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Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:44 pm
'Gods, you're such an insufferable little brat!' Thorin grabbed Misaki's arm and seriously wanted to hit her but refrained from doing that. He grabbed her with both of his hands. Restraining her in front of him. 'I have no idea what's wrong with you, but please stop invading my head! Hasn't anyone told you that something like that is disrespectful and really disconcerting?! It feels like you molested me every time you do that.' Thorin let go of Misaki and shook the nasty feeling off of him. 'You have no right to treat people like this. I'm trying to be patient here, Misaki. But you're really getting under my skin with these tricks of yours. What I think and what I do are both two totally different things.' He looked at her angrily. 'Just cut it out, okay?!' He seated himself on a small brick wall and rubbed the sides of his head. Closing his eyes. Thinking to himself. 'She'll be the death of me.' He inhaled deep and tried to relax his body, but couldn't. He looked back at the small stretch of beach behind him and the sea. Thorin stood and walked on the beach. Stripping all of his clothes off except for his shorts. Then he turned to Misaki, who was still standing in the same place. 'Care to join me for a swim? I need to relax my body before we go to your sister. I'd probably get myself killed if I meet her in the state I'm in.'
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Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:07 pm

MISA, why do you always irritate him?
I don't...
Yes you did, sista... You always did. GROW UP, SISTA!

Haruka yelled at her. Maybe she had right...
She's a sixteen now.. She became woman, when she was with her sister..
She blushed, looking Thorin stripping all his clothes.
-Sorry.. Haruka yelled at me.. You yelled at me at the same time.. It's hard to have two conversations at once-
She grinned and she refused
-No sorry, I'd like.. But I can't-
She had her periods... She had cramps in her womb.
She sat on a barrel. watching Thorin and his body
-Why do you have so many piercings? I've never seen Order followers with them...-


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Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:22 pm
(You still have tattoos mentioned Wink)
The water was soothing and pleasantly cooling in this warm weather. Thorin walked into the blue water till he was waist deep. Then he let himself fall with a big splash. Dipping himself fully below the surface. He moved up. His wet hair covering his eyes. The strands sticking to his skin. Thorin shook his head to loosen the tresses, then ran his fingers through it. He crouched down and lowered himself to sit in the more shallow part. Thorin looked at Misaki, who was positioning herself on a wooden barrel. 'Why I have these piercings? I like them.' Smiling at her with a grin. Then he put on a serious face. 'I like the sweet sensation of pain.' And stared at Misaki. Wondering about her reaction. He then laughed loudly. 'Just kidding. Just kidding. They have a more practical use. It has everything to do with my abilities. I haven't really explained what they are, have I?'

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Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:30 pm

Misaki looked at him and smiled
-No.. I don't think you've never explained them to me..-
She jumped from the barrel: she couldn't resist to swim..
She'd never swum before in a sea... Only in the little lake in the Order Convent.
-I shouldn't enter.. But I can't resist...!-
She took off her boots and wrists and belt.
Then she took her jacket and her breast was covered with a leather top, very tight with a greyish brown colour
-I've never undressed in front of a guy before..-
She blushed..
-Close your eyes, please...-

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Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:30 pm
Thorin pointed at the people who were walking past a few meters behind her. They weren't paying attention to them both, but still he felt the need to make her aware of it. 'I think if you're shy, then you should take your clothes of behind that boat.' Thorin motioned to a boat that was on land. It's sails were still out so Misa could easily hide behind that and take her clothes off. 'And as for me, I will just turn okay?' Thorin came of his sitting position and turned. Showing his back to Misaki. He then went on with explaining. 'The piercings and studs are tools that I use when I need to call out my powers. I can bend metal with my thoughts. Or well...it is more that I can change the molecular structure of non living things. Materials. I can do it with anything really. But some things take more energy and are simply much harder to change. These special metals in my body are quite easy to mold for me. So that's why I prefer having them than other materials. And an extra benefit is that they are light. The sword I carry is made out of the same composition. I can change it's form too, if I want. I'll show you when you're done undressing.'
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Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:41 pm

Misaki finished to take off the clothes and she stayed with only her underwear: a taupe top and panties similar to boxers.
She jumped in the water and swam 'till Thorin, who was still giving his back.
She jumped on his head, causing him to splash in the water.
She laughed, as she swam around him
-Sorry I couldn't resist!-
She stood up in front of him
-Interesting power... But it seems dangerous...-

