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Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:50 pm
You watch the Farmer as he sits on the bench at the local tavern, musing over everything he has witnessed over the course of the night. "So many strange things have occurred, Halloween made manifest." he begins quietly, glancing at you as he takes a slow pull of his pipe, "So much... " he pauses here, clearly groping for a word and finally gives up, shaking his head slightly.

You arrived earlier this afternoon, looking to validate the wild rumors that had started circulating earlier that day, that the Farmer had witnessed the awakening of the Halloween Spirit the night before. Still a few days from Halloween proper, you rather suspect that there might be some changes yet to come and have come to glean as much information from the Farmer as he might be willing to give. You wait patiently for him to continue, nodding a little in encouragement.

"It was quiet and eerie and I don't mind telling you, I was too afraid to move, lest they saw me. It's not every night your scarecrow wakes up and makes off with the pumpkins following behind him, from the very patch he's been set to watch over."
He guffaws as he continues. "It'll be the first time that scarecrow has scared anything though, believe you me!"

Despite the laugh, you can see he's still shaken as he takes a few surreptitious glances around, to see if anyone else is listening. Finding that no one seems to be paying attention, he continues.

"SO! You say you're here because you wish to share in my lot and witness the Halloween Spirit? I'm not sure if this is a wise idea..." He eyes you critically this time and finally shrugs and give you a half grin. "I was visited by the Old Woman Bernadette not an hour after my experience. I don't remember half of what she said to me, I was still in shock you understand, but her last words stuck with me. She said, "The Spirit of Halloween will always embrace, not just the spooky places those idiotic villagers avoid, but places where change and transformation are inevitable." " He shifts a moment, drawing deeply on his pipe again. "I suppose a farm, with it's constant changes in seasonal harvests and the like, make it an obvious choice. But it got me wondering where else Halloween might choose to manifest."

"I've been sitting here since Bernadette left, musing her last words, trying to work out where else such things might occur and warn any nearby... And then it dawned on me: To warn them of what? I believe few of us have ever witnessed this event. So why scare them from their beds when they can peacefully sleep through it as they do every year?"

He shifts slightly again, clearly unable to settle himself and looks swiftly in your direction, not quite meeting your eye.

"But you WANT to see the Spirit of Halloween. I'll say it again, I don't think it's wise. But as I'm not here to judge the foolishness of others, I'll tell you where I suspect you might spot it next."

He gets up suddenly and motions with his head that you're too follow him. "Back to the farm we go, lest the natives get too restless."

It is only then that you realize people have indeed been listening, looking, perturbed, over their drinks in your direction. Perhaps the Farmer is right... You get up and follow.

To the farm
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