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Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:45 am
Well goodness gracious there have been a lot of items!
I’m working to compile a list but this might take some time…

You absolutely don’t have to give me anything for free, but people have been asking for item ideas in my art shop, so I’m making a list

Common Shop Items:
Star Flower: Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange

Stripy Hat: Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime

Bow Belt: Blue, White, Red, Black, Golden

Tribal: Pink, Green, Brown, Black

Courtier: White, Red, Blue, Green, Black

Lost Red
Lost in Gold
Lost Blue

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Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:45 am
Monthly items although I think I accidentally grabbed some other items too…

Summer Guys (July 21)
Summer yellow shirt
Summer purple shirt

Princess Butterfly (June 21)
Princess Butterfly Wings
Princess Butterfly Tiara

Fall Harvest (November 20)
Acorn cap

Sticky (August 20)
Candy Blue Hat
Candy Yellow Bow
Candy Pink Shirt
Candy Blue Shorts
Candy Pink Boots
Large Candy Lolly

Gooey (August 20)
Candy Short Overalls
Candy Yellow Shirt
Candy Blue Bow
Candy Striped Socks
Candy Blue Boots

Adventurer 1 (April 20)
Adventurer Purple Shorts

Adventurer 2(April 20)
Adventurer Brown Shorts

Adventurer Accessories (April 20)
Adventurer Purple Scarf
Adventurer Long Brown Scarf

Time Mage (March 20)
Time Mage Staff
Time Mage Hat
Time Mage Bracers
Time Mage Vestments

NoveFae (November 19)
Novefae Wings
NoveFae Boots

FallFae (November 19)
FallFae Dusted Wings
FallFae Boots
FallFae Long Top

Worthy Purple (September 19)
Worthy Purple Crown
Worthy Purple Tunic
Worthy Purple Belt
Worthy Purple Boots

Worthy Gold (September 19)
Worthy Gold Crown
Worthy Gold Tunic
Worthy Gold Belt
Worthy Gold Boots

Red Carnival (July 19)
Carnival Plague Mask
Red Carnival Top

Purple Carnival (July 19)
Purple Carnival Top
Purple Carnival Mask

Green Carnival (July 19)
Green Carnival Top
Green Carnival Mask

Carnivaltastic (July 19)
Green Carnival Owl Mask
Red Carnival Tail
Red Carnival Horns
Purple Carnival Horns
Purple Carnival Tail

Chinese Gold (June 19)
Chinese Gold Headdress

Chinese Peacock (June 19)
Chinese Peacock Headdress
Chinese Peacock Tunic
Chinese Peacock Overcoat

Chinese Red (June 19)
Chinese Red Headdress

Spiked Bronze (April 19)
Bronze Spiked Wings
Bronze Spiked Dragon Tail
Spiked Bronze Yukata

Spiked Copper (April 19)
Copper Spiked Wings
Copper Spiked Dragon Tail
Spiked Copper Yukata

Iced Metallic (April 19)
Iced Metallic Spiked Dragon Tail
Iced Metallic Spiked Wings
Iced Metallic Yukata

Sharp Ice (February 19)
Ice Cape

Monstrous (October 18 )
Opsis Blind
Magic Purple Skull

Spooky (October 18 )
Spooky Lamp Post

Tri-Gems (September 18 )
Cornered Matrix Axe
Cornered Opalesque Axe

Green Taurus (May 18 )
Taurus Green Belt
Taurus Green Wrap

Brown Taurus (May 18 )
Taurus Brown Belt
Taurus Brown Wrap

Aries Attire (April 18 )
Aries Boots
Aries Horns
Aries Jacket
Aries Pants
Aries Shirt

Patterned Cloaks (January 18 )
Patterned Green Cloak
Patterned Blue Cloak
Patterned Red Cloak

Sagittarius (December 17)
Turquoise Belt
Turquoise Crown
Turquoise Top

Dinky Horns! (October 17)
Trik Moon Dinky Horns
Trik Green Dinky Horns
Trik Dark Dinky Horns
Trik Pale Dinky Horns
Trik Tan Dinky Horns

Large Horns (October 17)
Trik Moon Horns
Trik Green Horns
Trik Tan Horns
Trik Dark Horns
Trik Pale Horns

