Welcome to my Smithy, fellow Zantarnian!

So you need a weapon or tool made, do you? Well, you came to the right shop, my friend!

I do charge money for my services, and you have to provide me with the correct tools required to complete a job - but you knew this already, didn't you?

Good! Then let's get to work!

[Level 0]   [Level 1]   [Level 2]   [Level 3]   [My Tool Belt : ]

Now then...

You will have to select a crafting level so we can get cracking! Level 0 items require no tools at all... a little banging of bits and pieces together is all that is needed for the basic tools.

For higher level crafting though, you will need to supply me with the correct tools for the job and some of the highest item levels do require you to travel to the far corners of Zantarni in search of some very fabled and rare tools... just so you know.

Do you have the needed materials?

Refined Resources
Cut Wood: (5)
Cut Stone: (2)
Tan Leather: (2)
Iron Bar: (1)
Steel Bar: (0)
Copper Bar: (1)
Tin Bar: (1)
Bronze Bar: (0)
Gold Bar: (0)
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