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Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:58 pm
He coughed up water and looked at Misaki with a sour expression. 'You really are a kid, you know that?' Rubbing the water of his face and out of his eyes. 'This water stings if it gets in your eyes, so I would like you to not do that again.' Then ruffled his hair again to loosen the strands. 'My power can be dangerous, yes. But so is yours. It's all up to the one who wields it. I've been taught better than to use it for personal gain. I would only think of using it when the situation is really dire. If not then I can just fight on my own. The people in the convent taught me much. They would have done so with you if you had but stopped to take an interest in it all. Learning how to fight has very little to do with actual hand to hand combat and hurting people. It's more about learning restraint, patience, careful thinking and planning, toning your body for your own health and the social aspect is good for one too. You know where your limits are and that of others. I've noticed that you lack the capability of putting yourself in other peoples' shoes. Why is that? Didn't they try enough at the convent? And don't tell me that you didn't like it and it wasn't interesting. You had to like the fact that other people were with you right?'
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Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:30 pm

Misaki looked at him
-I know I'm a kid... It's my behaviour...-
Then she swam 'till went off the water. She used a towel she bought before from one of the market stands and she put it around her. Se sat again on the barrel, watching Thorin.
-Haruka is teaching me how to control myself, my behaviour and my powers too.. Else how to not be so childish and such.. But I know it'll take time-
She lowered her head
-And no I've never used my powers on you or on other people.. If not necessary.. And it could be dangerous for others, not for me...-
She started to dried her hairs, after put on the brownish leather miniskirt she wore.
-I didn't really care to lessons, 'cause I always felt... Unwelcome... I know you can say it's impossible.. But It was what I felt..-
She continued
-I trained my powers by myself and sometimes Bashir helped me out, but he told me to find my own way by myself... Strange to hear by him, isn't it?-
She made a sad smile
-But it's ok... I know I'm a pain for everybody.. People knew my powers are afraid of me and see me as a monster..-
She put the jacket and started to dried her feet to wear the combact boots and she heard Haruka in her mind
SISTA MISA!We've a problem...
Jaruk is not feeling good.. I don't know why.. I hope it's nothing important.. But his mouth is blue.. I hope it's not a venom effect
Pyro maybe knows you and Thorin had to come to me and tried to kill Jaruk..
Take the North road 'till the enemy lines. I'll be there with my own vessell and few confidant people.
I think two weeks...

-Well.. We've a problem.. Someone tried to poison Jaruk who is still alive.. But we need to walk to the North road 'till the enemy lines. Haruka will wait there with her own vessell.. We'll spend two week of travelling.. This is what she said-
Maybe in this time she could be more confident with Thorin and less stupid child...

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Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:56 am
'I see...'He said pensively. 'I already promised to go with Levy too. I have to inform him about this new development.' Thorin lifted himself out of the water and rubbed the water off of his legs. Partially drying them. He grabbed his clothes and stepped only into his pants. Fastening them loosely around his hips. He let the sun dry his body for now. Thorin started to walk to the tavern he was in, when Misaki first appeared. The captain would probably be there or somewhere in the neighborhood. 'Come on.' He said turning his head back. 'It would be good for us to travel with him. Partly at least and then go our own way when we know for sure where Haruka will have her vessel. '
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Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:07 am

Misaki nodded and followed Thorin, lowering her head and thinking how stupid and childish she was...
She knew that she couldn't have Thorin's heart if she continued to be so childish... She had to change.. She WANTED to change.. for HIM!

They arrived to the Captain Levy. She saw Thorin walking to him. She stayed there. She saw a little kid crying.
She approached him. She put her right hand on his head
-Sweetie, don't cry.. Where are your parents?-
She looked around..
The little kid smiled evilly and turned her.
He became a big wolf.. She turned her head to the little child..
She was surprised.. She tried to know more about him, reading his mind, but she didn't capture anything..
It seemed there were nothing in his mind.
She tried to calm him, talking to her voice, but she didn't charm him..
"This is very strange..."
She thought
-I don't want to harm you, please.. Don't attack me!-
She was afraid of him... She didn't want Thorin or any other person to kill him.. She saw his eyes: they were dazed... Someone was controlling him.. But WHO?
She ordered to the merchants to stay far and don't try to kill the animal..
-Thorin... We've a BIG problem...-
Thw wolf growled at her. Thorin was talking to the Captain.. Didn't they see people running and screaming?
There was no time to wait him..
She closed her eyes and capture the animal thought: he saw the wolf in cage, in his mind. Then she saw him becoming the child and then to become again the wolf.
Misaki opened her eyes: the child has a sort of shifting powers and he was under control.
She watched around, capturing all kind of thoughts:
there were so much people.. so many thoughts..
At the end, Misaki found him and she turned to him: a thin man in the shadows.
-Now.. SLEEP!-
She ordered and the man felt to the ground, leaving his control. The wolf eyes became yellow and then the child came back.
-Did I do anything bad?-
The little naked child said
She took her jacket off and put it on the little boy
-No no it's all ok, really-
She smiled and petted him on his head
The woman hugged the little child and thanked Misaki..
They were other Order followers. They talked to Misa for few minutes and they left her in the marketplace.
She approached Thorin and the Captain
-Hi Levy..-
She lowered her head.. She was cold: she needed a new jacket..

