Dragons of Thoraia
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Fri May 13, 2011 9:14 pm
Victoria sighed..

"I just didnt think i would be asking for your help so soon Lord Takana.Now you have agreed to protect me can you recommend someone else you cant be with me every hour.'..Victoria asked then began walking slowly again..

"Wish it was not like this just buried the man who meant the world to me my father..my teacher now i have to deal with his son who wants to take all this way from me..Draven will never understand what this place meant to father and how hard he work to make it what it is to-day..But i promise you this i will fight Draven with everything i have to protect it."..Victoria said..

Saxon refilled Shay,s glass..

"Dont you think you better settled down on those drinks."..He said and walked to stand in front of her then put a finger under her chin and lifted her face to look at him.

"Thank-you for thinking iam a little attractive as for enticing you to my bed you want to come to my bed you come at your own free will my door will always be to you."..He said then looked up as there was a knock at his door..

"Come in"..He called..

Two servants walked in and walked straight to a small table and laid down two hot meal,s bowed then left..

Saxon put his hand out for Shay to take.."Your meal awaits"..he said..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 1:23 am
Sin shook his head, "No, I promised your father, it is me and me only. I dont trust anyone else to be able to do the job and do it well. So you are stuck with me," he added with a cheeky and charming smile. He waled along side her for a little bit longer then chuckled, "So do you prefer the right side or the left side of the bed?" he asked and winked.

Shay pulled back, her eyes narrowing a little and her blue eyes turning a little green. "Dont touch me, it was not part of the deal," she added and drank down the harsh liquor. "It will be a cold day in hell when I share a bed with anyone," she said and grabbed the whiskey decanter, pouring herself another drink. "Bigger and better men have tried and failed, it takes more than a few pretty words to sway me." she said and got up, taking his hand and allowing him to lead her to the table. She sat, her back straight but her stomach growling.

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Sat May 14, 2011 1:42 am
Victoria raised a eyebrow at Lord Takana..

"Well you wont be sharing my bed..for one i sleep in the middle..two ever thought i already share my bed.?..and now since i will have you with at all times i better find some night wear."..She said with a smirk and kept walking..

"But seriously there is a room right next to mine and a door joins the two."..She added..

Saxon removed his hand and looked at Shay as she sat at the table..Saxon stood again..

"I have changed my mind...there is to much tension and you have made yourself crystal clear your views on males...Your free to go..i will send word you are free to pass.."..he said and walked from the room leaving Shay there...

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 2:30 am
Sin grinned, "Well Victoria, I have to be close to you at all times, you know, I am pretty good at washing backs as well," he added cheekily. "Well I will sleep on the couch or something." he added. "Aright then, show me where you spend most of your time," he said and held out his arm for her to take.

Shay nodded and watched him leave. However she was starving and began eating her meal, drinking the whiskey then she looked to the door and to saxon's plate. "Well if you arent going to eat it," she muttered, and grabbed his plate and finished that off. By the end of the meal, Shayna was swaying, her vision blurred. She finally got out the door, she began making her way down the hallway, unfortunatley in the direction od the dungeons.

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Sat May 14, 2011 2:44 am
Victoria stopped and looked at Lord Takana..

"You seriously will not be in the room while i bathe and i will have cot from the barracks brought up for you.."..She said and took his arms and lead him down to the training fields..

"I spend alot of time here training and training soldiers and most afternoons i spend time with my dragon."..She said and gave a nod to some of the men as she walked past..

Victoria stopped a young soldier and told him to have a cot sent to her rooms and to tell one of the servants to make it up for her...

About fifteen minutes later Saxon decided to head back to his rooms..

"She will be gone by now"..He said and started heading back as he rounded the corner he seen Shay at the very end..

"Why is she heading back to the dungeons?"..he said softly and started walking quickly after her..Finally catching up he seen her swaying and took her arm..

"Your heading back to the dungeons..and young lady your had to much to drink and need to sleep it off."..he said and turned her around..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 4:02 am
Sin just scanned the area, looking for what could be places of attack and weaknesses in defence. "Well at least here we can practice, I havent used the sword in a while, maybe you could help me brush up on my swordskills," he added cheekily. "Now take me to the wall where your room is situated," he said and walked with her to the outer wall and frowned, "You will need to tell the gardeners to get rid of all this ivy and vines," he added.

Shaynnah turned in Saxon's arms and looked up at him, bleary eyed. "You are far too handsome for words but all you are going to do is leave..." she said then passed out.

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Sat May 14, 2011 4:23 am
Victoria just nodded.."If you wish."..She said and then walked over to a young soldier..

"If you keep holding your sword that way your going to be dead within seconds on a battle field. here i will show you."..She said and drew her own sword and lunged at the soldier..

"Now see what i mean i would have killed you..now its like this."..She said and showed him and went at him again..Victoria nodded.."Very good..now practice."..She said the young soldier just nodded and walked into the training field..

Victoria walked Sin around to the wall and again she nodded.."I will have it done within the hour..anything else you would like to see.?'..She asked..

Saxon grabbed Shay as she passed out and lifted her up in his arms then raised a eyebrow at her remark.Saxon walked her to his rooms and straight to his bed chambers and laid her on his bed and removed her boots and covered her..

