The EL Questor thread of the Questadore
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 7:47 pm
UPDATED: 03/14/2011

Member since: January 24, 2008

Hello and welcome to my quest thread.

Vote for me in the Avatar Battle <3

Pages 1-4

DI & EI Wings
Winter Dragon Wings
Artificial Wings
Dragon Wings
Phoenix Wings

Contest Wings
Fake Cherubim Wings
Fake Angel Wings
Fake Diabolic Wings
Fake Diablerie Wings
Fake Diabolus Wings
Spectrum Fae Wings

Black Naga Tail
Golden Topaz Necklace
Golden Ruby Necklace
Golden Ruby Belt
Grappling Hook
Cream Viking Belt
Purple Viking Belt
Blue n Teal Masquerade Mask
Gold n Red Masquerade Mask
Green n Black Masquerade Mask
Red n White Masquerade Mask
Blue Headless Cloak
Brown Headless Cloak
Red Headless Cloak
Amethyst Scepter
Emerald Scepter
Topaz Scepter
Royal Green Cloak
Royal Teal Cloak
Staff of Devour
Staff of Hope
Druid Red Half Cloak
Big Orange Horns
Red Fox Tail

Donation Items
Skull Armor Belt
Skull Armor Boots
Skull Armor Helmet
Skull Armor Pants
Skull Armor Rib Cage
Skull Armor Shoulder Pads
Big Black Horns
Big Bronze Horns
Big Pink Horns
Big Purple Horns
Dinky Black Horns
Dinky Blue Horns
Dinky Bronze Horns
Dinky Green Horns
Dinky Pink Horns
Dinky Purple Horns
Dinky Silver Horns
Fable Crush
Dark Armour Helmet (Style 1)
Dark Armour Helmet (Style 2)
Dark Armour Pants
Dark Armour Sleeve
Candy Cane
Sweet Death
Dragon Arms
Gold Trim Boots
Mice Slippers
Red Coat
Red Trousers
Elf Moon Chest Plate
Elf Moon Helmet
Elf Moon Pants
Elf Moon Shoes
Tempered Steel Chest Plate
Tempered Steel Helmet
Tempered Steel Pants
Tempered Steel Shoes
Black Pirate Hat
White Pirate Hat
Feathered Mask
Happy Mask
Moon Mask
Sad Clown Mask
Halloween Bat Mask
Witch Mask
Black Cloak
Blue Cloak
Brown Cloak
Green Cloak
Purple Cloak
Red Cloak
White Cloak
Black Hooded Cloak
Red Hooded Cloak
Enchanted Black Silk Cloak
Enchanted Blue Silk Cloak
Enchanted Brown Silk Cloak
Enchanted Green Silk Cloak
Enchanted Pink Silk Cloak
Enchanted Red Silk Cloak
Enchanted Purple Silk Cloak
Sub Zero Jacket
Sub Zero Pants
Sub Zero Shoes
Sub Zero Skirt
Sub Zero Top
Skull Dress
Skull Shoes
Skull Tunic
Black Pumpkin Pants
Black Pumpkin Skirt
Pumpkin Shirt
Orange Pumpkin Pants
Orange Pumpkin Skirt
Blood Red Dragon Dress
Blood Tunic
Golden Dragon Dress
Golden Dragon Tunic
Alchemy Hat
Gray Alchemy Cloak
Gray Alchemy Hat
Knights Tempered Armor Black
Knights Tempered Armor White
Astrids Cloak
Astrids Viking Top
Vikings Black Boots
Vikings Black Helmet
Vikings Black Pants
Vikings Double Ball Flail
Vikings Red Boots
Vikings Red Helmet
Torhilids Chestplate
Torhilids Cloak
Angel Scythe
Double Death
Frost Bite
Pirate Sword
Samurai Sword
Piercing Cold
Fierce Staff
Golden Chance
Peacock Staff
Oak Crossbow
Refined Fencing Sword
Stone Sword
Nightmare Sword
Halloween Mace
Halloween Staff
Skull Sword
Axe of Hornguard
Axe of Ulgne
Bow of Hornguard
Glacial Axe
Glacial Bow
Glacial Dagger
Glacial Sword
Scorching Axe
Scorching Bow
Scorching Dagger
Scorching Sword
Normandy Lion Shield Blue
Easter Skull
Valentines Shield
Zantosaurus Red
Pirate Kitty Green
Pirate Kitty Pink
Pirate Kitty Violet
Pirate Kitty Yellow
Baby Dragon Light Blue
Baby Dragon Light Green
Baby Dragon Dark Blue
Baby Dragon Dark Green
Baby Dragon Red
Baby Dragon Violet
Baby Dragon Yellow
Falcon Arrows
Falcon Bow
Falcon Shorts
Falcon Top
Medusa Golden Bracers
Gold Naga Tail
Furry Pants
Celestial Staff
Yoricks Green Hat
Yoricks Red Circlet
Yoricks Armband
Yoricks Cane
Yoricks White Hat
Yoricks White Circlet
Yoricks Slippers
Fall Leaf
Folded Fawn Boots
Tall Fawn Boots
Harvest Bouquet
Harvest Doublet
Harvest Laurel
Harvest Pantaloons
Harvest Shorts
Autumn Breeze
Harvest Crown
Winter Dragon Tail

