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Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:44 am
Ahhhh. Gotcha. And gotcha.

Do you ever go to a chiropractor? Like I say, that's what helped when my arm was making me wanna scream. Stress. Ugh. *falls over* I had a stressful encounter with a neighbour and I'm frustrated at how badly I'm coping with the situation here. I hear you on stress! But I'm glad yours is settling down.

Of course they are. Everybody wants them, huh?

I was SO mad. And they did it every time. Even after I moved or came back later.

Yeah. But not that both Valkyries in the games are so squishy. I mean, the ones in the old stories were tough.

Awww. Do you ever play the BnS anymore? You used to, right? Or no?
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Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:15 pm
I haven't seen a chiropractor. Haven't considered it either. My luck I'd have to have the doctor tell me to go see one. I'm just hoping tomorrow turns out good. The doctor tells me what is wrong and it can be fixed. Sleep and pain is not going well again >.>

I don't know what happened with your neighbor but you shouldn't worry about how you handled the situation. The way I see it, worrying won't change things but make them worse for you. Sorry if that sounds weird or wrong, something I try to get my hubby to do since he worries non stop.

Well people do want the items but the game runs different. Each item that can go up on the market has a minimum price and highest price listed on it. The game sets the prices themselves. So people can't choose what to put things up for. Either you pick when putting it up is high or low. If it's not in I go with high, but if there is alot I go with lowest price. So at least it sells. Especially since you can only put 30 things up at a time on the market and I tend to need more than that space lol.

Wow what a **** head. Sorry for the language. But that seriously is horrible. I hate people who do things like that. Won't let others enjoy themselves or get it through their head that it's just a game.

Haha those Valkyries sound like BDO a bit. She's supposed to be this tough woman who can kill anything in her way. But after 50 I had issues leveling mine. Turns out they nerfed her badly and people are really **** since they keep nerfing old classes and buffing the new ones which doesn't make things balanced at all. Except for witch/wizard, mostly wizard they are OP in the game and everyone knows it. So sad.

I haven't played since I worked on my character that I was able to boost to 50. Haven't considered it. WoW is taking too much of my mine and working on BDO at times is not easy to fit another one in.
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Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:16 pm
How did it go?

I apologized to her. No more worrying. But I think I did a number on myself with that fretting, or else I'm not fully recovered from Hurricane Flo and the ear infection. Groggy and a bit owwiehead.

Ohhh. I actually like that set price deal. To me, it seems to make it easier to get things sold, or to afford them.

It's okay. Zan censored you! LOL But yeah. At least it's not like 'Legacy Online', where high level characters go to the no PK starting zone and kite mean monsters over newbies.

Well, that steeenks. Sounds like they're trying to make the new classes more desirable. Guys, let people pick their own class they're comfortable with.

Ohhh. I hear you! Ohhh. I know what you could do. FR minigames!

Which reminds me, did I reply on the other thread?
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Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:22 pm
Well the doctor seemed rushed. He listened though so that's an improvement to what I experienced so far here. But I got a steroid shot called Kenalog. No idea how long it will take to kick in. Hubby tried to look it up besides me, and we couldn't find much on the shot itself but people reported non steroid shots took up to 72hrs to kick in to a week. So I'm hoping it kicks in soon. Crap sleep and I kinda aren't getting along at all. And I have an appointment to see a spine specialist. Something like my arm sometimes I guess needs to see someone like that since my neck is part of the spine. That's at the end of March so I'm hoping the shot helps so I might not need to see this other person. And my arm is a common issue he sees alot. And he thinks my arm has nothing to do with me dislocating my arm as a kid. I hope so. I just want it gone and sleep to be back to normal for once.

Over fretting can do alot to a body. Kinda hate how a body can react to stress and that. I'm glad things are a bit better for you, just hope your body stops hating you. I really am sick of arguing with my body and threating to kill parts of it ~_~

Ya the way BDO market is kinda nice. You have a exact like price to work with so makes things easier. In a month we are getting the Korean update for it. They are going to make it about 14% easier to get something you preorder and instead of waiting for something you put up on the market to cancel which is 5mins right now, we have to wait 15mins instead. You set a item up and wait til it's fully registered, then you have to wait 5mins to take it off. I put things I didn't mean to up before, twice in fact and had to wait that long to take it off. Now we have to wait 15mins to remove the item. That part I'm not too sure how I feel about. I just hope these changes don't make the RNG market worse than it already is.

Oh god that is horrible. I hate having people kite things to you. Dealt with that too often in Final Fantasy XI. Parties I was in died so often from MPKers and we hated them big time. Mostly it was gil sellers who did that to people actually playing the game. Gil was the name of the currency. >.>

I agree with you people should be able to enjoy whatever class they want. But sadly BDO only cares about their new ones and hate on the older ones except for wizard no idea why they haven't touched them since in PvP they are OP but they are OP in non PvP. >.>

I have tried FR minigames but my mind tends to go blank after awhile. I blame alot on lack of sleep.

