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Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:58 pm
Thorin bellowed with laughter. He found the sight of Misaki squirming quite amusing. 'I guess... this Jaruk.. didn't have to be confined and smuggled in a chest!' The words leaving his mouth inbetween laughs. Thorin grabbed the doorframe to keep himself upright. The tension in his body disappearing. The anger he had bottled up evaporated with the look on Misaki's puzzled face. He took a deep breath, rubbed the smug smile from his face and tried again. More serious this time, but there was still a little quirk on his lips. 'I'm sorry captain. This is a serious situation, but I just...I couldn't refrain myself. Her expression was really funny when the guy disappeared.' He tugged on his shirt and shifted his sheath and sword. 'I don't think he will come back. He had to hide in sometihng to get on here in the first place. But, now that I think about it. The man could have shifted himself on the ship and be waiting for the right opportunity to strike.' Thorin looked at Misaki. 'I think we need to keep a close watch on you.' Then he looked back to Levy. 'Could you send your men to search the ship for him, so we'll know he's really left the ship?' Thorin held his hand out for Misaki. 'Come on you. Let's have something to eat. I'm starving.'
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Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:20 pm

Misaki looked at Thorin
-There wasn't nothing to laugh!-
She made ​​the nose, then took off Thorin hand
-I don't need any protection, thanks! And I'm not hungry.-
She had another headache
-Only need to rest, a bit... I've something to do..-
She looked at the Captain
-He said his Lord wants me.. And I could know why.. They need me alive... So no worries for me!-
She had two thoughts: If the Lord was Haruka, then she wanted her sister back; if the Lord was someone else, probably he or she needed her powers to do something badly...
She asked the Captain of the Ship
-Could I go to rest in your room, please? I'll be safer there!-
She smiled at him, hugging his arm. He blushed and nodded.
They followed his instructions
-Thanks guys! I'll be safe with you big cute men!-
She saw Thorin face: jealousy or perplexity in his face?

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Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:18 pm
Thorin watched Misaki and her two new guardians rounding the corner towards the captain's quarters. Then he turned to the big burly man. 'She's such a pain. I'm sorry for all this trouble.' He apologised with sincerity. 'I'm not happy to be stuck with her either, but Bashir has ordered me to take her with me on my travels.' Levy just shrugged and motioned for them to go up on deck. Thorin stopped when he reached the top of the stairs. 'I'll be going to the kitchen. I'm really getting an appetite, Sir.' Saying the last word and remembering that the captain didn't want to be called that way. 'I mean Levy.' Thorin walked to the stern of the ship, where the galley was located. He walked past some sailors sitting on one of the booms. The were tying the sail. They seemed happy to be on this ship as they were talking about the price of trading commodities. Thorin let his hand glide over the railing of the ship. Wondering how it would be to live as a workman on this ship. It must be nice to have so much freedom and see new parts of the land. New cultures and people. He walked up to the sliding doors and pulled them open. What he saw were small groups of people eating and drinking. Them being tended by two exotic woman. He thought they were exotic, because he couldn't seem to place their origin. Thorin walked to one of the low tables and seated himself on a pillow. How odd. He was used to a chair and table and not a pillow to sit on. It must be a foreign custom. He looked at the young woman who was slowly walking towards him. A welcoming smile on her face.
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Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:38 pm

Misaki entered the Captain's room and she thanked the two men. She ordered them to go in their rooms.
She sat on the chair, near the Captain's desk.
And she looked her image in the front mirror.
She saw her sister Haruka.

-I know that, sis' He told me that.. Do you know who's his Lord?-
Haruka smiled
Misaki sighed
-Sister, how can I visit you?-
"What a great power!!"
She thought and waited him.

Fifteen minutes later, when she was relaxing on the big double places Captain's bed, she heard a movement.
-Hi Jaruk-
She woke up and approached him.
-Yes I do-
She smiled
-Teleport me to my sister, please-
She ordered him to wait.
She wrote something on a piece of paper and put it on the Captain's desk.
She wrote this:
"Sorry for disturbing you, Thorin. I'm such a pain for you, I heard you... I want to stay with my sister. Trying to change her behaviour.. She's not evil, I know it for sure. I can't stay with you, since you hate me...I've never belong to the Order. Never belonged to anyone, but my sister. I need her as She needs me... I know you'll find us... Only when we want it. Say to Captain why his men weren't in front of my door. Explain to him my powers, I don't mind! I don't want they'll be chained or something like that only for my fault... I'm leaving the ship wit Jaruk's powers. I'm sure Bashir knew why I had to follow you.. Maybe this is why I'm here... You need to travel a lot with the ship, before finding my sister.. Oh the paper is finishing... I LOVE YOU, THORIN!"
She opened the door.
She went to Jaruk
-I'm ready!-
She smiled at him
She hugged him and closed her eyes: finally she could see her sister, for the first time after all these years..
They vanished...

