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Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:20 am
If they didn't have faults, we wouldn't care about Hetalia at all. It's what makes people interesting.

I always have trouble trying to picture Spain's home whenever I try to keep it stationary. It must have been big at one point, since Romano could never find the bathroom, but I simply cannot picture it as such. Especially in modern-based fics, which makes sense.

Aaaaaah, I used to see a Mama Greece around on some sites; I liked the look of her. So much in agreement on having the Mamas looks official. I find the ancients interactions with their offspring so interesting, but the OC factor makes it a bit more awkward. At least we know they are female.

Especially since he has them pretty much designed, it would be nice if he showed the African nations a bit more.
He still seems to have not decided on Portugal yet.

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Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:58 am
Yeah, it's part of why I tend to not be able to keep interest in series that go one for a long while; it gets to the point that, if the plot isn't making me question the series, then the the characters are starting to come off as like..."anything you can do I can do better and in a ridiculous fraction of the time it took you to do it." Or something... I don't know...

Yeah, he had that spacious mansion-like estate when he was in his prime, but I would imagine he'd just have a nice little farmhouse or something now so that he could have his own tomato garden (Would probably be some of the best tomatoes in the world too.)

It's kind of odd that they're the only moms that we know of so far too though (England doesn't count lol...). The Mama Greece that stood out the most to me and was the one I've liked the most is on Tegaki-E. I haven't been on there in so long though, so I don't know if she's still active.

Or even if he didn't do much else with them, at least fandom could. ~w~ He needs to decide on Portugal and England's brothers. He's mentioned England's brothers but they haven't been shown, even if he's supposed to be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which would include his brothers (Which I see as him taking on the title so all of them wouldn't have to go to meetings and such together because then even less would be accomplished I imagine, but that's just my head canon. >3> ).

Oh, do you listen to the characters' songs? I LOVE the Allies "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." ;w; My England-bias is showing, but his is my favorite part. And then Canada at the end makes me cry, the poor dear.
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Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:33 am
Maybe I'm just simple minded and easily occupied, but the plot can be completely ridiculous so long as the characters are somehow interesting to me.

I see two houses for Spain nowadays: a nice, regular house in a small town, and a bigger farmhouse estate thing. It's not really something I've really thought about, but now that I am, I could so draw the layout of house, it's so clear to me.
Oh yeah, he grows tomatoes at both houses. Because if the store was closed and he had no tomatoes when Romano was over... things would break, to put it mildly.
My favorite mental image is of Romano having his own tomato farm, which is the one thing he loves to work on. So adorable.

lol England.
The fact that China is so old that he lived in the moms' generation is what gets me. Thinking about it puts a bittersweet taste in my mouth.
I think the Mama Greece I have mostly seen is the same one from Tegaki-E. XD Yeah, I really liked that one, though I too haven't been on their in awhile (never had an account either.)

Well, the fandom doesn't really have much to work with personality-wise. Even if we have their faces, we don't know what makes a certain character tick.
That's exactly how I see England and his brothers, hehe. His brothers would be such pains, and get America in on it, just to bring poor England near tears. Poor guy needs a hug.

Mostly I just listen to the Character CDs, so I hadn't heard that one yet. Had to go search it up: so cuuuute! Heart But poor Canada, taking after his momma England in the woobie department. Imaging him winging with the others in the group parts, bantering between, having his own solo go completely unheard... Crying or Very sad

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Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:43 am
Well, true, there are series that can still keep my interest even then, but it depends on the series.

I have fun trying to picture the layout of some of their houses, like...Sweden has a nice, not-too-big cottage or something of the sort that he built himself that has a comfortable living room with a nice fireplace, a cozy kitchen, and enough bedrooms for all of the other Nordics and Sealand whenever they visit.
Aww... ;w; I can picture Romano like that easily too. And, yeah, "things would break" would be putting it mildly if Spain was foolish enough not to have any tomatoes on-hand. xD; Though it's hard to picture him not having any in any house he's living in unless something happened like he wasn't expecting to be there at the time or something.