I don't think you replied to the other thread yet.
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Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:25 am
Aww. I'm glad he listened, and I hope that shot helps.

Today I was walking around the mall in summer clothes and STILL overheating. I don't remember having hot flashes so intense while I was awake before. O_O

Whaaat? That's silly. You shouldn't have to wait to take something down. A lot of people accidentally put the wrong thing up.

According to what one person told me, the 'Legacy Online' kiters claim they're weeding out the currency sellers.

I bet some owner or something plays wizard. But yeah. Treating the classes like that doesn't make sense.

Awww. Yeah. *hug*

Okay. lol I'll check.
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Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:46 pm
I hope it helps too. *wants to murder her arm*

Wow that is horrible. I really hope that severe of hot flashes don't happen to me. The heat already practically kills me I can't deal with it more than what I already have to contend with. I swear ever since I had my ulcer my body thought it was a good idea to just go down the toilet and hate me even more. And I don't know how to make her realize to be nice is alot better for all of us lol.

I know. I sometimes am in a rush getting things up on market in BDO and in WoW I thought about it later and was like ok I want that instead and took the item off market right away. I just have to wait and see how this new update is. Don't want to rush to judgement before anything is done.

Well weeding out currency sellers is a nice idea and all but they should watch people for similarities in behavior before acting like jerks to me. There is always a difference in people who are truly playing for fun and who are doing it for a job. In Final Fantasy XI it was easy and that had nothing to do with names either. The way they leveled or that was the thing that also spoke loudly. In WoW it's just the name to tell who is who in the game. I really hope people think who are the real ones and who aren't. There has to be a difference in the playing style of those groups. And sad to say I understand why some people sell the game currency. Like what I heard of the ones in China, it's a job and China is so damn huge. I watched a show once about people living in China. Some people leave home for over a week or so to work, come home drop off the money and visit for like no time and go back. Since they couldn't get a job close to home but far as heck away.

I agree all classes should be treated a bit more equal.

I need to go kill some kitties. I saw shadows of high kitty on tree jumping off and ornaments falling. ; ;
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Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:43 pm
I hope it doesn't happen to you too. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And I used to be the chronically cold person!

Yeah. Waiting and seeing is best. You're right.

I think it was just an excuse. How many currency sellers would actually be in the newbies area, to justify that?

Yes. In China, children cannot transfer schools. They're only allowed to go to the ones in the area they were born in. So poor country people have to leave their children behind if they want to be able to get the money to support them. And now the big boom is over, and jobs are even harder to find.

Oh oh. What was the damage?
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:21 pm
Thanks, I know what to watch out for during the fun time that is coming. I think since I got my ulcer I've been experiencing early menopause a bit so I'm used to the hot flashes, even though I hate them with every part of my being.

Good point, there is no reason a newbie area might have currency sellers in it. You would assume they would be where more money can be obtained from.

It's sad how some people in China have to live, and in other countries as well.

Well oddly enough nothing was off the tree or damaged that I could see. But when I got up yesterday the tree was a bit away from the wall, hubby tied the tree to the wall with a nail and thread. But they seem to love to climb it more at night when we go to bed so no idea what's going on with them. They've been getting in their terrible twos and they aren't even 5months yet. LOL.
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Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:09 pm
I've met young women in their early twenties who get hot flashes. 0_0 Can you actually get used to them?


I think China saddens me most, because they make this big fancy face for the world, and nobody hardly knows about their poor people, or the people living in shanty towns up on the roofs of high rise buildings.

Huh. Ninja cats. XD

I got some 'Wizard 101' played yesterday! Was helping a friend with her lower level character, so I told her, "I'll help, if you give me a ride on your two seater." I like riding, in RL and in games. LOL Even on a funny phoenix that looks like it's going to dump both characters off its butt at any moment.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:01 pm
I tend to get used to thing alot I hate them but I deal with them. Like last winter when I got hot I opened the balcony door, hubby hated walking out in the morning and freezing lol. But standing in that cold helped cool me off after a few minutes. My body has been kinda screwy for I don't know how long so I tend to put up with alot that it does to me, even with me hating it and not liking it. But I also learned when to see a doctor from dealing with so much pain. So I think that helps me get used to things.

Ugh China is really sad. I saw pictures of how things are. The real bummer is that it's horrible to say you feel bad or even feel bad for people in North Korea for obvious reasons. I have seen how some people like around the world and I have no idea how anyone can handle conditions like that, but I know if you grew up like that you wouldn't think twice about life.

Ninja kitties need to stop using kitty crack and enjoy non kitty crack life. Oddly enough they both are sleeping. Usually when dad is sleeping they are driving me crazy but they aren't right now. Better shut up about it and enjoy it >.>

That phoenix looks rather nice. At least they got the coloring right. I tend to get a bit anal when it comes to things based in mythology and that and they aren't similiar to the origin of the story.

