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Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:48 am

Misaki stallion trotted behind Levy and Thorin, while Malakai and Otis stayed behind her.
She looked all of them
-Are you really sure I need someone to defend me?-
She questioned: she wasn't a doll like other women.. After all, she was powerful and she knew her powers..
She lowered her head and didn't want to talk much...


Misaki stopped her horse
-Wait... There's something incoming... I can hear their thoughts...-
She closed her eyes and concentrated on the thoughts
She opened her eyes
-It seems there's someone in danger.. Let me see better...-
She tried to focus if the help was sincerely or only an ambush. In her mind she saw a cart pulled by two oxen and a villager attacked by five bandits.. They were stealing his goods..
-Three minutes on West there's an attack: five or six bandits against a poor villager... It's not a trap!-
She pointed the direction and motioned her stallion to go there
She leaded the way...

Otis was talking to Malakai about Misaki
-She's a very cute and powerful girl, isn't she? A very interesting girl to win..-
He giggled and then he whispered to his friend Malakai
-Same game?-
He grinned

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Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:57 pm
'What a child! Misa stop right there!' Shouted Thorin after the girl who thought it was wise to just head on in. He gave his stallion a hard pull to the left and galloped after Misaki who hadn't heard his voice. Thorin looked back and saw Levy, Malakai and Otis following close behind. 'The brat can get us killed like this.' He shook his head. He would have a little talk with Misaki after this whole incident. If they even were able to have that talk that is.
Thorin gained up on Misaki and looked at her sternly. 'Think before you act, Misa. There are more people than yourself to think about!' He galloped past Misaki and slowed down when he heard the sounds of frantic oxes. His horse halted when he reached a man who came up yelling. 'Calm down, Sir.' Thorin dismounted and ran past the man to his cart. There was still one man grabbing items from it and putting them in his sack. But the rest had already run when they had heard the horses. Thorin pulled out his sword. 'You there. Halt! The Order won't stand for this.' Said Thorin, but the man just glanced quickly at him, pulled the satchel closed and moved to run. Thorin closed his eyes and imagined his lip piercing liquidizing. Forming into a thin sliver of sharp metal. He opened his eyes to see it hovering in the air, then shot it to the fleeing man. A sharp cry of pain left the man's throat. 'The next one will cut something far more important.' Thorin stopped a few feet away from the now cowering man. He nodded contently when he saw he had nicked the man's cheek. Exactly what he was aiming for. 'Stay still till my friends reach us.' He said briskly.
A thin streak of blood ran down Thorin's lower lip. He had pulled it out too roughly with his own powers. But he didn't move and let it drip. Scrutinizing the man that was frozen solid in fear in front of him.

'You got one!' A male voice said behind him. It was Malakai who had reached them first and came running up to Thorin. 'That's one quick horse you got there. My mare is fast but not as fast as your stallion.' Malakai looked at the two men who were standing motionless. Going from one to the other. He looked at Thorin'd face and saw the blood running from his lip. 'He got you?' He said in a worried voice. Then he grabbed Thorin's chin. Pulling him closer and eying the weird wound. 'What the hell happened to you?' Then swiped his thumb over his chin to wipe the blood off. There was still some left on Thorin's lip. Malakai went down and quickly gave a suck on the bloodied part of the lip. Removing the last remnants. Then grinned widely at the stricken face of the boy. 'Had to remove it right?' He said playfully. Otis came up next to them. 'Would you mind if I don't play our game wholeheartedly, my friend?' Asked Malakai to his best friend. 'I think this one is even more interesting.'
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Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:45 pm