(Shush... I like Mummy-/Mommy-/Mama-England too. xD;; *bias showing again*)
Yeah. ._. Even Japan's been around during their time too to an extent. Though thinking about China being even more ancient than, well..., the Ancients is always an odd thought. It kind of reminds me of a fic I read though. Kind of want to read it again now that I think about it. It's a SuFin primarily called "Outcast." It's been one of the better stories I've found so far.
I have an account, but I haven't draw anything on it...or much of anything in general in...a long while... Probably at least a couple of years at this rate. xD;;

True, though it's interesting that people still do as much as they do with ones like Australia, who we don't know a personality for neither. xD
;w; I know right? Though England has one-uped them his fair share of times too, but getting America in on it would just be unfair.

I have no sound on this laptop, so I have to make CD's to listen to the songs. Yet again my bias is showing when I say that England's Parade is still one of my favorites along with his two main Character CD songs. America's and France's Parade's just recently came out, and I still don't know what to think of them. xD I don't know if America's could even be considered a Parade, and France's sounds like Prince Poppycock from the most recent season of America's Got Talent sings it lol... I've been playing the Allies "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" almost non-stop though when I have my CD player on. I even like France, Russia, and China in it, and normally I don't care much for them at all, though I like France mostly because of how England sounds when he's about to kill him. xD America I always laugh at anyway with his...enthusiastic and special way of singing hahah... Canada taking after England in the woobie department indeed though. Oh, Canada sweetheart... I'm sure he was drowned out and ignored. ;~; He needs his own song (even if he is voiced by the same guy who does America's xD; ), but at least this gets him a step closer.
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Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:25 pm
I really want to read this series and watch the anime. My anime shop has both! I am so excited because I couldn't find it in the other stores that have manga and anime. X3

It seems really interesting heh.
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Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:18 pm
Now this is an anime/manga that I have always wanted to read and watch, but i just have never gotten around to it. I am going to put this on my list for new years.
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Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:26 pm
It's not for everyone, but if you think you can handle it, then it really is interesting. Very Happy Just a warning, though: the English dub is a lot more (what's the word...) offensive, I guess, with it's dialogue. The Japanese would probably be the best way to go for an understanding of why it's so popular.
Oh, and the experience is greatly emphasized if you go on an online community (livejournal is the main one)--reading their comments on various strips, emphasizing certain inaccuracies and such, the people there are what really get it going.
Find it online somewhere, cuz it is a "love it or hate it" anime. Don't spend your money if it offends you too much (because you will be slightly offended, even if you love it XD).

Sweden having enough rooms for everyone to visit is Heart. I never really thought of that, but that is the truest thing I have ever read. He'd have rooms for the Baltics too even, dawww. Too bad everyone is so scared of him that he probably never gets to fill them all.
(I like picturing him singing his character song while working, lol, and a bunch of women come join him in singing and farming haha). I get the feeling that Spain could easily be too lazy, taking a siesta for too long or something, and forget to get tomatoes. He can probably eat a meal without them, unlike Romano.

(Don't worry, I love Mom!England too. Love)
It's why China so bittersweet in his one character song. The world has changed to much in so little time. Since even England and the rest are having trouble adapting, he must be just lost.
Hmm, I'll have to read that one (just went and found it for latter readings hehe).
Oh wow. I only have a mouse pad to work with, and as far as I can tell it's tools are like Paint? That's a bit harder to work with, especially with my super messy style.

Heh, well, I suppose Australians must be a big part of the fandom, and since they're English, the rest of us can at least say we have an idea of where to start with writing him.
Maybe France would help him. Only's he's allowed to be mean to England, darn it! (I'm thinking like when England-France-Finland met America, haha).

I love England's songs too. He got some of the best songs. Or course, I love Romano's tomato song too. China's are also amazing, as are Russia's. I need to get some songs other than the character CDs, I've just been putting it off so far. Though I have listened to Germany's and Romano's parades.... XD

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Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:57 am
I'd definitely read and watch it online (in the original Japanese with fansubs for the anime) first before spending money on it (and I wouldn't touch the dub and translated strips produced here in America with a ten foot pole myself as it is), since it really is a "love it or hate it" type of series more or less. The LiveJournal community for it is an awesome place to find fan-scanlated strips and links to fansubbed episodes with commentary that point out the good and bad points of the series. It has so many characters though that you'll probably find a few that you like, and they might not even be the personification of your own nation, hahah... *speaking from experience*

@Konoka: I know right? ;w; The big, easily-embarrassed lug. It's a pity that he scares pretty much at least 90% of the other nations without even meaning to.
I can easily see Romano at least humming Buono Tomato when he's cooking or something. xD Spain's newest song doesn't help since Chibiromano starts singing it at the end of it to annoy Spain lol...

