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Zantarni Knights:
Zantarni’s Knights (Moderators) are not limited to moderating a particular forum or area of Zantarni. They may perform their duties wherever they are required within the site. Zantarni's Knights are known for their availability and may be contacted for any reason, at any time.

Zantarni's Knights can move and lock threads, delete and edit posts, check trade and purchase logs, mediate disagreements between users, nominate players for disciplinary action, check trade and marketplace logs, etc. Please PM a Knight if you have any questions or concerns about Zantarni's Rules, Features, or forum activity.

Current Knights, displayed in bold green type on the Online List:

Defenders of the Realm (Administrator Assistants):
The Zantarni Defenders of the Realm can perform all of the above duties for Knights as well as reset passwords, check into gem purchases, and grant and remove items from player inventories.

Current Defenders of the Realm are displayed in bold orange type on the Online List and include:

Lady & Lord of the Realm (Administrators and Owners of Zantarni):
We do everything. The buck stops here, but please contact us directly only in serious circumstances and only if all other avenues of moderation and mediation have been exhausted (in other words, please talk to a Knight first).

The Lady and Lord of the Realm are displayed in bold orange type on the Online List:

NPCs (non-player characters), Site Characters and Feature Keepers:
Zantarni makes use of several fictitious characters in its storylines and plots, and to enrich your experiences while on Zantarni. Some of these characters simply "watch the shop" for Zantarni's features and activities, while others may make appearances and interact with players as avatar-based characters in the forums. All NPCs who interact with players in the forums appear in Bold Green on the online list and have "Knight of Zantarni" below their names; they are run by the Knights and Administrators of Zantarni.

There are other NPCs, but these are the only ones with actual accounts:
  • Primary NPCs: These characters are an integral part of Zantarni's mythology and history; they tend to make appearances periodically throughout the year and are often referenced in various contexts. You will see or hear of them most often:

    • Bernadette: This crazy old woman does not seem to have a duty. Known as the resident "witch" of Edingtol, she has an unhealthy obsession with turnips.
    • Meldrick the Elder: He greets new citizens and likes to tell his famous "Meldrick's Tales".
    • The Smuggler: Sells some rare items in the Auction House or in his own shoppe.
    • The Thespian: The Castle Actor and Storyteller, he may take on any number of roles just to be "center stage"!
    • The Understudy: Assistant Actor and Storyteller
    • Yorick: The saint of St. Yorick’s Day, he sometimes gives gold or items to people.

  • Secondary NPCs: These characters may also make an appearance in the forums and have had an impact on Zantarni's history and mythology, but to a lesser extent in recent years:

    • Airuin: She is a lady Elf who likes to sit in the high branches of an ancient oak tree.
    • Alric al'Gysevin: A nobleman, he opened the Training Gym.
    • Alice McEddington: She sometimes donates apples to people.
    • Amahel: She is an Elven Archer from the Fflordth Forest.
    • delivery_man: He delivered the starry item set for St. Yorick’s Day in 2006.
    • Esmerla: She provides information on site features and ran Zantarni’s newspaper, 501 AMT.
    • Felixia: She runs many of Zantarni's official contests.
    • Nydavos: Not much is know about him, except that he seems to be friends with Alric.
    • Potrin T. Tritus: A nervous archaeologist, he also does not seem to have a duty.
    • Queens Vault: not so much an NPC as much as Blazestorm's mule, used to host the occassional special activity around the Realm.
    • Vayliya: Not much is known, except that she seems to hate Alric.

Other staff members:
Additional members of Zantarni’s staff have NO ability or authority to moderate forums, edit posts, etc., and should not be contacted for such things. Other staff members include players with the following titles under their avatars: Creative Courtier, Grand Pixel Alchemist, and Widget Wizard.

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