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Would you be interested in buying art for gold/gems?
I prefer Gold
 90%  [ 19 ]
Gems are good for me
 4%  [ 1 ]
Are you kidding? No way!
 4%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 21

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Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:07 am
Achaia wrote:
That is so true, Xaria. Though, I'll let the requesting up to Kiyo. I'll just stalk the shoppe for her hehe
I find it a bit silly that the price went up for those items, but oh well. I guess they are some hot commodities x3
Sounds like a plan. -n__n-

I still have to get every Smuggler thing from uhm...April onward. XD

I still dunno where the Regal items come from. -o__O-;

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Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:28 pm
The regal items? You mean the set with the regal black cloak and regal red shirt and stuff? Those were smuggler set items too. They were in the smugglers shop at the same time as the July royal sets. The counterpart. The smuggler needs to update his shop. Kiyo already requested an update, so I hope it'll come soon Yes

What items are you missing from the smugglers? Maybe I can help you out. Do you have a shop or something?
(I'm not sure which ones came out after april. The smuggler doesn't post a timestamp ^^')

Edit: There you go, babe. Enjoy the wings <3

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Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:14 pm
Xaria- If you want the soup Recipe, our kind Queen Blaze posted the link a little earlier on pg 16 (it's actually a link and not just decorative color XD )

The Salad wedges are easy peasy.
1.Take a head of lettuce and remove the bad leaves and the core (preferably carefully with a knife as you need the lettuce un-crushed). Cut it into fourths so you have wedges. You can either place it with the layers facing up or down (up will make the dressing seep into each layer, down will make the dressing roll off in a pretty way).
2. Top with dressing to act like glue for the toppings and follow with a sprinkle of blue cheese.
3. Top with bacon crumbs (of fresh chopped bacon, mmmmmmmm) and 3 rings/half rings of onion.
4. And for the 'cherry' on top use a tomato! Slice it in half but not all the way through to the skin on the other side so it will hinge open and lay on top ^_^ (or you can cheat and just toothpick a whole one onto it)

Uh huh, yeah no. Won't touch beets >_< Tomatoes are bad enough but beets? Ohh nononono

Haha, I ended up having popcorn with some garlic powder and this awesome seasoning that I can't remember (we used to use it on steaks, I use it on everything XD)

And yes, let us know what you are missing because I think I snagged a few things and some extras just in case. I know I have the Dark Regal Set because I got them as payment for doing art for Queen Blaze :3 I'm actually using that cloak now for my snow white costume

Achaia- THANK YOU!!! Luffles How much were they when they came out and how much did they go up? O_o
Heehee *dances around with wings* I'm going to have to start planning next weeks outfit ^_^
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