-I've had enough of you!-
She loudly shouted. looking to Thorin
-If you didn't stop me, I could arrive here before and stop them and MAYBE know WHY they were here.. IF they were Pyro's Subordinates and such..Now, I don't want none to follow me.. I'll search for the other four... ON MY OWN!-
She turned her angry face to Thorin. She looked to the villager
-Don't be afraid, man, I'll take your goodies back-
She smiled and motioned the stallion to run.. Few minutes later she found the thieves and ordered them to consign the goodies to the villager.
They followed her with all the bags they stole.
She came back and they gave back everything to the villager, who was shocked..
-NOW.. is better my power or yours? You almost killed that poor thief! They're poor and can't have money, 'cause there's a bas*tard near here wanted all females, money and goodies from them.. They said it's called THE TORCH or something... shouldn't be HE the Pyro?-
She dismounted and approached Thorin
-Now you can make your questions on them! You can take them to the Order.. Do whatever you want.. BUT-
She said loudly
-None will be hurt ANYMORE! Restrain your lust for blood... I don't like watching people suffering!-
She went to thief, who was almost killed...
She took him under the tree: there she found few Healing roots. She wasn't good on fighting, but she was good on finding herbs... She took her water bottle and put inside the root.. She gave it to the thief.
She took off her cloak and put it on the man. She tore a piece of the coat and used it as a bandage. She cleaned the injury and took off her little pocket a needle and a fish line.
-Don't worry... You'll not feel any pain-
She smiled and tried to change his sensations: in this way he'll not feel pains..
She sewed the wound
-You need some rest..-
She tied the bandage all over the man's throat..
She turned her head to Thorin
-I don't know if He'll survive... You stupid fighter!-
Misaki snorted to Thorin, but didn't want to say or do anything anymore.. If He needed her help then he could ask her.. If He needed her to talk then he could ask her..
AND If SHE WANTED help or talk to him, then SHE COULD DO..

Otis watched the scene.. He didn't know what to do or say... The girl seemed to be a very indomitable female!
But then turned to his friend, surprised
-WAIT.. Since when did you become gay?-

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Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:21 pm
Thorin was so mad. He wanted to scream and shout. Just to let loose and remove all this pent up frustration. My god that male had just kissed him. What the hell was happening. 'Misa, shut up and don't over react. I just nicked his cheek. No need to scream and shout and...' He pointed to the man's neck. 'Bind his whole neck like it's a mortal wound or something! Grah!' He just wasn't in the mood for all of this. The whole point of him going in first was that it would surprise those bandits. Misa didn't think her stupid plan through and thought that she could just sneak up on people with four galloping horses. Ridiculous. There is no stopping if people have already left the scene. Strategy was obviously not Misa's strong suit. Thorin opened his mouth to yell some more, but got pulled away by Malakai. 'What the! What do think you are doing, man?'

'Nothing much. Just making sure you aren't going to do something stupid and regret it afterwards.' Malakai pulled on the angry young man. Removing him from Misaki who obviously wasn't in the mood to be friendly either. Malakai stopped back at the horses and seated himself on a tree stump. 'Calm down. There's no need to get yourself worked up. You ment well. Let her think otherwise if she hasn't got the brain to figure it out.' He looked back at his stupified friend who had asked him a really frank question. Too frank for his taste. It wasn't anything Otis should be bothered about. Besides he was bisexual and absolutely not interested in the other man. He had sailed with him for what...year now? A friend is a friend. No matter his sexual orientation.
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Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:09 pm

-Now I'm too stressed of you stupid men!-
She pointed to them
-GO ahead without me! My bad to come and wave to you, Thorin! My bad of everything! It's better for you and the other If I'm not here, anymore!-
She had enough of Thorin yelling at her.. Anything she did, it wasn't good.. And now... One of Levy's men too? and Probably Levy too, since he was looking her and shaking his head..
-You know the road.. You don't need my help! I'll go to a safe point and ask Jaruk's help... IF you want, YOU could come to my sister's vessel.. IF NOT... well It's not my business...-
She looked at Thorin
-You're surely the beloved Bashir's son! But I don't need YOU or anyone else.. I need MY SISTER! That's all!-
She mounted and trotted, leaving all men there...
She saw in the map a little tavern: she'll gallop 'till there and then ask Jaruk's help..
At least she was still in the Order territories...
"I've enough of HIM! WTF! What did I have in mind when I had a crash on him? What did I think when I come back here to him?"
She started to cry: angry tears were dropping from her eyes.
"It's better for them if they go to Haruka and the Pyro without me... I think I'll rest in Haruka's camp, while they'll go searching of him!! I'm not a brain fart! WTF!! And I'm not a little kid or a stupid one!! Thorin could die.. it's not my BUSINESS!"
She arrived at the tavern, after galloping fast for few minutes...
She asked him mentally
She dismounted and tied the rope of her horse to a pilaster and she entered in the tavern.
She sat in a table and waited there...
The owner gave her a menu
-Thanks... I'll take a roast beef with potatoes and a glass of water...-

