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Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:12 am
You're saying that his emotional range doesn't change much whether it's Hungary or whether it's someone else, right? I can see that viewpoint. One of the better things about Hetalia is how open it is to interpretation. I think of them very much in terms of the Austro-Hungarian empire, while others might not. It's a personal preference in the end.

No worries, we all have different favourites, I don't think that will dictate opinion much. I just think he's funny. If I was going to pick someone other than him it would probably be China or Germany.

I mostly see people defaulting to New Zealand as a guy, but either way is fine with me. I'm very curious about Australia, most fics just characterize him as Alfred2, and there's got to be more to him than that, or at least I think so. And with Vietnam, I've been curious about her since her fist tiny appearance in his sketches, but I can see why he might want to avoid using her. Could open up a huge can of worms and cause even more trouble ala Korea. Monaco would be interesting too, her design is adorable~

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:56 am
I like HungaryAustria (and the Frying Pangle so Prussia gets some love in there too), so I don't mind either way really.

Germany's one of my favorites too. I'm quite a bit like him actually, so that's probably why. .w.; The same kind of goes for England and Canada too, which is probably weird to say but true nonetheless.

It's hard to tell from the chibi we've gotten so far of New Zealand, and I don't mind either way myself, but I wouldn't mind another female character. The current ones don't get much development past Hungary (who I do like a lot) or I just can't seem to muster any interest in them.
I see that a lot with Australia too, and I don't think it really works for him neither. Australians are going to have a different mentality than Americans anyway. I can see him being as energetic as America though, but I also think he'd be a more thoughtful(?) guy too or less prone to reckless spontaneity anyway. xD;
I don't know enough about Vietnam (the country and the character) to have an opinion on her or how little we know about her. It's kind of weird how much more panel-time Monaco's received, but I like her design too.
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Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:26 am

I see~ I'm very fond of Gilbert, and really a lot pairings than involve the germans (and others). Germancest, GerIta , Frying Pangle, it's all cool with me. There are some strange ones I've seen popping up that I don't get though, like PrussiaBelarus, but whatever they're into. I'm sure I've liked odder pairings.

Yeah, the female characters just don't see a lot of attention. I loved the bits we got with Belarus and Ukraine, Ukraine especially (And I really like CanadaUkraine :c ). I remember being pretty fond of Seychelles a long looong time ago, but really all we know about her is that she likes tuna. It is weird how much we've seen on Monaco, but I don't mind her. Others would be better.

I think I'm a bit like Germany too, always serious, etc. Other than him I have no idea who I'd be like, maybe Greece because I sleep a lot.Laughing

I def agree about Australia, I get the sense too that he's not so GOD I'M SO AWESOME EVERYONE LOVE ME as America. It's interesting we both had the same idea, I think he'd be more thoughtful too, just overall more considerate than America.

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:28 am
I like to think that the nations are all but unknown to the people. That's where I allow the human names to come into play. They can be overlooked that way, to avoid problems. Only soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for their country I think get to know their country is right their beside them as well.

(There needs to be Switzerland - Romano - Liechtenstein interaction in the world now. I crave it!)

I doubt he'd be much like Russia. Though I'm a bit biased by a certain fic revolving around the concept, in which Russia tries to temp that side out (it's on the kink meme, unfinished though. ): )

Maybe I just can't see Korea, or any character, as completely oblivious. It's easier for him to disregard unpleasant truths. History has shown what happens when things get serious for Korea. Poor guy.


Prumano, Germano... <3 Of course, Gerita. We already know my likes revolve around the Italias. Embarassed

I love the look of Canada/Ukraine, but fics put me off. Probably because I'm a Saskatchewan girl and I don't want to see peoples interpretations (should it be included).

I haven't a clue which character I'm most like. Probably Canada, due to his invisible-ness, Greece for being lazy, and Italy for his hetare. Razz

New Zealand... works as a girl or boy for me. Of course, I love girly guys, so I'll be happy either way.

And of course I agree about Australia, haha.

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:53 am
@Frankenthing: The only reason I'd say PrussiaBelarus is around is because of the decades Prussia was under Russia's rule, so they'd have more contact than before WWII probably.

Yeah, other than Hungary the girls haven't gotten much attention, although Belgium's showed up in some of the newer strips so people are happy with that. I'm just pretty neutral on most of them so far other than Hungary who I adore really. We either don't know much about them, or I just have no interest in them so far.

Though...sometimes it's not that hard to be more considerate than America. xD;; But, yeah, I see him being somewhere in between America and Canada in personality and likeness.

@Konoka: Yeah, I don't see many people other than higher-ups and military people knowing who and what they are.

