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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:06 am
This is a private role play between myself (Sei Star) and Seridreams. This role play take place in the Sailor Moon universe of which do not claim to own nor does Seridreams, the rights to Sailor Moon and all Characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi.

Warning if you do not like the pairing of Usagi Tsukino and Seiya Kou don't read, and please don't post nasty comments.

'Why had he come again? It's wasn't as if he loved going to parties, having to shake every hand that noticed you for what you were not who you were.' He pondered, looking around for his brother. He spotted him across the room easily making small talk. He sipped his wine, recalling the brief and only other time he had come, to the Moon Palace.
He'd been there with only one other time with his mother, he didn't even remember now why they had made the long journey there. His mother and him had been led to an expansive garden where the flowers were bathed in moonlight seeming to shimmer endlessly. He had asked his mother why the flowers on earth weren't the same. His mother had told him that it was because the moonlight that reached earth wasn't as strong as it was here. And that in the past before the flowers sometimes it became very dark on the moon for many days, when the flowers came from earth as gift. The flowers grabbed the light making it their own, so now they illuminated that darkness. She had also told him that the moon would have no light at all if not for the sun, and without the moon the sun was lonely. She had smiled warmly to him seeming to glow like starlight. He had been so curious then.
"Mother do you think if I left one of your roses here it would become like the others." She'd looked at the bouquet they'd brought from earth and back to him.
"I suppose we could spare one for you, Seiya." She pulled one up from the batch, bending the head of the flower back and forth and until it snapped off and handed it to him. A voice called his motherís name. He didn't remember the persons face, just asking his mother if he could stay in the garden. She asked the other women who had come out to great them, she had complied saying there were guards around and it was safe. He watched them go and strode off carrying the head of rose carefully in his hands. He only stopped a few time to inspect other flowers, even though they glowed and shimmered he thought the rose was more precocious. He came to a place where the flowers were more spread out and heard voices coming from the palace he watched as a blur of white run out into the garden, he followed easily running after it. He thought he remembered seeing someone exit the palace in yellow, the voice, female yelled after whatever it was looking for. He'd lost track of where the white blur went but only for a moment it moved again then stopped. He followed after again as he came close he heard crying, then he saw the white blur that was really just a girl in white. Her hair had been tied up into two separate circles while the rest of her locks streamed down from each neatly.
"What's wrong?" He asked. He hadn't meant to scar her but she whimpered just load enough in shock.
She looked at him through tear drenched eyes the color of sky.
"I just...want my mom..my and they wonít let me see her." He decided to sit beside her.
"I'm sure they will soon..." "You know you look like a rabbit, with your hair up like that."
"A what?" She looked at him confused, still sniffling.
"A rabbit." He put to fingers up behind his head and wiggled them. "They have ears and a tail."
She started crying loudly again.
"Ssshe they'll hear you."
"Why are you making fun of me" she whined.
"I'm...Rabbits are...cute"
"They are?" she, rubbed her eyes.
He nodded.
"Here you can have this." He opened his cupped hands reveling the rose.
She reached out touching it carefully.
"GirlĎs are supposed to like flowers right?" He'd expected her to say something not touch it as if it was going to bit.
"It doesn't look like a flower." "Those are flowers." She pointed to all around.
"Well this one isn't like those. It's a rose." "Here" He offered it to her again. She cleared away her tears with her arms first then took if from him.
"Can you get them to make it like the others flowers?" He didn't want to waste his efforts of making moon roses by giving his one rose away but it seemed to make her happy.
"I don't know." She stood then, reaching out her hand to him.
"I'm Princess Serenity." She twirled, making her dress billow out all around her.
"I'm Seiya." "I mean Prince Sol." She laughed.
"Well who are you then?" She teased.
"Sorry, that's what my mom calls me and I don't like saying Prince Sol."
"Seiya is cutter anyways." She giggled. He grabbed her hand she felt warm. He heard his motherís voice and ran to her.
Seiya shock his head, leaving the glass of wine empty why of so very few memories of his mother did that one remain with her in it?
