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All players on are required to have read Zantarni’s Rules and Terms of Service, and are expected to follow these regulations at all times. This is in accordance with the agreement you accepted when registering an account on

Please note that these rules may be different from the rules of other web sites. While on Zantarni, please adhere to Zantarni’s Rules, Terms of Service, and general Code of Conduct. The rules of other sites do not apply here. Players should also exhibit some intelligence about the Rules of Zantarni, and follow them in letter and in spirit.

The following are the Rules of Zantarni.

Zantarni Rules and Regulations:

Forum Content

  • No Harassment.
    Begging, trolling, harassment, flaming and/or abuse of players or staff in any form will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racial, ethnic, gender and sexual stereotyping and/or abuse, derogatory or inflammatory comments that harass, abuse, or invite conflict among players. Personal clashes and problems with other players that result in this type of behavior are not permitted and should be reported to a Knight (Moderator) immediately.

  • No Sexually explicit content.
    Sexually explicit content of any kind, including images, posts, PMs, references or “play” is not permitted at any time or in any form. Cybering (cyber- or virtual- sexual play) and pornographic content are not permitted.

  • No Plagiarism or copyright infringement.
    Plagiarism or copyright infringement in any form is not permitted. Appropriate recognition must be provided to the artist, author or creator for any content posted that was not originally created by you.

  • PG-13 content only.
    Please be considerate and respectful, and be advised that Zantarni’s interpretation of PG-13 content may be different than what the movies deem PG-13, or what you or your friends believe is PG-13. Sexually explicit content or innuendo, excessive violence or gore, the use of foul language or attempts to circumvent the language filters is not considered appropriate.

  • No Spamming
    Copy and paste posting, gradient or tiny font abuse, the excessive posting of emoticons without text, or thread "bumping" (beyond our 3x posting rule) are considered spam and are not permitted. Stretching the page with large images or run-on text, and topic flooding are also considered spam and are not permitted.

  • Maximum consecutive posting is 3x.
    You may triple post in Zantarni's forums. This means that you can post immediately after yourself using your main account, a secondary/mule account, or a combination of accounts up to a maximum of three times in a row. Additional posting without interruption or interaction with other players will be considered Spam, and will be treated accordingly.

  • No Petitioning the Staff.
    Petition threads, including Moderator nomination threads, item creation petitions, requests to join Staff, or other attempts to influence a specific action or decision with the Staff of Zantarni are not permitted. Valid site feedback may be posted in the Great Library in the appropriate thread.

  • Image Size.
    Images posted in the forums should not exceed 575 pixels in width or 500 pixels in height [Visual Reference: Posted Images]. Player signatures should not exceed 575px in width and 350px in height [Visual Reference: Siggy Size], cumulative dimensions.

Player Behavior

  • No Glitch Abuse or Feature Exploitation.
    Glitch abuse and exploitation of any of Zantarni’s features, games, coding loopholes, and/or the use of computer hacks is strictly prohibited on Zantarni. The use of auto-refreshers and auto-clickers is also prohibited.

  • No Scamming:
    Scamming in any form is not permitted on Zantarni. Attempts to access or "hack" player accounts or otherwise taking advantage of Zantarni's players, games, or site features is not permitted. Misrepresenting yourself as a Site Character (NPC), or as a member of Zantarni's Staff is not permitted. Anyone found doing this should be reported immediately.

  • No Off-site Advertising.
    Advertising other web sites or businesses without an explicit arrangement with (Zantarni Entertainment) is considered off-site advertising and is not permitted. This includes referral links to other sites in posts, signatures, PMs or posted on profile pages.

  • No Off-site Trading.
    The trading of Zantarni accounts, items, gold, etc. for anything on another site (virtual or physical), or for any kind of world currency (real money) is strictly forbidden.

Player Accounts

  • Three Accounts, maximum.
    Each player is permitted no more than three accounts. Mules (secondary and tiertiary accounts) are not permitted to represent themselves as a different person than the Main account. Multiple players at the same house or computer should contact a Knight (Moderator) with a detailed list of players and accounts for clarification and future reference.

Concerning the Rules of Zantarni & Decisions Made

  • Questions
    Genuine questions or concerns about the Rules of Zantarni may be brought to a Knight (Moderator) of Zantarni or posted in the Great Library forum for clarification.

  • Locked Threads.
    Threads locked by a Knight of Zantarni for any reason should not be re-posted without a Knight's explicit permission.

  • Account Banning.
    The banning of accounts on Zantarni is not taken lightly, and is reserved for repeated and/or serious offenses only. If you are banned, you will be notified of the reasons and terms for the ban through PM or email. The creation of new accounts on Zantarni while under a ban is not permitted.

  • Staff Decisions.

    • Staff Decisions are final.
      Attempts to sabotage or undermine the decisions of the Knights (Moderators and Assistant Administrators) of Zantarni are not permitted.

    • Appealing a Decision.
      If you truly believe a Knight (Moderator) has overstepped their authority or breached the site rules, players may bring the issue to the attention of an Assistant Administrator, or if necessary, to the Site Administrator.

  • Contacting the Zantarni Staff.

    • via PM:
      The Knights and Administrators may be contacted via the PM (private/personal messaging) system within the web site. The names of active, online Knights (Moderators) appear in Bolded Green on the Who's Online List. Active, online Administrators appear in Bolded Orange.

    • via eMail:
      If necessary, the Knights (Moderators) of Zantarni may be contacted via email at ZantarniKnight(at)gmail(dot)com. The Site Administrator may be contacted via email at Admin(at)Zantarni(dot)com. Any valid, official email communication from the Staff of Zantarni will come from one of these two email addresses only, and will be sent to the email address you used to register your primary Zantarni account.
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