Oh yeah I forgot....

I finally made the jeweled onyx panther mount. It was a bit painful seeing that money going bye bye. Had hubby come by me to watch it being done lol.
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Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:37 pm
I hear you. I think I put up with more than I whine about. It's just... having water running off me in rivers is NASTY. So that one, I whine about. LOL

Oh, a lot of people in China and North Korea know they have the dirty end of the stick. So do the poor in Indian cities. But yeah. I grew up out in the bush, with no running water, no privacy, no safety, and bugs swimming in the well, and I never knew it was bad till I got kicked out.

LOL! So how long did they stay sleeping?

XD Yes, but you have to admit that the saddle looks kind of precarious, no?

Ohhhh! It looks so nice! Congrats!

Oh yeah. Got new weapon, pants, top, and gloves for the level 51 TL2 engineer yesterday. And her pet deer tried photobombing when I was taking the back view shot.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:11 pm
LOL. In games when people tend to try to mess with me I just leave and go to another area. BDO kinda taught me that I think more than I already did that. Since after 50 you can be killed when you aren't flagged for PvP. But I haven't ran into a bad person yet. Mostly nice people. Though thankfully I don't go to areas heavily farmed where you will be killed even if you are doing a quest.

Ugh places with no privicy are horrible. Sorry to hear you grew up like that.

They slept til daddy woke up but were well behaved. So that is a plus.

Ya I guess the saddle does.

Thank you. I got a total of 10k maybe on my characters totaled together. So thankfully I'm still making living steel for the mounts so I can sell the extras and get a bit more money. When I level up my others I'm going to need the money. Started on my undead warlock and she's level 10 now. I might keep her at that until I work on everyone else though. And nice armor. LOL gotta love pets photobombing things.
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Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:09 pm
I can remember trying to do that in 'Rune Quest'. Turned my character and ran for it. But the other guy chased her down and killed her. That game had a really bad attitude toward the free players, though I don't think they were marked. I think he just wanted to prove how big he was.

Like I say. I didn't know any better back then. Nowdays, though, I'm the person who locks all her virtual houses and the comment section on her blogs.

Awww. Looks like they said no to kitty crack.


Youcandoit! Yeah. LOL Though I guess having his BUTT there might be worse than when he was walking in front of her. I like how TL2 shows that a character is a girl without making her half naked or giving her that fatal boob armour. Yeah. Those booby armour tops would kill if the wearer got hit hard in the chest. They'd crush her chest in.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:30 pm
Wow that guy sounds like one of those people who don't realize it's a game and to enjoy it. I usually just stand there and take the beating. When it first happened I was riding back to Heidil on my horse and next I knew I was on the ground and no matter how many times I got up and tried to get on my horse I couldn't do a thing. Kepts on getting barraged with attacks. Kinda sad people did that but seems like people don't do that often anymore. Maybe in areas farmed for money or whatever. But I don't know I don't go there lol.

I learned alot on the internet. Like not trust things you read or people who friend you. Too many creeps on facebook.

Ya some places armor is kinda funny. I like how WoW has skimpy armor but at the same time armor for the girls also doesn't do that. It's even kinda skimpy for male characters as well so it's not all girls who have that issue.

Well I found out that BDO does in fact have an AP cap. I was working on a quest in Wandering Rogues. I think their AP is like 80-100. I have 150. I was able to easily kill some and others I struggled. Knowledge used to be able to kill things faster, now it's just for more drops. So ya.... they really did put a cap on the areas. Kinda stupid. Makes no sense. Heck leveling a lowbie on WoW, I got to test out the new system and it's not bad at all. I'm still low but it's not too horrible. I might have issues higher I get but I might be able to switch specs so it's easier to deal with.

But ya. Why change things so people can't go and farm an area for extra money? Hubby said it's like the whole eco system is changing in BDO and he doesn't know why. He also said to quit it, but it's like a break from WoW non stop for me. So I don't get burned out. And not going after the high end mobs for faster exp is better so I don't run into the idiots of the game and can take forever even more. Since no idea why they got a soft cap for exp gain. According to hubby it's where it takes more time to gain exp since you gain so little no matter where you go and it's only worth going to level if you have exp scrolls and weekend bonus they put up every weekend.
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Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:27 pm
Some guys think that the best part of a game is killing other characters. *shakes head* In another game I had a high level guy kill my character and then taunt me. How was it something great to do when he was a LOT higher than me?

I'm a weirdo, but I hope I'm a safe one.

And then there's the armour on 'TERA', where I'm not even comfortable looking at the guys. LOL

Ugh. Fail. Wow. Well, if you wanted to replace BDO, I could suggest some that I enjoy.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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