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Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:50 pm
Kaita checked the rooms she came across cautiously. She would close her eyes and check the spiritual pressure.

"Tch... not here either..." Kaita let out a ragged breath as she moved past another door. She was starting to get impatient. Soto, you better show yourself...

Kaita had kept in mind in searching for Hansuke but she also wanted to put an end to Soto. She was determined to find him and stop him no matter what.

Leona was seething with anger at Soto's disembodied voice that echoed through the room.

"Soto get back here!!!" Leona yelled after Soto as she felt that he left. Grimmjow please save me...and be careful of Soto... Whispered in her "heart" the warning to Grimmjow.

Leona's hand traveled up to her chest and felt the slight palpitation that had not been there for centuries. Her own body had started to change, she didn't even notice that the hole in her chest had closed. Leona then collapsed onto the floor breathing raggedly.

"Whats happening to me?"
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Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:44 pm
"Leona!!" Hansuke ran to her side and knelt beside her, looking her over, noticing the bizarre and frankly disturbing change. "Wh- what happened?!" He turned his attention back to Leona's face. "Hang in there!" He put a hand on her shoulder, panicking a bit. It seemed that his new ally was suddenly down and out for the count. What did Soto do?!

When did Soto do it? Grimmjow was lying on the ground now, too, struggling to breath. He felt he was being crushed by his own spiritual pressure. Why had that hole filled in? Why was he so overrun with questions and emotions?

Grimmjow... Grimmjow's eyes shot wide as he heard Leona's voice.

"Leona?! Where-" Her voice continued and he realized he wasn't hearing it with his ears...

Please save me... Her soft, struggling voice came from his 'heart'. This thing that had filled the gaping hole he had struggled for so long to fill... Be careful of Soto...

Leona! His 'heart' cried out to hers. I'm coming! I won't let him hurt you!! He struggled to get up and he had this feeling in his body... His 'heart' was frail, he could break it and keep looking for her, but he knew it would break the connection they had. I'm sorry, Leona... but these emotions... THEY AREN'T WORTH HAVING YOU IN DANGER! He screamed out and concentrated his spiritual energy in the part of his soul that had been altered, and then... it broke. There was tremendous pain and sadness that ripped through his body as it happened, and he felt a sort of familiar hopelessness. "LEONA!!" He was destruction. He was death. Even if that connection broke. He would find her. He was the king. No one would stop him now.

Ichigo and Soto both stopped in their tracks at the feeling of Grimmjow's spiritual pressure.

Ichigo was confused. "That wasn't a normal spike of his spiritual pressure... What the hell just happened?" Ichigo quickly made his way towards Grimmjow, but he stopped suddenly. "Wait a sec..."

His spiritual pressure spiked, and his voice crackled through Kaita's communicators. "Kaita, you may wanna come see this."
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Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:08 pm
Leona gasped when she could hear Grimmjow's reply, but she breathed out in pain.Grimmjow....no...

Leona brushed Hansuke aside and stood up weakly. She started to staggered forward clutching her chest. "GRIMMJOWWWWW!" Leona screamed out in pain then she fell to the ground breathing hard. Leona's spiritual pressure started to drop slowly, the color in her cheeks started to fade as well.

Kaita stopped and looked back the way her and Orihime came. She then turned towards Orihime and nodded. "On my way Ichigo." Kaita made her way to Ichigo's location.

"Ichigo what did you find? Did Grimmjow find Hansuke? I felt his spiritual pressure spike."
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Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:39 am
"I'm not sure what's wrong with Grimmjow, but he'll probably be here soon. Chances are he won't wanna talk about it though." Ichigo then turned his attention to the door next to him and opened it for everyone to see. "I think I may have found where he's keeping them." There was a strange dark seal right at the entrance to the room, but standing up close, even though it was faint, it was easy to feel Hansuke's spiritual pressure.

