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Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:18 pm

Misaki took her clothes off: it was the Order uniform.
She wanted wear something different, something more common and comfortable.
She tried the water with her gentle right foot
She thought and entered. She was relaxing and started to song with her melodic voice.
Her song blazed in all the tavern: few birds started to song with her.
"How he's cute! But He doesn't want me to touch him.. I doesn't seem he sees me."
She thought. She had an idea: before coming back to the convent She should have his heart...
And without using her powers, of course!
She closed her eyes and saw Haruka again.
This time, it wasn't a dream... It seems real.. as if She was in the room, with her.

MISA.. COME TO ME! -Haruka said, giving her a hand
WHY ARE YOU THE PYRO? WHY?? -Misaki asked her.
Haruka smiled at her and disappeared.

Misaki opened her eyes. She finished to song.
She woke up and covered herself with a towel.
She started to dry up herself.
Then she wore the new clothes Omar gave her: a purple mini-skirt, a white top with a little purple jacket, a big white belt and a purple and white hair bow.
She made a sort of ponytail with the bow, then she saw two purple long socks, purple and white and two high combat boots with a strange purple colour..
She saw herself too much purple and she lowered the socks in the boots.
"BETTER!" She wore two white gloves, 'cause she was always cold for her, outside.
She changed her sac with a white, purple and black fluffy cat-shaped bag. Then she put some black mascara and she was ready.
She went outside: she was ready.
She sat in front of Thorin
-I'm ready, when you want...-

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:38 pm
Thorin quirked his head at the sight of Misaki. A muscle ticked on his forehead. 'By Gods what is she wearing.' Thorin's eyes went over Misaki. 'It's all freaking purple!' He thought and moved his hand to his forehead to rub the headache that was forming. He looked at Misaki through his fingers. His jaw almost dropped when he saw the purple and black cat bag. Thorin wasn't a person who loved the Order's uniform, but he wasn't that bold either. 'Misaki...What are you wearing?! You know that we aren't allowed to wear other clothing than the ones the Order give you.' He pointed at the bag that was placed on the table. 'And what's that! The thing is like a bullseye. It attracts way too much attention.' Thorin poked it with his finger, then grabbed it and held it in front of him for inspection. He shook his head at the sight and placed it back on the table. Then started to scold the girl again. 'Misaki, this is not a game.' He rubbed his jaw in frustration. 'What am I gonna do with you? Let's go.' Thorin jerked up and strode to the door. Holding it open for Misaki as a proper gent. 'Go on.' Motioning his head to the opened doorway. 'We can board the ship. I visited the docks when you were bathing.'

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:46 pm

Misaki shook her head, she was offended!
-I'm not in the Order and I shouldn't be in the Order, either!-
She stopped in the tavern
-I know you're Bashir's son.. But I don't follow nor your rules, nor Bashir's!-
She looked at him angry and the men did the same..
One of them asked her:
She looked at him
-No Sir Gaha'l, It's all ok, thanks! And if I wanted him slapped, I'll let that work to himself!-
She looked at him. She ran from the tavern and grinned
-If I was you, Thorin, you should ran fast, 'cause those cats-
She pointed to a group of ten wild cats
-are angry with you!-
She smiled and approached them...

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:11 pm
Thorin just ignored her threat and glared at her. If she wanted to throw some stupid cats at him, then so be it. Bring them on. It was so stupid to sic some innocent cats after him. If she wanted them harmed then he would actually do it to prove a point. Misaki was acting like a little baby. She wasn't even thinking about the consequences of her actions and it frustrated Thorin even more. Misaki was really in need of some growing up. Who was her guardian? He would really have a good talk about her behaviour. Thorin let go of the door and walked the other way towards the docks. 'It's this way, Misaki. Leave the stupid cats alone and come on. We maybe aren't in the convent, but I'm the eldest here. I need to make sure we aren't going to get into trouble and that outfit of yours attracts a lot of attention. Maybe good. Maybe bad. But it's still attention and it consumes the time we need to use for other things like finding the Pyro.' Thorin started to walk away. Fed up with the childish behaviour of his young companion.
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Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:23 pm