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Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:27 pm
Thorin wanted to run after Misaki when she walked away, but Malakai had stopped him. Had he been too rough on her again? He flopped himself on the dirty ground. Frustrated at the fact that he could do nothing right in her eyes. He didn't want to undermine her. Not at all. He actually saw her as an equal when it came to ability. Her power was one to fear and if she had taken an interest in it. She would have been unbeatable and his superior. Did she really think this type of behavior was normal for anyone? Some sort of order should be established. You can't just go into the fray and not inform the people you are with what you are about to do. Well inform them when they still have a choice to make up their own minds, that is. 'I am like my dad.' He mumbled solemnly after he had laid himself down in the grass. 'It's normal for kids to be like their guardians. I'm proud of it.' Thorin opened his hand and called to his lip ring. It was still formed in the spike as it drifted towards him in the air. He grabbed it when it was close by. Wrapping his hand around it and molding it back to the ring. Thorin inserted it back where it belonged, then looked at Malakai. 'What do you care if I do something wrong or not? You don't even know me.'

'Well for one, I don't like it when people yell. Not in my vicinity anyways. So cut that crap out. Second, you should be polite. To anyone and certainly to a girl.' Malakai looked at the stunned expression of the young man. 'What? Surprised? I'm maybe known as a psycho in these parts, but I'm decent believe it or not.' He smiled. 'Besides, she's younger than you right? She acts all tough girl and stuff, but deep down inside she's just a kid.' He chuckled at the thought of female emotions and monthly problems, but didn't mention it out loud. 'Well go after her in a bit. Tracking her and that horse wouldn't be a problem for us. Levy told us that she has one heck of an ability. I wouldn't worry too much about her if I was you.'
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Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:59 pm

Otis walked near Malakai and put his left arm on Malakai's right shoulder
-Malakai has right... You need to learn how to act and talk with females...-
Otis sat next to Thorin
-She's younger then you... She needs time.. You don't have to react with her like a father..-
He snorted and looked at his friend, smiling..
He took a flower from the grass
-Do you see this flower? It's beautiful and strong, but the wind can bend it in all directions...-
He gave to THorin the flower
-Women are similar to flowers... Their emotions bend them like the wind the flowers...-
He patted on Thorin shoulder and then mounted on his mare
-Let me go take her... But please.. Don't say nothing.. Don't yell at her... YES.. She did pretty stupid things.. Like galloping away, taking the thieves and then running away...-
Otis motioned to Malakai to stay there
-I'll be back in few minutes... And Thorin, next time.. Count to one hundred-
He grinned and followed Misaki's stallion track.
He arrived to the tavern. He saw Misa's stallion.
He dismounted and tied his mare next to the horse. He petted them and entered..
Otis saw Misaki: she was eating.
He smiled and approached her
-Could I sit here, with you, Mylady?-
Misaki looked at him and nodded
-How could you agree with him?-
She asked
Otis pointed to himself, surprised
-Otis, please... I know what you're thinking.. You're right.. I'm a childish person, I know it.. But I hate when people yell at me.. Especially if it's Thorin!-
She swallowed a piece of meat and drink some water; then continued
-Sorry, but I'm not interested anymore to stay with him.. or you.. You can go ahead without me!-
-And Isn't this a childish move?-
Otis looked at her and smiled
-Please, Misaki-
He put his hand on hers
-Come back... You're a very talented girl.. You're powerful.. Maybe Thorin is afraid of your powers...-
She raised her head, looking in his eyes
-Who's not afraid of my powers? Everyone I know and Knew... Every single person was afraid of me... Even Bashir! I'm so tired about all this fear...-
She tried to not cry
-You can't imagine what I passed!! In the order, when they understood my powers... They started to be afraid of me.. when I opened my mouth they tried to not listen to me... I don't want feel all those fears.. NEVER AGAIN!-
Otis paid her meal and Misaki smiled at him.
He stood up and gave her his arm
-I'll be not afraid of you, Lady Misa-
He smiled, as she did..
They were outside the tavern.. Levy, Malakai and Thorin were coming with the villager and the thieves caged...
She didn't see them... She approached Otis and kissed him on his mouth..
Otis was surprised... But happy and excited too
"Jeez.. She's young, but she's hot... OMG! How well she kisses!!"
He blushed and put his hands on her hips, moving closer Misaki to himself
"Why Am I kissing him? He's nice but.. but.. OMG!! He's excited!!"
She blushed and put her arms on his neck, moving closer him to her...

