Chasing White Rabbits {(1x1's and small groups)}
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Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:43 am
Welcome to 'Chasing White Rabbits'~!
This is Alice's always up and running one on one (and small group) roleplay search thread. All cravings, plot bunnies and over all abilities will be posted here (and group roleplays I am running~). I hope to have many fun roleplays~! So please take a look.

Current cravings; Fandoms
Group RP runned by Alice; None yet

Updates on thread; None yet


Can and will do's

Myself as a writer I can offer understandable grammar and spelling.
Will play both males and females.
Does any kind of coupling; MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale.
Post size is based on what you give me; I give back what I receive.
Having a wide size of characters; I have played sweet little girls and chaotic killers. I have range.
I can do any genre, but I love romance, fandoms, horror and fantasy.

Can not and will not do's

Anything that goes against Zantarni's rules or my morals.
I will only roleplay in these forms, do not ask for my email or other contact information.
I may love romances, but I need a plot.
I don't do furies, sorry. (Animal like features don't apply here)

Cravings and pairings

Orginal ⇊
Super Villain x Super hero
Online gamer x Online gamer

Fandom ⇊

'Kuroshi.tsuji(Black Butler)'
Ciel x Sebastian
Ran-Mao x Lau Tao
Alois x Claude

'DC & Marvel comics'
Harley Quinn x Ivy (x Catwomen)
Gambit x Rouge
Harley Quinn x Joker

'Samurai Warriors'
Kunoichi x Hanzo (x Sanada)
Hideyoshi x Nene

Izaya x Shizuo
Genderbent!Shizuo x Izaya
Genderbent!Shizuo x Genderbent!Izaya
Genderbent!Izaya x Shizuo
Genderbent!Kida x Izaya (xShizuo)
Kida x Izaya (x Shizuo)
Erica x Walker
Walker x OC
Celty x Shinra

'Heart no Kuni Alice(Alice in the Country of Hearts)'
Alice x Peter White
Alice x Boris
Dee x Alice x Dum
Alice x Vivaldi
Alice x Blood
Alice x Elliot

'Lichei☆Hikari Club'
Kanon x Hiroyuki 'Zera' Tsunekawa
Norimizu 'Jaibo' Ameya x Hiroyuki 'Zera' Tsunekawa
Raizou Ichihashi x anyone from the club

'Uta no Prince-Sama'
Nanami x Anyone from ST☆RISH
Natsuki x Syo x Satsuki

= Rough plot in mind
= Preferred role, but will do other role if talked to (maybe)
= LETS DO, PLEASEEEE (Iwillloveyouforever)
= I have one or more of this already, but I might take one more
x(someone)= I wouldn't mind a love triangle or this character can be paired up with this character instead

Plot Bunnies

'Tights and Fights'
Pairing: Super hero x Super Villain
Timeline: Any time period will be fine with me.
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action (anything you want, really)
Plot so far: A hero comes across a new villain in town. Catching the eye of not only the town, this new villain is causing trouble. (Not much planed, open to suggestions!)

'Not as it seems'
Pairing: Online gamer x Online gamer
Timeline: Present time period or close to.
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action, Realistic
Plot so far: (First plot) Two males, completely different, somehow end up as lovers. Both meeting on a MMORPG, they somehow tricked each other since both play females in game. It started off as a joke with them dating, then some how lead to them meeting in real life. What a shock it was when both lacked what they had in game.

(Second plot) Not much thought in this one, technically this would be a heterosexual coupling. A male and female bond over multiple games, being friend for over six years. After promising and saving up they get to finally meet, but will this ruin their friendship? Would they ever had been friends if meet in real life?

Roleplays Alice is in (or running)

Running ⇊

Link to plot discussion
Plot and about game;

Playing in ⇊

Link to game
o - oo - oooo
Playing with;

Sorry for such a long thread (
Alice goes a little over bored with threads).

Thank you for reading this fully and I hope I can roleplay with you soon!

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything! Just reply below~!
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Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:14 pm
Hi didn't know if you were still looking to RP or not, but you hadn't listed any you were currently doing. So I'd be up for an RP. I'm particularly interested in the heroXvillain idea you listed. I'd be interested in rping as a female villain. I'm willing to do maleXfemale, femaleXfemale. Nothing wrong with maleXmale, but I prefer to play/write as a female.
'Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.'
-Oscar Wilde
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