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Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:06 am
Ichigo's face was grim at first, but then he straightened up, looking determined. "Okay. I'll go with you." He put a hand on Kaita's shoulder and smiled. "We can do this, Kaita, just be strong and believe in your strengths." He looked determined again. "We will get Hansuke back, I promise you that."

Even stories below them, Orihime recognized that look in Ichigo's face. She saw that burning determination and strength and reflected it in her own expression. "Then I'm going too." She flew up from below on her shield, prepared to do whatever it took to support her friend and her husband. "Kaita" she smiled, "Be strong! We'll do this!"

Grimmjow watched silently, a sort of awe on his face, but not about to discuss what he was feeling. He huffed a sigh again and rolled his eyes. "Fine. Is that everyone, then?"

"Captain!" Shu-hei called, just now arriving by flashstep. He immediately took the hilt of his sword upon seeing Grimmjow. "What's going on?!"

Ichigo outstretched his arm, signalling Shu-hei to back down. "I'm not entirely sure where Grimmjow falls into all of this, and by the looks of it, neither does he."

"Ch..." Grimmjow whipped his head away and shoved his hands in his pockets again.

"But what I do know is that Hansuke was taken to Hueco Mundo and now Kaita, Orihime and I are going with Grimmjow after Soto to get our friend back." His eyes were intense and assertive.

"But Captain, this is obviously a trap!" Shu-hei objected.

"Of course it is! But we can't just sit here and wait for something to happen to Hansuke. And besides...." Ichigo looked at Kaita with empathy. "I think Kaita is ready to finish this business with her brother." His expression wen't serious. He looked back to Shu-hei. "I want you to stay here and protect the city."

"But captain, you can't just run off to Hueco Mundo like that without permission! The Head Captain will-"

"Have to deal with me later, I guess." Ichigo smiled again. "I can't just sit here and let this happen."

Shu-hei was silent for a moment, staring into Ichigo's eyes, reading that very familiar stubborn look. "Very well captain." He finally backed down. "Come back safely, all of you."

"Of course!" Ichigo nodded. He looked back at Kaita. Are you ready for this?"

Hansuke finally opened his eyes, and slowly rose to a seated position. "Where..." He noticed Leona, curled in a corner of this strange un-ending space. "Hey, you're that Arrancar girl from before... What are you doing here? It looked like Soto was only after me originally."
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Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:58 am
"Do you even have to ask. Soto will pay dearly if he has done anything to Hansuke."

Kaita then turned to Grimmjow, "Lead the way."

Leona looked up in surprised. She saw that the soul reaper had finally woke up.

"Took you long enough to wake up.....I came after you because that soul reaper girl looked pained when Soto took you.... I know how she feels. Fearing that loosing the one you love is heart breaking. I don't know much of the story between you soul reapers and Soto only that he has been targetting the girl."

Leona looked at Hansuke in the eyes as she declared her reason for trying to save him.

"Now I have to ask you this.... will you allow me to help you take Soto down?"

Leona whispered her proposal not knowing is Soto could hear the conversation she was having with Hansuke.
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Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:35 am
Ichigo nodded. "Alright!" He turned to Grimmjow and stood ready.

"Finally!" Grimmjow opened the Garganta and everyone was quick to jump in.

"Kaita, get on my shield!" She saw Grimmjow and Ichigo revving up to go fast, faster than she or Kaita could go by normal means. "And hold on tight!"

Shu-hei lifted his hand in goodbye as everyone left. "Good luck, everyone." He looked to Kaita, whom he considered a good friend at this point. "Stay strong."

Hansuke looked at the arrancar hearing out her reasoning. He knew she wasn't planning on attacking or killing him at this point, since she could have easily done so while he was knocked out. He nodded and thought of Kaita. She sounds very worried about me. I hope she's alright. He looked down, thinking to himself, but his head shot up when he heard the girl's request. "Wha...? But... you're an arrancar, right? Why would you want to fight against Soto?"
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Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:59 am
Kaita nodded back to Shu-hei in response then held on tightly to Ichigo as she was instructed to do so. She then whispered in her heart that Hansuke would be safe and unharmed.

"Let's go!"

Leona looked firmly at Hansuke and let out a sigh.

"I'm not entirely sure why but for some time now I've aquired the feelings and emotions that you soul reapers still possess as a connection to the living. With that, me and Grimmjow have begun to question Soto and his plans. Especially the reason why he wants his sister with him here in Hueco Mundo. With him threatening the balance, I'm sure it's safe to say that we may have another incident like the time with Aizen. And of course the only way to stop him is to unite together. Sure I'm an arrancar but for some reason I don't feel like one any more. "

Leona huffed out a breath as she looked down at the ground waiting to hear Hansuke's reply, hoping that he would understand her reasoning and not question how she came to aquire what had been lost when she became a hollow.
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Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:14 am
"Right!" Everyone said at the same time before blasting off through the Garganta, and the entrance soon closed behind them. Ichigo and Grimmjow had nothing to say to each other at this point, which came as a relief to Orihime. She'd witnessed their fearsome fight before, and was not keen on revisiting that experience. For the meantime, she just focused on her shield and keeping up with the others, moving it swiftly behind Ichigo who ran beside Grimmjow.

