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Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:00 pm
Sounds like a good plan. I know on GW2 I was doing all the personal story available for my charr character. It was a lot of fun. Charr are such gruff and snarky critters, it's hilarious.

Oh nice! Hopefully, the clothes don't stink.

Yup! LOL We didn't wizard yesterday. Instead we RPed. I had the brain and energy. Proly might not tonight. Sleep got broken too much.

Awww. Yes. It took me awhile to speak up, but finally I decided that there were places I liked sitting a lot better than the bathroom.

Ahhh. Yeah. A lot of things in animated games seem to focus on higher level characters, it seems.

I just bought the first 'Torchlight' game because it was 75% off.
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Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:46 pm
Plus only doing class quests I might actually be able to catch up to where I am in game to my own level. So I'm not fighting things like 20+ levels below me lol.

I have to keep track of what the outfits are. There are several sets that are achievements. So that is going to be hard to keep track lol. Since I'm heavy into the game when I play it and only focus on certain things. Might look into them when I get higher up and can't get xp anymore. Might be easier to do that.

Aww I hate when sleep gets broken. It bugs me when I don't get the good sleep we need or wake up alot for who knows what reason. I know sleep affects my body acting up. Just hate how dumb she is at times lol.

Wow that is a huge discount. I hope you enjoy the game.

The survival game Ark Survival Evolved had a spin off release in early access. It's minecraft meets Ark. Pixel dinos and game play with a couple different changes to the main game. Not too bad. But I think the style of the game makes me a bit sick from the graphics even though it's in third person. ; ; Have to watch hubby playing it more to see if it's the graphics for sure. I felt like ick the day I did watch him so need to make sure the dumb dumb is working decent to watch again. lol.
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Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:52 pm
Ohhh. Youcandoit!

Well, I'm having fun with it so far. Even though there's no character customization, and you can't even pick male or female for the three classes. And the girl character's clothes are kind of dumb. And you can't tell your summoned skelly from the ones trying to hit you. XD But I've got the character going through with a pistol in each hand and a mowing lynx who summons a skelly and a flaming sword.

Watching 'Minecraft' makes my head hurt. So much bouncing around.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:47 pm
Here is the pic of the lil mouse pet I bought.

I finally am in a area that's lvl 41 mobs so being 58 isn't as bad. But I am getting there. And doing class quests only is helping alot. Finished chapter 2 and got a new companion last night and flirted the heck out of him. Now my other companion I take with me to fight thinks we are a couple and asked if my 'lover' would like a piece of his molted skin as a gift for our relationship. (the main is a lizard guy)

Wow sounds a bit annoying especially with the skelly part. Sucks you are having a hard time seeing which is which. But glad you are having fun.

I know what you mean about too much bouncing. I played Minecraft for awhile and it didn't bother me but that's because I stayed away from hubby's friends when we played and stayed by myself to control the feeling of being sick while playing. In case it happened of course. PixArk is a new minecraft/Ark mix game. That one I don't think I can play at all since even though I can play in third person, the colors and the movement of the game I think might trigger me feeling sick and the motion sickness kicking in. I thought of it but choose last night to not even test it out more.

Now to work on our new place in Ark and work more on my class quests in SWTOR. Though I bought a new DS game yesterday, MySims Kingdom and another one is coming from a different Gamestop. That's one called Hometown Story, it's a cheap Harvest Moon copy game so I'm going to give it a try.

Hubby bought a bottle of vape juice so we are going to see if it's a good one and try out vaping only to help quit smoking. So I should be able to quit better with the vape and be able to not vape after awhile. Something that I bought those games for. To help control anxiety and stress from quitting smoking. They are calmer games so no chance as much as a fighting game might cause stress. So here's too quitting!
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Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:08 pm
Awww! Mouse droid! Those guys are so funny.

LOL! He was like, "Would you like a nice piece of cruelty free leather?" Huh? XD Reminds me of how my big armoured amphibian guy in one story RP gave his shed armour plates to his adopted daughter to play with. She has collected ALL the pieces of Dad! And she slides down the muddy river bank on them, the giant otters bouncing in her wake.

It's a bit D'oh! But my skelly, the flaming sword, and the cat that summons them all stick up for my character, so she isn't suffering from my inability to tell them apart yet.

Awww. Yeah. There was another building game that I couldn't watch on YouTube because of the bounce, and it was third person.

Lovely new fortress going up in 'Ark'? Oh, the 'MySims' games are cute! I'm curious about it and your other new one.

Awww. Youcandoit!
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:25 pm
I can buy another one but I need more money big time right now. I spent close to 2.6 mil buying different things in SWTOR two days ago. Bought companion gifts to up all 5, a new mount, decorations and two new expansions for my house. Even found out that I already owned like 4 shop sellers when I put them down before I bought more stuff. Now I got like 6 shop sellers, a bank and mailbox in my house. But it's easy to regain the money. Just do my crafts and sell everything without making armor. I'll get it in no time.

lol, Quezess or however you spell his name is pretty neat. He is honorable and nice. I didn't even realize what he was saying and wasn't sure what option to pick and upset him saying no thank you ; ; Aww that girl is so cute. Sounds like she had a ton of fun riding her father's armor.

