Zantarni mini-crestZantarni FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Zantarni... Exactly?
Zantarni is an avatar-based, role playing forum community, based around Fantasy and Medieval imagery. Beyond that (and more importantly) it is a community of extraordinary individuals. Zantarnians are known for their friendliness, generosity, and willingness to help. Zantarni is also known for its very talented creative community. Who doesn't want to be a part of that?

What can you do around Zantarni?
Zantarni is much more than a forum where you can Role-play and make new friends. You can play games (to make gold or just to play!), go shopping in Zantarni's virtual stores and create your own personalized avatar with the items you buy. You can battle against monsters in the Coliseum, go fishing in the Magical Lake of Meryze, you can go mining and then refine the special ore you may find there, you can open an art shop, create a market shop for the trading and selling of Zantarni items with other players, and to help Zantarni earn some money, you can even buy Gems (through PayPal) to exchange for special, rare, monthly items.

I feel so new. Will I be able to make friends?Zantarni avatar
Zantarni is incedibly friendly! Making new friends is not very difficult to do and you will find a warm welcome awaiting you here. There are many topics to chat about - everything from cheese sandwiches to serious debates, from art to role-playing, games, contests, and more! Take a look around, post a bit... and if you don't find an existing topic on something you'd like to discuss, start one!

Zantarni GoldOk, What is this "gold" and how do I get some?
"Gold" is Zantarni's virtual currency (it's also called "ZG"). You use it to buy items from Zantarni's shops and use it to trade with other players. You can make gold (ZG) by posting in the forums, mining and fishing and then selling your finds back to the Trader, referring friends, playing Zantarni's Games, and participating in some of Zantarni's other site activities.

What are "gems"? Zantarni Gem
Gems are another of Zantarni's virtual currencies, used to purchase the special, limited, items the Gem Shop has available each month. Gems are currently purchased for $2.00 USD each and goes directly to keeping Zantarni up and running (paying the bills).

Here is a step-by-step guide to donating over the internet:
  1. Click on the Donate for Gems link in the drop-down menu from the “Donate” button on the menu bar at the top of each page.
  2. Enter the number of gems you want in the "Amount" section, then click "Buy now!"
  3. Choose whether to pay with PayPal or another payment option. Enter the needed information, review the order, and continue. Make sure you remember the e-mail address you entered, and ensure that you keep a copy of your transaction receipt, in case of any problems.
  4. Click the "Claim your Gems" link, to return to Zantarni. You will be taken directly to your profile inventory, where your gems should have arrived. (Note: If the gems are not there, check to make sure that your payment has cleared. A checking account may take longer to clear than a credit card.)
  5. Once you have your gems, go back to the “Donate” button on the menu bar. Click on the Donation Items shop link in the drop-down menu.
  6. Buy the items that you wish. Most donation items cost 1 gem each.

My profile or the homepage gives me an error and will not show correctly!
Uht oh! A couple things could be going on here:
  • Did you confirm your account? In order to make use of all our features and participate in the forums, you will have to activate your account by following (clicking) the link in the email that you should have received upon registering your new account at Zantarni.

  • Did you choose a Character Class? When signing in the first time, you should have been sent to a page where you can choose one of three existing character classes: Archer, Wizard, or Warrior. If you haven't done this, click here to do so now - not choosing a class on Zantarni can affect how you interact with the forum.

Ok, I've joined, but my avi isn't showing up or isn't uploading the wardrobe changes. What gives?
If you haven't already chosen a class for your character (Warrior, Archer or Mage), Click Here to do so. If you have picked your class, try clearing your cache by pressing F5 or Ctrl + F5. If you're still having problems, PM a Knight (Moderator) for additional assistance.

Can I change my username?
Unfortunately, changing usernames is not possible to do at this time... so choose your name carefully!

Can I change my signature, timezone, e-mail address, or password?
Absolutely! Just head over to your Account Settings (You can also find the link under "MY ZANTARNI" in the toolbar)

Can I change my hair, skin, eyes, or gender?
Heck yes - and it's FREE of Charge to do so! Skin, eyes and gender can all be changed here (the link is also available under your avi in your wardrobe). For your hair, go and visit Marisol the Hairdresser (you can also find the link for the Hairdresser under "TOWN" in the Toolbar)

The Trader's not buying back my goods... What's his problem?
What browser are you using? The Trader is something of a picky snob about this and likes Firefox best.

I'm looking for item 'X', but I can't find it!! HELP!
Zan carries 4 different categories of items. You can start your journey in the Market Square and in the Price Guide
    The Commons: These can be found at all times in main shops, specifically the Edingtol Tailor, The Armory or the Weapons shop

    The Smuggler Shops: These items are intermittent and unpredictably available and may or may not recur over time. The Smuggler's business has been brisk and he now runs his Smuggler Shop and his Set Shop

    The Event Items: These are available during, you guessed it! Zan's awesome events. If you missed the event, you can only collect them from other players in The Market Exchange, the Black Market or the Auction House

    Donation Items: Also known as DIs, these can be purchased for a gem over at the Gem Shop. These items are available on a month by month bases and will *not* recur. If you missed your chance, the only way to collect is from other player in The Market Exchange, the Black Market or the Auction House
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