Into The Darkness.
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Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:26 am
I hope you enjoy this story. it was a one shot i wrote a few years back. called lady in white, but i have been having thoughts of turning it into a full lenght mystery novel. though i am not quite sure where i plan on going with it.

Into the darkness
by spicedroses 

As she often was, Rose found herself immersed inside yet another one of her romantic mystery novel that she had carefully hidden from her sister Violet in their room. I mean really the girl just simply loved them, but it seemed everytime she looked her sister was reading them before she even had a chance to open them sometimes. It was because of this that she found herself wandering the castle halls one night, quite enraptured with the characters on the pages before her. 

It wasn't until a cold gust of wind blew across her startling her as it caused the pages of the book to flutter aimless about in her hand, her breathe becoming like chilled are before as the book dropped from her hands to the floor. Wrapping her arms around her waist she shivered as she looked about. .

It startled her for a moment to realize that she had absolutely no idea where she was. Reaching down to grab her book, she clutched it tightly in her hands as she made her way down the hall. Looking about she glanced over the paintings the hung along the wall. 

'These are quite breathe taking ' she thought as she traced her fingers along the frame edges as she passed them. A beautiful painting of a lady holding a rather large spider caught her eye and made her shiver at it's deadly beauty. Another was of a castle sitting atop a large waerfall , each painting seemed to be more grander than the next. It wasn't until she she to the end of the hall that she realized it turned into a short hall of sorts and looking down at the end was a rather large painted tapestry. Rose stood mesmerized by the sight before her, it was of a lady dressed in pure white, a golden thin crown weaved around her flowing white hair that draped down her shoulders nearly to the ground. A soft cloak also of white with fur trim surrounded her. Two thickly braided golden ropes held tightly in her hands as each one led down to a pair of two white hounds that stood majesticaly at her feet. It was the crystal blue eyes of the woman that caught her attention the most though. It was as if they were looking straight at her. 

Just as before a sudden chilled wind wrapped itself around Rose causing her shiver. She wasn't sure why. But a creeping feeling of fear edged it way along her spine as she stepped closer to the tapestry. The chilled wind became even icier the closer she got. The edges rippled from the cold air around it for a moment. Though she wasn't sure she though she say some thing behind it. Was that a door? 

Taking a deep breath and pushing it aside, rose was amazed to find a rather thick ornate door before her. The door handle jiggled in her hand but seemed stuck for a moment before a loud click could be heard. 

Edging the door open she peered inside and then stepped in. It appeared to be a bedroom, a lady's bedroom at that. It looked as though nothing human had entered the room in ages. The furnitures were covered in thick dust and spider webs flowed from each corner of the ceiling. Walking further in she was startled at the whoosh behind her as the door slammed shut with a loud thud and click. 

Running back over she grabbed the handle and slammed her fist against the wooden grain. Twisting the handle she was horrified to find that it barely budges if at all. Slamming her palm, against the door she yelled out “ Hello is anyone out there!!, it's Rose, I stuck in here.. hellooooo!!” “ of course no one is going to hear you rose, everyone is probably in bed asleep! Like you should be” she muttered to herlself turning away and looking around she shived at a cold wind blew around here. Looing over she saw a window framed against the side of the wall, a seating area arranged in fronmt of it. It only took a moment for her to realize that whoever had occupied these rooms had probably used that area to sit and look outside at a some point in her life here. 'But just whose room was this?' she wondered. Trying the locks on the window she really wasn't surprised to find that just like the door, they would not budge. 

A large bed stood against the far wall from the door it's enire from covered in a sheer canopy that spread out over tall posts surrounding it, the covering barely showing through. As the light of the moon outside fell upon it.. 

letting her eyes roam around the room she started as her eyes the met yet another painting, this time though it was of the young woman in the tapestry from before. “Is this your room?” she stated out loud and looking around “who are you” she murmurred under her breathe taking a step closer reaching out she grasped on the bed posts and trailed her fingers along the softness of the hanging fabric. She had always wanted one these type of bed, seemed so luxurious like something a princess would sleep inside hidden away from prying eyes. Curiousity won it's way inside her mind as she slipped a hand inside the fabric to pull it open, wondering of what kind of bedding might be layed upon it. 