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Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:21 pm
The food was delicious. It was spiced with herbs he didn't even knew of. The sensations and textures the food left on his tonque was mind blowing. Thorin sipped the ale he had ordered. It was full and heavy. A mild bitter taste to it, but it was good. The food and drinks in the outside world were better then expected and the people were really kind. The waitress had talked with him and told him about her country. After the Eradication, they had built living areas. Somewhat similar to the old chinese family houses Thorin had read about. Where young and old slept together and dined together in this big labyrinth of rooms, corridors and main hall. It was really interesting to learn about her people and he wondered if he would be able to visit her country. Would the Order allow it? His thought got interrupted by the young boy he had met earlier. The one who was mopping the deck. He looked at the boy's hand that was tugging on his sleeve. 'Yes? What is it?' He saw the boy reaching in his pocket and pulling out a paper. He was holding it in front of him. Thorin grabbed it and read the words. It was from Misaki. He rested his head on the table. Muttering to himself. It dawned on him then. 'Haruka is Misaki's sister. What am I supposed to do now?' He stayed like that for a full minute before he lifted his head up. The boy was still standing next to him. 'Off to the captain then.' He said exasperated.
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Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:52 pm
((I'm playing Haruka and Misaki at the same time.. So I change the colour))

Jaruk said to her, who was hugging him with her closed eyes. She opened her eyes and left the pressure on the young man.
She looked around: a lot of tents, almost naked women and a lot of big men... Jaruk motioned her to enter in a tent.
She followed his instructions.
She entered and she saw a young purple hairs woman on a throne, made by animals bones and skins.
They ran to each other and hugged.
-My little Misa, you grew up so well!-
Misaki started to cry in her arms
-sis', don't cry, please... I know how do you feel!-
Haruka hugged and kissed her sister front.
She dried her tears.
-Haruka, sister, why are you the Pyro?-
Haruka stopped and moved her away.
She stood up and said seriously
-So.. This is what the Order thinks about me...-
"Stupid mangy dogs!"
She thought
-I'm not the Pyro! I don't like the Orders and their God, but not for this reason I want destroying every altars!-
Misaki stood up and hugged her again, watching her in her different colour eyes
-I knew you weren't it! But then.. who is?-
Haruka thought and then whispered to her sister what she thought
-I think it's one of my subordinates... WHO.. I DON'T KNOW! This is why I need you here!-
Misaki looked at her: She hadn't mind power controls, just the charming voice...
Haruka and Misaki started to have a mind conversation:

-I don't have powers, without you, Misaki! This is why I need you here: to find this pyromaniac impostor!-
-But how, Ruka?-
-Ruka.. How sweet! Well you've a charming voice and I can only multiply your powers-
-Just staying near you...-
-Yes! As you saw.. after you heard my voice, in your dreams, your powers were powerful then always..-
-Oh... Now I understand...-
-Are you with me, little sis'?-
-Now and forever!-

They smiled to each others.
They were finally all together and now they had to find the real Pyro, which Thorin thought was her sister Haruka...

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Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:14 am
Thorin stepped out of the captain's cabin. His thought lingering on the girl who had suddenly disappeared. Was he too harsh on her? She was only still a child and was probably treated very differently than him. He shook his head and walked out to the deck. Then stood there leaning on one of the masts. The sailors and crewmen were all sleeping or in in the galley. Drinking and stuffing themselves with food. It was silent. Just the wind and water leaving their soft murmurs. Thorin sighed and recapped all that he had said to the captain. He had told Levy that Misaki had left the ship to go with the unknown man who they had found in one of the storage rooms. That the man was sent to get her and bring her to her sister. Who was the infamous pyromancer. Thorin rested the back of his head against the hard wood of the pole and stared over the endless stretch of deep blue water. He would find this Haruka person whatever it took and ask her what her deal was. Why murder innocent people with your powers. The mere idea of torching someone and burning them alive was sickening on itself. Even if the person was a convicted criminal. But innocents. Children. Why? Didn't she have a heart. Was she unsaveable. If so he would have to kill her and not just try and contain her. He didn't like the idea of taking someone's life. But that is why he's here in the first place. What he has been taught. Thorin lifted his head and pushed himself from the mast. Shaking the worry from his body. Then casually strode to the doorway that led to the sleeping area.
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Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:59 pm
((I'm playing Haruka and Misaki at the same time.. So I change the colour))