Trumpets sounded announcing the beginning of the ceremony. His legs moved before he even realized he was half way through the crowd. He was stuck for a bit, but started flashing the small symbol of his status at people just to get by. He wasn't usually grateful for such passage, but tonight was different. Tonight he could see if his little rabbit had grown. The ceremony music played on a voice from the other side of the room rang out.
"Announcing her Majesty's persona assistant's the Lady Luna and Lord Artemis."
From the top of the stairs near now were Seiya had gain passage through, two figures glided down the stairs. The women was dressed in long flowing yellow gown, her hair as dark as ink, while the man wore mostly all white uniform adored here and there with gold. His hair was also white yet seemed even more pristine than that of his clothing. The gentleman kissed her hand when they reached the end of the staircase.
"Announcing the Guardian of the Inner Planetary Bodies, the Lady Venus"
This time one figure emerged, clad in a dress the seemed the change between gold and orange, her hair glowed of the same gold hue, she stopped mid way waiting.
"Announcing the Guardian of Forests, The Lady Jupiter."
Now a slightly older women emerged dressed in an shimming emerald dress her hair done up simply in a pony tail the color of copper. She stopped behind the other.
Seiya wondered how many people were going to come before her, his Usagi. He only heard the tail end of the next announcement.
"The Lady Mars"
A women about the same age as the first he figured stepped out in a garbed in crimson red it seemed to reflect the very essence of fire as it flowed around her. The woman's hair was simply down with no ornaments it reminded him of ravens, she took her place to behind yet the other.
"Announcing the head teacher of the Inner Planetary Guardians, the Lady Mercury."
Her attire seemed airy yet icy it was mostly blue in color but like the other gowns seemed to change in the lighting. Her was cropped short and blue. She also seemed to be the oldest of the three but not by much, she still held a youthfulness her. She again took her place on the stairs. The crowd applauded and the four walked the rest of the way down standing alongside the women in yellow and the man.
"And finally the Queen Selena and her Daughter Serenity."
Many in the crowd bowed down on one knee. Seiya tried to search threw the faces to see what his brother did, he didn't to come off rude but not wanting to miss, her appearance he stayed as he was. He felt his heart beat a little faster.
Her mother had walked out and stood standing only a few steps down. Her dress was surprisingly simple, it was a pearl white in color her hair was done as he remembered her daughters being the day he meet her, but with more fullness to it and although he could tell by how close he was that her hair was blond it almost appeared as white as moonlight. Then he allowed hi memory to form a new picture of her. Her hair was the same as her motherís even now that she was turning eight-teen. Yet it was as golden as the sun, her eyes still the color of sky on clear day. Her dress although seemed reminiscent of the one she had worn so long ago now adorned her body's curves and her long limbs as they were a part of her very skin. She joined her mother and they also joined the others at the bottom of the stair case.
The announcer was directing rules on how the dance and the rest of the night would take place. The only part Seiya cared about hearing was where the line was to dance with his princess was, he didn't even care how long it would take to get to his turn he just wanted to see he up close again.
He stood in line eventually he was getting close, he saw every time she came over she looked exhausted and annoyed; he'd be annoyed to if it was him. A thought struck him that soon it would be his twenty-first birthday and being that he had still not asked anyone to marry him his father would most likely insist on throwing him a ball much like this one; only lots and lots of women would be there. He pondered how his brother had gotten out of doing such things any more.
Someone was asking his name so when the Princess arrived they could properly be introduced; this was still far from the head of the line. As soon as he gave it, the man shuddered.
"Your highness....if you had just said who you were would have been first in line. My apologies we'll see you're moved up right away."
Seiya grabbed the man by the arm before he could leave.
"I assure you if that's what I wanted I would have already done so. I will wait."
The man nodded but looked shocked; he carried on with his duty.
He finally made it up to the front of the line. The man in white stood his hair even snowier. The man who'd asked Seiya for his name gave it now to the man. Who turned in Seiya's direction eying him.
They both watched the young princess hurry over.
"Princess Serenity." He spoke, taking her hand in his then reached for Seiya's.
"Your Highness Sol."
He then placed their hands into each otherís.


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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:18 am
Serenity's hand was now in Seiya's, she blushed and enjoyed his company as it were. Not sure what to do she allowed the young man to take the lead for the night, though taking precautions of her own.