Orihime sighed and whispered quietly, so only Kaita could hear. "This place brings back awful memories." She looked around, then at Kaita with a smile. "But don't worry Kaita. I'm sure Hansuke will be fine. We'll get there before Soto can do anything to him, I'm sure of it!!"

Hansuke stared at her, shocked, then nodded. She was being very level-headed about this, which reassured him. "You don't feel like a hollow...?" He looked confused. "Did Soto do that?" He shook his head. "Sorry, maybe that's not my business. I hear you, arrancar, and I think you're right. We need to stick together on this one." He offered his hand in assurance and trust. "I am Hansuke Watanabe."
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:57 am
"Thanks Orihime. I know we'll get there to save him."

Kaita nodded in agreement and looked towards Grimmjow and Ichigo. She had heard from others and read reports that had been filed about the extensive battle between Ichigo and Grimmjow. She said nothing hoping not to cause old flames to come bursting out.

Leona looked at Hansuke and smiled a bit bitterly. "I'm Leona Volcar." She took Hansuke's hand and shook it in the agreement in teaming up.

"Maybe after this is all over me and Grimmjow can find out whats made us change and keep the balance intact. I just hope that Soto doesn't make a move to upset the balance right now."
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:10 am
"Grimmjow?" Hansuke parroted. "Hey, Leona, but this isn't any of my business, but what exactly is your connection to Grimmjow?" He felt like he had been prying, with that one. "sorry..." He looked down, "You don't have to answer that."

Grimmjow was completely silent. He tried to ignore Ichigo, though he found it hard to do. Ichigo had gotten stronger. Much, Much stronger. He could feel Ichigo holding his spiritual pressure back. It was huge. Where did that strength come from. He was tempted to comment on it, but he didn't feel like talking to the man who gave him these scars....

Ichigo too, was quiet. He didn't really notice any of Grimmjow's nervous glances, and instead focused on running along the old stone path.
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:41 am
Leona was a bit flusterd as Hansuke's question. "Well its just that... me and Grimmjow.... are together. It's another one of those weird things that have been happening for some time now."

Leona waved her hands in front of her, "You don't have to apologize. You should know as much of the truth as I can give you. That way you understand the arrancar you are agreeing to team up with."

Kaita looked at Grimmjow, she felt the need to break the silence.

"How much further until we reach Hueco Mundo Grimmjow?"
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:13 am
Grimmjow turned his head and wanted to reply rudely to the girl, referring to him like he was a friend, but he held his tongue when he remembered Ichigo was there, and looked over at the captain to see him staring, waiting for a response. He focused back on the path. "Not much further." he said as calmly as he could manage. "This path was built by Aizen to be a shortcut between Heuco Mundo and the world of the living. It's normally much quicker than just opening a random garganta and running towards the light."

Ichigo cued in suddenly. "Oh, so that's it took so long last time."

Grimmjow looked at Ichigo with a shocked expression, like he had said something insensitive, and then looked back at the road with an annoyed expression. "Only a bit further."

Hansuke looked a bit surprised at her answer, then nodded and regained a serious expression. "I see." He looked around. "Do you know where we are?" His thoughts became those of Kaita. Kaita... I'm gonna try to get out of here. Please be strong and don't worry about me. His eyes narrowed. You need to focus on your brother.
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:15 pm
Kaita saw the hesitation that Grimmjow took. A slight smile came to her face when she saw the slight banter between Ichigo and him. She turned her gaze towards the end of the path and exhaled silently.

I'm coming for you Hansuke. Please be safe. Soto you messed with the wrong person.

Leona looked around at the pitch black room.

"Not a clue. Since the Aizen incident Soto has been destroying and remaking a lot of the rooms in fortress. This must be one of those "special" rooms that he has created. I never expected to wind up in one of them but the arrancars that had been sent to room like these always end up out of sorts. Like they are not themselves any more."

Leona looked back at Hansuke with a hint of worry in her gaze. "Lets just hope that there is a way to break of this forsaken hole."
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Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:52 am
Hansuke stood. "Well, that sounds disheartening." He looked around. "It seems to go on forever." He pointed out, away from Leona. "Let's try this..." A blue glow formed at his fingertips. "Hadou 4! Byakurai!" White lightning shot out from his fingers and out into the darkness, out of sight, before coming straight at him from behind. He noticed this quickly and darted out of the way. "What the hell is this room?"

"We're here." Another Garganta appeared at the end of the path, and they finally flew out back into Hueco Mundo. Conveniently enough, they had ended up right in front of the castle, facing the entrance. "I decided not to put us right inside the old fortress from the get-go." Grimmjow turned to face the others. "I figured it'd be safer to start from the outside, rather than walking into a room that could be fulla' that maniac's traps."

They reached the sandy ground, and Orihime finally let her shield down.

"Has Soto really laced the place that badly?"

Grimmjow was silent for a moment. "...Seems that way, all the work he's been doin' in there... takin' out rooms and replacin' 'em with God knows what." He looked to the soul reaper girl. "He might have Leona and your friend in one of those places. We gotta hurry though." He hooked his thumb back towards the fortress. "Not many have come outta those rooms with their sanity in tact."

