Harvest Moon
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Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:43 pm
I always have a hard time finding other fans on a non HM site, so I figured I'd ask.

For those who don't know, Harvest Moon is a farming/life sim, usually centered around reviving an old farm left to you, getting married, and raising crops and things. (Very simplified, I know, but it's a fairly simple game.)

It's had games out for pretty much every console save the 360, though it does seem to favor Nintendo consoles pretty exclusively. There's.... I think three for Playstation PSP? Iunno, I've never had a PSP, and I traded in the PS2 for other stuffs XD;;;

It started off as a boy-only farming sim, but as time has gone on, there's been girl versions, and now they're getting smarter and giving the player the option of being either. Next step... well, IDK if that'll ever happen, but a girl can dream~

Do you, or anyone you know play Harvest Moon?
What's your favorite version(s)?
Do you have a favorite bachelor/ette for the series as a whole?
What's your favorite part about the series? Least favorite? Whyfor?
What would make the game better in your opinion?
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Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:47 pm
-squeeee!- Another HM fan!! I actually bought my Wii just so I could play the new Harvest Moons, because I'm pretty loyal to the Nintendo versions (although Save the Homeland for PS2 was actually pretty good). Sorry I'm not sorry if that fact sounds lame to any HM haters. XD Of course, I have ample other games for the Wii, but it was Harvest Moon that made me decide I couldn't wait to buy one any longer. lol Magical Melody is so cute!! I love how everything looks all chibi. ^-^

-Yes, I play Harvest Moon as well as my sister and a few friends of mine.
-My favorite version is probably Another Wonderful Life, because it had more options than A Wonderful Life on top of the fact that you could cross over with the Gameboy Advance game, More Friends of Mineral Town. My second favorite version is Magical Melody and my third is More Friends of Mineral Town, although it wasn't much different from Friends of Mineral Town except that you played as a girl. Save the Homeland was fun but didn't have quite the same feel as the Nintendo games.
-While a lot of the characters do appear frequently throughout the series, sometimes their names or personality are changed, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite bachelorette overall. Picking a favorite bachelor is easy, though. Doctor, my Doctor! <3 (from Friends of Mineral Town and Magical Melody, obviously. lol the doctor in A Wonderful Life was a total ogre.) For bachelorettes I am rather fond of Maria, the librarian. She's always smart and almost always cute. Plus in Magical Melody she's the mayor's daughter (oooh, comin up in the world! lol).
-My favorite part of the series is watching all of my decisions develop. Seeing a field full of ripe crops, a wallet full of cash, and a property covered in fully-upgraded buildings makes me smile. The best though is definitely naming baby animals and watching them grow up. My least favorite part of the series is either watering my crops before my watering can is upgraded all the way or running out of stamina and fainting (the fact that this never happens in A Wonderful Life/Another Wonderful Life is part of the reason those games are my favorite). SO FRUSTRATING!
-Hmmmm.... This last question is particularly hard because there are so many different versions to compare. I feel like each has their pros and cons and that ultimately the games are getting better and better as time progresses. Konami is figuring out how to improve them better than I can. XD

What are your answers?
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Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:15 am
I love Harvest Moon! Heart

Do you, or anyone you know play Harvest Moon?

I do I have been trying to get my daughter into it but with no luck I have been playing the new one on the 3DS (Harvest Moon A Tale Of Two Towns) so if any of you all have it and would like to visit each others farms please let me know. I have reached the point where I can do that in the game now.

What's your favorite version(s)?

My favorite version was one I played on game cube I cant remember which one it was I have played them all I think. I got married and had a kid and I think I played as a boy. Either that one or the rune factory one I really liked the ability to fight monsters I still go back and play that one from time to time.

Do you have a favorite bachelor/ette for the series as a whole? In this game I am playing on the 3DS I am going after Cam for the moment the flower guy. But my favorite one was trying to marry Sharron, she is a ghost who haunts the Kasimir Ruins in Rune Factory. I didn't complete it because I simply forgot.

What's your favorite part about the series? Least favorite? Whyfor? My favorite part would be the in the Rune Factory for fighting the monsters, in the regular series would be the ability to mix and create things from the things you find laying around.