Tails of Yur (October 17)
Trik Moon Yur Tail
Trik Green Yur Tail
Trik Dark Yur Tail
Trik Pale Yur Tail
Trik Tan Yur Tail

Fall Flames (October 17)
Fall Flame Scarf
Fall Flame Hat
Fall Flame Tunic

Peridot (August 17)
Peridot Encrusted Sash
Peridot Encrusted Crown

Leos (August 17)
Leos Cloak
Leos Boots

Ruby (July 17)
Ruby Crab Crown
Ruby Crab Belt
Ruby Crab Pendant

Pearled (June 17)
Pearl Armor Boots
Pearl Armor Staff

Treasured (June 17)
Treasured Water Pearl Crown
Treasured Water Shirt
Treasured Water Waist
Treasured Water Pearl (pet)

Trik Moon (May 17)
Trik Moon Gryffe Tail
Yellowspring Top

Trik Green (May 17)
Trik Green Gryffe Tail
Bluespring Top
Bluespring Shorts

Trik Tan (May 17)
Purplespring Wrap
Purplespring Top

Gloen (February 17)
Gloen Circlet
Gloen Wings
Gloen Staff
Gloen Mushroom (pet)

Gloa (February 17)
Gloa Crown
Gloa Cowl
Gloa Wings
Gloa Mountains
Gloa Flowers (pet)

Glo (February 17)
Glo Diadem
Glo Swirlystaff
Glo Wings
Glo Willow (pet)

Skyward Wings (January 17)
Azure Wings
Zephyr Wings
Sky Wings
Heavens Wings

Earthy Wings (January 17)
Garden Wings
Pasture Wings
Meadow Wings
Prairie Wings

Daylight Wings (January 17)
Dawning Wings
Daybreak Wings
Sunrise Wings
Daylight Wings

Evening Wings (January 17)
Dusk Wings
Nightfall Wings
Midnight Wings
Twilight Wings

Edingtol Eveningwear (December 16)
Edingtol Evening Shirt
Edingtol Evening Waistcoat
Edingtol Evening Bottoms
Edingtol Evening Boots
Edingtol Evening Wrists
Edingtol Evening Hat
Edingtol Evening Scarf
Edingtol Evening Tailpetticoat

Titian (November 16)
Titian Hat
Titian Jabot
Titian Waistcoat
Titian Tailcoat
Titian Pants
Titian Pocketwatch
Titian Gloves
Titian Short Boots

Angelic Demon (October 16)
Angelic Demon Cuffs
Angelic Demon Eyes
Angelic Demon Choker
Angelic Demon Tail
Angelic Demon Wings
Angelic Demon Horns

Fallen Angel (October 16)
Halo of the Fallen
Mark of the Fallen
Shawl of the Fallen

Dark Angel (October 16)
Dark Angel Halo
Dark Angel Mark
Dark Angel Flight

Magical (September 16)
Magical Red Bag
Magical Orb
Magical Blue Heart
Magical Matrix Bottle
Magical Gold Bag
Magical Blue Bottle
Magical Starry potion
Magical Molten potion

Changeable (September 16)
Changeable Wooden Box
Changeable Feathers
Changeable Metal Box
Changeable Bunny
Changeable Clef
Changeable Paint
Changeable Marks
Changeable Gem

Normal (September 16)
Red Bag
Blue Bottle
Matrix Bottle
Gold Bag
Pink Orb
Blue Heart
Early Fall Foliage

Midnight Picnic (July 16)
Celestial Shawl
Celestial Cloak

Fairy Wings (June 16)
Iris Fairy Wings

Monday's Child (May 16)
Spring Ballerina Shoes
Spring Ballerina Tutu
Parasol of Mourning
Hobo Satchel
Blithe Jester Shoes
Blithe Jester Hat
Big Blue Eyes
Big Violet Eyes

Moreys (April 16)
Moreys Tights
Moreys Bell Shoes
Moreys Feather Hat
Moreys Shirt
Moreys Bells
Moreys Bottoms
Moreys Belt
Green Handkerchief
Ribbon Stick (right)
Ribbon Stick (left)
Blue Handkerchief