Misaki nodded at the cats leader
-FIRST: There are thieves on the ship, so pay attention!
SECOND: I wear this outfit 'cause I'd like to be considered as a stupid little baby!
THIRD: Don't call my sis... Ehm.. Haruka as you did before!-
She petted the cats and followed Thorin.
She stopped in front of him
-I know you think I'm stupid and such a thing.. but If you thought a bit more, you could understand why I act like a stupid girl!-
She walked in front of him: he didn't know her and he pretended to know everything?
-And just for let you know.. Bashir grew up me!-

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:40 am
'Uh well, you could have fooled me. You act like you haven't had any guidance at all.' Thorin snorted. He didn't believe that Bashir was her caretaker. He would have been more stern on her than this. And besides, Bashir didn't have the time to take care of another orphan. He was Bashir's one and only child else he would have surely known. Thorin sped his pace. 'You're really a little brat. First off, I didn't call your sister by any name. I don't even know your sister Haruka. I just met you yesterday remember? And second, what thieves! How the hell can you know that? Don't tell me you can see into the future or have extraordinary hearing abilities or something?' Thorin walked passed Misaki and boarded the ship. The thing was a real sight. Big sails hung loosely from it's slightly curved masts. Ends of ropes and cords snapped softly against the bow and stern of the ship. A multitude of colorful flags were dancing in the wind. Thorin stopped and looked around for it's captain. He had met the man this afternoon and had asked him for the short ride on his barge. Thorin caught sight of the big man and walked to him. Stopping in front of him to give a salute. 'Captain, First CET Thorin el Bashir ready for your order!'
The brawny man smiled at Thorin and patted him on the shoulder. 'At ease, son. We're not that formal on this boat. As I said this afternoon. You and your...' He gestured to Misaki. 'Are welcome to join us to Lanoken. You aren't imposing on us with your request.'
'But Sir!'
'None of that boy. It's Levy. Call me Levy. Any kid of Bashir is welcome on this ship. No need to help or pay a fee.'
Thorin smiled up at the man. 'Yes sir. Uhm, Levy. Misaki and I are really grateful.' Bowing his head a bit in gratitude. 'If there is anything I can do to help, then please you have just to ask.'
'The offer is appreciated Thorin. Just relax and enjoy the ride. You can sleep in the quarters I showed you. You know where the galley is. Make sure to show it to the girl.' The man looked at one of the sailors who was tying a rope on one of the booms. 'You there! Stop!' He patted Thorin on his shoulder again and smiled. Showing his teeth. 'I need to get to work. So if you don't mind?' Then walked away. Leaving Thorin standing on the deck.

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:02 am

Misaki didn't pay attention at all of what Thorin said: she was bored and annoyed of what He said of all the time.
If it was for new powers or for rumours she heard, this was related only for her.
She whispered to Thorin
-I said there are thieves on the ship, that's all! You can trust me or not.. Not my problem! I know how defending myself!-
She was angry: she understood He thought at her as a little stupid girl, what she wasn't...
She saw sailors to work on the ship and the watched them. She approached one of them, asking of what He was doing. The sailor answered her and she went to sit, on an empty barrel.
She watched the sky, sniffed the air and started to sing with her melodic voice a pirate song:

To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave,
Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er the wave;
Let our deck clear for action, our guns be prepared;
Be the boarding-axe sharpened, the scimetar bared:
Set the canisters ready, and then bring to me,
For the last of my duties, the powder-room key.

It shall never be lowered, the black flag we bear;
If the sea be denied us, we sweep through the air.
Unshared have we left our last victory's prey;
It is mine to divide it, and yours to obey:
There are shawls that might suit a sultana's white neck,
And pearls that are fair as the arms they will deck.