Inside the seal, Hansuke was beginning to panic. "Leona-" He was cut off by her scream. "OI!" He rushed to her side again. "What's wrong, Leona?!"

Suddenly Hansuke felt a familiar spiritual pressure. Ichigo had lodged his sword into the seal in an attempt to cut it, but he had gotten more than he bargained for. The darkness began inhaling his sword and quickly gaining speed. "Ah- Wha- Wait a sec-" Before long, it had completely pulled him in.

"Ichigo!" Orihime called after him, but quickly stopped, motioning for Kaita to stand by a moment. "He can get out of there, I can feel it. Give him a minute to get Hansuke and-"

She was pushed into the seal with a forceful shove from Soto and screamed a bit. "Kaita!!"

Soto swiftly sent a lightning fast kick for his sister's face and continued his pursuit, trying to push her back.

Meanwhile, Grimmjow had found another room with a dark seal over it and felt Leona's spiritual pressure on the other side, though it was slowly fading. Realizing the seal was open on his side, he entered, and he did not like what he saw.

Hansuke, Ichigo and Orihiime were all kneeling around Leona, trying to figure out why she was in such a state.

"Leona!!" Grimmjow ran beside her. Despite his broken heart, he still felt a connection to her, although it was fading along with her spiritual pressure. "Leona, what the hell happened?!"
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Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:10 pm
"Ichigo...Orihime..." Kaita dodged the incoming kick that Soto sent to her head. She gritted her teeth as she continued to back away from his persistent attack.

"Soto you.... Give back Hansuke!" She countered Soto's attack and tried to counter with her own attacks.

Leona looked around her with misty eyes. She could barely make out the faces of Hansuke, Ichigo, and Orihime. Her breathing continued to come out in raspy wheezing, she turned her head when she heard Grimmjow.

"...Grimm..jow..." Leona's face then constricted in pain and she grabbed at her chest. Her 'heart' was in pain just seeing Grimmjow. She didn't know why but the more pain she felt the more her spiritual pressure slowly ebbed away.

Kaita tried to push Soto back towards the room which Orihime and Ichigo had disappeared through. "Release everyone Soto. Your fight is with me." Kaita then unsheathed her zanpaktou.
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Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:13 am
Soto blocked and fell back a bit. Everything looked good so far. Before pulling out his sword, Soto moved back to the seal and tapped it lightly. "Oh, I think I'll keep them in here just a while longer." He grinned devilishly. Suddenly bright white lines crossed over the seal in a strange and intricate pattern and the seal compressed in to a tiny box that fit perfectly into Soto's palm.

Inside the seal, there was a bright light as the two sealed spaces were separated from each other. When the light faded, Ichigo, Hansuke and Orihime were all in one space, confused and a bit afraid as Leona and Grimmjow and Leona were suddenly no where to be seen.

Soto waved at Kaita. "I'll see you in the main dome once I've collected my things. Now if you'll excuse me, there's just one more bit of preparation left." He was disappearing slowly into darkness, and attacks no longer affected him. "See you then, sister..."

In the other space, Grimmjow held kaita with a strangely neutral look on his face. "Leona..." He said, distressed, "What happened...?! You were fine a minute ago, weren't you...?!" His face began to contort with anger. "I could feel your spiritual pressure even before I found that weird seal... Why did it suddenly start dropping...?! What did..." He flashed back to Leona's sad voice when he broke his heart. "Did I...?" He was filled with rage, loneliness and regret. "No...!" He squeezed her slightly, his fists clenching. "No!!"
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Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:06 am
"SOTOOOO!!!!" Kaita yelled after her brother as he disappeared. She then turned to the wall and punched it with all her might causing a massive crack to appear.

Leona stared blankly back up into Grimmjow's eyes and shook her head to the side. In a raspy whisper she spoke to Grimmjow.

"I...don't know... It happened so fast..."

Leona reached up with her weak hand and placed it over Grimmjow's hand. "But...I'm glad...you came ... for me..."