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Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:37 pm
Thorin listened to Otis. The man was right. Both of the men were right to be honest. He shouldn't be raising his voice to anyone and especially not to a girl. He sighed and watched the man trot off before he looked again at Malakai. 'I'm really not worried about her. I know she's really adept at taking care of herself. Come on. Let's get those other companions of that thief and help that man.' Motioning his eyes to the owner of the oxes who was talking to Levy. Thorin saw Malakai walking up to the thief they had caught. Whispering something in his ear and looking at the man who was sitting on the ground. The man looked horrified. 'What did you say to him?' Thorin asked in wonderment. 'He looks like he's going to pee his pants.'

'It's a secret.' Malakai said and winked. 'Now tell us where they are?' He said to the stricken male. 'Stay here, Thorin. Levy and I will handle this.'

After a few minutes both of the men returned with the thieves bound. They hoisted them on the cart and walked up to Thorin. Smiling wide. 'That was fast. Well, I guess we can escort this man to where he was headed.' Thorin talked to the farmer, who had surprisingly told him that he was headed in the same direction as Misaki had went. They set of and had walked for a while when a small tavern loomed behind a hill. They neared it and saw Otis and Misaki exiting the establishment. What they had seen next was a surprise, though. Misaki was kissing Otis. Thorin stopped and eyed the necking couple. 'This was really none of his business.' He thought. Looking away quickly, then getting captured by Malakai's eyes.

Shouldn't you break them up? She is your girlfriend right or am I mistaken?' He said with a smirk on his face. Knowing that they weren't in a relationship. He pulled Thorin's face closer. 'We can treat them to the same sight.' Malakai moved to kiss Thorin while they were still on their horses. He tugged on the bridle to stop his horse. Knowing that kissing someone in this situation was a pain. 'Tell me Thorin. Would you like to find out how it would be with a male?'
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Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:41 pm

Few minutes later she opened her eyes and moved a step back to Otis
-Sorry.. I didn't mean to..-
She blushed

Otis was simply excited and surprised.. He tried to hide his bottom chest piece.. He didn't want to show all his.. INTEREST on Misaki
-It's.. It's.. Ok, I think...-
He swallowed and turned his head to Malakai who was kissing Thorin.
Otis laughed
-Wait.. wait.. Malakai.. Are you jealous?-
He grinned and gave his hand to Misaki, whispering
-Please, come back with us, Mylady-

Misaki smiled and gave her hand to Otis, who helped her to mount on her stallion. Few minutes later all the group was ready to accompany the oxen owner to his village.. She lowered her head and didn't say nothing..
She was thinking of Otis and Thorin.. How the first seems to be more.. confident with her then Thorin, who knew much more then Otis...
Misaki didn't want to do or say nothing...