The two sisters told what had happened in recent years, while they were away from each other.
Misaki said that was raised by the Order, but she had never followed their rules. She preferred drawing and singing outside and why she had never taken a course of self-defense.
On the other hand, Haruka explained to Misaki how she had to learn to defend herself and, sometimes, even kill to avoid being raped as their mother. She told her how her life had not been a bed of roses and how she overcame the former head of the bandits, who were now under her command. She explained to Misaki that they were robbers who hunted other brigands. They killed, yes, but only bad people...
She would still have to pay for what She did in those years, according to the law of the Order, that they knew better, but she was not the Pyromancer, at the end!
They started to have the last mind conversation of the day, before going to sleep

-Sista, Thorin is coming here to talk or kill you! I don't know if He'll be able to understand you and everything!-
-Is he an idiot?-
-uhm.. In somewhat way...-
Misaki blushed and her sister laughed
-Do you have a crush on him?-
She blushed even more.. Haruka hugged her
-How sweet you are! But trust me, before coming here, it'll pass a week or more..-
-Yeah, I know...-
-Trust me! He'll have a crush on you, for that time!-
She smiled..
-Tomorrow I'll teach you something about men and about life, in general-

Misaki looked at Haurka with her innocent and doubtful expression. Haruka laughed even more, the she kissed her little sister and they started to sleep on the big double places bed Haruka had in her tent.

And they slept one each other...

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Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:43 pm
Cold morning air hit Thorin's face when he stepped out on the deck. He was about to go to the galley for some breakfast when he saw the captain. The man was sitting on a wooden barrel. Staring into the mist that had gathered over the calm water. Thorin neared him and rested his elbows on the wood. He waited a few minutes before he spoke. 'Do you think Misaki is alright?'
Levy watched the young man who was looking lost and troubled. 'I don't know Thorin, but I think the lass can handle herself. She has that ability of hers. If she can persuade my strong men to walk away, then she can do it to anyone.'
Thorin sighed. 'Yeah, I guess you're right about that.' He looked at the man who was still watching him. 'Will be arriving soon?'
'Yeah we are about to enter the sacred islands. We need to pass those and then we're at the port of Lanoken. It will be in the afternoon that we arrive.' The captain said.
'Good.' Thorin nodded and walked away to the galley. Leaving the captain alone with his thoughts. For some reason the man looked worried. Thorin watched the mist thicken before his eyes and frowned. 'This ain't good.' He mumbled and hoped that Levy knew the shallow waters like the back of his hand.

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:56 pm
((continuing to play with Misa' and 'Ruka at the same time...))

Misaki woke up and yawned: her sister Haruka was already outside the tend. Yesterday she was sad and without any family and today she found her sister!
She stood up from the bed and try to find her clothes..
"Where did I put my clothes?"
She thought
"Haruka, where are my clothes?"
She asked mentally to her sister
"Sorry sista, but they were too much... ehm... particular! I burnt them! Sorry.."
She laughed a bit and Misaki was stunned.
She found few leather clothes on the bed.
She examined them: a leather black top with red and black pants and the combat boots she wore.. with that strange black... She found the white belt and bow Haruka forgot to burn and she wore them too.
She looked at the mirror:
"I'm pretty strange with these... WTF!"
She saw her breasts were very big with that top!
She always tried to wear large tops 'cause she had a big breast for her age... At least this is what she thought.
"Sista' I can't get out of this tent, pls!!"
Haruka ordered her... She obeyed.
When Misaki left the tent, almost all the men looked at her and whistled her for her beauty and big breast
They shoot up and came back to their works.
-Sister Misaki, today you'll learn how to defend yourself from this maniacs!-
-But I don't want to fight...-
-Did I say you've to fight?-
-No, you didn't!-
-Right! Then follow me, we move to the camp-
-What camp?-
-Training Camp. It's not far from here and we'll be good, without any noises...-
She walked to the Training Camp...