Her eyes looked softly at Grimmjow, "How could....you have...caused this..."

Kaita turned her attention in the way that she thought Soto disappeared to. She made her way cautiously hoping not to encounter any other arrancars along the way.

"Ichigocan you hear me??? I'll try to get you out of there, just hold on." Kaita tried to get into contact with Ichigo through the communicator.
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Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:58 am
Grimmjow held Leona there, hesitating, afraid of what he had done. "Leona... I..."

"Oh my..." Soto's voice rang clear once more, though only within Grimmjow and Leona's seal. "Still in the dark on this situation, are we?"

Soto moved quickly through the halls, hiding his spiritual pressure, headed towards the main dome.

"Soto..." Hatred burned Grimmjow's throat. "What the hell have you done, you crazy b******?!"

"Surprisingly little, actually... for once. Seems you did most of the work for me."


"You see, I noticed from the very beginning that you two had made a little trip to the world of the living using those fuax bodies I created. What you never knew about the early ones you were using is that in order to hide your essence as hollows, it meant giving you a temporary fake heart- a neat new invention of mine, at the time."

"Wait... does that mean that all of those feelings were...-" Grimmjow stared up into the darkness, shocked.

"Oh, they were quite genuine." Soto cut off Grimmjow's trailing theory. "Well, that is to say that the connections you formed, the way you responded emotionally and your coming together was very much your own doing. The heart was just a flimsy medium. Well, the first one was, anyway."


"That's correct. My, aren't you a good listener." He laughed at Grimmjow.

"What the hell do you mean, first?! You made more?!"

"Of course I did, Grimmjow. I was quite fascinated by the growing bond between you and Leona. I wanted to see how realistically I could recreate a connection of hearts, so I tried upping things every time you went out, until just recently. You see, that last body you had been using before making such a scene in the world of the living carried a heart that actually affected your soul." A horrible grin crossed his face. "I succeeded in crossing God's law! I gave you and Leona artificial hearts with incredibly strong bonds!! Such strong bonds that...

to break one is to break both."

Grimmjow was silent in shock. Anger rose within him, and his spiritual pressure was fluctuating strangely.

"Of course, I can fix this, if you're willing to give up your powers to me. You felt it didn't you? With that heart, your own spiritual energy will kill you. But on the other hand, if you don't... She will die instead."

Grimmjow looked down at Leona, troubled and confused thoughts running through his mind.

Ichigo's voice crackled through the communicator, slightly obscured by interference, though still intelligible. "We're ok, Kaita. Just focus on your brother for now. I think it's time you finished this quarrel."
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Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:41 pm
Leona could barely understand what Soto and Grimmjow were saying. Her consciousness started to drift in and out as her spiritual pressure continue to decline making her become even weaker.

"...but... that can't... be possible..." Leona looked at Grimmjow, "Don't listen to...him Grimmjow...You can't give...him your power..."

Kaita focused on what little remnants of Soto's spiritual pressure she could find and follow it to him."Alright then Ichigo. You guys sit tight and I promise to get you out of there."

Kaita set down the hallway heading to the main dome of Las Noches. "I'll have you soon Soto and you will set everyone free." Kaita breathed out in anger as she made her way searching for her brother.

Leona continued to grow paler by the minute. She grasped Grimmjow's hand weakly, "Don't worry...about....me......I'll be...fine...."

Leona tried to stay positive but she knew at the rate that she was losing her strength and spiritual pressure the inevitable end may come sooner than later for her. She tried her best to appeal to Grimmjow despite her voice coming out in nothing but raspy whispers.
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Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:40 am
Grimmjow slumped, and his eyes became hidden. He was silent for a moment. "You're lying, Leona." His voice was heavy and dark. "Soto." He looked upwards. "Fine. I'll do it."