Event Items
Big Gold Horns
Dinky Gold Horns
Two Star Cushion
Winter 06 Starry Slippers
Black Halloween Cloak
Leaf Boots
Blue Domestic Cat
Golden Domestic Cat
Black Sharlou
Gold Sharlou
Green Sharlou
Pink Sharlou
Purple Sharlou
Red Sharlou
White Sharlou
Blue Sharlou
Emerald Kraqu
Ruby Kraqu
Pink Roses
Black Heart Beltpouch
Pink Heart Beltpouch
Red Heart Beltpouch
Black n White Gloves
Pink n White Gloves
Red Heart White Boxers
Heart Pink Sweet Shorts
Red Heart Black Stockings
White Heart Black Stockings
White Heart Pink Slippers
Ruby Silver Heart Tiara
Ebony Silver Heart Tiara
Pink Sweetheart Corset
Petit Red Heart
Hollow Red Heart
Hollow Black Heart
Pink Heart Fan
White Heart Red Fan
Gray Gryffe Dress
Purple Gryffe Dress
Red Gryffe Dress
Blue Gryffe Pants
Grey Gryffe Pants
Green Gryffe Pants
Blue Gryffe Tunic
Green Gryffe Tunic
Purple Gryffe Tunic
Red Gryffe Tunic
Gryffe Gloves
Blue Gryffe Mask
Gray Gryffe Mask
Green Gryffe Mask
Purple Gryffe Mask
Red Gryffe Mask
Blue Gryffe Tail
Blue Kraqu Dress
Brown Kraqu Dress
Green Kraqu Dress
Purple Kraqu Dress
Red Kraqu Dress
Ruby Kraqu Dress
Blue Kraqu Jacket
Brown Kraqu Jacket
Emerald Kraqu Jacket
Green Kraqu Jacket
Purple Kraqu Jacket
Red Kraqu Jacket
Ruby Kraqu Jacket
Blue Kraqu Pants
Brown Kraqu Pants
Emerald Kraqu Pants
Green Kraqu Pants
Ruby Kraqu Pants
Blue Kraqu Mask
Brown Kraqu Mask
Emerald Kraqu Mask
Green Kraqu Mask
Purple Kraqu Mask
Red Kraqu Mask
Ruby Kraqu Mask
Blue Kraqu Tail
Brown Kraqu Tail
Emerald Kraqu Tail
Green Kraqu Tail
Purple Kraqu Tail
Black Pirate Kitty Mask
Blue Pirate Kitty Mask
Gray Pirate Kitty Mask
Green Pirate Kitty Mask
Purple Pirate Kitty Mask
Yellow Pirate Kitty Mask
Black Pirate Kitty Tail
Blue Pirate Kitty Tail
Gray Pirate Kitty Tail
Green Pirate Kitty Tail
Pink Pirate Kitty Tail
Purple Pirate Kitty Tail
Red Pirate Kitty Tail
Yellow Pirate Kitty Tail
Black Sharlou Mask
Blue Sharlou Mask
Gold Sharlou Mask
Green Sharlou Mask
Pink Sharlou Mask
Purple Sharlou Mask
Red Sharlou Mask
White Sharlou Mask
Black Zantosaurus Mask
Gold Zantosaurus Mask
Green Zantosaurus Mask
Pink Zantosaurus Mask
Red Zantosaurus Mask
Silver Zantosaurus Mask
Blue Potion Bottle
Green Potion Bottle
Orange Potion Bottle
Strange Brown Bottle
Tray of Candles
Ceremonial Bone Dagger
Ceremonial Gold Dagger
Ceremonial Stone Dagger
Dark Wood Bead Belt
Dark Wood Bead Necklace
Druid Black Full Cloak
Druid Black Half Cloak
Druid Brown Full Cloak
Druid White Full Cloak
Ghostly Glendor
Pumpkin Glendor
Ghost Glendor Hat
Pumpkin Glendor Hat
Ghost Glendor Mask
Pumpkin Glendor Mask
WitchDoc Black Fur Belt
WitchDoc Black Boots
WitchDoc Black Hat
WitchDoc Skull Hat
WitchDoc Black Pants
WitchDoc Black Shoes
WitchDoc Black Sleeve
WitchDoc Black Top
WitchDoc White Belt
WitchDoc White Boots
WitchDoc White Hat
WitchDoc White Pants
WitchDoc White Shoes
WitchDoc White Sleeve
WitchDoc White Top
WhoDo Belt
WhoDo Belt Green
WhoDo Belt Red
WhoDo Belt Teal
Gold Chalice
Gold Drinking Horn
Gold Flame Circlet
Gold Wax Candle
Silver Chalice
Silver Flame Circlet
Silver Wax Candle
A Cappella
Holly Cloak
Hollyberry Cloak
Holly Buttoned Jacket (male only)
Hollyberry Button Jacket (male only)
Winterfrost Buttoned Jacket (male only)
Holly Pants (male only)
Hollyberry Pants (male only)
Winterfrost Pants (male only)
Holly Boots
Hollyberry Boots
Winterfrost Boots
Winter Red Shirt
Winterwarmth Boots
Winterwarmth Cloak
Winterwarmth Footies
Winterwarmth Jacket
Winterwarmth Pants
Winterwarmth Vest
Starbright Belt
Starbright Circlet
Starbright Kor Necklace
Starbright Swirl Pendant
Starburst Necklace
Starburst Wand
Holiday Basket
Spruced Up
Winters Direction
Green Songbook
Red Songbook
Evergreen Angel
Wintertide Angel
Winterwarmth Angel