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Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:56 pm
The stallion halted abruptly as it had sensed Thorin's discomfort. It whinnied, then shuffled with it's hooves as if asking for permission to walk on. Thorin just blinked his eyes very slowly. Wondering if he had really heard those last words of Malakai correctly. 'I...uhh...' His lips moving but not letting the right words out. Was it a game Malakai was playing. A game to get him mad. To pick and prod at him till he snapped? 'Misa...Misa is not my girlfriend. I don't care what your friend does with her. It's her life.' Turning his head shyly down. A blush creeping up on his face when he said the next words. 'I...umm...thought about it.' The horse stepped back. Feeling more of that discomfort Thorin was experiencing. Thorin dismounted his horse. Stroking it's shiny black hairs. He wanted to answer Malakai honestly. There wasn't any shame in admitting that he had wondered about it. Even dreamed about it a few times. The heat on his face became even more worse at the thought of having sex in such a way. 'To be honest, I don't have any experience in those kind of things.' He smiled up at Malakai. Not wanting to seem like a total idiot for his shyness. 'My life is more about honing my skills, learning and well...' He took a deep breath. A bad attempt at getting control on his emotions. 'Back at the convent it was all about doing your daily routine.' He stroked his horse again, then looked towards Misaki and Otis. Wondering how it would be to feel someone else's lips on his mouth. He moved his hand up to his face and trailed one of his fingers on his lower lip. He had felt Malakai's lips there for a brief second but that was different. That was not a lingering kiss with a tongue that was seeking a way deep inside your core.

'Ohhh, interesting. Very interesting.' Malakai watched the young man dismount. Looking very cute as he answered his question. He dismounted as well and stepped closely to Thorin. Placing his big hand on the horse right next to the place Thorin was stroking. He moved his hand in synchronisation and uttered his next words with honesty and in a comforting and soothing way. 'There's no shame in thinking about it nor letting your feelings show for another male.' Malakai watched Thorin's face when it went to the couple that had just kissed. He saw longing in that expression. Especially when he saw Thorin closing his eyes and touching his lip. He could almost hear the other man's thoughts. It was practically an open invitation to kiss him. Malakai turned Thorin's face up to meet his. 'I will gladly teach you.'
Malakai saw Otis and Misaki nearing them and let go of Thorin's face. A big smile forming on his lips. 'Well Otis, I guess you won.' Not explaining to the rest of their company what he was referring to. He quickly mounted his horse and winked at Thorin. They walked for a bit and followed the farmer to his small village. Giving the custody of the thieves to some local peacekeepers. They started back on their route to the North. Where his village and that boat of Misa's sister would be.

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Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:28 pm

They were in the village...
They all dismounted and Misaki looked at Thorin and then Otis... She approached Otis who was smiling to his friend Malakai.
She apologized for the kiss..
She didn't mean to kiss him.. Yes He was nice, but.. but..

Otis put his hands on Misaki's shoulders and smiled
-I can understand.. Your boyfriend seemed to worried and be jealous..-
He smiled and went to Malakai, putting his left arm on his shoulder. Leaving Thorin alone with Misaki and the horses
-Let's give them some times..-
Levy nodded and the three men entered in a tavern.

Misaki approached Thorin, taking his hand in her hand
-I know I'm a childish.. I know I did stupid thing, but..-
She blushed
-I don't want people yelling on me... In all my life I saw only death and raping on my nightmares... And fears of all people 'cause off my powers...-
She looked in Thorin's eyes
-I don't want to make you sad or angry.. I.. I feel something for you... I know it's stupid... But I don't know.. I see in your eyes something I've never seen.. You're the first person who's not afraid of me... or of my powers...-
Misaki took his other hand: she took both of his hands in hers
-I didn't mean to kiss Otis.. Really... I saw his eyes similar to yours... I don't want to kiss anyone but you, Thorin.. I don't want to be a pain fro you... Never again!!-
She looked at him, sincerely..
-Please, Thorin, tell me something...-

