A way to peace
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Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:35 am
Okay the rules of this on is that, you have to play as atleast 1 Fey, and 1 of any other. Give about the same amount of attention to each of your characters. If you want to do more then go right ahead. But you have to make sure you can give attention. And no 'oh he's just really quite and doesnt talk' kinda stuff. If you do that then there is no real point to the character. So don't create him. Razz Unless of course you can prove to me that the character is going to be valuble in the long run. Try to make it a veriety. And lets have fun!

It's a war. The Humyns are always fighting with each other. The Vampyrs and the Lycans have been hunted since the dawn of their time. The Fey, have always been pursecuted, believed to be the bringers of evil. And the Humyns are always the ones behind these attacks, and defemations of character.

There is one race of beings though that longs for the destrution of all the other races. The Orycks, as they were originally called by the Gods of the world of Amythelia. In an effort to break ties with the other races of the world, they moved into the hot deserts that where only before unhabitiable, building their cities by stealing from wayward travelers. In a further attempt they changed the name of their race to, Orks. Believing themselves to be superior to all others, they seek to distroy all who are not of their Brotherhood. Though there are a few that have chosen to live among the other races in a life of peace, keeping the name originally given to them by their Gods.


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Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:10 pm
Background on the Races:
Humyns: Average. No specific strengths or weakness. Can learn almost all forms of fyghting and magycks, (Only certain magycks and fyghting technics are unable to be performed by humyns.) Living in any place that is ecsessable, they are able to adapt to their suroundings.

Vampyrs: Males and Females that are Nyght people. They are not undead like the stories say. They don't burst into flame in the sunlight and they have just as many weaknesses as anyone else. All the old myths were made by deranged Humyns that wanted to make their childern fear what they didn't understand. They excel in speed and Mynd magycks. And they have a higher enderance then Humyns. Their biggest weakness is that they have to have small doses of blood each day to maintain their powyrs.

Lycans: Males and Females that are like Humyns and Vampyrs, except they have wolf ears, tails and claws. Their legs are strong and powerful like a wolf's. Their feet, are longer then that of the other races, and have padded soles. They require no shoes. The only magycks that they can perform is shapeshyfting, and even then only between their 'normal' two-legged 'Self', and the 'Self' of their wolf, (both Selves are considered 'normal' to a Lycan). If a Lycan is unable to Shyft they are known as a Ly, (a Lycan veriant on the word lie, as in not true, and is also an abrieveated form of Lycan to say that they're not a full Lycan. Therefore they are a Ly.)

Fey: The over name of all the other beings that don't fall into the races of Humyn, Vampyr, Lycan, Orycks, or Orks. Depending on the sub-species of Fey, will depend on the type of magycks that can be used.
There are the Elves, Tall and gracefull. They perform plant and forest magycks.
Dwarves, beings that are the size of a child, but have the strength of an Ork. The Dwarves weild the magycks of stone, and mountain. They are very sturdy and strong type peoples. They believe in hard work.
The Sylphs, slenderly shaped windy woman that are only as strong as the wind magycks that they perform. At one time believed to be of a different race, but was proven that that threory was false.
The Phoenyxes, Firey Humynish looking males and females that have iredecent, multi-coloured wings on their backs. The colors are of the different colors of the fires. They don't need to clothe themselves since their bodies are covered in feathers, and they have a high body heat. But they do because they tend to live around Humyns.
The Syrens, Males and females that have a Humynish torso, arms, and head. But the rest of them are scales, fins, and gills. They perform water magycks. Can perform a water magyck form of shyfting, that can give them two legs so that they can walk on the land. They can be told apart from Humyns, by the fact that they look the same as before, only with two legs instead of their normal long fishlike tail. They used to be believed to be of a different race altogther, but it has finally been proven that they are infact of the race of Fey.

Orks, Orycks: Giant, Bulky two legged beings that have course dark hair and a slightly greentinged skin. They are all warriors. And none can perform magycks.


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Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:11 pm
Humyns: limited in the powyr of their magycks, but not in the ability to do most forms of magyck. They cannot, however, perform, the shyfting magycks, or the Mynd magycks.

Vampyrs: Mynd Magycks, which include but are not limited to; Telepahy, Psycokenisis, Mynd reading, and Dream manipulation.

Lycans: Shyfting between 'Selves'.

Fey: Fey magycks are different for each sub-race of Fey.
Elves: Making plants grow, tending to animals, healing wounds, anything to do with plants and animals.
Dwarves: Stone and metal crafts. Their magycks assits them in finding the gems and metals that they use in their armors, weapons, jewlery, and talismyns. They can also use their magycks to help them in the crafting of these valubles.
Sylphs: The creators of storms. Everyday lite breezes on a hot day. Any magyck that has to do with the wind that they command.
Phoenixes: Any magycks concerning fire. They can also carterize wounds, and burn out fevers. They are beloved guests at large celebrations due to the fact that they are not as expensive as fire works. A group of Phoenixes, can make multi-colored patterns of fire in the sky, putting on an entertaining show.
Syrens: These peoples keep the rivers, oceans, lakes and ponds clean, and full of fish. It's good luck if your farm pond has a family of Syrens living in it. So make sure you pay back their gerousity or they can use their magycks to dry up all your land and take the fish with, when they go. The also can perform a type of Shyfting, that gives them two legs instead of their fish tail. And makes them able to be on dry land. Used for mygrating.