There are flasks which, unseal them, the air will disclose
Diametta's fair summers, the home of the rose.
I claim not a portion: I ask but as mine
'Tis to drink to our victory - one cup of red wine.
Some fight, 'tis for riches - some fight, 'tis for fame:
The first I despise, and the last is a name.

I fight, 'tis for vengeance! I love to see flow,
At the stroke of my sabre, the life of my foe.
I strike for the memory of long-vanished years;
I only shed blood where another shed tears,
I come, as the lightning comes red from above,
O'er the race that I loathe, to the battle I love.

Few of the sailors started to sing with her, captain included.
It was a pirate song, true, but all sailors knew it and sang it a lot of time, during travellers.
She wanted do it, at least for once in her life..

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:06 pm
Hot summer winds hit Thorin's face as he stood there gazing over the water. The air clearing his mind. Making it easier to think and plan. He was standing with his back to Misaki, who was sitting on an old container. The sailors were still singing some old navy song, but he wasn't paying much attention to the dreary words. They were too depressing to listen to. Reminding him of things he didn't need reminding of. He hadn't talked to Misaki since they left the port. The silence something he needed. The girl had made his blood boil. How can she have such a carefree attitude? Life in the Order wasn't about fun and joy. Just thinking about it made his bloodpressure start to rise. He gazed at the deep blue waters. Trying to draw his thoughts to other matters. Thorin saw this small dark shadow moving in the water. It was rapidly growing into the size of a person. Then he saw turquoise colored seaweed flowing up on the surface. Was it seaweed? It looked so much finer. Like the thin threads of wool or cotton. He held his hand in front of his eyes to shield the light and squinted them. The material started to part and a face showed up from under it. It was such a delicate face. A small smile showing on the full pink lips. They moved, but no sound could be heard. Was he really seeing what he was seeing? A mermaid? And was it mouthing his name? Thorin knew about the stories of the lake people. They lived in the depths of the dark waters. Very secluded from other people. Few people had actually seen them and reported their findings to the Order. But it was told that a mermaid could lure you into following it to it's realm. Luring you to it with it's voice. But no one has ever found out what happened after that. The people just simply disappeared. Thorin smiled at the being. Flicking his finger to move one of her strands over her mouth. He wasn't about to panic over something like this. If the stories were true then stopping the mermaid from talking was all that it took. He saw the strickened expression on the face and his smile broadened. Then he pushed himself from the wood where he had rested his elbows. And turned with a big grin, walked passed Misaki and dropped himself in one of the hammocks. He wouldn't tell that girl what he just saw. A bit of sleep and thoughts of that mermaid would do him good.

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:36 pm

Misaki finished the song and thanked all. All applauded her and the captain asked her to sing another song, but she refused, 'cause she knew that if she continued to song they should become her slaves or something like this... She refused gently and told them she wanted to visit the ship. The captain gave her permission.

After twenty minutes she came back and pulled Thorin's uniform jacket
-Sorry to disturb you, but I felt bad feelings from a room, while I walked along of it... Please come with me.. There's something not good there!!-
She was afraid: she heard something from that door, similar to someone was fiddling with chests...
-Please come.. I don't know if it's the thief, but the captain said that it's nothing interesting in that door, only food... But all sailors are here and travellers can't enter it!!-
She shouted

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Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:12 am
Thorin had just laid himself down in the hammock and closed his eyes, when Misaki nudged him. 'You got to be kidding me.' He grumbled low and jumped out of the rocking sling. He walked up a member of the crew who was mopping the floor. It was a fairly young man. Maybe around the age of sixteen. 'Hi there, could you accompany us? My companion.' Thorin pointed at the distressed girl. 'Thinks there might be something scary happening or something.' Rolling his eyes to mock her fear and shrugged. 'It would be very much appreciated, if you would accompany us and show my companion that there's nothing to worry about at all.' Thorin saw the boy nodding and placing the mop he was handling in a rusty iron bucket. Spilling the soapy liquid over it's brim. Then turning to follow Misaki. 'How odd.' Thought Thorin. 'He didn't introduce himself. It's maybe a bad day for him too.' He shrugged it off and followed the boy and Misaki. Then went into the hull of the ship, where all the sleeping quarters and storage rooms were located. It smelled musty down there. The moisture visible on the surface of the wood. The corridor they were walking in was well lit with small gold ornamented lamps and the bright sun was falling through the small round windows. Thorin stopped to view the passing waves through one of them. He wouldn't mind staying on this boat for a while longer. Not at all.
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Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:22 am