Feather Wings #2 (February 16)
Sky Feather Wings
Forest Feather Wings

Ranger (February 16)
Rangers Cloak
Rangers Pants
Rangers Chainmail
Rangers Boots

Tracker (February 16)
Trackers Walkingstick
Trackers Boots
Trackers Pants
Trackers Shirt
Trackers Cloak

Staff Favorites (December 15)
Green Mini Wings
Green Starry Hat
Green Array
Red Starry Hat
Red Array
Blue Mini Wings
Blue Starry Hat
Blue Array
Silver Starry Hat
Silver Array

Forester (November 15)
Forester Hood
Forester Shirt
Forester Vest
Forester Breeches
Forester Gloves
Forester Shoes

Trapper (November 15)
Trapper Mink Hat
Trapper Under Tunic
Trapper Doublet
Trapper Boots
Trapper Pants
Trapper Cloak

Wanderer (November 15)
Wanderer Gold Hood
Wanderer Blue Hood
Wanderer Orange Hood
Wanderer Green Hood

Sorcerer (October 15)
Sorcerer Diadem
Sorcerer Crystal
Sorcerer Garments
Sorcerer Crystal Belt
Sorcerer Vestments

Muse (July 15)
Muse Crown
Muse Cape

Lament (July 15)
Lament Smock
Lament Frock
Lament Hood
Stone Skull

Hymnal (July 15)
Hymnal Smock
Hymnal Frock
Hymnal Hood
Sandstone Skull

Parody (June 15)
Parody Chapeau
Parody Tunic
Parody Breeches
Parody Booties

Romantic (June 15)
The Blue Rose
Romantic Hat Mask
Romantic Pants
Romantic Sash
Romantic Shirt
Romantic Tights

Epic (June 15)
Epic Cape
Epic Tunic
Epic Hat
Epic Shoes
Epic Staff
Epic Tights

Solar (February 15)
Solar Wings
Solar Magic
Solar (pet)

Crescent (February 15)
Crescent Wings
Crescent Magic
Crescent (pet)

Stellar (February 15)
Stellar Magic
Stellar (pet)

Yorick's (F)Light (January 15)
Yoricks Resplendence
Yoricks Crown
Yoricks Symbol
Yoricks Lanterns

Yorick's Garments (January 15)
Yoricks Mantle
Yoricks Regalia
Yoricks Stand
Yoricks Array
Yoricks Step
Yoricks Hanging Lanterns

Xmas Wings (2014 recolor)

Eclipsed Jester (July 14)
Eclipsed Jester Cards
Eclipsed Jester Collar
Eclipsed Jester Gloves
Eclipsed Jester Top
Eclipsed Jester Breeches
Eclipsed Jester Hat
Eclipsed Jester Shoes
Eclipsed Jester Mask

Nova Jester (July 14)
Nova Jester Collar
Nova Jester Top
Nova Jester Breeches
Nova Jester Hat
Nova Jester Shoes
Nova Jester Mask

Squire (June 14)
Squire Belt
Squire Boots
Squire Kirtle
Squire Pantaloons

Monarch (May 14)
Monarch Doublet
Monarch Breeches
Monarch Boots
Monarch Crown
Monarch Cloak

Sovereign (May 14)
Sovereign Doublet
Sovereign Crown

Performer (May 14)
Performer Cap
Performer Neckerchief
Performer Chemise
Performer Jacket
Performer Shoes
Performer Pantaloons

Checkers Set (April 14)
Red Checker Hat
Black Checker Hat

Chess Set (April 14)
White Pawn Hat
Black Pawn Hat

Monsoon (February 14)
Monsoon Cuffs
Monsoon Slippers
Monsoon Garment
Monsoon Drape
Monsoon Head dress
Monsoon Glass Lantern

Yorick (January 14)
Yoricks Tunic
Yoricks Shoes
Yoricks Sash
Yoricks Fan
Yoricks Staff
Yoricks Feathers
Yoricks Light
Yoricks Mask

Masquerade (January 14)
Masquerade Shoes
Masquerade Cuffs
Masquerade Velvet Pants
Masquerade Velvet Hat
Masquerade Top

Grave Digger (October 13)
Gravedigger Tunic
Gravedigger Tights

Ec (September 13)
Mystic Emerald Sight

Lec (September 13)

