Collect all the orbs but beware of the guardians.

Use the arrows to move the hero

Orb Finder

21 - S - 591

If you like space invaders you will love this game.

Use the mouse to move the hero and click to shoot arrows

Defender Score Board

A fan of the classic game snake?

Use the arrow keys to collect the prisoners trapped in the boxes

Prison Rescue Score Board

Slight of finger is the key to this game?

Use the arrow keys to collect the gems and coins. Watch out for the skulls

Gem Collector Score Board

Collect the gems, dodge the enemies and if you are lucky pick up the extra lives. Watch out for level 6. There is a little surprise.
Gem Catcher Score Board

Collect the shields, dodge the enemies and watch out as the more points you get the faster the enemy moves
Skullz Score Board

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