A Mule Haven
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Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:46 pm
While strolling down a small street in the bustling Edingtol City, you notice an odd, scrawled rune carved upon a wall. It is messy in appearance, and its meaning is difficult to guess.

An average passerby might look at it for a moment, then dismiss the odd mark as child's scrawl. A more astute passerby might note that as it is carved in stone, it seems unlikely that a mere child carved the mark.

To one who is actively searching for the mark, it means something else altogether. This is a mule haven. Built for the purpose of giving mule accounts a place to meet and to gather in secret, as well as offering a place where mules seeking to hide from their mains might come in search of safety.

As night falls, on some nights, figures might be seen walking down this street. One or two might stop for a moment, hold up a small sigil of their own -- then seemingly disappear into thin air. They arrive in an underground, hidden location. Most nights, a lean and slightly dangerous-looking figure meets them there. His hair is black streaked with red. He carries a weapon at all times and puts off the air of knowing how to use it. While he is often openly hostile towards main accounts and his main account in particular, Wyld strives to be welcoming to fellow mules. To him, other mules are family. Here, out of sight of the mains, Wyld is welcoming, sympathetic, and sometimes even friendly.

The Mule Haven is run by FaeWyld, and unknowingly funded by his main account. As Wyld is a slightly distrustful and paranoid sort by nature, only those who have contacted him directly are given the proper sigil may enter. Each sigil is keyed to the mule who holds it and newcomers must be cleared with Wyld first.

He keeps a small booklet with a list of names of those permitted access. The booklet contains no other information, though Wyld keeps careful note of who is sympathetic towards mains versus who is hostile, as well as those who might require help and assistance with difficulties.

Once transported, mules find themselves in a large, spacious area. Once a place of storage for item after item, this area has been converted into a much cozier place. Lights, magical in origin, light the entire area.

It is clear immediately that a large amount of gold has been spent making this place suitable and comfortable. Less clear is its purpose. Is it a casual place to gather or something more serious?

Near the entrance is a pub-like setting. Small and large tables surrounded by chairs of various shapes and sizes are evenly scattered, and drinks and food are available, free of charge for those who wish to make them. A basket of apples sits on the wet bar, for those interested in healthy, quick food.

Along the far wall is an assortment of weapons, stacked neatly. Scepters, bows, swords, blades, axes, nets, and even a pair of hatchets sit, waiting for those who are interested in testing them out. A small ring for practice is nearby.

Those who explore will find private quarters in the back, available both for rent and as sanctuary for the down and destitute. One door is locked -- this door leads to Wyld's own, private quarters. Others are not permitted in.

And a mule has entered the fray ...
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Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:31 pm
This is a very nice place. Wyld you are very lucky to live here. Thank you for inviting me. *bows*
Rayven's Mule
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Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:40 am
While Reinhart felt he didn't need a haven from his main, he figured he may as well make use of the sigil that was given to him. He was actually surprised he was even trusted with one considering he tended to be outright friendly with most mains, including his own.

Then again, he was starting to understand the other mules' situation after hearing some pretty nasty remarks suggesting they weren't even people.

At any rate, Reinhart was stunned to see how big and how nice the Mule Haven was. He was expecting, at most, a small house. Not a pub and an inn. As he made himself a drink, he started to wonder exactly how Wyld managed to spend so much gold on such a huge project without his main noticing.

Either she was incredibly oblivious or he was a ninja. Reinhart found the latter idea much more entertaining. Said entertainment would come at a cost though, he wasn't paying attention to the amount of alcohol he just poured into his drink. So when he decided to taste some of said drink...he made quite a few funny faces and choked on it.
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