My least favorite would be having to do something specific in order to do something else. Like you find out you have to take to a certain person on a certain day in order for them to like you and you dont find out till your a day late. Or if you forget and leave your animals out and they get sick.

What would make the game better in your opinion? I dont know to be honest I love the game but I get bored of it easy just doing the same thing over and over.


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Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:48 am
My daughter, mother and I play Harvest Moon. I came into the series with the PS2 version, Save The Homeland and have loved it since.

I've also played a bit of 2 of the GBC versions, as well as Back To Nature, but I got frustrated with them and traded them in. I also play, and love, More Friends of Mineral Town, HM DS Cute, Tale of Two Towns 3DS and A New Begining 3DS.
I also have, but like it less, Another Wonderful Life.

If I remember right one of the first few allowed you to choose boy or girl and you could marry the other. So if you picked boy then your wedding candidate would be/could be the girl.

The PSP has A New Life, which I have and it's ehh.
The PSP might also have a remake of one of the first HM games, but I wasn't too interested in it because marrage was game over from what I read.

I've also played the original HM Rune Factory and it was ok too, a bit too RPGish for a HM game, in my opinion.

If you google ushi no tane it'll lead you to a fan site that has fan made guides on the games. I'm unsusre how many games have been released into Japan, but I know the U.S. doesn't have them all. I dunno if UnoT lists all the HM games or just the ones released outside Japan.

Currently I'm playing Tale of Two Twons and I was iffy at first, since I'd heard about the freshness rating (I'm a hoarder so this kinda sucks, but since there is limited storage I can deal) and that fertilizer is 1,000g each. But the fertilizer lasts multiple days, depending on how many plants are connected to it, and you can plant several fertilizer sticks into a hoed trench to boost the Star Points a plant earns each day, potentially giving you enough SP + time to get a crop that'll win the festival. I also like that it lets you choose male or female, and what town you live in and you can move towns. The multiplayer field seems like a neat idea, and being able to trade items via street pass. You can change clothes too.

A New Begining I like even better, not only can you choose your character's gender, but you can pick things like hair style/color, skin color and eye style/color. And you can arrange your town and farm, and open up 2 farm areas besides the main farm (East & West). You can build homes to get people to move in, including Allen (the hairdresser) who will change hair style/color, Yuri (the tailor) who'll craft you clothes (takes an effing long time to gather all the needed wools/yarns/etc but so many options) and the Witch Princess who'll change your skin tone and eye style/color for a poision mushroom.
Town rennovation can be annoying but my biggest hates in the game are a 6 character limit for character, farm, pet, animal & chicken names. Uneversal censoring to keep things PG for online play is annoying too, my cat cannot be named Spice (even though the cats never get seen in multiplayer) but I've seen some names higher rated then PG-13 as farm names and it makes me mad. The child should get some customization too, like maybe the MC's hair color and the NPC parent's skin color, because 2 of the bachelors are darker skinned so if the MC has darker skin and marries Amir or Sanjay then their kid will look adopted. Being allowed to have only one barn and coop on each farm side is annoying, a bit. And not being able to move animals/chickens from one barn/coop to another. But all the other good points make up for the annoying bits, like we get green houses! And we can travel, make things, raise fish, make perfumes and medicines (like bodygizer but also things to raise pets hearts faster), bee keeping, pets (cats & dogs) that will herd your animals/chickens, being able to date the marriage canadate and if you decide you don't like him/her you can break up and go after another (no divorcing, so once you marry him/her you are stuck), having beginner, intermeadiate and advanced class for most of the festivals so even in Spring year 1 you have a chance to win something, instead of loosing everything that first year or two. The ability to controll the pace of the main story line by deciding when you fulfill each town rennovation project.

tl;dr Yes! I'm a HM fan and can chatter on about it all day. If you have a 3DS we can swap friend codes to play if you have Tale of Two Towns or A New Beginning.

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Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:37 am
I am a Harvest Moon gamer! *SQUEES*
I love Harvest Moon :3

My sister was the first one who rented Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life from Hastings. She also owns DS: Cute but I have more or less commandeered it. She's more of an Animal Crossing gamer.
I love Animal Parade, though it doesn't seem to be a popular one. I also love the DS ones (ToTT and Grand Bazaar mostly <33)

YES! I have a few favourite bachelors. Skye for one. Sorry, pretty boys are my weakness. Him and the Harvest King from Animal Parade. Yes please, yummy.