Ichigo looked at Grimmjow with a shocked expression. "Are you serious?! What the hell has he been up to in there?"

"I don't wanna know." Grimmjow furrowed his brow. "But we better split up for the time bein' if we wanna find 'em before Soto's crazy experiments do."

"Right." Ichigo looked to Orihime and Kaita. "You two stick together. Grimmjow and I will go our seperate ways." He smiled. "I figure Kaita's blade and Orihime's healing aught to make a pretty decent pairing."
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Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:52 am
Leona ducked out of the way of the white lightning. She looked back at Hansuke.

"Lets not do that again. This must be one of the rooms that no matter which way you try to escape you always end up going no where. I looks like we can only be set free from this place from the outside."

Kaita looked back at Grimmjow with a stern look on her face. Arrancar's that go into these rooms lose their sanity!

"Then we have to find them quickly."

Kaita then looked at Orihime. "Lets do our best in finding them Orihime. I'll have your back."

Kaita then turned to Ichigo and handed him a two-way radio necklace. "I've been working on this. I planned to give it to Hansuke and you earlier but never got the chance. Just put in around your neck and flip the switch and it should start to send and receive transmissions."

Leona started to pace around the space making sure not to go too far into the dark never ending walls. "Just what Soto gain from all this? I mean he is just trying to lure your girl to Hueco Mundo. But what does he have planned besides distrubing the balance with the world of the living, the soul society and with hueco mundo." Leona then looked at Hansuke if he had any input.
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Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:55 am
Hansuke nodded. "Looks like we may know how arrancars lose it in here."

Ichigo looked at the device. "Hey, that's pretty handy! I guess you came prepared. When did you make these, anyways...?"

"That's a great idea, Kaita!" Orihime said, trying to stay upbeat.

"Well," Grimmjow turned. "I'm going now. Just spike your spiritual pressure if you find anything." And with that, he was gone.

Hansuke's expression went serious. "I'm not entirely sure, but..." He flashed back to Kaita and Soto's fight in the woods and, though it was blurry due to his injuries at the time, he still remembered Soto's words. "Soto said something about turning her- Kaita- into a hollow. He sounded really torn up about it. "He shook his head. "There must be a way out..."

Soto's voice suddenly rang out in that dark space. "I wouldn't be so hopeful. Just sit still and wait, won't you, Hansuke?" His voice was bitter and cold. "And I must say, Leona, your behavior is quite odd, don't you think? Shameful, even, developing feelings for our last espada and current leader and then attempting to save a shinigami?" Watching from a safe location, a devilish grin came to soto's lips. "What on earth has happened to you?"
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Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:53 am
Kaita looked away from Ichigo not responding and led the way with Orihime in the opposite direction that Grimmjow took.

"I'll make sure to do that. See you guys..." Kaita called over her shoulder at Ichigo. She activated her two-way neck-communicator.

Leona looked up at Hansuke and thought about what he said. "Turn her into a hollow...." Her voice trailed then she shot to attention when Soto's voice rang out.

Leona balled her hands into fists and her shoulders shook with rage. "How should I know how this happened to me. Those faux bodies must have had a some sort of flaw in their creation. Saving him from you is better than just bending to your whims any more. Like you said Grimmjow is in charge not you."

Leona was now shaking out of anger. She felt that Soto was toying with her. She wanted to get out of the dark room and away from Soto. Leona just wanted to live peacefully for a change instead of being a heartless hollow. She then shocked herself with her thoughts...to live not like a hollow...
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Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:36 am
Grimmjow ran through the decrepit halls of Las Noches with great haste. Each room he came across was blasted wide open with bara or cero, depending on the size of the room and its walls. He thought of Leona and all of their trips to the world of the living. Panic and frustration ripped through his chest and mind as he gritted his teeth, destroying one room after another. He had to find her, but... why? Prior to these recent events, Grimmjow had been rage. He was a representation of one cause of human death. He was destruction. So why was he in such a state? Did Soto do something?

Why?! Grimmjow stopped and stared at his hand, thoughts buzzing through his head, one question clear. Why did I feel even slightly.... human?!

Ichigo reached a hand out to Kaita, confused. "Oi, wait a sec! Why're you just ignoring me like that, Kaita?!"

Orihime glanced between Ichigo and Kaita, feeling awkward. She put up her palms and waved with both hands. "W-well, I guess I'll see you later Ichigo! Eh heh heh..." She turned to face Kaita and followed close behind, prepared to pick up the pace if Kaita needed to.

"Wha-..." Ichigo stood there, dumbfounded for a moment. "What the hell..." He sighed. "I guess I should just set out." Since Grimmjow went West, and Kaita went East, "Guess I'm heading North! Straight through the middle." He disappeared and began his own thorough search.

"Oh my," Soto taunted sadistically, "it seems that I struck a nerve there..." He sensed The search party enter the castle. "But nevermind, I'll just let you ponder in anger a while, I suppose." A devilish grin was upon his face. "I have guests approaching."
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