(Well, that's good. xD )
I don't know... I need to look up the lyrics to his character songs, but since he has been around so much I could see him finding it very easy to let things change since he's seen so much already.
I forget where I found the link to it (probably a link from y! or dA), but I just like that it has a lot of the characters and pairings I like in it while still being a unique and interesting story that even includes the Ancients (including two, one for the British Isles and one for the Nordic countries).
I've had a tablet for a few years now, but I just haven't mustered up the will to try and draw anything in ages. I prefer to color anyway as it is though. ~w~; A big reason why my dA gallery is mostly collabs with a couple of friends.

Probably doesn't hurt that, at least where Australia's concerned, since he has ties to England and America people can easily just take a mix of them or the general stereotype for a young Australian male and run with it.
xD I can see that. Though America would be of a similar mindset probably too ("Only I can pick on England!"). Then America and France at least start bickering about it, and I'm not sure how England would take that they actually like him enough to be fighting like that, even if it is including how much they like to tease him and pick on him. xD;

I actually was surprised upon hearing China's character songs the first time; I liked them (even though I still haven't read the lyrics yet), but I just don't hold any interest in his character. The same goes for Russia, though I don't really care for "Winter." His part in the Allies "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is surprisingly easy to listen to and like though, which caught me off-guard the first time I heard it. It's so weird listening to Germany sing. xD I don't watch the subs for Bleach, but trying to picture Chad in Germany's place (since they have the same voice actor) is so hard. xD The same goes for Japan and Squalo from KHR and the Italy brothers and Primo also from KHR. Romano's Parade makes him sound drunk though, but maybe that's just me. xD Some of these songs I don't see the characters singing unless drunk anyway lol...
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Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:20 am
Yeah, and if you really want to learn anything, go to the online communities ("hetalia" is the name of the main community on LiveJournal), since they'll point out any inaccuracies in the strips. It's quite interesting, if you've never been interested in history (though if you are, this series might aggravate you).

And since this is a common source of confusion at first, there are two personifications of Italy in Hetalia: the main character is North Italy (also known at Italy Veneziano, with the "human name" Feliciano Vargas), and his older brother is South Italy (almost always called Romano, as his full name is Italy Romano, while his "human name" is Lovino Vargas). Just thought I would mention it since I was so confused at first!

If either of you would like to know where to start, just post here and we'll point you in the right direction. Yes

@Chimera: I must say that the fact that Prussia is scared of him makes me giggle. Have you seen this? Oh Prussia. XD
Newest song WHAT? Which one is that? (I so need to get caught up with these!).

Here (scroll down a bit) is the lyrics for China's song I'm talking about. It's quite sad. Crying or Very sad You can find more lyrics there as well.
I think I found the right one, so I'll get to reading that when I find the time. Sounds quite interesting already!
Coloring is so hard for me. Both online and offline, I need to get over my aversion to it. I just don't seem to know how to do it efficiently enough online--it takes me forever.

Generally everyone agrees on the exact way to write him (I believe), so there's not much fighting either.
Oh my gosh, that's such a cute image. XD England would probably be touched at first that they would defend him, then immediately get angry as what they're actually saying occurs to him. Hehe, he just can't get a break.

China was one of the first characters I really liked (along with South Korea, but well... -wince-), but since he is less popular it's harder to keep an interest for him. And it seems lots of people like to make him a lot more evil (using history as a base) then he really is. I haven't really read enough fics about him though to really say.
I like both of Russia's songs (I just love his childish voice), but he's another character than is hard like the fandom's interpretation of sometimes.
Ha, I know, but I actually really like his character songs to, now that I think of it. I've only watched Bleach in English, since it used to be on TV here, and don't really know much about it (long series like that throw me off), but putting Chad in Germany's place... I don't even know what to think of that!
I don't know anything about KHR, so I can't really comment on that. But I think Romano would have to be drunk to sing his parade song... Laughing

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Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:36 am
Yeah, we've been around the fandom for awhile and can probably answer any questions you have. ( :

@Konoka: That Cleaning Prussia thing. xD I still don't know what came over Himaruya to make that.
http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/9648919.html La Pasión no se Detiene