Canada's one of those people I don't really see in pairings (Not that they're not out there of course, more that I just don't have any preferences for pairings with him in them, though I love him a lot and would like him to be happy...and remembered...;; ). There was actually a good fic on the meme that covers how I see him (and Cuba too though it's mostly because of Cuba's boss in his case) -- he has times when he'd like to wake up next to someone and hold hands and such, but it wouldn't be a relationship per say. I can't summarize it well...
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Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:32 pm
Yes, that is probably part of the reason, though I think it has to do more with people just liking crack pairings.

Yeah, I can tell you love the Italies, Konoka. Very Happy

I like watching them interact with each other the most, and then Romano's general reactions to everyone around him are funny. I've never thought about seeing him interact with Swiss and Liech but it'd probably end badly for him to say the least, if he decides to flirt with Liechtenstein. Laughing

I've always used the human names in general just because I got used to it over the years, but it's true that very few people understand what they are. Only the highest ranked.

Yeah, I'm always put off by OC provinces and states too. Never been interested in state-tans, city-tans, etc. Doesn't help that it's usually used as an excuse to insert a Mary Sue >.>

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Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:13 pm
I tetter back and forth with using their human names, partially because some of them don't have one and partially because some people don't like them (mostly probably because some don't have them or they don't think they fit).

I've never cared for OC's in...any fandom, and this one is just set up to have a lot of them show up. Sadly a lot of them do end up being Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's or self-inserts. u_u
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Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:24 am
What can I say? I thought about it more, and they're pretty much the two extremes of my own personality. Stupidity lies at both ends, it seems. XD

I can't seem to find enough fics with Veneziano-Romano interaction. But they are so great, even if the only time it really comes up is when Spain did something wrong. I've been meaning to write something to mend this, but it hasn't been coming together well.
He'd just have to lure her to Italy and hide behind some mafia guys. Should hold Switzerland for all of 14.3 seconds. Laughing

Canada used to be my favourite, since that's the only history I really know. But being Canadian, it's a weird relationship. I'm afraid to write him and put my own bias into it. Like for relationships, which leads to horrible fic ideas.
I totally agree with his canon personality, but unlike other characters, I don't want to see certain things emphasized, or other people's head-canons.
I mean, really, Canada and France should barely be able to speak to each other. Québécois French is almost unrecognizable to French ears (well, from what I hear. I don't speak French).
Also I had no idea before Hetalia that the UK didn't love us. It affected my grade 12 history class, when we finally learned this colonization stuff, let me tell you.
Wow, this wasn't supposed to be such a rant. It doesn't actually bother me all that much.

They just make things needlessly complicated for newer fans, I find. I always see people needing clarification over the whole Romano-Lovino thing. And search for fics is hard: you have to search for twice the number of names!
But I really don't mind what names people use. They're cute, even though most people use human names like they are more intimate (which... they shouldn't be. They're used so people don't know who they are IRL and in fics). They do work better for AUs though.

Total agreement on OCs. Even if they were the actually well made characters, I doubt I'd give them much of a chance to show it. The moment I realize there's an OC, I cringe. If they aren't described, they're generally a one off character that I can ignore. Otherwise, I'm sorry, but not my cup of tea. Which kind of sucks, since I love the idea of province-tans, but every glance I've taken just proves my point in staying away.

Gah, I have got to shut myself up. Embarassed

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Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:18 am
I've heard about the differences in the kind of French at least those in Quebec speak compared to people from France, but doesn't Quebec want to be separated from the rest of Canada anyway? I don't know; just something I've heard. If that's true though, that would leave the rest of Canada to be ok with France? Again I'm not sure since I don't know much about it. Differences in language shouldn't matter anyway though (They can both speak english either way.) unless people are making that mistake in fics; stuff like that bothers me when I know that such mistakes are being made. That goes with the use of other languages than what the characters would normally speak anyway too, like how America wouldn't have a reason to call England "Iggy" unless he's heard Japan call him Igirisu-san sometime or Italy calling Germany "Doitsu" unless he's heard Japan call him Doitsu-san.

Yeah, I don't mind the use of human names, but it does make it harder for newer fans and works better if it's an AU, though then the author has to come up with ones for a lot of the nations which tends to not work out well when quite a few choose something that doesn't really fit the character (like it's not a name someone from that country would likely be called, even though I know that's already true for some of the characters that already have names, like Sweden and Finland [though I think the later might have been a translation error that never really got fixed? since Timo's an actual Finnish name]). They're only used a couple of times in the strips though, and those were when dealing with regular humans.

That "moment I realize there's an OC, I cringe" thing is so true for me as well. ._. I mean that I know there will be a good OC around...sometime..., and it doesn't even just hold true for Hetalia, but 99% of the time it's just a poorly done character for the sake of having an OC/inserting oneself into the series (usually to pair themselves with an existing character...)/creating a Mary Sue/Gary Stu even though no one wants to admit their character is (unless they're a troll or something just doing it to make people upset or something... *has seen that too* ). x_x
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Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:27 am
Hey, those guys wanting to leave were outvoted! Even if it was by mere decimals.... The item of them gone worries me; they have half our history with them! And the French part of our national languages!
It's probably true, that the rest of Canada doesn't mind France. It's more self-hate for French then anything -sigh-. And I suppose nation-Canada would probably still consider France his big brother and remember his French, even if he's moved on culture-wise.
It does show up often in fics, but I don't actually read much France-Canada interaction fics, so my pool sample is low.
(I totally have Italy using Japanese words for a plot point in a fic I've yet to finish. XD Basically just to **** of Romano, of course.)