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Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:02 pm
The leather texture of the reins was smooth in his hand. Thorin had gotten the reins of the three horses of the other men. He looked around for a place to bind them. Misaki approached him before he could spot an appropriate place. He looked at her while she grabbed his hand. Eying the blushing girl in mild surprise. He dropped the reins. Letting the horses wander off to a nearby grassy patch. Then resting his attention back on Misa. 'I...I don't know what to say.' He looked down at her then at their entwined hands. He slipped his fingers from the hold and moved his arms over her shoulders. Wrapping them around her neck and pressing her head against his chest. 'Misaki, I'm really sorry that I raised my voice at you. I know that you've had a different upbringing eventhough we lived in the same convent for almost all our lives. I just...' Thorin brushed gently through the hairs on her back to give her that comfort she seemed to need. 'I don't know why, but you seem to awaken the worst in me.' He chuckled lightly. Making both their bodies move. He pushed her gently back and smiled down at her. 'Promise me that you won't do any rash things anymore? I really know you can take care of yourself, but the problem is that you don't think about us.' Thorin blushed a bit. Recalling the weird dream they had shared. 'I mean not us as in we both, but as a group.' He cleared his throat and tried to look at anything but her. Because looking down at her face would probably undo him now. He fixed his gaze up to some squirrels that were in a nearby tree. 'I don't know what I feel for you, Misaki. I've never really had a relationship, so I don't know how it's supposed to feel.' He lifted one of his hands to brush through his own hair, then sighed. 'I ...just...don't know.'
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Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:30 pm

MIsaki smiled at him
-I promise, Thorin... I'll not do anything bad... I don't know what I feel for you, me neither.. But it's something I've never felt...-
She moved her hairs back and she took his hand and put it on her cheek, as if she was purring at his hand
-Let's try again our.. relationship.. Please.. I don't mean to make you worried about me any more...-
She hugged him, putting her head on his chest and looking up at his eyes
-I feel so comfortable with you.. And I'm sad when you yelled at me.. You sometimes hurt me a lot, do you know it?-
She blushed, looking at him and she saw her lips piercing
-Have you ever been kissed?-
She blushed at him...

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Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:43 pm
Thorin closed his eyes and bit his lip. Why was she asking that now? Just after stating that he hurt her. 'I'm sorry Misaki. It's really not my intention to hurt you, but I just really don't know if I want a relationship with you. I feel inexperienced and too young to be even starting something with anybody. And I'm not a guy that starts a relationship on a whim.' He dared to peek down at her. The expression on her face broke his heart. He pressed her head gently on his chest. 'Misaki...' He said tenderly. 'Don't you feel like you need to see more of the world? We just left the convent. There's just so much out there for us to see. Do. Are you really sure that what you are feeling has to do with love? I don't want to tell you what you feel, but you said it yourself that you aren't really sure.' Thorin moved her head from his chest and peered down at her. 'I don't want to commit myself to you. Not now anyways. Let us at least get to know each other more. Who knows, maybe you will come to learn that there's another man out there. Better suited and more to your taste.' He moved his gaze back to those little squirrels that were now on the ground. Scurrying and searching for something between the leaves. 'I don't want to be harsh or anything, but you did kiss Otis back at the tavern. A woman who does that while having feelings for another is not one I would want a relationship with. If I'd had such feelings for someone, I'd never let something like that happen. Ever. I'm just not like that.' A pained expression showed on Thorin's face. He really felt sad for telling her this. 'I know I must be hurting you right now. I'm so sorry. I just want you to know the truth.' Then slowly moved away from Misaki to gather the horses.
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:05 pm

Misaki approached him, helping him: she was feeding the horses
-I know what you mean.. I don't really know why I kissed him... And I don't want anyone but you, Thorin... But I don't want to be a pain for you, so...-
She sighed
-I'll try to let you free.. I don't want to hurry you... Really.. As for me... None will want me... Everyone I met was afraid of me, when found my powers... Although I control them very well now...-
The stallion moved his head to her hands and she petted him, smiling
-You didn't crush me, really... You said only the truth-
She smiled at him and then turned to the tavern: Levy and his men were waiting them
-I think it's better we go in the tavern with the others.. Oh By the way... Jaruk is feeling better now...-
She finished to petted her stallion and sat to the tavern stairs, waiting for Thorin..

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