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Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:53 pm
*peeks in *is anybody here? ...look around no Dusty..no Kerechan :/
How have you been the last four month(since your last conversation)
Oh and a late happy easter ^-^

oh and if you like to chat a lil then just visit my Questplace
hope we will talk soon *waves*

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:48 pm
Hey Lika! Heart Happy (late) Easter to you as well!

I've been doing well, I have a ton of work to get finished or school over the next 2-3 weeks before exam time. But, at least I'm almost finished with the semester! And I finally found an apartment for next year (I think... I'm going over the lease on Wednesday).
How have you been? Very Happy

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Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:56 am
*walks slowly in,find a comfortably cornor in Dustyīs Questplace,sits down drink her wake-me-ip coffee(since Iīve got a senseo coffee-pad machine-->vylqun bought me the machine for xmas not sure if i told you already or not xD-->
I drink a lot of coffee in the morning but just in case I have enought time for a coffe.
Offers some cutiemark cookies that memphi brought yesterday from the brony convention.
He was so tired,that he just gave me a small gift that he bought for me on the con ( a really pretty mug from luna- one of the pony princesses-
and a blue small carpet with luna on it too Smile
For himselfe he got a mug with rainbow dash and rarity on it (its cute too) if you like I could show you how it looks like Smile
And some books and some cards and buttons and posters ...oh and a signature from a famous pony fanmade drawer or something like that .
Mephi was happy about beeing able to visit the con,I think so cuz of the way he reported about the whole con.

Now I own 3 mugs that are too cute to be used for usual use xD...2 from the manga cons from the last year ( with a cute bunny on it -one with a halloween theme http://media.animexx.onlinewelten.com/images/download-sec/fanarts/39/48539/gross/1794159.jpeg-0-600-800-95.jpg?st=xi6-NZbsrEAuNSCu5lr8qw&e=1428838200
and the other I think either easter or st.patrick theme https://scontent-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/427071_333607406680520_1011078241_n.jpg?oh=50627eddcb6404e9ea92b83939ed6a20&oe=55A764B6

)and then the one from luna--> http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a283/LikaEngelchen/Creativstuff/EB311995-7C32-432D-A9A7-A243C28BBD30_zpsyaotw9ym.jpg
I had once a valentine bunny mug from the same drawer like the other 2 but my mom broke it ....first she used it a long time and then it disappeared and I couldnt find it anymore Sad--> this one
And the mugs of the drawer are always a limited edition so you arenīt able to buy it the next year again Sad

I promissed that I would post my manga con loot so here it is --->but that isnīt the stuff I bought that are posters,buttons,postcards,previews,bookmarks,magazins and other stuff which was given out for free.I collected it for a mate who couldnīt visit the con this year .

And this are my totoro loots form the con the biggest one isnt from the con I already owned him (got gifted from a good friend some years ago)
arent they fluffy XD( so fluffy Iīm gonna die)

oh and the smaller sailor moon figure the one with the cat XD

I was really lucky to get her ,cuz the package didnt shou which figure was in it I just choose one randomly XD

I bough another bigger anime figure but as I opend her at home i realized there was a small defect on her foof so I contect the sellers whether they would exchange the figure and now Iīm waiting on a good message from them Smile

I told ya that I we got a pretty big amount on sweets during the easter hoildays from grandparents and others.
Here just the sweets from me to vylqun and mephi

the small signs shown which one is for whom xp
could you guess rightly which one is for whom?

And here the minion/ agnes shirts I told ya I bought
and here the other one Wink

Iīm fine it think (just sinkin in homeworks,school projects ,papers and stuff so sounds similar to your situation Wink

Alright have to go now and tryin to solve the homeworks see you soon Smile


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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:32 am
Sorry for being gone from in here so long! I always forget about this poor thread!

Hope all is going well for you, Lika! I've missed chatting with you!

Everything in here is up to date now!

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Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:31 am
Druidic staff
Dragon wings
Elf Moon Pants
Elf Moon Shoes
War Plate Arms

i have these items if you wanna make an offer on them or maybe i will gift you a pleasant surprise.
Help me get my dream avatar!
Still Needed: Gold DInkies, black flower Top!
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:57 pm
Thanks so much Kat! I'll start saving to see if I can't save up for the others. :3
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Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:33 am
*opens the huge massive door from Dustys place a little ,sticks her head through it ....takes a look to the left ,then to the right....*

Dusty? are you here?...decides finally to enter Dustyīs place* puts slowly one foot in front of the other cause of the darkness she wasnīt able to see even the smallest thing.

*whispers* seems like its been a long time since Dusty was here the last time :/
Maybe I should just leave and try to come here another time,she asks herself.
But then remembered the candleholder which was standing on the small desk near the door.
Hmm maybe the candles are still fine to use them?
She fished a lighter out of her jacket pocket...and it become bright in the vast entrance hall.

After a short walk through the lobby lika couldnīt deny that this place was propably visited around the time she paid a visit Dusty.
That was the conclusion after she saw the last lil lines from Dusty directed to her Sad it is a real pitty that we hadnīt meet each other nearly a whole year Sad

But it wasnīt the right time to be upset about the life circumestances.So she startet to rolling up her sleeves to clean and tidy up the Questpalace of Dusty which was used to be one of the very comfy places for having a lil afternoon chat with friends.
She thought whenever Dusty will come back it will sureley positivley surprise her if she sees that the place look the same as she left.

After hours of cleaning ,she was proud of the result.In the end she put some new flowers on the desk ,with a small note beside them welcome home again Dusty Smile

P.s. hope to see you around soon^^

and left the quiet and cosy place with a big smile on her face
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:26 pm
February 2018 wrote:
*grins from ear to ear upon re-entering her quest place, and begins scribbling out a note to Lika*

Thank you so much dear, for your kind and sweet words. I know that I haven't been around much in the past year, but it always means the world to me to know that you stop by.

Life this past year has been chaotic an I haven't been settled anywhere for very long since college, Will is waiting to hear back from a potential (very probable) employer, so I have been living with my mom (or living outside her house, in a camper), and I haven't really felt settled or like I've been "home". Because my home is Will. So I haven't been on much, I've mostly been trying to keep myself busy with work and the like to keep myself distracted. But the really good news is we should be able to get an apartment of our own soon (hopefully mid-March at the latest). And hopefully with that comes more stability. Heart

It always means a lot to know that I have friends like you waiting here for me when I get back, and I hope everything is going so well for you. I wish you nothing but happiness, and I can't wait to be back and to catch up.

I hope to see you soon, my dear friend! I miss chatting with you!

Working on getting some updates in here! Added some goals and items quests are still up to date. Though I'll be adding more soon!
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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:00 pm
Hey Dusty! How's it going? Smile

A little mysterious o___o
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Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:09 am
Hi Rose-lie! c: Things are going pretty well here! Work has been keeping me busy and the weather has been kinda wet and gross this week. XD How are you? Heart


IdeaArrow Dusty's Mule Account; Please direct all PM's to Dusty! I only check here every once in a blue moon.
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