Yeah, it's better to stick to nations with given English names (or more correct equivalents, like Timo). I can almost accept the wrong names though, since my head-canon was that they had a big meeting one day where they decided on names, with America in charge of the pen with the final say. Eheheh, and it was quite the gong show, leading to the ridiculous results we know and love/hate/whatever.

There is one author, outside of the Hetalia fandom, who I can accept the self-proclaimed Mary Sues of. And probably only because they were written before I came to despise them.
For Hetalia, I just find the whole concept extremely awkward, since generally people of the country want themselves represented, and that's exactly what happens...

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Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:09 am
Like I said, I don't know much about the subject and was just saying what I'd heard.
Canada himself probably doesn't mind France much since he's one of the few whom recognizes him the most often anyway.

I think if they were to use human names, they've probably had them for awhile. Plus, a lot of them have significance to their history or ones tied to them, like England having the same name as one of his greatest kings and America having the same name as one of England's other greatest rulers.

I don't think I've come across any OC's I've cared for outside of the canon cast of characters of the fandoms I've been in since those would technically be original characters. The ones a friend of mine and I came up with while we still drew stuff with the Organization were just for fun and we didn't really plan on doing anything with them. The one I've had for going on at least fifteen years now is another I don't really do anything with other than use as an online persona. I've just always been too weary of the ones made outside of published works to give them a chance really.
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Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:59 pm
True true. Just because the people believe something doesn't mean the nation agrees (such as for the obvious nations...).

I see it as they didn't actually need them before. It wasn't such a big deal, and word couldn't be spread as fast to as many people as nowadays. I think they chose names with significance deliberately, when they decided they needed them, whenever that happened to be.

Well, and you read fanfiction because you are a fan of the fiction. You don't want to have to remember stuff that only applies to one person's dream world.

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Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:46 pm
Yeah. I mean I can understand a connection between the nation and his or her people -- like when they get colds when their economy isn't doing so well (though then everyone would have been ill save for maybe China for the last several years >_>; ) -- but the nations also have their own personalities.

I can see that. It sort of goes along with my thought that they have several homes all over their land and spend a few years living in one before changing. It would be hard to explain why a man/woman who looked like them has lived in that house/apartment for the past however many years/decades without any sign of aging.

That too. Part of the benefit of fanfiction is that one already knows the characters involved, so preliminary character development in the way of explaining their personality and appearance and such isn't needed. I mostly meant when I come across OC's in fanart though, since those are easier to see/find/tell are OC's.
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Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:43 am
They're pretty much the part that let's people say "that country isn't so bad, even if some people within are evil/stupid/racist/etc." But even then, they are not perfect, just like the rest of us.

That's how I see it as well. Especially for the bigger countries, like Canada and the US, since I find the idea of either nation living in only one place extremely alienating. Even if it is on a smaller scale, it's only natural that other nations would also move around. I imagine nations move quite frequently, just to keep things lively for themselves. What else are you going to do for your hundreds of years of life?

I... don't usually come across OC fanart. My art searching for Hetalia is filtured through sites that generally avoid such things. I know if I saw OCs enough, I'd come to accept them and just be put down when their canon-counterparts came out.

Speaking of which, I don't know if you've been paying attention to livejournal, but there was quite the fiasco a couple days ago on possible Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia, and Malaysia characters being release. False alarm, it turns out, but Himaruya does seem to be trying to figure out Portugal now: Here. Note: the bottom left guy is just a drawing of a Portuguese friend of his, I guess. The same one as part of the misinterpreted image.
It seems Luxembourg also may be on the way, maybe.

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Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:16 pm
Yeah, that's another thing I like--they have their own character faults just like anyone else.

Mmhmm. That's why I'm not surprised when I see them in different-looking homes, including apartments, like the large estate America was living on when Lithuania worked for him while he's seen in an apartment later on.

I watch a lot of the Hetalia clubs on dA, and they show up more often than I'd care for. Most of them put me off though, but there have been a handful, including a Mexico and Mama Greece that haven't been too bad actually though. Which reminds me...when are we getting to see Mama Greece and Mama Egpyt, Himaruya? :c

Yeah, I haven't checked up on the comm lately, but I'd heard about that. It would be nice if some of the African nations that were in the game with Seychelles would get a little more done with them though. We need a Portugal either way though, especially since most of Europe's already been covered, so it's nice to hear that he's trying to work one out.
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