(that site also has some Mark/Vaughn shounen-ai pics!)
*drools* I'm gonna marry that man.. if I can ever find the time to play Animal Parade. I also like Toby and the Wizard from Animal Parade.
And Bachelorettes... Just don't hold my interest ^^'' For obvious reasons. But, that being said, Nami is special to me. I just like her. She's quite possibly my favourite female character in the whole game.
I also like Mikhail from Tale of Two Towns but it's bittersweet now as my ex was named Micheal or Mikhail. ;_:

I don't think I have a favourite part of the series. I just like it. I like the fact that I can play a girl and marry the man of my dreams XD And they all want my affections, because heaven only knows that would never happen in real life ><
I do not like the fact that I can only save at the end of the day, right before bed in some games Grr
I was thinking about it, I wish all the games had different sprites for your kids. One general sprite makes me sad. If my husband has light hair and eyes, and dark skin, reflect that at least to some degree, like in Animal Parade. I also do not like the fact that in some games your child doesn't grow to adulthood. And in some cases stays a baby. Nor do I like the fact that in almost all the games your family doesn't do anything to help on the farm.
So for making the game better, more child sprites and them growing up, and also helping on the farm.

A 'LGBT' ability in the game. Make it possible to sway a person. Or maybe everybody bi, I don't know but some yaoi/yuri action! FINALLY. I've even thought up ideas for adoption agencies within the game><

That being said, on to talktalk!
I've played most of them, the couple of older ones elude me though.
I've played Wonderful Life(GC)(married Nami, got closed to finishing and then my data accidentally got wiped with my brother's save data, I was crushed)
Another Wonderful Life(GC)(don't remember who I married)
Magical Melody(Gina)
Wonderful Life (PS2, I don't like because it's sooo slooowwww)
Friends of Mineral Town (not very far)
More Friends of Mineral Town (also not very far)
DS(Nami in one save data and the mermaid, Lea in another)
Ds: Cute (skye, of course)
Island of Happiness (Julia as a boy and Shea as a girl)
Grand Bazaar: (Amir, or Agni (I love Agni from Black Butler and get their names mixed up ALL the time))
Tale of Two Towns (Mikhail)

I was supposed to get A New Beginning for Christmas, but my mom grabbed ToTT 3D by mistake so I'm gonna be getting A New Beginning here pretty soon, I'm excited for the Hindi looking guys with dark skin and light hair *nosebleed*
I'm sad that the NEW-er on comes out in Feb though! I'll have barely started ANB.

I also like the Rune Factory games. My dad bought Frontier on a whim and I enjoy it as much as he does. Though most of the girls bug the crap out of me.

That being said, I have a 3DS and Tale of Two Towns, I would totally love to link with you guys, I just don't wanna post my Friend codes here>< Especially you, Possum, I might pm you...


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Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:04 pm
Do you, or anyone you know play Harvest Moon?
OMG YES! I am a big Harvest Moon fan! Mostly for the "old school" Harvest Moons. I haven't played a lot of the newer ones. Especially cine my DS kicked it. Sad Sad day.

What's your favorite version(s)?
This is definitely going to show my age but my absolute favorite version is Harvest Moon 64. There were just so much more extras and little surprises. Same with Harvest Moon Back to Nature for the Playstation. The newer games are ok but I don't get the little things I loved to much in my first Harvest Moon loves.

Do you have a favorite bachelor/ette for the series as a whole?
Again, I'm old school. I have always loved Karen and Ann as a second. In the one where you got to be a girl I liked Cliff. XD

What's your favorite part about the series? Least favorite? Why for?
My favorite thing is the whole getting to know people, making friends and dating/marriage/children. I just like that it's a whole life story. I also like the little surprises as mentioned before.
Least favorite thing was that sometimes things get a little repetitive but if you stick it out, it's worth it!

What would make the game better in your opinion?
I've always had a lot of small thoughts on this. It varies from game to game. But as a whole I love these games. Period!

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