Silently into the night, her eyes gleamed into the Prince's eyes. "You look nice." she said quietly, referring to his attire.

The atmosphere was great, not too cluttered or too foggy. It was absolutely wonderful, as if everything sparkled.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:19 am
He tried to tell her through his eyes to remember what he had held onto so fondly, but she seemed distracted by all the other events and people moving past them.
He'd meant to speak to her first, but her voice meet his ears before he could find his own.
He smiled at her in response to her complement.
"You out shine the stars themselves this night, Princess."
He spun her around as was customary to the song they danced too.
"Oh and please call me Seiya."

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:21 am
Serenity couldn't help but to feel taken with the prince, of this night. She blushed once more, and spun as he did.
"Lovely name sir..." she said fondly, taking a look around to what everyone else was doing. She was glad everyone was having a nice time.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:23 am
He almost couldn't control bursting out with laughter at her calling him Sir. He chuckled softly then sighed, she hadn't remembered him. He had no more doubts no more reservations about how he felt for her, especially as she was now. Maybe even if she didn't remember now she would and she would come to love him.
"If I asked you to leave this dance floor now would you come with me?"

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:25 am
Serenity blushed heavily, she couldn't feel her cheeks, as they filled with warmth. She did not know what were the intentions of this prince, perhaps for a stroll? Serenity nodded.

"Only for a while..." she said softly, as her blue eyes sparkled like the twilight skies.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:28 am
The pressure of waiting for her answer was killing him he thought. But she had complied.
"Good, you can receive your birthday present then. Had you said no all my time would have been for none."
He looked around carefully for the other princesses, seeing they were all more then busy himself, he snatched the opportunity moving them both carefully in time with the music off the dance floor, making his way to one of the traveling portals.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:30 am
"Birthday present?" Serenity blinked. She wanted to see what was this present exactly is. Not exactly sure if she should go with the young man, she nodded. "Okay lets go then?" She agreed to go, but making sure she stayed on guard.

Hopefully her mother wouldn't scold her for going to far off, but perhaps it wasn't far at all.

"I cannot wait." She smiled at the man.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:32 am
He entered the traveling portal, extending his hand to her. Everything was going as he had wanted to. He must have someone looking at for him he thought...or maybe it was destiny.
He smiled and bowed his hand still out stretched.
"Do you trust me?"

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:35 am
The question pierced Serenity's heart, she was unsure what he meant by that. She wondered if she was being too obvious at being nervous, but she didn't want to be rude. Though the shyness had taken over her, at the sight of a handsome man.

"...I do." She said half unsure. He looked promising, and he was kind to her. Her heart swelled up, she did not know what this feeling was.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:36 am
The two of them were whisked away by the traveling portal and stopped again, he stepped out first offering his hand to her yet again. Every change to feel the touch of her sweetness was a chance he took.
"It's just around the corner I promise, but you have to keep your eyes closed."
He waited for her to exit the portal and took hold of her hand leading the way , making sure her eyes were closed shut.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:38 am
Shy like the Princess agreed to close her eyes, only with the exception of holding onto the Prince's hand securing her comfort levels.
"Okay." She smiled, as she grasped gently onto his hand.

"Is it safe?" She asked wondering if there will be any obstacles.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:38 am
"No worries, Princess. This is my private garden only my self and my brother know of the exact location." He brought her closer and in front of him.
"Besides we're already here...Open your eyes Usagi." He had whispered the last part near her ear placing his hands on her shoulders.
What it was was an expansive rose garden. He always felt a sense of pride and accomplishment with making it as big as it was. It had been smaller when he was a child and as time went on he added on to it every year. He'd found out that all the roses ever brought to the moon died and if he couldn't bring them to the moon he would bring the moon to them. He awaited her reaction.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:41 am
The roses were beautiful, she couldn't believe all of the pretty flowers align the way they were. Sure she had a garden of her own, but she never seen such splendor like this.
"I love it all..." she said softly. "I wish I can stay here forever." She sighed, walking off to see all the lovely sights.

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Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:41 am
Seeing her here brought him so much joy, he followed behind her but not overly closely.
"I'm happy you love me."..."I mean them."
He blushed insistently and to miss her gaze not knowing if he'd avoided it.

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