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Should I start an art contest?
Yea boi!!
 100%  [ 7 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
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Tue May 22, 2012 1:22 am
Ok, so I am looking for art of clowns, jesters, mimes, fools, harlequins, jokers, etc.

*I will take all kinds. Evil, nice, creepy, cute, ugly, male, female, thing, etc. They can be doing anything.
I don't want to limit any creativeness.

*ALL art levels. Stick figures on up.

*Any style. Sketch, traditional, digital.

I don't have much to offer though so I suspect I will be stuck with stick figures XD.

Here is what I have to offer at the moment, sorry it kinda sucks Sad

If you really want, I could try to draw something(First page is mostly doodles, avatars are on the second and third page. PG images has some gore and some bird flipping.) for you in return. If not I have...


From FluffyFooFooChiChi

2010 Steel Circlet x 2
2010 Steel Hat x 3
2010 Steel Rose x 3
2010 Turquoise Circlet
2010 Turquoise Rose x 5
2010 White Circlet
2010 White Rose x 3
Amethyst Dagger
Anklet Chimes
Aulos x 6
Autumn Leaf
Basket of Grapes x 2
Basket of Shamrocks x 5
Bit of Mistletoe
Black Boxers
Black Half Cape
Black Skull Pants
Blue Crystal Necklace
Blue Fire Scarf
Blue Half Cape
Blue Idyll Shirt
Blue Rogue Shirt
Blue Skull Eye Patch
Bone x 3
Bone Necklace
Boo Turnip x 2
Brown Boots
Brown Fencing Boots
Brown Smoking Pipe
Bunch of Carrots
Bunny Ears x 2
Chicken Leg x 3
Chilled Belled Collar
Clover x 3
Clover Circle
Clover in the Hair x 4
Collar Chime
Copper Pole Lantern
Cozy Knit Pants
Cozy Knit Sweater
Crusader Sword
Crystal Potion Bottle
Cuff Chimes
Curly Antennae x 2
Diamond Belt
Druid Tears
Ducks in a Row
Eidyll Bracers
Eidyll Diadem
Eidyll Starflower x 5
Erin Go Socks
Evil Grin Turnip x 5
FelixiaFii Orange flower x 21
FelixiaFii Pink Flower x 21
FelixiaFii Purpleflower x 25
Flintlock Pirate pistol x 4
Flower Trellis x 5
Fools Sash
Fools Tights
Frosty Mint Coat
Fur Lined Boots
Fur Lined Gloves
Fur Pelt
Gentleman Blue Pants
Gold Rope Belt
Gold Side Sash
Golden Sea Fish x 2
Golden Seashell Pendant
Golden Seashell Sandals
Grapes x 7
Green Apple
Green Boxers
Green Roman Tunic
Green Satin Shirt
Green Strapped Vest
Grey Rogue Shirt
Hairclip Pink Rose x 2
Hairclip Pink Rose
Hairclip Red Rose x 3
Hairclip Red Rose
Halloween Skull Dagger
Halloween Story Book
Hand Chimes
Idyll Flower Staff x 5
Insect Wings
Justice Beads
Knotted Necklace x 2
Lady Ann Pink Jacket
Lady Ann Red Jacket
Ladybird Antennae
Ladybird Boots
Ladybird Kilt
Ladybird Pants
Ladybird Shell Wings
Ladybird Wrap
Ladybug Antennae
Level 4 Earth Sword
Light Pink Flag x 2
Lucky Sash
Mermaid Blue Ankle fins
Mermaid Blue Collar
Mummy Mask
Ocarina x 11
Off White Half Cape
Pale Butterfly Headband
Pan Pipes x 5
Pink Casanova Jacket
Pink Casanova Tights
Pink Casanova Top
Pink Cupid Spear
Pink Half Cape
Pink Heart Spear
Pink Rose x 2
Pumpkin Lantern x 2
Purple Butterfly
Purple Idyll Shirt
Rainbow Sheep
Razz Turnip x 2
Red Berry Belt x 2
Red Berry Necklace
Red Butterfly Headband
Red Candy Box
Red Casanova Jacket
Red Casanova Tights
Red Casanova Top
Red Cupid Bow
Red Cupid Spear x 2
Red Cupid Staff
Red Idyll Shirt
Red Ladybug Headband
Red Rose x 3
Revelers Beads
Saltpouch Bandolier
Scared Turnip x 3
Seasonal Branch
Shaman Mask
Shamrock Belt
Shamrock Bow Tie
Shamrock Buckle Shoes x 6
Shamrock Dress
Shamrock Half Apron x 2
Shamrock Half Corset
Shamrock Jacket x 2
Shamrock Pleated pants x 2
Shamrock Vest x 2
Short Sleeved White shirt
Silver Aura
Silver Red Vest
Silver Seashell Pendant
Silver Seashell Sandals x 3
Silver Starfish Belt x 2
SilverBell Staff
Small Rounded Glasses
Snowflake Doublet
Sprig of Holly x 4
Spring Bud
Spring Clover Cane x 2
Spring Clover Dress
Spring Clover Pants
Spring Clover Shirt
Spring Clover Shoes
Spruce Bell Collar
St Patrick Hat
St Patrick Vest
Stripy Green Hat
Stripy Strawberry stockings
The Minotaur
Time Necklace x 2
Time Sash
Time Staff
Vibrant Pink Flag x 2
White Courtier
White Side Sash
Winter Cowl
Witches Broom x 2
Wooden Slingshot
Xmas Ruby
Yellow Butterfly
Yorick Pants
Yoricks Armband
Yoricks Candy Cane
Yoricks Cane x 2
Yoricks Green Hat x 2
Yoricks Headband x 2
Yoricks Pink Circlet x 2
Yoricks Red Circlet x 2
Yoricks Ribbon Belt
Yoricks Ribbon Necklace
Yoricks Slippers
Yoricks Striped Cane
Yoricks White Circlet x 2
Yoricks White Hat x 2
Z Gold Scepter
Z Silver Scepter