Ah, I can see what you mean then.
I can color well enough I suppose. I just can't draw well at all and don't really feel like trying to improve. xD;

Yeah. Kind of makes me wonder why he won't just at least make a strip with him though all the same. It would at least be interesting to see if people share the same ideas about Australia as Himaruya anyway.
No, he doesn't seem to be able to catch many these days. ;w;'

Yeah, I know what you mean. I know there are people who want to have the characters be more like what historically happens, but...it's just not in their character sometimes. I mean he even had to make Kuro Nihon seem like he'd gone nuts and had a separate personality or something when he attacked China for example. I just don't like seeing people force the characters to act differently than we see them in canon (even if it would be to make them more historically canon). Russia's portrayal in fandom is probably a big part of the reason I don't much care for him honestly. I mean he's crazy and has the mentality of a child in canon, but people just blow that out of proportion a lot in fandom. That's also part of the reason I will never like Russia and America as a pairing (not to mention they can't stand each other at all).
xD I know right? (It seems I say that a lot in this conversation. xD; Oh well...) It's just weird the range some of these voice actors have. I'd link to clips of Squalo and Vongola Primo, but with no sound I'm not sure if what I find and try to link to would be what I want.
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Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:43 am
I thought it was obvious: the awesomeness of Prussia came over him. XD
That song is beautiful! Spain's voice is delicious, but pffft Romano! Taking over his song like that--with THAT song. XD I died!

Yeah. Sad Poor China.
Oh, I'm not very good at drawing either. But my coloring is way behind that my art seems pretty good in comparison. I feel like I've drawn the same way for the last couple years--need to practice more.

He just draws whatever happens to catch his interest at the moment. I guess Australia isn't interesting enough for Himaruya. Confused Can you image what would happen if he characterized Australia different than everyone else? Chaos.
Never really has been able to, has he? -sigh-

I do understand that, yet other times history is almost completely ignored. I mean, really, the fandom is so inconsistent (though I suppose it's got it's good and bad sides).
History has its place, and trying to integrate it is nice. But you have to integrate for it to work, not completely remove the canon persona.
Russia always gets the short end of the stick. If a villain is needed, he basically works for 90% (or more) of the characters. Even I've fallen prey to it, since the fandom has made it just seem so natural. He's just as complicated as our own favourite characters, Hetalia-fandom! >_<

Oh yeah, that would be a problem. I suppose if I want to know I'll just have to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn then, eh? That is the right anime, right? I'm not going completely off in left field?

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Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:00 am
*facepalms and laugh because she knows she walked right into that one*
xD The guitar intro for some reason I particularly like, but then it just doesn't flow well into when he starts singing, but I do love the song and Spain's voice nevertheless. The part with Chibiromano at the end is still probably my favorite though lol...

I just can't seem to muster up any motivation to try and work on anything at all and have felt that way for over a year. x_x I even still have a bunch of stuff that I could finish, but, even if I do ever gather up the will to try and finish any of it, it's all for KH I think, and I don't want people to think I'm still going to work on stuff for that since my main collab partners and I aren't into the Organization anymore. ._.

True, but people have to keep themselves open to how new characters will be, well, characterized. It's sort of the same with when people come up with OC's for countries whom then get actual canon counterparts, and they have to go back and say that it was done before Himaruya came up with a character or a character's personality. That's another reason I tend to stay clear of OC's, especially for this fandom.
Well, he had his good times during his pirating and Empire days, but he's sort of reduced to domestic comedic relief and such anymore even though he still has that fire in him. ;w;''

Well, in all honesty Himaruya kind of ignores history a lot to begin with (or just doesn't really know what happened). xD; But I know what you mean. Some people just use the characters however they want.
Actually I think how complicated trying to canonically characterize Russia is is a big part of the problem; a lot of people don't really try and get it right and just go with the sunflowers-vodka-quick to resort to physically harming someone or at least wishing to do physical and/or emotional harm to someone thing that's running rampant in fandom.

No, you have it right. xD It's Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Finding scanlations might be a little hard now that a lot of scanlation sites have been taken down or have had to remove it since it's been licensed for an American translation (which I hear is awful but I'm not the least bit surprised really...). I haven't read it myself since the last arc started though. I liked the first three though. I'm not sure where to watch it online; I used to watch it in parts on YouTube since that was the only place that would have subbed episodes up long enough for me to watch, but then I don't really go looking too hard for these things and even more rarely ask for or give out sites I do find in hopes that they won't remove what I watch on them.
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Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:52 pm
Kesesese. Twisted Evil
I'm not very musically inclined, so I think it's fine. Though I guess I can see what you're saying. I love how Spain is just singing normally while Romano has a hissy fit in the background lol.