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Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:00 am
Thorin was eating his breakfast. It was some kind of porridge, when the ships alarm went off. One of the mariners was turning the lever as if his life depended on it. He stood up and went to all the commotion outside. Men were hanging from the railing and some ran down into it's hull. Thorin walked up to Levy who was giving orders to some of the men. He listened to what the burly man was saying. It sounded as if the ship was taking in water. That it had hit one of the rocks and that there had to be repairs made immediately. Thorin heard Levy cursing the mist and swearing under his breath. The man was visibly blaming himself for this accident. Thorin stopped one of the deckhands in his tracks. 'Hey, did we hit a rock?' He asked the man who was clutching a bucket.
'Yeah, the hull is filling up with water. We need to haul it out manually. Prevent it from getting higher, so our engineers can repair it. It wasn't that bad as far as I could see.'
Thorin nodded to the man and let him go on to the long row of men that was forming. All quickly lifting a bucket filled with seawater. The last one of the line was throwing the water back in the ocean. It seemed so futile and Thorin wondered if they had encountered this problem before. The men seemed calm enough. Just doing their jobs as expected.
A yell came from down below. A sign that the breach was temporarily repaired. Thorin saw Levy walking up to him and standing next to him at the railing. The man didn't look at him and sighed audibly.
'We need to fully repair the hull in Lanoken. We'll probably have to stay docked for quite a while.' Levy sighed. 'I'm getting too old for this. Maybe it's time to retire. I've never made a mistake like this. The shallows have never been a problem for me before.'
'Mistakes can be made Levy. It wasn't life threatening.'
'Maybe not but going back to my family in Salem looks like a pretty good deal at the moment.'

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Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:14 pm

The training camp was located on a hill, not far from base camp. A steep slope was better than what was needed to start training. Haruka was already at the centre of the field: she closed her eyes and inspired all the air her lungs could hold, then she began to stretch the muscles. Misaki take long to get there: she had never walked so much, especially with so difficult climb like that!
-Are you coming, Misa?-
Misaki was already tired. She gasped.
-Have we already done, maybe?-
-Already done, what? Misa, you're so lazy!-
She giggled..
-I'm not lazy, 'Ruka.. I'm TIRED!-
-Tired for what?- Misaki was surprised: they were sisters, but very VERY different..
-Sweetie, we haven't started yet the training! This is only where we train and learn things to each other-
-Couldn't we experience us in the comfort of the tent?-
-NO!- Misaki shouted -Here it's safer and we can stay lonely too.. without any noises- She anticipated Misa's demand -And if they need me for anything, they know where I am and they run 'till me...-
Misaki jumped to the ground and Haruka laughed and then said
-Ok first lesson: How to stand up!-
She laughed, then helped her sister and said seriously
-You're clumsy, ya' know?-
-Yes, 'Ruka, I know...-
She cried. Haruka dried her tears and hugged her
-Don't worry, Misa! We'll train your equilibrium-
She smiled and they started to make some yoga steps and martial poses to train their equilibrium...

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Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:48 pm
Later that afternoon the ship had docked. The port of Lanoken was quite the place. Thorin hadn't imagined it to be this busy. The lectures that were given in the convent spent a big amount of time about nearby cities and especially the ports. They were oftentimes also the main city of the region. Lanoken was seen as a small port. Going from the information that he had learned in class, but when he set foot on the main loading dock it was overwhelming. It didn't feel small too him. There were fishermen selling their daily catch. Foreign merchants vending their wares. A lot of them he didn't even got to understand as he passed their booths. They were all yelling and screaming. Searching for that buyer who would spend a lot of money. Thorin had said his goodbyes to the captain and the crew and had told them that he would be going straight for the local inn. He would get a room and do some investigating. Maybe stay a few days to find a lead on the Pyromancer and if he didn't he would go on to the next town. So Thorin had left the ship and was walking on the main street of Lanoken. There were not many vendors here as there were at the docks. He walked up to a small fountain. Aching to get something in his stomach. The porridge of this morning wasn't really enough and he hadn't thought of going back to the galley because of all the commotion. Thorin bent his head forward and opened his mouth. Catching the small spray of water with his mouth and tongue. He swallowed a few mouthfuls and pondered about where to go. Should he have something to eat at one of the small stands or search for the inn and eat there? He splashed a bit of the water on his face and decided to go for the inn. He could wait a bit. The town wasn't that big anyways. Thorin walked along the streets and shabby buildings. Stopping at a small alley with a sign. 'The roaming hermit ->' He looked at the direction the arrow was pointing and saw a building made of red bricks. It stood out between all the wooden ones. Walking closer he saw that it indeed was an inn. He walked in and found an old lady at the reception. He smiled at her. 'Madame, are there any rooms available at the moment?'
The woman inclined her head and smiled. 'Would you like a simple bedroom or a deluxe? The deluxe has running water.'
'Umm, I think I'll need the deluxe. I haven't had a proper shower in two days.' Blushing a bit of embarrassment. He was probably smelling like one of the crewmen on the ship. Thorin paid the lady for one night and walked to his room. He immediately flopped himself on the bed. Wanting a nap and even forgetting about that hunger. He closed his eyes and dozed off.