The Links
Kpop's Shop
Kpop's Artsy Fartsy Shop
The PA: Zantarni Chapter
Pokemon Herores a Hangout

~ Been in the top 5 avatars of the week since 06/26/09
~ 07/09/09 - Completed the Underwear Shop side quest
~ 09/18/09 - Glendor Quest completed!!

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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:03 pm
Kpop my crazy gurl! What a big undertaking for all the Zan DI's!! you're crazy!!! XD
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:08 pm
LOL! You know it! I do this quest on all the sites. ^^ I think I will go for all of the wings first. They are so pretty. <3

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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:16 pm
Tell me about it! I'd die for some of those wings 0_0 I don't think I'll ever be able to get even a single pair though, it'd be a whole lot easier if I could buy gems >_<;;
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:18 pm
I'm just nuts. LOL! I won't stop until I get my pretty pixels. <3 I would donate, but there are so many things to donate for on here. I am confused about it. XD

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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:23 pm
LOL! I can't help you on that one, donating isn't an option for me so i haven't looked into it at all!
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:28 pm
I'm still a noob when it comes to this site. I need to log on more, and do other stuff. XD I usually just fish and log off. I'm confused about the orbs and gems. I'll figure it out eventually.


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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:33 pm
I have NO idea about the orbs XD And also, mining I find to be more productive money wise, as you can forge things you find into refined materials and sell them for more *nods* Just a suggestion!
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:35 pm
I do that too, but I like to keep my mined materials. XD I want to get all of those weapons in the weapons shop, and those tools.


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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:40 pm
See? You're not a newbie at all! I want to do that too but I've not even looked at the weapons and what they cost 0_0
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:45 pm
I feel like one. I haven't really done anything on this site. I am slacking. XD I will go all out when my comptuer is fixed.


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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:56 pm
Hehe so am I though. I haven't been on here half as long as you!

And Leela was saying that we should all have a Zan day when we hard out post on here *nods*
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:59 pm
I don't even remember when I registered. I know it was after I joined Mene. Yeah! We so need to do that some time. LOL! Just pick a site and post like mad. <3


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Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:17 pm
Totally! Although we may crash Zan's server as it wouldn't be able to keep up with us! XD
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Grand Pixel Alchemist
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Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:18 pm
Good luck with your quest~

kpop_junki wrote:
I'm confused about the orbs and gems.

What are you confused about them? I may be able to explain it. And anything else you need help with.
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