The boy opened the door and turned on the oil lamp: everything was messed up!
Misaki looked at Thorin
-Now tell me how this is possible!-
She smiled at him, satisfied..
The little boy ran to the captain to tell him what happened in that room.
Misaki heard something and ordered
-Please, We don't want to hit you, show yourself and tell us who you are!-
There was someone hidden by chests. He went out: it was a twenty, maybe twenty five tall and thin man, with a strange ninja clothes.
Misaki approached him..

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Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:56 am
A brow lifted on Thorin's face. 'What was this man doing in this room?' He was totally covered in cloth. 'Was he a stray or had the captain intentionally locked him up?' He didn't look like he was bound. Thorin looked around in the room. 'No, no ropes to be seen anywhere.' Thorin stepped forward, Watching the man's every movement as he did. His own hand was already on the hilt of his sword. 'Jaruk!' He said in a stern voice. 'What are you doing here? Passengers of this vessel aren't allowed in the storage rooms.' His gaze still locked on the man. This Jaruk fellow didn't look like much of a fighter. He was taller than Thorin, but not as muscled. The other man wouldn't be able to overpower Thorin with physical strenght. That much was clear.
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Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:09 am

Misaki stopped and turned to Thorin
-Calm yourself, Bashir's son!-
She was angry, still...
-We can know about him, without using weapons!-
She turned to the man, named Jaruk, and asked
-Jaruk, please, look in my eyes-
Jaruk did it: his eyes became matt
-Jaruk, what's your job and what are your intentions?-
Misaki looked at him and Thorin too
-Who's your Lord, Jaruk?-
Misaki sighed and continued
-But.. the girl? What's the name of the girl your Lord wants to?-
She swallowed..
-Jaruk how do you come here?-
He pointed on the big chests, one of them was open...
-Jaruk, please come with us and follow every instructions will be given you-

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Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:45 am
'Right, calm down... You're the one not wanting to use that ability of yours. But I guess that was just nonsense. Cos it looks like me that you're pretty willing to use it when it suits you.' He folded his arms in front of his chest, leaned against the doorframe and watched the little puppet play. There was no immediate danger and the captain would arrive soon anyways. He listened how Misaki told the man to follow them. 'Where are we going? It's best to stay here and wait for the captain and his men.' Thorin heard approaching footsteps. He turned his head to look into the corridoor and saw the muscled man walking towards them with long strides. He looked angry. Ready to pound on the person who had broken into his sanctuary. Thorin stifled a laugh. 'Oh this will be good.' He thought when thinking about the reaction of the captain on Misa's power. 'What will she come up with now.' He was actually happy with the idea of making Misaki's life more difficult. She couldn't just tell the captain that the unknown visitor had smuggled himself onto the ship to find her. That would be just one more stupid thing to do. But heck, the captain seemed to be really understanding. So who knows.
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Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:58 am

Misaki looked sideways at him, waiting the Captain.
She apologized for the hidden man.
Misaki looked at Jaruk
The Captain looked at Misaki
Misaki sighed
-I didn't do anything!-
-But it's not my fault!-
She tried to explain the situation
She shrugged
-I can't tell you, Captain...-
-I'm a peaceful person, please.. I don't want do anything badly..-
He ordered to his crew, who did it.
Misaki was thinking of Haruka, if it was her the Lord and in that moment the control vanished.
Jaruk was free and vanished immediately..
How was that possible?

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