Happy Anniversary, My Love!
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Defender of the Realm
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:49 am

The Fiddler's Inn and Pub (An RP) pg1.

Lady Nema:
Nema walked quickly through the rain-sodden streets, her cloak pulled tightly around her slender frame against the chill air. It had been a long journey, and she now felt unable to go any further this evening. Peering through the rain from under her hood, which she raised slightly with one hand, she saw the lights of an inn just ahead. She hesitated briefly, then walked determinedly towards the door and pushed it open to enter.

Shaking off her hood and looking around, she saw half a dozen people who, judging by their damp garments and general demeanour, seemed to have arrived not long before her. She nodded to the female bartender, who glanced over as she entered, then made her way to a corner table, out of the way, but from which she had a clear view of the entrance. She took off the long, damp cloak and laid it over a chair. Lodging her bag by her feet, she sat down to rest and take in her surroundings.

Scarz (Griswald):

Looking up from his stew, his ice blue eyes took in the entry of the newcomer. By her appearance, it seemed the storm had gotten worse.

He watched her take a table that gave her the ability to watch the door, also, and chuckled. Twould seem that a few of the patrons, felt safer, being able to see who entered through those doors.

Little did I know that when I wrote those words, that destiny would step in and bring us together.

pg 14, was our official meeting


Little did I know that this meeting would lead me into the most incredible relationship that I have ever been involved with. Little did I suspect that this meeting would lead to my being with this beautiful lady for a year. Today is the anniversary of us officially meeting . . . of the start of our relationship together, though I didn't officially announce it until December 8, 2006; this was the true start of our journey together. .

My dearest Nema,

I want to take this time to tell thee how much I love thee, how much I care. Thou doth mean the world to me and I thank the gods each day that Lady Fate stepped in and brought us together.

Being with thee hast made me that happiest man in this and all worlds. Thou art my anchor that keeps me calm and steady, even when storms may rage around us. As long as I am with thee, I know we can face anything.

I am thy Knight in tarnished armor and thou art my Lady of beauty and grace. Thou doth truly complete me as I am thine and thou art mine and I love thee, so very much.

Here (in your arms)

Fields of Gold....video by Lady Juanalene

Tis a time for celebration . . . of joy and merriment . . . Come one, come all . . . enjoy the good company and feast on the food and drink. And if thou art so inclined, lift a tankard to Love, a glass to Beauty and to Happiness!!



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Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:32 am

A Token of Love

Written for Scarz for our 1st Anniversary, 29 August 2007

Nema felt satisfied with her morning's work in the stillroom, as she surveyed the new bottles of potions neatly lined up on the shelves, ready for use. She returned her precious book of herbal recipes and remedies to the inset drawer in the stillroom worktable, hung up her apron and entered the kitchen. Looking out of the casement window, she smiled at the sight that greeted her: the blooming rose garden, the fragrant herb garden, the Koi pond and, spreading around and amongst all, the village community of Butterfly Faeries and their extended family, who had made their home in the lovely spot. Her hand stole up to her lips, softly pressing there, as her eyes misted over with happy tears and her heart swelled with joy and emotion. Clasping her hands lightly together, she caressed the simple, beautiful silver pledge ring that adorned the ring finger of her left hand, as her thoughts drifted back to the Fiddler's Hearth Inn, where she had sheltered from a raging storm, part way through a long journey, after lodging her beloved dappled grey mare, Talisman, in its stables.

She had seen the handsome stranger first in the Main Room of the Inn, downstairs, where he was engaged in lively conversation with a young woman. Unusually for her, Nema had felt an instant attraction to him, then had immediately laughed at herself, for imagining it could be anything more than a passing fancy. In any case, she had chided herself, her journey, a personal quest at that time, had been too serious in nature to allow for frivolities… not that she had ever been particularly accused of frivolity. She had smiled and shaken her head and left it at that; and yet, a certain something about him had remained with her… his demeanour and bearing had somehow seemed familiar, as if he had, wordlessly, touched a chord, deep within her… some part of her that had lain dormant, until this very moment. Taking a firm grip on her wandering thoughts, she had dug her sheaf of papers from her travelling bag and tried to concentrate on her work. She was part way through writing up a collection of traditional herbal recipes for healing potions, which had been handed down through the generations of her family's line of female healers, and hoped to complete the task, by the time her journey was at an end. That way, she had determined, even if the main aim of her quest was, yet again, fated to end in disappointment, at least she would have gained something of value from her time spent away from home.

"Home"… which was another matter, entirely. Ever since leaving on this trip, she had felt that she might not return to the small village where she had spent all of her life, thus far. The loss of her mother had somehow made it feel less like home, and as she had never known her father, who was, in any case, long gone, she felt in her heart that she no longer had ties there… or anywhere, for that matter. Perhaps, she had mused, she would find a reason to start her life afresh, in a new place, while on this journey… although she had not, in truth, staked much on this hope. Sighing softly, she continued with her work, as she ate the pleasant repast provided by the Inn, half-listening, now and then, to the conversation of her closest neighbours at the tables, watching their interaction with interest… but feeling alone in the midst of the noisy throng, unable to take part. She eventually became immersed in her work; when she next looked up from her papers, some considerable time had passed, the company had thinned out, and the handsome stranger and his companion had disappeared. She felt a pang of regret… a missed opportunity, never to come again… then brought herself to task and stood up, hefting her bag and cloak and purposefully making her way between the tables and up the well-trodden wooden staircase of the Inn, noting how its banister seemed slightly wobbly in parts, if one were to lean against it too heavily. Smiling wryly as she reached the top of the stairs, making a mental note to take care, for as long as she was resident here, her attention was diverted by the sight of another female guest, struggling with an over-large, seemingly too-heavy bag, that she was trying to drag and push along the hallway of the Inn. Nema hastened to help her, and the two of them were engaged in resolving how best to safely transport the bag and its contents to her new acquaintance's room, when a deep, pleasant male voice rang out from behind them.

