A St. Yorick's Day Tradition: St Yorick's Day Parade
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Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:28 am
The celebration of St. Yorick's Day is a celebration of sharing, of being together with those we love, our friends and neighbors and it is in his spirit that I again tell this story.

St Yorick's Day Parade

There seemed to be more activity around St. Yorick's Day, the thought of celebrating the great Saint's life was on many people's minds. It truly seemed like the people needed to feel his giving spirit in their everyday life, more than ever. Times seemed more unsteady, more unstable. It seemed that arguments were erupting over petty things and the spirit of friendship and giving was being all but forgotten.

The people seemed to be losing face in those who governed and those whose job it was to protect and defend them. It seemed that Zantarni was falling into a deep and dark funk of distrust and disbelief in the spirit of cooperation and giving.

It seemed that the Knights were being called out to try to break up these petty squabbles and found themselves getting more and more embroiled in them. The faire lands of Zantarni were in an uproar and the Lords and Ladies on high seemed powerless to do anything to calm the masses.

Something was needed to be done. As Scarz and Lightning patrolled through the streets of the city proper, he was stopped by a small boy who was crying and hungry. Scarz, dismounted and comforted the boy, giving him some apples and then mounted Lightning again, lifting the boy to the back of his saddle and then taking him to the city shelter. The boy thanked him and kissed Lightning and before he entered the shelter he asked if there would be a parade on St. Yorick's Day. Scarz assured the boy that somehow, there would be.

Leaving the boy he headed to the Knight's barracks. He put Lightning away in the stables and headed in to talk with the other Knights about a parade. It was discussed but not much seemed to be agreed upon. Scarz went back to the stables, and brushed Lightning's coat, then re-saddled him and went out into the apple orchard. He had an idea, to start a new tradition. He picked as many apples as he could, filling a couple burlap sacks and throwing them over the back of Lightning. Then they went home.

After again putting Lightning away for the night, he went in and talked to his Lady Nema about what he wanted to do. He knew it wasn't much, but if it made even one person happy in these times of mistrust and sadness, t would be worth it. She had smiled and agreed that it was a good idea. They both stayed up all night making preparations.

Soon morning came and Lady Nema and Scarz were busy, preparing their mounts. Both Lightning and Talisman, had their manes and tails braided, with roses entwined in the braids. Their reins we bedecked with a variety of flowers and their saddle blanket were covered with flowers that hand been woven together by Lady Nema and Scarz.

Scarz smiled as he placed two large baskets on either sides of the saddles, and filled them with the apples. Then it was time for Lady Nema and Scarz to get themselves prepared.

Lady Nema and Scarz had removed all of the weapons that they would normally have carried, and put on the flower crowns they had woven and the flower necklaces, and flowered capes that they had made for themselves and returned to the stable.

Scarz helped Lady Nema mount Talisman, then handed her a tambourine and small drum. He smiled as she looked so beautiful. He then turned and mounted Lightning and as they left the stable, he pulled out his small wooden flute. As they entered the town, he started playing it accompanied by Lady Nema. Playing songs of St. Yorick. . . ."The hands of Yorick are upon us" followed by "St. Yorick, the brave."

As the music was played, citizens began to come out of their homes. They smiled when they saw Scarz and Lady Nema, and Lightning and Talisman, resplendent in their flowers. As they came, Scarz and Lady Nema handed out apples to all.

As they played and rode slowly towards the center of town, more and more citizens joined them and soon others had brought out instruments and joined in with the playing of the songs of St. Yorick. There were even those who started singing the songs, and soon Scarz and Lady Nema were leading a parade through the center of town a parade filled with music and dancing and laughter and joy. Apples were handed out to all and as they got to the city center, near the city shelter, Scarz dismounted as did Lady Nema and they found their way to the Gazebo in the center of the park. Lightning and Talisman standing beside it and children danced and sang as other citizens mounted the gazebo, to also play their instruments, the songs on St. Yorick filled the air.

The small boy that Scarz had helped the night before came rushing out of the shelter with the others who were staying there and he saw Scarz and Lightning at the gazebo and rushed to them. Smiling and singing as he ran.

Scarz smiled as he saw the boy and waved as the boy got near. Someone else had taken up the mantle of passing out apples, taking the baskets from both Lightning and Talisman and soon others were wearing flowered crowns and necklaces they had woven.

Scarz looked to Lady Nema and smiled. She smiled in return as they danced as they played. The little boy had made his way to the gazebo and hugged Scarz.

"Sir it is the best parade I have ever seen. St. Yorick would have been proud. Thank you for all you have done." The young boy was smiling and dancing.

Scarz looked at the little boy, "This is what St. Yorick's day should be all about, everyone having fun and enjoying the day. Dancing and singing and enjoying the company of so many others, all troubles forgotten, at least for this day."

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