From FlamingTriforce

Silver Bell Wings
Light Feather Wings x2
Fairytale Gem Belt
Runic Sword
2010 Turquoise Rose
Frozen Candycane
Winter Crown
Cardinal hat
Bluebird Hat
Cloak of the Harvest
Green Cat Eyes
Harvest Shorts
Harvest Pantaloons
Fairytale Coif
Tattered Bat Hat

None atm

Art that I receive will be printed and framed to be displayed in my clown collection along with my dolls and figurines and such. If you do not want me to do this, just let me know and I won't Very Happy

I'm no good with prices so please tell me what you want. If you say free I'm still gonna send something your way >:{D.

Fluffyfoofoochichi is my mule.

Ok, GO!


~Mermaid Blue Bikini
~Mermaid Pink Bikini
~Mermaid Pink Bubbles
~Mermaid Pink Collar
~Mermaid Pink Ears
~Mermaid Pink Wings
(rec. and paid)
~Bunny Plushie
~Curly Green Horns
~Curly Purple Horns
(rec. and paid)

~Evil Jack
(rec. and paid)

~All the pets Very Happy

~Petit Pink Heart

~Gold Skull Belt
~Gold Skull Boots
~Gold Skull Helmet
~Gold Skull Ribcage
~Gold Skull Shoulder pads
(rec. and paid)
#2 #3
~Mechanic Ordinary wings
(rec. and paid)
Medusa Headdress
Medusa Tail
Medusa Tunic
The Minotaur
Gryffe Mask Red
(rec. and paid)
Autumn Leaf
Casanova Brown Boots
Cloak of the Harvest
Curly Bone Horns
Defenders Helm
Druid Tears
Eidyll Bracers
Eidyll Diadem
Eidyll Starflower
Golden Serpent Belt
Green Cats Eyes
Harvest Crown
Harvest Scythe
Heart Necklace
Heart Pink Sweet shorts
Ice Dragon Claw Pendant
Ice Dragon Horns
Kraqu Brown Jacket
Peacock Backpiece
Peacock Half Cape
Peacock Hat
Peacock Mask
Peacock Tunic
Pinked Ink
Prism Eyes
Petit Red Heart
Shaman Armguards
Shaman Mantle
Shaman Mask x 1
Shaman Symbol
Sharlou Horns
Staff of the Harvest
Tiki Torch
Defenders Helm
Harvest Laurel
Minotaur Hooves
Tray of Candles

~Curly Black Horns
(rec. and paid)