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:15 pm
Thorin and Levy had seen what Misaki did. They had both observed her powers, but only Thorin knew that they seemed to be getting stronger. He was still standing with his money pouch out, because he had just paid Levy for the breakfast of this morning. He clasped it with one hand and pulled out some coins with the other. He gave the coins to Misaki. 'Go and buy yourself a new jacket.' Looking at her. She looked to be cold which was very odd, because he himself was standing there with only his pants and the boots he had pulled on after the swim. It would get colder when the sun would set, so it would be better for her to get something to cover herself. Thorin had just informed Levy about their new situation. The man had agreed to accompany them for a while. Seeing no problem in them parting ways when the situation would allow it.
'You have a mighty fine ability there, little girl. I hadn't seen it in action yet. Frankly I didn't really believe my men when they said you had brainwashed them or something. Not even Thorin here, when he had explained it all to me after your disappearance.' Levy chuckled. 'This will be a very interesting journey.'
Thorin looked at the burly man who found it funny how Misaki had taken care of that situation. 'It's good that she helped the kid, but being fully dependent on special powers is not always a good thing. Be glad that guy didn't have neutralizing powers.' Thorin walked up to the sleeping man in the shadows. Softly kicking his side to see if he really was out of it. He crouched down and searched the man's pockets. There was no form of identification on the man or anything. Thorin shoved the man's sleeves up and looked for tattoos or some bodily trait that made this man recognizable. He didn't have any. He looked like any ordinary man. Even his facial features weren't all that special. Men from the local peace force ran up to Thorin. Asking him what happened. He explained it to them. Telling them that he didn't recognize the man that was lying unconcious on the ground. They dragged him off to question him when he woke up. Leaving Thorin standing there with Levy and Misaki. 'Misaki, go and get some new clothes. We'll be leaving after we had dinner in the pub.'

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:08 pm

Misaki thanked Thorin but refused the money: she used a black leather cloak she bought for her sister and used it..
-Thanks But I'm ok with this too-
She smiled
-I'm a bit.. cold in these days... That's all-
She grinned to Levy
-Thanks Levy! It's nothing powerful, at all..-
Yes that was true.. She was becoming more and more powerful and controlled her powers very well
She walked to Thorin and whispered, putting her boo*bs on Thorin's left arm, unwittingly.
-I had a connection to that man, when He felt on the ground. He was one of Pyro's subordinates. The Pyro is in the NorthWest rebels habit... Now 'Ruka is having her training moment... I can't talk to her now.. But in few hours, I'll let her know everything... It'll be safer for Levy and his men if I..-
She paused
-"Watch" the minds of all sailors and passengers of Levy's ship.. In this way I could know WHO could be a spy.. I know you couldn't approve this.. But It'll be safer for them..-
She stepped back and said quietly
-We don't have problems with our powers... But How about them?-
She looked at the other populations, with no powers
-What happens if someone with powers attacks them? Could they be able to fight against him or not?-
She looked at Thorin, questioned him...

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Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:14 am
Thorin blinked once at Misaki, then quickly stepped back at the feel of the soft female curves that were pressed against him. He cleared his throat before he spoke. 'Um, okay. The Pyro is in the North west you say? Do you know exactly where in that area or was the mind of that man a little foggy? I'd think the Pyro would be constantly on the move.' Thorin rubbed his chin and thought about their situation. They had to enter rebel area anyways, but Thorin had hoped that it wouldn't be that far into their territory. It could get them both killed. 'We really need to stick with Levy as long as possible.' He then looked back at Misaki. 'We aren't going with the ship. It's still docked for repairs. Levy and just two of his men are going with us. The rest are going to stay here. So there's no need to keep an eye on them. The ones he's bringing are long time friends and live in the same village as he does.' Thorin rested his hands on Misaki's shoulders. 'I know they are defenseless against people like us. But those people need to learn how to fend for themselves.' He motioned with his hands to the people who passed them. 'We won't be here all the time. I already think it's great that they have an Order peace force. Every village should have those, but not all do. This time they were a bit too late, because you had already disposed of the man. But the Order does good work you know? You shouldn't worry so much about them. The villages who side with the rebels don't get the Order's backing. Their choice isn't it? That's why I think that the best way to help these people is to show them that people like us from the Order do good things. It's the whole reason why I go after the Pyro.'
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Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:26 pm

Misaki smiled at Thorin and she took from the sac a map.
She used a red choker she had in the sac and signed where they were and what travel they had to do to arrive to the Pyro. She gave the map to Thorin and she explain the travel..