Well it's good that you haven't had an issue with your skelly fighting for you. At least this gives you time to see if you can tell them apart.

Ya some games can be different. I played Dragon Quest Builders, it's a building/fighting game and that doesn't bother me but they keep the same graphics as the other DQ games so that's good.

Hubs is building a small castle for us. And I killed one wolf of ours yesterday forgetting he was on neutral when I got off of him... And two more, our high levels, when they went after a Death Worm that took them down big time. ; ; I went out for chitin on my own with 3 of them, riding one cause I needed it for something I'm trying to make to make the garden and breeding area and things didn't go well so I can't do things on my own that don't involve me hitting trees or rocks. Don't wanna kill more.

I hope to try out MySims soon. And waiting for Gamestop to call for the other one. I'm keeping high hopes it's a good game and not too complicated.

Thank you. I'm keeping positive as much as possible but with OCD attacks everyday I have no idea how things will go. Yesterday was the worse one in the past 3 days. I just hope they stop soon since they will keep getting worse for me and I don't like that. I tend to be cranky for the rest of the day and feeling off.

How are things going for you in your games?
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Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:01 am
Wow. House has all the modern conveniences now, huh? Or are there more yet for SWTOR houses? I know I'd love to add a bank and mailbox to my 'RIFT' houses, so I don't have to go to town all the time. Though there's one person's house that's public, and they have the bank, at least and I can use it.

Awww. Sweet! And yeah. Linda is a baby kivar viper (they look a lot like traditional naga. Snake folk). One of the most deadly races in their galaxies. But instead of being left to fend for herself like most of her race, she's been adopted by the big swampman Grok, and his wust fee wife Stoneheart. Linda's already longer than her adopted mama, and doesn't look like a baby till you see the innocence and interest in her eyes and hear her talk.

LOL Those summoned skellies are hilarious the way they'll run to find things to smack. Or even wind up down on a lower level to where the character is.

'DQ Builders' was fun to watch! But the girl stopped playing after a short while because she got sick.

Nice, and d'oh no! *sympathy*

*hug* I'm praying for you.

Pretty good! I haven't gotten much done lately because of hurricane, but I managed to complete a heart in GW2 yesterday.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:14 pm
Well you can place just about anything in the houses. Like my mounts I bought can be displayed, my companions have statues that are in there too. Even got beds, chairs, couches, plants, whatever. I got pictures on the walls of storylines that I finished. That's a nice touch. I didn't even realize half the stuff I had either. Went to the house for giggles and places things and bam had so much stuff and I had no idea where things are from. But I'm not going to complain.

Bought two new mounts yesterday so went from over 300k to 57k lol. But it's ok. I got new ones.

The family sounds interesting. Glad she found a nice home.

LOL at least the skellies are able to give a good laugh.

We got a dozen of wolves now so I have some leway on killing things if I happen to. So that's a plus at least.

*hugs* Thank you. Yesterday I didn't have an attack so that's a plus. I might of broken the cycle at least for now. I just hope it keeps going. I guess my headache was the blessing out of this since I had a headache all day my body/brain couldn't react to cleaning things. So yay... I think.

Well that's good. How far is the hurricane from you?
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Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:33 pm
Oh nice! Mounts can be set loose at the house in 'Wizard 101' and 'Pirate 101' too. But I haven't got enough of them to do that with any. I've turned a lot of pets loose in the houses, though!

What are the new mounts?

It's probably the strangest family in all our RP stuff, but yeah, despite where they live and what race they are, they're a nice quiet bunch. I can show you the story of her and her pieces of dad if you want.

LOL They're also a source of frustration for me in TL1, because when I go to upgrade to a stronger one, I accidentally unteach ALL the cat's old ones. So I only get one skelly running around instead of three!

Aww. Good. In a way.

Yay for useful headache. *hug*

Oh. Nooo. I mean Hurricane Flo. The period. Sorry.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:48 pm
LOL that would bo so cool to have in W101 and P101. Glad they put something that cute in the game. Makes things intersting.

I forgot the names of the speeders but one when you get on it makes a sound everytime and the other doesn't. They are purple named ones so I'm assuming they are the more rarer like ones. I don't really know the color names meaning. Each mount is different looking but do the same thing except for sounds being included in them. So no idea, never looked it up. Probably should if I'm curious lol.

We did get 2 free companions with subscribers. You don't have to find them in game but use a item and do the quests for them. Something I need to clean up quest log to do. So that's nice. Plus I kinda need to keep subbing to the game. I'm at the point it's easy to get 350+k just from selling materials I get for my crafts. And 350 is the max a prefered player can carry. No idea what happens with the rest you might obtain. lol

Oh that would be cool to look at. I'd love to see your family.

