed it to calm down, possibly. Alliyah looked up at the trees. She couldn't tell what time of day it was, but she could tell the light was getting dimmer and dimmer. She looked at the watch on her list. It was a very strange watch indeed. There were four hands in this watch. Instead of numbers, there were pictures of the moon, and the sun. Alliyah seemed to understand it perfectly though, because right after she looked at it she said, "It's six-thirty."

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The Leaky Cauldron
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Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:55 pm
{{~*XD I know, right? I guess that's why he's just fantasy... or well, I guess there might be some guys that amazing somewhere...
And yes, Blade... he is... just weird. XD*~}}

Zephyr was glad that she gave in quickly. Of course, he would probably not become openly angry at her, but she could occasionally be somewhat stubborn and this was a time when he really didn't need to deal with that.
"Here." The only reason he spoke was to make sure he got her attention as he handed her a pack of some sort of trail mix. He was feeling rather hungry as well, so he also found a sachet of nuts which he nibbled at. He did rather hope that something would happen soon so that they could eat a real meal. He had a rather large appetite and though his snacks were often small, he would really load up at mealtimes. Missing a meal really messed him up and left him with little energy, not to mention the fact that all he could think about was food.
And apparently that was happening already, since this whole thought process had completely blotted out all else in his head.

"Soo nobody wants to answer my question; are we about there yet? Blade just had to get his answer. Then again, perhaps nobody knew. In which case he was going to be terribly unhappy. He looked to Phoenix, assuming her to be the most likely to know. "Do you even know how much longer or were you just going to lead us on and on with these stupid bugs to some random place and kill us or something?" It took him a moment to realize that she might not know his type of humor. "Just kidding about the killing thing, by the way..." He mumbled quickly, rubbing the back of his neck and averting his eyes for a moment.
It was only now that Blade suddenly realized something; all of his food was gone. How sad. He couldn't take it. Without waiting for permission- or even to ask, for that matter -he lunged over toward Alliyah, ripped open her backpack and started to dig around in search of another snack. Surely there was more where that came from...
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Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:57 pm
((Lol, that would be cool... But, yes, I guess he is just fantasy...
And, yes he is. XD Very weird XD))

"Thank you!" Phoenix reluctantly opened the bag, and popped a few nuts and things into her mouth. But as soon as she started, she looked over at Zephyr, and saw that that little snack for him wouldn't cut it. Phoenix looked down at the bag, then back at Zephyr. She held it out for him, saying, "Here... You take it. I don't need it anymore." She set it into his lap, even if he did refuse it. She was sort of sad that she gave him the trail mix, but it was probably for the better... Plus, if he didn't want it, then they could just share it, right? Phoenix looked at Blade, listening to what he said. He was really impatient, wasn't he? "Oh, uhmmm... That's the thing. I don't know how long it would take." She listened to the other thing he said. She was appauld. Did he really think that she would do that? Her? Her face held shock, confusion, then a little question mark as Blade said the other thing.

"Hey, get off!" Alliyah said, pulling her backpack away from him with a lot of force, which was weird for a girl because it was a lot of strength. "Why don't you ask before you go digging into something?" She scolded him. She threw him another granola bar, and zipped her backpack back up. "We need the food to last, otherwise we're going to starve out here." She added when she threw the bar to him. "'Ya know, this isn't just a walk in the park! This is a mission!" She added, now holding her backpack against her to ward it from Blade.

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Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:29 am
{{~*Sorry it took me so long. D: I kept being lazy.*~}}

In reply, Zephyr just nodded slightly, giving her a short grunt. His gaze wandered about aimlessly as he tried to occupy his mind with something; anything. Looking back over at Phoenix, frowning at the bad she offered him. He continued to do so as it was set on his lap. He didn't really want to accept it, but he knew that there was little point in fighting it. He took a small handful just to satisfy her before shoving it back into her possession. "Thanks." He mumbled softly as he stuffed what he had grabbed into his mouth. It did taste good, but he wasn't counting on it filling him at all, really. It would hold him over for the time being, at least, though he did hope they could eat soon. There was no telling what they would actually find to eat out here though. Plus, if those two were expecting him and Phoenix to catch a meal... well, he was just hoping they weren't.

Blade made a mocking, whining noise at Alliyah, resisting her pushing as well as he could. They were fairly evenly matched in strength, but Alliyah usually surpassed him. Even if he was a "tough guy", he wasn't physically all that tough. He was stronger than the average Joe, but one of the weakest on the ship. He was more nimble, and, of course, there was his mouth...
"Why don't you give me some food before I do starve to death?" He replied, backing off a bit and crossing his arms over his chest. Catching the bar as she threw it at him, he stuck his tongue out at her with a pouty look before tearing into the second one. This one was devoured even more quickly than the first. He then began to eye the food that Phoenix and Zephyr were throwing about. He wasn't about to go off and steal that for fear of... well, Zephyr in general, but it did look yummy.
"Nnng, I'm bored." Blade declared with a sigh. This was no surprise...
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