She heard the horrified screams in the back of her mind as she dropped her book and covered her mouth with her hands, but the screams didn't seem to stop. It took her a moment to realize they were coming from her throat as a God awful smell entered her nose , causing her to gag. A body lay there decaying, rotting and covered in spider webs and dust. Two more masses lay curled against it. 

Turning around from the site she screamed in terror and stumbled backwards knocking over a small nightstand , a glass breaking in her hand as she stumbled before falling against the bed as a transparent figure stood before her smiling as two large white dogs roamed around her happily. Sheer terror had her frozen in place as she stared back at the sight before her. 

The woman smiled at her kindly before whispering softly “ it's so cold in here. Can you feel it?” 

Rose's breathe began to come out in white curling whips before her. Terror kept her frozen in place as the figure glided closer to her and then looked beyond her at the figure on the bed. 

“I've been so lonely, no one said it would be this lonely” she stated softly 

Rose felt her eyes starting to droop as she clutched her hands together and yelped as a sharp pain in her palm became known. It was as she looked at her hand that she noticed the blood for the first time, as it pooled in her palm and ran down to her fingertips. 

“They never left me, you know” continued the woman reaching down to stroke a loving hand along her dogs fur bodies. “even in death, they have stayed by my side, I think they are why haven't gone insane I think.” 

Rose shivered, her whole body was starting to feel numb from all the cold, she felt so tired . The icy fear had crawled it's way up her spine again “I have to get out of here' she thought, but she found her body would not obey her. Instead she found herself sprawled across the floor, her breathing becoming more shallow as pain filled her chest with every breathe. 

“No one should be alone, you know” breathed the woman in white as she crawled closer to Rose and layed down beside her. “No one should be alone when they die, I don't want to be alone anymore” 

Rose stared at the ghostly figure lying next to her as the two large dogs circled around them before laying down. “your not alone” she whispered before her eyes became vacant and dull. 

A chilling wind blew around the room once more and out from under the door, causing the tapestry outside the flutter for a moment and settle down. If anyone had been passing by they would have seen the flutter of a smile gracefully cross the woman in whites face as another figure mysteriously appeared behind her curled in a chair, a rather large book in her lap as she happily read it by the fire. 

Meanwhile elsewhere in the castle:

Violet hummed to herself as she searched the room for another book to read. She wasn't quite sure why her sister liked to hide her books from her, I mean stories were meant for sharing were they not. Sighing after a moment she sat down to pass a brush through her hair and looked at her self in the mirror and smiled.

A writer, that is what she was going to be, she was going to put ink to paper and create grand novels that made you picture the world in a whole new way! Reading her sister's books was just fun research..

Feeling a light breeze she looked towards the open balcony and frowned, “ I could have sworn I closed that “ she muttered getting up going out to look at the night sky. Lesaning across the railing she glanced down at the garden below and smiled. The moon hung bright and full in the sky before her and the scent of night jasmines filled the air. Wrapping her sweater around her tighter she turned to head back inside and stumbled momentarily as a beautiful white dog stood before her.

Temporarily stunned she stood there for a moment staring at it before closing her eyes and shaking her head clear. Opening them again she stared at the empty space before her. Quickly turning around she failed to notice the dog right beside her and stumbled over it, the sound of it's deep bark startling her even more as she reached out to steady herself on the railing.

“oh gosh where did you come from” she gasped pulling herself upright and looking down upon the animal. It just seemed to stare back at her quietly for a moment before running off again.

“wait” she called to the beast running after it as it ran off into the darkness. Failing to notice the serene smile of a young girl standing off to the side. Humming happily as she as arranged flowers lovingly in a vase, before vanishing into mist her laughter floating away amongts the stars.
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Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:46 am
I like the use of your descriptions. Good story, I could see it being a novel =)
As a side note, there are some grammar and sentence structure errors, and a few places where you switch from third to first person.
I look forward to reading more if you decide to continue with it :3
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