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Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:11 pm
Our story begins as all stories of this kind do. With a war on the herizon, the peoples start to band together to fight each other off. That is when they start to notice that the Orks are sitting on the sidelines waiting for their enemies to die. Most want to believe that the Orks don't want to kill themselves in the war, but a small band of peoples realize that that is not true. The band joines together to find out what is really going on, and to put a stop to it before the rest of the world is destroyed. But our story doesnt start at that point. No. It goes back just a ways, to show how each of the indevidual came to be in aquaintance.

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:02 am
Name: Aarioch Hawkmoon

Race: Elf

Status: 'Outcast Unclean'

Gender: Male

Age: 17

BIO: Arrioch was born blind into the Elvyn race. He grew up strong, using his affinity with the plants to act as his sight. When he was eleven he found that he had no talent for healing, but instead found ways to fight using his abilities to control plants and commune with the animals. His best friend, a red-tailed hawk named Alric was killed by a hunter in his eleventh year, in grief and outrage he used his abilities to slaughter the hunter and his companions. He was banished from his Elvyn home as Unclean and Bloodstained.
Now, six years later, he wanders the land in search of something to fullfill his days with more than solitude.

Demeanor: Conceipted, arrogant, sometimes bitter, remorseless, good sense of humor, fiercly loyal, flirtious, self-confident, coniving, an all around fun teenage boy.



Feed him! Help Faran grow!

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:55 pm
You're approved! Wink

Username: Phoenyx Neko
Name: Faethe Wing

Race: Fey {Phoenyx}

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 25 Actual 125

Description (or pic): Amethyst and Silver feathers, that cover her body. Unusual bright blue eyes. 5'3" 95lbs. When needing to be around Humyns, she wears, a white halter dress, with a trim of lavander, that goes to mid-thigh.

Bio: The daughter of the local "Dressmaker". Her father enjoys to make dresses and other outfits for the local Fey, and the few Humyns that keep Fey company. When she was {looks} 6 / {actual} 106, her father was brutally murdered by an Ork, in a raid of her hometown. She hopes to be the one to kill her father's murderer. Her mother was killed by a Humyn and his wife because they thought that she had killed their baby. Her mother had been the local Midwife. This happened 3 years after the death of her father. And she can not prove their guilt. Has a small line of heritage that has a type of Shyfter that can transform into a cat. She's the first in her line that has shown any signs of having that particular Shyft in several generations.

Fyghting style: Her mother taught her Tai Chi. And her father taught her his families arts of Ninjitsu. Weapons are, body, Kunai, and dual daggers.

Magycks: Can perform a basic flame, but is only able to do enough to light a candle. Has the Magyck of reserection, like all Phoenyxes. Shyfts into a bird that resembles her in a sort. And can Shyft into a Silver cat with or without Amethyst wings, and bright Blue eyes.

Deity(s): The God, of Fire and Light, Hō-ō. And after finding that she could Shyft into a cat she began to also worship the Cat Goddess Bast, Though she's not so sure that she's as faithfull as she should be to her.

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Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:40 am
Me too me too!! This sounds pretty interesting!

Username: Liz795
Name: Mizuki Pristada

Race: Sylph

Gender: Female

Age: (( I wasn’t sure what to put here… XD )) She only says “Why does it really matter? In the end, I will walk on this land no longer, so I live life day by day, not by age."

Description (or pic):

Bio: ((I hope I’m not being too crazy with this…)) Born and raised as a noble and brought up to be a strong leader in her peoples’ proud glowing crystal chime city, Mizuki has a very strong will and a power to match it. But she never sees a situation from just one point of view. This has a very close relation to her power in wind, which swirls and flows within it’s surroundings but can still be a strong force to be reckoned with.

Fyghting style: She is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and has exceptional skill with scythes and pole-arms. Her movements are quick and adjustable, but never the same.

Magycks: Wind magyk, of course.

Deity(s): Like most other Sylph, she worships the Emerald Goddess, who has many names and forms, but all of them female, this coming from a female race. Most families have a name that was passed through generations, and this is how they tell the different families apart. And so, by abandoning the faith, they also abandon their families. This is a great shame that Mizuki thinks should be rid of quickly, since, in her opinion, family is one of the most important things one should have and keep balanced in one’s life.
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Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:22 pm
Liz you're approved! Smile

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Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:54 am
Username: Elaan

Charactername: Ishizu Swiftfeather

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 16


BIO: Younger sister of Aarioch Hawkmoon. When she was six she was relocated to the Eastern Haven. Being separated from her big bro was like a death to her. She was to study to be a priestess of Gaia, the goddess of nature. However, she was rebellious, and ran away. She has lived her life looking for whatever work she can find.
She has a Heart Link with Aarioch, and sense his grief when Alric was killed, she knows he is still alive and searches him out.

Fyghting style: She is very swift on her feet, and has exceptional skills with a featherstaff, hence the name Swiftfeather. She can also shoot a bow fairly well, though she is nowhere near her Brother's skill.

Magyks:She has great healing powers, and has the ability to sense the ails of others. in an almost compulsitory act she heals others by taking their ails upon herself and letting Gaia's grace heal her.

Diety: Worships the Goddess Gaia. She was training to be a high preistess amoung the Elves, but felt another calling from her godess calling her. So she ran...
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:20 pm
Approved! Smile

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