"Ah, that's a good Espada! I knew you wouldn't let me down!" Soto grinned devilishly, hiding in a dark room close to the dome that hid his spiritual pressure.

Grimmjow bared his teeth. "Just do it, you ***hole."

"My my, such impatience. Very well." Soto obliged.

"GAAAAHHHHH!!!" Pain ripped through Grimmjow's body as the hole in his chest filled up once more and his powers were ripped from his soul, his '6' tattoo disappearing entirely.

"In order for the change to remain stable, I will be taking Leona's powers as well." Soto grinned sadistically.

When it was over, Leona's powers would have also almost entirely disappeared, but her physical strength began to return to her.

Grimmjow slumped again, being left with only a fraction of his hollow powers and with all shinigami powers he gained from Aizen still in tact. Of course, it wouldn't be enough to go after Soto now, not with the way he was at this point.

Soto felt a great strength rushing through him and left the hidden room to enter the dome, his huge crushing spiritual pressure giving away his exact location. He had left Leona and Grimmjow's seal in that hidden room for them to do as they pleased. There wasn't much that they could do to him now, anyway.
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Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:56 am
"...Grimmjow!!!" Leona looked up at Grimmjow with worry and tried to sit up. Then with wide eyes Leona gripped her chest in pain as she felt her powers taken from her. "ARGAAHHHHHH!!!"

Leona no longer felt her body as dead weight, feeling that her strength was slowly returning. But due to Soto taking her powers she still felt winded and short of breath.

Kaita then felt Soto's spiritual pressure skyrocket making her stop momentarily. "What the hell....when did he ever get so much power..."

Kaita then picked up speed heading to the main dome of Las Noches where she felt Soto's spiritual pressure disperse from.

"Guess I have to try and match Soto's power with my own...even though it might cost me, I'll just have to leave it as a last resort."

Kaita then arrived at the main dome. She felt weighed down when Soto's pressure hit her like a freight train. She tried to rise her own pressure so she wouldn't feel overpowered.

"SOTOOOOOO!!!!" Kaita yelled at her brother as she unsheathed her zanpaktou.
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Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:40 pm
"Oi!" Grimmjow looked at Leona with worry and held her shoulders as her powers were taken from her. "That wasn't part of my deal!!" He yelled upwards, though Soto was already gone.

Grimmjow turned his attention back to Leona, a worried look in his eye, colour and passion finally returning to his face. He was thankful not to feel nothing but emptiness anymore, but he was also worried for the well-being of Leona. "Leona, are you ok? I'm so sorry I put you through that."
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Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:23 pm
"Yeah I'm fine... its just that getting my strength back all at once just overwhelmed me."

Leona balanced herself as she stood up slowly, putting some weight on Grimmjow to steady herself. She looked into his eyes to reassure him that she'll be fine.

"But besides me, I'm glad your here and safe." Leona hugged Grimmjow. The feelings she has for him filled her "heart" with happiness.

"What happened to the soul-reapers? Where did Soto go?"
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Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:12 am
Grimmjow was still and silent.

"Aren't you..." A somewhat pained expression came to his face. "You're not angry that, because of me, Soto took away your powers?"

He was overjoyed that she was alright, but amazed and confused by her response. He took her shoulders and gently pushed her away, looking into her eyes with his emotionally distraught expression. "Don't you care about what I've just done to you?!"
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Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:48 pm
Leona looked at Grimmjow with soft caring look. "It wasn't your fault, so don't blame yourself. I don't care if I don't have my powers. As long as I'm still hear with you, that's all I care about."

Leona took Grimmjow's hands from her shoulders and grasped them in her own smaller hands. "Sure it was painful but I know you really had no control over what you did. Plus I didn't even know that I was hurting so much because of you, so I don't care whats happened. Just never leave me, that feeling that I felt when it seemed that you disappeared pained me in my chest."

Leona smiled then embraced Grimmjow once more, tighter than before so he wouldn't easily push away from her again.
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