That always sucks. I've been in a rut as well, and when you have all these projects started but no interest in them... it's not easy.

Mexico is one where everyone has their own idea of what he/she should be. So I don't touch anything with Mexico with a ten foot pole.
Not that his pirating days were much better. Sure, he was the top of the hill, but there was always fighting. In that regard, though, I suppose everyone's never had it easy. And as much as I want England to be happy, his happiness is wretched on poor Spain. >_>

Eh, can't really blame him. The series would be even more controversial if it could be taken seriously... and well, history is serious business.
And to combat his villainous side people go to far to making him completely pathetic. Once again, I suppose everyone has their particular traits emphasized too far in either direction as well.

It is getting harder to be an online anime fan, isn't it? -sigh- Sure, I want to support them, but this stuff is expensive! I know of a number of manga and anime sites that I can poke around in when needed.

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Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:53 pm
Curse that laugh! xD
I'm sure Spain's use to it lol... Though part of the song is him trying to cheer himself up. xD;

It probably doesn't help that I still have people asking or just outright telling me to "make" more Organization comics, which makes it obvious they don't read the submission comment that always clearly states that I didn't draw these things to begin with. Other than a few commissions I haven't posted anything for them in like...almost three years as it is anyway though. 8| Why do people think I'm still into it then? It just makes it glaringly obvious people don't pay the least bit of attention to posting dates, submission comments, and journals.

Yeah. ._. Though there was a Mexico on Tegaki-E that seemed pretty good that I didn't mind.
Mmhmm... And then there were his Empire days that came crashing down during World War Two. They only just recently finished paying that debt to America off. x_x But back during his pirating days there really was so much fighting, but it was sadly common back then. At least it set him up as the main naval power in the world.

Yeah. I don't actually complain that he doesn't bring more actual historical accuracy and events into the series. It just wouldn't be Hetalia if he did.
I tend to see the r----truck *censors self* type of characterization a lot more often than any kind of other end of the spectrum version though sadly, which is again part of the problem, but it's true that all of them tend to have certain aspects of their personalities overemphasized even more so than Himaruya sometimes does himself.

Yeah. If you aren't into a still at least somewhat obscure series that probably will never be dubbed/translated, it can be a huge pain to try and find online versions of the original Japanese with subs or scanlations by fans instead of some company. I can understand that they want to make as much money as possible, but closing off online ways of getting things can cut off a lot of potential fans. I mean, how many series wouldn't be as popular as they are today if it wasn't for online fans spreading the word about them? How many series wouldn't even be known about if it wasn't for online fans?
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Sat Dec 25, 2010 6:34 am
I never thought I'd have such a perfect opportunity to use it. Laughing
Heh. I had the "Vamos, España~~" parts stuck in my head all day when I went out.

... Oh my god, you aren't ladychimera on deviantart, are you?

I haven't even seen a glimpse of any, since I really did not want to risk getting attached to such an unpredictable character.
It makes me awkward to think of how romantic (or whatever) it all sounds like, when history tells me otherwise. One more point for the 'Hetalia as an alternative history' board. But yeah, I remember being younger before taking a history class and wondering 'why is this country so important?' about England (UKoGBaNI). Oh how the great have fallen.

Exactly. I mean, Sealand is Sweden's adoptive son; clues make this obvious that historical accuracy is not what's being discussed here.
I was avoiding saying that, but it is exactly what is most prominent for Russia. You'd have to go out of your way to find the opposite, but the fact that people feel they need to go that far to combat it is sad. Tsundere types like England and Romano have that trouble too, with the 'tsun' or 'dere' being emphasized to horrible aggressors or weepy damsels.

Stuff like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, which seem to be going on forever, are stuff I can't even imagine trying to purchase. All I've seen of them is what's been on television, which is all I might ever see legally (and tv airings of anime are not at all reliable).
And let's not forget that the online community is what gets stuff like HETALIA even on the radar. Of course it's not just going to keel over and die when it's licensed.

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