Oh no. I hope you can find something online that tells you how to upgrade them so you get the 3 instead of one. *hugs*

Oh that hurricane. LOL I thought a real one was hitting you with the horrible rain. The weather now a days wouldn't surprise me with it. >.> The weather here is at the point of me not caring. Cold, warm, snow, I don't know what the heck is wrong with Mother Nature right now but I'm ignoring it since the weather screws up my body and body temp. I hope your hurricane is nice to you this time. *hugs*
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Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:48 pm
The parked pets run to meet you and sometimes dance for you, too. And if you dance, they'll dance, and if you jump, they'll jump. And your equipped pet is meanwhile doing the same thing.

Purple's usually the fancy ones. XD

Ahh. Nice. And hmmm. It's the pits when they start limiting your bank accounts in games. Remember you need to copy paste to see it.

I just need to have two different skelly summon things equipped to the cat. Right now I have the good skelly thing, and a thing that summons some zombies. *hug!*

Yeah. That hurricane. It's blown my brains out.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:41 am
That is so cool that the pets do that. Nice little addition to the game. So darn cute.

I know the purples are usually the best, but with the speeder ones, some aren't too expensive at the speeder vendors so that's the part that confuses me. Just looked speeders up and found one site. I guess some prevent you from being knocked off your mount. So maybe that's why they are purple. See when I get the purple ones, they change to a normal color when I use the item and are listed in my list of mounts. So that's why I always got confused. Nice to know some actually do something like that.

Oh and I went to 34 credits yesterday. So I put as much as I could up on auction, got off the game to let them all sell so I can put the rest up before I head back out to level up more. Might of been able to level while they sold but didn't want to have to run back again to set more up for sale. Just want to clean up invo and if any get sent back easier for me to tell which I should just sell to npc. Sometimes I keep a ton in my inventory that it can be a bit hard to tell which to sell to auction since I'm tired so darn much.

I don't know why so much in limited but people don't seem to mind the differences between free, preferred (which is what you get after your sub expires), and subbed. I read a bunch about the difference between them and people mostly don't mind since the cartel shop isn't pushed in your face and if you sub you get coins for every reoccurring subbed month you have. I think EA did the whole differences right. Some game could be worse where you have no choice. You might feel pushed to be subbed for somethings but if you are a real casual player and don't care much about doing everything I don't think it would be as much as a bother as other games can be. BDO is a huge example.

I shall read it soon when my eyes like me more lol. >.>

Ooo two types you get. I hope the zombies are helpful at least. *hug*

Ugh I hope your brain comes back from vacation soon. Gotta hate when it just up and takes off. Rather annoying for sure. Mine does that too much, but oddly enough I didn't think my anxiety was a huge cause of that for me. Found out yesterday it kinda is... Wow my anxiety kinda evolved on me. Cool that it can evolve into a new Pokemon but seriously warn me first. LOL
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Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:37 pm
Yes. Having them so interactive is lovely.

Not being knocked off the mount would be SO handy in some games. How'd the credits sell?

Work, eyes, work!

Yes. And the zombies ARE helpful, but I'm thinking of replacing them with Heal All. Healer cat!

I was more alert today, after sleeping really late. But now I'm feeling a little borked again. Might need ANOTHER nap.

LOL! Not an effective pokemon, huh?
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:02 pm
I didn't check the game to see how much I had. Cleaned the floor and Symphony started to go nuts on the lavender cleaner that was on the floor. Looked it up and found out that it's like a catnip for kitties. So we went to pick some up and food.

The girls were calmer yesterday and Symphony didn't meow like she usually does. Seems that lavender's calming effect also happens with cats and I think she might have anxiety and it's helping her alot. So nice to find that out. Would of been nice to know for my other girl Sayuri that I had years ago. She was really 'special' that if I had that throughout the house she might of not been that 'special'. But glad I know now. I'm just keeping an eye on them to see how they fully act with the scent in the house over the next couple of days to see how much I might need to adjust the scents. Like if it's too strong now or not. Won't know til they get used to it a bit.

Wow that is cool that you can have healer cats. I hope they do amazing work for you.

Well at least you feel a bit more there. Hope naps help you alot.

I don't think Slowpoke is a great Pokemon. Told hubby what I said to you and then Slowpoke popped in my head. He wouldn't stop laughing. But Slowpoke is slow as heck so with how my brain takes forever to think of one thing that kinda makes sense lol. Hope that, that lil bugger calms down a bit for me soon when I get the doctors appointment.
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Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:02 pm
Wow. Lavender gives me a headache. I'm glad it's comforting the kitties.

Healer kitty is working wonderfully! I wish I'd thought of that sooner!

Feeling better more. But still needing naps. 0_o

LOL! Wow. Now you've got a personality and a name for it. Sometimes that helps with beating things.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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