"If only you would let yourself get to know me just then maybe you would see i would never hurt you."..He said and grabbed a spare blanket and sat in the chair in the corner for the longest time saxon just watched Shay sleeping until he nodded off himself..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 4:54 am
Sin leaned up against the wall and looked Victoria up and down, "Hmmm do you really want to know what I want to see next?" he asked and shook his head, "I know, highly inappropriate, but can you blame me?" he asked, flashing her another cheeky smile.

Shay murmured in her sleep then rolled over, hugging the pillow to her, her face going from fierce and frowning to soft and angelic almost.

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Sat May 14, 2011 5:03 am
Victoria just shook her head..

"Yes it was..but your a male would not expect anything less..ok i know your been in the castle i suppose i better show you my rooms so you can see if anything need to be done..then i need to step up the guards in and out of the castle."..She said and began walking off back around to the front entrance..

Saxon looked at Shay as she rolled over the look on her face was so different now..and from her remark she had been hurt in the past..Saxon let out a sigh..how was he going to get to know this beautiful creature better.Saxon closed his eyes then smirked suddenly..

Oh the fire works in the morning when she wakes in my bed."..he chuckled..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 5:46 am
Sin threw up his hands, "Hey do not put me in with all the average men Victoria, there is nothing average about me," he added and grinned, "Alright beautiful, take me to see your room," he said and winked, "dont worry Victoria, I am harmless. I would never take advantage of you, unless you wanted me to."

Shaynnah woke up the next morning and rolled over, the scent of a male cologne hitting her nostrils and making her eyes fly open. She literally scrambled off the bed and began hunting for her boots, glad that her clothes were at least still in tact. She spied Saxon asleep and threw one of her boots at him, "Damn what did you put in my drink," she yelled, getting her coat and blade.

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Sat May 14, 2011 5:58 am
Victoria actually smiled..

"Hmmmm let me refresh your memory as we walk..you have asked to share my bed..and told me you washes back very good..your eyes have roamed and down my body once or twice..and when i asked what did you want to see next your replied did i really want to know and just now your bragging your above average..no Lord Takana your nothing like the others..your worse."..Victoria said and smiled again and lead the way through the castle to her rooms..

"WHAT THE..."..Saxon yelled as a boot now laid on his lap..

"Its self inflicted you have no-one but yourself to blame..and sweetheart i dont drug women..now i found you roaming down towards the dungeons and you passed out so i brought you here to slept it off."..Saxon said then stood and handed her her boot..and walked to his bedroom door then stopped and turned around and faced Shay..

"I would never leave you if you were mine Dana....Have a safe journey home."..He said and walked the rest of the way out closing the door behind him..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 6:26 am
Sin plucked a white rose from a bush and stepped in front of Victoria, handing it to her, "Yes but come on now, I know you are a little bit interested, arent you?" he said with a confident grin.

Shay just stared at the door as Saxon left for the longest moment. She finished pulling on her boots and turned around, searching for a quill and parchment. Finding the items, she quickly scribbled a note.

Thankyou for your hospitality.
Sorry for the boot in your lap.
The name is Shaynnah De-Lyoncourt.

She placed it on the night stand and strode for the window, climbing down the vines, leaping to a tree then shimmying down before bolting for the forest.

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Sat May 14, 2011 6:35 am
Victoria took the white rose and smelt it."..

"Thank-you."She said then looked at him in the eyes..

"I will be honest you have sparked my interest just a little..But Lord Takana i have just laid my father to rest been made the heir to all off this and a step brother who wants to take it from me..maybe the time your working to protect me the interest may become a little more who know,s."..She said and entered her rooms..

"Feel free to look around and i will change what every you need changed."..Victoria said and took a seat..

Saxon came back to his bed chamber about a hour later and found the note and smiled..

"Shaynneh De-Lyoncourt i will see you again and i will win you over."..He said and fold the note and put it back on the night stand..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Sat May 14, 2011 8:11 am
Sin walked over to where Victoria was sitting and knelt down on one knee. "No beautiful, it is not a proposal but my oath to you to protect you. I apologize for my wicked ways, especially in your time of mourning. I just want to put a smile on that pretty face." he said with a smile.

Shay walked into the castle gates and was immediately surrounded by her commanders, asking where she was. She waved them off, saying she was fine and walked into the castle and into her study. On the table was an invitation and she sighed. She knew she had to go, but did not mean she wanted to. Sighing, Shay sat down and opened it, her mind wandering to her captor.

A messenger came and delivered an invitation to both Saxon and Victoria. The invite was to a ball that was to take place in three days time at Lord Marchant's estate.

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Sat May 14, 2011 8:32 am
Victoria nodded.."The smile will come back Lord Takana..Just feel a part of me is missing and i just keep expecting to hear my father calling out to me."..Ok as soon as your finished in here i need to go to father,s stu.."..she said and trailed off the last word it was now her study..

About ten minutes later Victoria walked into the study and went behind the desk before she sat down she seen a invitation to a ball..Victoria looked up at Sin..

"Lord Takana did you bring some formal attire with you because i have been invited to a ball which i need to attend.?"..She asked..

Saxon picked up the invitation and tapped it in his fingers he knew he would have to attend even thought he would rather just stay home.Saxon threw the invitation back on his desk and sat back his mind wandering back to Shay..

I have loved you all my life even before we met..my heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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