Tic (September 13)
Mystic Amber Sight

(July 13)
Angel Shark Wings
Blacktip Reef Wings
Blue Shark Wings
Goblin Shark Wings
Great White Wings
Tiger Shark Wings

Chromatic Jokester (April 13)
Chromatic Jokester Boots
Chromatic Jokester Shirt
Chromatic Jokester Belt
Chromatic Jokester Sash
Chromatic Jokester Shorts
Chromatic Jokester Tunic
Chromatic Jokester Tights
Chromatic Jokester Wand

Prismatic Jokester (April 13)
Prismatic Jokester Boots
Prismatic Jokester Shirt
Prismatic Jokester Belt
Prismatic Jokester Sash
Prismatic Jokester Shorts
Prismatic Jokester Tunic
Prismatic Jokester Tights
Prismatic Jokester on a Stick

Parishioner (December 12)
Parishioner Fur Cloak
Parishioner Padded Tunic
Parishioner Fur Belt
Parishioner Padded Leggings
Parishioner Fur Boots

Fall Dryad (November 12)
Fall Dryad Cowl
Fall Dryad Collar
Fall Dryad Top
Fall Dryad Sleeves
Fall Dryad Corset

Fall Fae (November 12)
Fall Fae Cowl
Fall Fae Collar
Fall Fae Top
Fall Fae Sleeves
Fall Fae Corset
Fall Fae Trews
Fall Fae Slippers

Nekromantia (October 12)
Nekromantia Mask
Nekromantia Top
Nekromantia Wrap

Fluid Flight (September 12)
Fluid Flight Tunic
Fluid Flight Gloves
Fluid Flight Shoes

Mystic Might (September 12)
Mystic Might Cowl
Mystic Might Pendant
Mystic Might Belt
Mystic Might Boots

MiniWings (August 12)
Pearl MiniWings
Orange Crush MiniWings
Crystal MiniWings
Tealish MiniWings
Amethyst MiniWings

Beauty (July 12)
Splendid Gilded Mask
Splendid Cloak
Splendid Tunic
Splendid Coat
Splendid Belt
Splendid Stockings
Splendid Boots

Tropics (June 12)

Accented Ribbons (May 12)
Gold Ribbon Choker
Gold Ribbon Shoes
Pink Ribbon Corset
Pink Ribbon Choker
Purple Ribbon Corset
Purple Ribbon Choker
Purple Ribbon Shoes
White Ribbon Choker

Elegantly Ribboned (May 12)
Blue Ribbon Choker
Blue Ribbon Shirt
Blue Ribbon Corset
Blue Ribbon Shorts
Blue Ribbon Bottoms
Blue Ribbon Shoes

Boldly Ribboned (May 12)
Blue Ribbon Green Ribbon Shoes
Bold Ribbon
Boldly Ribboned Shoes
Boldly Ribboned Pants
Boldly Ribboned Top
Green Ribbon Choker
Green Ribbon Corset

Crystalline (March 12)
Crystalline Headdress
Crystalline Sleeves
Crystalline Top
Crystalline Belt
Crystalline Pants
Crystalline Staff

Yorick's Splendor (December 11)
Yoricks Splendor Shirt
Yoricks Splendor Armguards
Yoricks Splendor Chausses
Yoricks Splendor Boots
Yoricks Splendor Wings

Yorick's Grace (December 11)
Yoricks Grace Shirt
Yoricks Grace Armguards
Yoricks Grace Chausses
Yoricks Grace Boots
Yoricks Grace Wings

Yorick's Fury (December 11)
Yoricks Fury Shirt
Yoricks Fury Armguards
Yoricks Fury Chausses
Yoricks Fury Boots
Yoricks Fury Wings

Conquistador Lancer (November 11)
Red Gold Chemise
Red Gold Pantaloons
Orange Turnboots

Conquistador Artillery (November 11)
Artillery Top
Plated Silk Sash
Artillery Boots
Artillery Breeches

Poisonous (October 11)
Poisonous Web Hat
Poisonous Web Top
Poisonous Trousers
Poisonous Boots
Poisonous Staff
Poisonous Wings

Earth Fae (September 11)
EarthFae Hood
EarthFae Slippers
EarthFae Staff
EarthFae Wings