Keres Corvex
~Black Phoenix Wings
(rec. and paid)

~Mermaid Wings, Ears, and Bubbles
~Time Sash and Time Staff
~Druid Staff
~Golden Seashell Sandals
~Golden Serpent Sandals
Golden Starfish Belt
Gray Pirate Kitty tail
Pink Heart Beltpouch
Red Heart Pink Stockings
Red Heart Black Stockings
White Heart Black stockings
White Heart Pink slippers
White Heart Red Boxers
White Heart Red Slippers
Red Heart White Boxers
Red Love Potion
Red Pink Thigh-highs
Runic Armbands
Shaman Wrap
Tattered Bat Wings
White Armour Mask
Winter 06 Starry Hat
(rec. and paid)

~OC art
(rec.working on pmnt

~Pink pirate kitty tail
(rec. and paid)

Toxic Rainbow`

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Tue May 22, 2012 1:43 am
I would like to draw some clowns for you... :3

I'm interested in -
Grey pirate kitty
pink pirate kitty
mermaid blue bikini
mermaid pink bikini
mermaid pink bubbles
mermaid pink collar
mermaid pink ears
mermaid pink wings

Here are some examples of my art...

If you're interested, let me know how much art you want for those items... And also, what gender do you want the clowns to be???

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Tue May 22, 2012 2:03 am
Those are actually the tails, not the pirate kitties, sorry. I just realized that some of the items names aren't all the way on there... Sorry. I have the mermaid stuff though.

The clowns can be whichever gender you would like. I don't want to interfere with creativeness at all other than saying clown Very Happy

As for how much, I have exactly zero idea of what those items are worth and how much art is so that will be your call as well. I'm fine with whatevs XD
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:12 am
Harlequins! <3 I'll try to get something drawn for you. :3
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:12 am
Thats fine, and I am still interested in the mermaid stuff... Yes

And I don't really know the value of them either because the price guide isn't quite up to date, but I would at least do a few pieces for you for those items...
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:14 am
Celestrya- Are there any items you would like me to set aside for you?

ShuggaMagnolia- Ok, I will set them aside for you.
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:18 am
Cool, I'll get started right after I finish the sketch I'm working on now... I think this will be fun to do, I've never drawn clowns before... :3
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:21 am
Could you set aside the Evil Jack, please?

Here you can find a couple examples of my art:

Arrow DA

Arrow Most recent piece.
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:21 am
Ok, no probs, I'm in no rush XD

Clowns are super fun to draw because they can do ANYTHING! Acrobatics, play instruments, have a party, murder, haunt nightmares, balloon animals XD

Celestrya- Evil Jack, sure thing Very Happy

Edit: I made a change to my first post, it says that art received will be printed and framed if it is ok with the artist. Are you guys ok with that? If not I wont print Very Happy
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:28 am
Thank you. <3 Yes, I am alright with that!

This should be fun...I haven't drawn anything clown related in a long while. Only twice...a head shot of the Joker, and one of Harley Quinn. Laughing
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:32 am
Yesh, I am okay with that, I think it would actually be pretty cool for someone to have my art framed and hung up... :3
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:37 am
My whole room is dedicated to clowns, I used to only collect dolls but then my walls looked sad and it is harder than I thought to find clown pictures at my local thrift stores so I am glad you guys are willing to help me out Very Happy
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Tue May 22, 2012 2:43 am
This is a cool way to get new stuff for your collection I think... :3

And someone should tell TurtleSensei about this, she's doing art in exchange for pets for her pet charity...
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue May 22, 2012 3:21 am
My mother, sister, and I used to collect porcelain harlequin dolls, and masks. (They freaked out one of my best-friends a lot) Laughing I would feel honored if you had my piece hung up. Very Happy I have the initial sketch done. I will send it to you when I get a chance.

Someone should, Shugga. I will if you haven't already! XD
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Long-term Citizen
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Tue May 22, 2012 3:23 am
haha Shugga I see it! I really shouldn't accept more commissions... but I wanna draw clowns!!

0.o I love clowns. Slightly obsessed with The Joker...

I'll draw 4 clowns for you for as many pets as you're willing to donate to my charity. How is that? And I gladly accept Glendors!

Rainbow Sheep Face!! Bahhhh!
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