-We're here-
She pointed to the "US" word and
-We've to find the Pyro, somewhat near here-
She pointed on the "Pyro" word.
-Ok firstly we've to go to my sister 'Ruka who will wait us with her vessel here-
She pointed on "'Ruka" word
-As you see we've to sail from where 'Ruka vessel is and rest to Salem, maybe... Then continue circumnavigate rebels territories and then descend and enter in Pyro's territory..-
She jumped from the barrel
-This is the road map was in the Pyro's subordinate mind.. The man I said to sleep to..-
She turned herself and walked. Then stopped
-Any questions, sweetie?-
She winked. She walked to Levy and grinned to him
-I think we can go.. just let me talk to the mount merchant, so we can have three mounts-
Levy said to her: she was surprised.
She counted: herself, Levy and Thorin and...
In that meanwhile two other men approached Levy
-Ok then.. I'll ask for five mounts... Just one minute-
She went to a merchant and asked for five mounts...
The merchant said
-WHAT? For five stupid horses?? Are you crazy?-
She snorted and looked at him
-Please.. how about 300 rubians and a kiss form me?-
The merchant was charmed by her and nodded
She gave him 300 rubians and a kiss on the merchant chick who became red as tomatoes
Levy laughed, watching her and her powers...
She walked back to Levy with the five horse: one black, one white, one brown and two spotted
-I'll take the white-
She smiled
Said Levy and jumped on the horse.. Misaki asked to the horse to knee on her feet and he did. She mounted him and asked to him to raise up from the ground.
She smiled to one of Levy's men

Otis looked at the girl and grinned
"How beautiful and interested girl is.."
He approached her
-For everything, My Lady, Just asked me-
He kissed her left hand and she blushed, nodding

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Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:40 am
Thorin watched how Misaki took advantage of the merchant and shook his head. Her powers shouldn't be used like that. He walked up to the merchant who got coerced by Misa's powers. Thorin placed some more rubians in the hand of the still blushing man. 'Don't worry about it.' He said to the man and quickly mounted the black stallion that was left. The horse whinnied when he was firmly seated in his saddle. Thorin brushed it's neck. Stroking the long shiny manes that cascaded down. 'Be swift like the wind, my friend.' He murmured to it. Then he gave the horse a little stir and they galloped in front. Leaving Misa and the two crewmen behind them while Levy flanked him with his horse. 'Levy.' Thorin said to the man next to him. 'Will the route Misa has shown us be okay to travel?'
'Yes boy, I think it will be okay. But there are always bandits around. I've been attacked a few times in the past, but nothing really bad has happened yet. The people who steal from others are people who have no other choice. Most of them don't have a place to stay anymore, because of the warring between the Order and the Outsiders. The rebels can be fairly lenient like in my home town Salem. It's officially in the hands of the Outsiders you know.' Levy watched Thorin expression as he talked. Wondering about what the boy would think after hearing such a revelation. 'They leave everyone in peace there, but the area we have to pass is in quite of a disarray. IF we get attacked, then it will probably be by a group that is after our valuables and nothing more. They won't risk their lives to get it from us, because we are with five.' Levy motioned back to one of his men. 'They probably won't even dare to do a thing when they see Malakai there.' He chuckled heartily. 'He's known as a madman in these parts.'
Malakai jumped onto his horse. A fine mare. He grinned and waited for Otis to mount his horse. The man had just seen his friend making a move on the cute girl that was in their company. Otis was such a lecherous beast, he wasn't sure if he could win from him this time. Referring to the silent contest they always held for the lady. He assessed the boy who was riding with his captain. 'That one is fine too.' Licking his lips when he thought that. He looked back at the girl and his friend. 'Maybe Otis can win this time, if she's too much a bother to win over.' Malakai let his horse trot over to the girl who was already seated in her saddle. He smiled at her. 'Milady, we will take good care of you.' He said sincerely then pounded Otis' shoulder before he gave his horse a nudge in the side to follow his captain.
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