Water Fae (September 11)
WaterFae Falls
WaterFae Cascade
WaterFae Hightide
WaterFae Lowtide
WaterFae Shoes
WaterFae Staff
WaterFae Wings

Fire Fae (August 11)
FireFae Wings

Air Fae (August 11)
AirFae Shoes
AirFae Wand of Gales

Royal Finery (July 11)
Royal Gold Crown
Royal Gold Diadem
Regal Silver Cloak
Gold Court Slippers
White Court Boots

Regal Splendor (July 11)
Regal Diamond Diadem
Regal Gold Cloak
Regal Gold Coat
Regal Gold Boots

Darkfae (February 11)
Darkfae Crown
Darkfae Tunic
Darkfae Gloves
Darkfae Sandals
Darkfae Staff
Darkfae Wings

Lightfae (February 11)
Lightfae Crown
Lightfae Tunic
Lightfae Gloves
Lightfae Sandals
Lightfae Staff
Lightfae Wings

Harvest Faire (November 10)
Tall Fawn Boots
Folded Fawn Boots

Harvest Rewards (November 10)
Autumn breeze

(February 10)
Black Half Cape
Bronze Half Cape
Off-White Half Cape
Gold Half Cape
Silver Half Cape
Blue Half Cape
Green Half Cape
Pink Half Cape
Purple Half Cape
Red Half Cape
Curly Black Horns
Curly Bone Horns
Curly Bronze Horns
Curly Gold Horns
Curly Silver Horns
Curly Blue Horns
Curly Green Horns
Curly Pink Horns
Curly Purple Horns
Curly Red Horns

(December 08 )
Yoricks Mini Wings

(October 07)
Halloween Mace
Pumpkin Hat

(May 07)
Black Pirate Hat
White Pirate Hat

(December 06)
Xmas Wings
Yoricks Day Wings
Phoenix Wings

(October 06)
Dragon Wings
Bat Wings

(August 06)
Dinky Black Horns
Dinky Blue Horns
Dinky Bronze Horns
Dinky Green Horns
Dinky Pink Horns
Dinky Purple Horns
Dinky Red Horns
Dinky Silver Horns
Big Black Horns
Big Blue Horns
Big Bronze Horns
Big Green Horns
Big Pink Horns
Big Purple Horns
Big Red Horns
Big Silver Horns

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Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:46 am
Event; shop; smuggler; etc

(October 07)
Black Magical Eye
Blue Magical Eye
Green Magical Eye
Pink Magical Eye
Purple Magical Eye
Silver Magical Eye
Dizzy Jack

(December 07)
Yorick Pants
Snow Boots

(January 10)
Silver Yorick Wings

(February 10)
White Black Thigh-high Stockings
Red Black Thigh-high Stockings
Red Pink Thigh-high Stockings

(October 10)
Orange Cats Eyes

(February 11)
Blue Idyll Shirt
Green Idyll Shirt
Purple Idyll Shirt
Red Idyll Shirt

(March 11)
Spring Clover Hat
Spring Clover Pants
Spring Clover Shirt
Spring Clover Shoes

(August 11)
Fairytale Tunic
Fairytale Doublet
Fairytale Belt
Fairytale Shoes

(December 11)
SilverBell Wings
Feather Hat
Peppermint Coat
Frosted Green Shirt
Frosted Green Pants
Peppermint Pants
Peppermint Boots
Frosted Green Shoes
Frosted Silver Shirt
SilverBell Shirt
Silver Gilded Belt
Frosted Silver Pants
Frosted Silver Shoes
Winter Cowl

(February 12)
Feather Antennae
Fayerye Clip
Sunshine Barrette
Sunshine Sleeves
Sunshine Pantaloons
Royal Blue Gold Crown
Royal Blue Silver Crown
Royal Green Gold Crown
Royal Green Silver Crown
Royal Silver Gold Crown
Royal Gold Silver Crown

(March 12)
Plush Springtime Sun

(August 12)
Lilac MiniWings
Purple MiniWings
Blue Ruffelen Shirt
Silver Ruffelen Shirt
Yellow Ruffelen Shirt

(September 12)
Plush Fall Sun

(October 12)
Brown Scarecrow Hat
Green Scarecrow Hat
White Scarecrow Hat
Pumpkin Top Hat
Pumpkin Slippers