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Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:25 pm

They continued to train their balance throughout the afternoon.
-A little break and then we can continue- Haruka said to her sister: it was much more an order then anything else...
-I'm tired sister.. Couldn't we finish this and continue tomorrow?-
-We can sure! But tomorrow we'll wake up early, then...-
-Why, 'Ruka?-
-'Cause we haven't finished today..-
Misaki was stunned...
-You cna choise: waiting 'till tomorrow early morning and train all the day tomorrow, or finish this training now so tomorrow you cna sleep two more hours... What's your choise?-
-Allright! We can go on...-
Haruka teached her how to dodge basic attacks, without hurting people.
This wasn't a technique she followed: if someone was so stupid to attack her, Haruka should hurt him A LOT! But she had to teach her sister, who was a peaceful person...
After few hours...
-Ok, Misa, we can stop the training for today...-
Misaki felt bad: all her bones hurted A LOT!
They started to come back to the camp.
Haruka was hungry, but Misaki tired... She didn't want eat, but only have a good relaxing bath.
-If one of you try to abuse or look at my sister-
Haruka shouted, pointing her finger on Misaki -I gonna cut off their ba*lls and eat them as breakfast, UNDERSTAND?-
They swallowed and nodded.
The moon was up in the sky and Misaki was looking at it and thinking to Thorin.
She saw him in her mind, sleeping in a big and well made room. She wanted to try her new power...
She giggled and went in his mind.
He was dreaming: a boundless prairie, under the full moon during spring time. He was relaxing under a big tree. She approached him. She could do everything in the dreams, with her power...
She sat next to him. She kissed his front and eyes.
She kissed his cheecks. Then she started to do what her sister Haruka teached her about men..
Misaki kissed him on his mouth, putting her tongue in his mouth. She put herslef on his body. She felt so good on him... She put her hands under his uniform jacket. She touched his muscles. She started to lick his neck, while she was unbuttoning his jacket.
She felt something big under his pants.
She sat up on that big thing He had and She blushed.
Misaki asked him, but it was a shame she couldn't listen him: she wasn't controlling at all her new power...
She took off her clothes and asked him to open his eyes. He did and...

Misaki shook her head and left Thorin's dream..
-Yes, yes, Sister.. I'm coming-
She blushed and giggled.. She came out of the pond that served as bath and put a towel around her body.
She dried her body and hairs, she wore the clothes she had and went to sleep in her sister tent, as she did the day before...

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:35 pm
Thorins eyes flew open with a jolt. He was still lying on the bed he had flopped on this afternoon. The warm glow of the evening sun was pouring through the window into the room. Leaving a red hue that covered all the furniture and curtains. Thorin lifted his head from the pillow, groaned and looked at his sweat covered torso. Then down to his lower abdomen and to the bulge that had formed in his pants. He groaned even heavier at the sight of it. Thorin removed his shirt and threw it on the wooden chair that was in the corner. He unzipped his pants and threw the stifling piece of clothing on his shirt. Lying there with just his boxers. The warm air softly caressing his skin. He moved one of his arms over his eyes. Covering and shielding them from the incoming light. His thoughts drifting to the dream he just had. Was that really Misaki in that dream? Naked and bare. Her flesh soft and creamy. Eager to be touched. She looked very different from the cute adorable and pain in the behind girl, he had lost on the ship. This Misaki was more assertive. More feminine. Thorin moved his free hand to wipe the sweat from his chest. Marveling at the touch of his hand on his sensitive skin. He was so high strung. 'Misaki...' He whispered softly. Not even knowing why he had done that. Then he moved his hand down. Rubbing his own skin softly and stopping at the soft trail of hair that went to his groin. Would he do it? Would he touch himself with the thought of pleasuring Misaki? He inched his hand closer to the tight band around his waist. Running the tip of his indexfinger over the complex folds. He lowered his arm from his eyes and looked at himself. It was so close. But no, he wouldn't do it. Why would he even think of Misaki in that way. She was just a kid. He bit his arm and tried to stop the incessant heat with the palm of his hand. He wasn't going to do it. A cold shower would do the trick. Thorin moved up and tugged his underwear off. Kicking it under the same chair his other clothes were on and stalked to the shower. It was just a small area separated by a curtain. He looked at the contraption that was seen as the shower and stepped under it. Needing the soothing cold water to clear his mind. He folded his arms on the wall and leaned his forehead on it. Letting the water hit his back. 'What was I thinking? Misaki would never wear that outfit.'
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