The voice thrilled her to the core of her being, and she knew at once that it was the attractive stranger from downstairs… even before she turned around to look at him, even though she had not heard his voice, before that moment. Fortunately, her fellow guest, the owner of the large bag seemed happy enough to carry the conversation initially, allowing Nema time to observe in silence for a while, before joining in. But as soon as the man, a knight, it seemed, addressed her directly, as soon as she gazed into his eyes, as blue as ice, she felt that strange pull again, as if some magnetic force was drawing her to him. As befitted the circumstances, she engaged in small talk and general conversation – until she felt she might have inadvertently offended him, by being over-intrusive with a question… and blushed, a delicate lavender hue staining her cheeks and neck. Her eyes flickered briefly, as she noted his response to that blush – and suspected that this frisson of attraction that she felt was not merely one-sided…

Still gently caressing her silver ring, her amethyst eyes glowing with happiness, Nema turned from the kitchen window and slipped back into the stillroom. Climbing onto a three-legged wooden stool, she reached to the very back of a corner shelf, behind a neat row of empty potion bottles, to retrieve a small package, wrapped in a square of coarse linen. Stepping down from the stool with her prize, she unwrapped the folds carefully, smiling as she uncovered the red velvet drawstring pouch it held, and stroked it with her fingertips; loosening its silken cords, she carefully slid its contents into her palm… a handsome, antiqued brass belt buckle, fashioned in the shape of a dragon, its wings unfurled in flight, two tiny, brilliant rubies for its eyes. Sliding the buckle gently back into its soft casing and tying the cords securely, she carried the pouch through to the kitchen, where she placed it on a tray, along with a flagon of fine red wine from the cellar and two silver goblets, simple in design, but for a single engraved rose entwining around each stem. Glancing out of the window again, she chuckled and took two thimbles from her sewing basket, rinsed and dried them, then added them to the tray, in case of extra guests.

Picking up her tray, Nema carried it carefully over the porch and across the garden, the light, pleasant breeze riffling her silver-white hair, as she made her way to the nodding lilac tree in the far corner. Nearing her goal, her heart leapt and she bit her lower lip softly, as she spied her beloved Griswald… nowadays, known to all as Scarz… but to her, in the privacy of their togetherness, he would always be her dearest Griswald. A smile curved her lips, as she saw how comfortably he leaned against the trunk of the tree, the tiny, dark figure of Kairin Airis sitting cross-legged on his palm, engaged in earnest conversation, while his lady-love, the delicately beautiful Daimis, hovered nearby, her golden-orange wings fluttering brightly in the sunlight, as she seemed to keep a watchful eye on some new development in the garden, while she listened to the men's talk.

It was one year ago, to the day, that Nema had first met Griswald.

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Defender of the Realm
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:43 am
*hugs and holds thee in my arms* Happy Anniversary, my Love.

Thy story is beautiful and it doth touch my heart deeply *kisses lovingly*

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:50 am
Happy Anniversary, my Love, your beautiful words and images have touched and moved me so deeply.

*hugs you tightly and kisses you tenderly*

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:53 am
-hopes it's ok to post now-

Lifts a glass to the beautiful couple and smiles. "Congratulation you two! I wish you many more years of happiness and love".

.LunaBlu of the Charming Countenance.

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:00 am
Congratulation.I have a present for you too ^^

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:01 am
[smiles happily] Sho sweet. Sad Heart Our very own Zanny love story.

Happy one year! [nods at what Luna said] May many more come your way. n__n
THANK YOU to whomever donated the loverly Big Orange Horns. Very Happy I love them very much and you are awesome!!! <333

~By Esaria~

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:05 am
Smile Awwe how sweet. It couldn't have happened to two sweeter people. <3 I do hope it turns into a happily ever after. Happy Anniversary guys.
Stalker of Glassy

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:26 am
congrats,lady nema and lord scarz
I wish you many years of tender love and much hapiness

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:14 am
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:33 am
How sweet! n__n

Congratulations on your Anniversary, Sir Scarz and Lady Nema. =]

Life is like taking our photographs. We often pose the way we want to be seen by others. But sometimes, by taking stolen shots, we capture who we really are.
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:56 am
awwwwww you guys are so sweet >_< congratulations!
^ Vote Very Happy

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Queen of the Realm
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:12 pm
Many hearty Congratulations to the both of you, and may your future together be blessed and joyful Heart

Love raises its head at the most strange times and in the least-suspected of ways sometimes, but it is there nonetheless and is a joyous thing to be often celebrated! Heart

Very touching story and way to celebrate your meeting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:37 pm
Awwww, i cried a little, that's so sweet, (without being TOO sweet xD) Congratulations Lady Nema, Lord Scarz, ; she gives a small curtsy to each as she says their name ; i wish thee all the best and many many more years together, filled with happiness, love, and peace.
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:31 pm
Darkfox chuckled from behind the crowd. They where such a cute couple. Dark raised her jug of rum, " Cheers to Nema & Griswald!" She knocked her jug with sever others who where fairly near by, spiling most of her rum, before she took a long drink, which ended in her emptying her jug.
It's going to be okay!

... I hope.
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