(November 12)
Plush Winter Sun

(December 12)
Vuhaer Evergreen Anorak
Vuhaer Golden Anorak
Vuhaer Cowl
Vuhaer Moccasins
Vuhaer Boots

(February 13)
Azure Eyes
Matrix Eyes
Opal Eyes
Eidyll Glade Wings
Eidyll Rose Wings
Eidyll Sky Wings
Twinspur Hairbow
Twinspur Sash

(March 13)
Spring Buckle Hat
Spring Belted Shirt
Spring Pantaloons

(July 13)
Watery Eyes
Fishmonger Shoes
Poissonier Shoes

(December 13)
Holly Hood
Holiday Socks

(December 14)
Snowbound Wrap

(Smuggler Shop)
Golden Aquamarine Crown
Golden Topaz Crown
Silver Ruby Crown
Blue N Teal Masquerade Mask
Brown N Pink Masquerade Mask
Gold N Red Masquerade Mask
Green N Black Masquerade Mask
Orange N Purple Masquerade Mask
Red N White Masquerade Mask
Green Fete Tunic
Red Fete Tunic
Blue Fete Tunic
Ausos Buckle Hat
Ausos Cloak
Ausos Knotted Corset
Ausos Knotted Shoes
Beached Shark Wings
Gilded Shark Wings
Matrix Shark Wings
Opal Shark Wings
Tempest Shark Wings
Mystic Azure Sight
Lilac Tunic
Black Jester Hat
Black Jester Ves
Black Jester Pants
Black Jester Shoes
White Jester Hat
White Jester Vest
White Jester Pants
White Jester Shoes
Opal Big Horns
Opal Dinky Horns
Opal Phoenix Wings
Matrix Big Horns
Matrix Dinky Horns
Matrix Phoenix Wings
Twilight Hairclip
Twilight Pantaloons
Twilight Sleeves
Sunset Hairclip
Sunset Pantaloons
Sunset Sleeves
Sand Boots
Kelp Boots
Froth Boots
Depths Boots

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Oct 02, 2021 4:35 pm
I'm sure I can help with a few things. When I have a bit more time, I will sort through my inventory =)
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Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:58 pm
Thank you very much!
I have an art shop if you want art in exchange for items
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Queen of the Realm
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Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:06 pm
Wow Shocked Look at that list! I'm amazed that you managed to get that much sorted and organized! You deserve something special for accomplishing that feat!

*takes another look at the list and sends you something fun to play with*

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Sat Oct 02, 2021 8:40 pm
Thanks a lot! It's been a mighty task to try to go through all the site items. XD
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Oct 03, 2021 9:15 pm
*gets dizzy going through the massive list* Zoned Zoned Zoned

Are you after male only items or are you willing to cross dress/gender bender too? Confused
Court Jester? Bo?
Bo, official Zantarni nudist.
Rayven: *gets hit in the face with some underwear* Wow Bo sure likes to get naked! XD
Riley: Bo, the Goat Whisperer. XD
Blaze: Bo, you're just chaotic... Razz Heart
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Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:10 pm
bohemian, I generally prefer male/masculine items but I also wear female/feminine things. I would say my avatar is gender neutral probably

Also cute username, my great grandmother was Bohemian.
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Dedicated Citizen
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Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:50 pm
I actually don't have a lot of the older items either. I do have a lot of duplicates of items from several past events if you're interested though. I'm happy to send them over to you =)
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Mon Oct 04, 2021 8:44 pm
Riley wrote:
I actually don't have a lot of the older items either. I do have a lot of duplicates of items from several past events if you're interested though. I'm happy to send them over to you =)

I would really love that! Thank you very much!!
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Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:14 pm
This is Riley's mule account ^^
I have to run to an appointment, but I have a lot more to send to you XD
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Thu Oct 07, 2021 7:26 pm
Oh my goodness gracious
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Fri Oct 08, 2021 1:32 am
Myself, Bo, and Rayven are pretty consistent with getting multiple sets of the event items. I like to hoard them for occasions like this ^^

Pets will come soon!
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Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:31 am
Thank you so much! This is so amazing!!

all this time I've been a boring human when I could have been a yeti?
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