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Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:27 am
Hello all. I am returning to Zantarni and thought I would post in my favorite forum~ I love roleplaying and I havent been doing a lot lately. I would really be interested in starting that up again! Let me preface by saying that I am not super picky when it comes to roleplays. Of course I want to do something I am interested in, but if nothing I have listed here piques your interest, I am sure we could figure out something else instead~

This is going to be a very long post, so I apologize for that.

What I am looking for:

--Someone open-minded.

--Someone who can type a good amount, probably at least a paragraph, but less than that here and there is okay.

--Someone that won't mind if I am too busy for a day or two to post.

--A non-romantic based roleplay. This doesn't mean that romance ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HAPPEN. Because it totally can, just like in real life. What I mean is that it doesn't necessarily need to happen, and that it might not. I want to do something more plot based.

--Possibly someone who is willing to roleplay more than one character with me. This is not a necessity, but I actually prefer more than two characters in a roleplay. It is just difficult to do group roleplays where you have to rely on multiple players, so having just two players but multiple characters is a good idea sometimes.

--Possibly a small group of people to do a roleplay with. I like small groups, but it is always difficult because everyone has to participate.

--An interesting plot that can be expanded upon.

--Probably something more fantasy/adventure based, because I find that more fun.


What I am interested in

[x] Pretty cool
[xx] Awesome!
Bold means I especially want this role


[x] Girl/Boy
[xx] Boy/Boy
[xx] Girl/Girl
[xxx] Non-binary/anyone
[xxx] Boy (transgender)/anyone
[xx] Girl (transgender)/anyone
Anything else is chill too. If we are playing more than two characters, any combination is cool.


[x] Humans
[xx] Demons
[xxx] Mermaid or Fish-like creatures
[xx] Human/Animal hybrid types
[x] Angels
[xxx] Hobbits
[xx] Elves
[xx] Ghosts/Spirits
[xx] Other non-humans
I am generally down with any non-human characters, especially ones I have never heard of, and any pairing of them.


[xxx] Magic
[xxx] A world other than Earth
[xx] Plot twists
[xxx] Adventure
[x] Love
[xx] Special skills/powers
[x] School (but especially [xx] special schools for magic, skills, etc)
[xxx] Multiple characters
[xx] Siblings/relatives
These are just things I thought about off the top of my head, so I am sure there are more, and I may add some later~

Little Plot Ideas

[xx] Exploration of ruins or a new part of the world
[xx] Dragon Riders who have to restore the balance to the corrupted world
[x] A search for the lost elementals
[xx] The world is physically changing, and quickly. All sorts of natural disasters and dangerous places are popping up, and everyone needs to find a new home.
[xx] An underwater city has existed in peace for many years, until it is invaded by a species from above.
[x] Some sort of plot based around rebellion, could involve spying?

Honestly, I am not so great at starting up ideas for roleplays. I know that sounds really bad, but I swear I can move the plot along once we actually start, if I have help fanning out the idea at the beginning. I will listen to any idea you have though, I love that! You definitely don't have to pick any of my ideas because I am pretty open to anything. Those were just things floating around in my head.

call me VEE
they/them pronouns
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Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:01 pm
Alright so I just saw this.

Hello my name is GlowingInTheDark, call me whatever you wish. I do not mind the nicknames. I am looking for a roleplay partner and your thread...sadly was February 8th for its post. If not reply, I'll go ahead and move around other forums but so far the inactivity makes me want to scream.

I can write from 1-16+ paragraphs, I stopped counting after 16 though. If you want a writing sample, ask I can dig those up. I can sadly get busy up to a week, either I get sick (I work in retail), I work the usual 40 hours a week, AND I'm just tired from babysitting extra (or work). So there are some days I want to sit and do nothing on my days off.

I haven't done plot based roleplays in ages, I tend to do more fandoms, but I'm going to branch out like I did years ago. Let's see where this goes.

I prefer 1x1 and I can play multiple characters, genders, any orientations, etc. I am not perfect, I have played male or female, but willing to attempt others. Just be warned it would be my first time.

I love plot twists, new characters when needed, and more to keep the roleplay going. And I can do fantasy/adventure, I love those two along with supernatural or magic. However, horror and gore is not my strong point, but horror I can do.

Oh a heads up, I don't tend to care to write adults roleplays much and if I did and it wasn't on site. It's mostly yaoi based things >.> Besides that though any genders do not bother me. It will be my first time for something new like that, so I'll have to go by how I would react.

IDEA The world is falling apart from the corruption and power that has taken off. In these dark times all you can do is comply with demands giving up your freedoms and lives. Or. Go on a dangerous adventure around the world finding clues that could help restore the balance or revert time and space to before the destruction to take the enemy out.

The States
The Antarctic Sea
The Bermuda Triangle
and The Stonehenge

However they must be explored under a full moon at the start of each adventure to find the secret object they search for. Most believe it to be a fairy tale, others who have tried died or died getting caught before able to leave. All around the world is under watch so sneaking in or out is rare or hardly impossible.

What do you think?

We can make this about any races, possibly the human race evolved to where there are more species now?
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