(1x1) Lyht and Purity
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Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:00 pm
Aaron tried not to make any noise when Kyrian got him; he had been bred, like most of the other members of the pack, particularly the males, to not show any signs of weakness if at all possible. Certainly in front of Kyrian it would not be a good idea since the brute found anything he could to try to break the spirit of his opponent. None the less, he couldn't stop the slight whimper that followed the shuddering cough that gave away the fact that his airway was being quickly closed off. Perhaps that was all the better for him though; now that no air was passing through his windpipe, it was impossible for him to whine.

He didn't really realize what happened after that. The main thing he knew was that the stinging pressure on his neck was ripped away and the heavy wolf on top of him was rolled away. Jumping quickly to his feet, he snarled at Kyrian, not sure what else to do in his daze until his mind cleared enough to hear Rain. Then he just got more confused than he had been when his brain had been lacking proper oxygen. He came in to save her and she was just getting mad at him again? No less right after she saved him in return? He just couldn't win...

Letting out a soft, confused whimper, he backed away from Kyrian, still facing him with teeth slightly bared. He did this for a few steps before finally morphing back into his human form and stumbling to his feet, rubbing his bloodied throat. The cuts were deep, but they would probably stop bleeding in a matter of minutes; an hour, at most. Still feeling a little disoriented, he just staggered off after Rain.

"I, I..." Aaron stammered, not bothering to use his mental voice. "Why are you...? But this isn't your battle in the first place, it's Megan's..." Aaron wasn't a fool enough to think that he was going to get many words in once she got started, but that was a good point so he thought he would throw that out there at least. Just because he was so confused as to why she was mad at him, he decided to try a bit further. "I would still be back there sleeping if Megan hadn't restored me so if you insist on being mad then maybe you should at least direct it at someone like her..." Better yet, go back to the roots of it all and be mad at Kyrian, he thought. Kyrian had started this whole thing. If he hadn't wanted Megan to be his mate, there would have been no fight in the first place.

But all this yelling was sort of making a scene. Even if they had distanced themselves, werewolves had very acute hearing. Aaron could feel some of the nosier pack members trying to pry their way into his mind, but he blocked them out. The only one he would let in was Damien, he decided. And Damien was definitely far too occupied with the fight to be bothered with this little quarrel.

'You say things that make it sound like you love me so much, but then by the time you reach the next sentence, you're saying you don't want to be around me!' Aaron continued his argument mentally, wanting to make sure that she really heard him over her own screams. "It doesn't make sense!" He yelled after her, breaking into a run. "Which is it; do you love me or hate me?" The least she could do was tell him which it was! It would be better to love her and know that she hated him in return than to love her and not even know how she felt. This was just torture. It wasn't until a few yards into his run that he realized how much faster he would go on four legs. He changed his form quickly, tearing through the trees after her fresh scent. As soon as he caught up to her, he planned on pinning her down and trying to get something out of her besides the contradictory yelling. However, he wasn't sure how long it would take for him to actually catch up to her. He really could have used a bit more rest even after the speedy healing, plus he was having a bit of trouble breathing after nearly being choked to death just a few minutes before. The wound was slowly closing up, but using the muscles around the injury so violently weren't speeding up the process any.

'Ah, finally catching on to the fact that you're no match for me, eh?' Kyrian replied smugly. 'You're right; I will make this nice and fast for you. I would hate for the mother of my cubs to be damaged goods, after all. Plus, now that we're being monitored by...' He let out a little huff, eyes glancing over to the Alpha. He was probably going to stop the fight as soon as his precious, little childhood friend got her poor claw chipped. Oh well; even if that happened, Kyrian would be named the winner. That was all that really mattered here.

As she came at him, he quickly jumped back, pulling himself just out of her reach. Not hesitating for even a moment, he launched himself right back at her, jaws wide, ready to take a bite out of any part of her he could nab. 'You should be flattered, really.' He continued with the mental banter. 'After that little Alpha's child turned you down for a stupid human, you now get the strongest male in the pack wanting you? You should be very glad to take my offer...'

Damien let out a low, frustrated growl. He felt so useless just standing there. Surely there was something he could be doing right then. He tried to remember all of the things he had ever been taught about what powers the Alpha had. His father had tried so hard to teach him all the ways of the wolf, hoping that Damien would become Alpha, though only through him dying a natural death rather than the way it ended up happening. Damien had never paid very much attention though. He had never thought he would actually become Alpha. Plus, he got punished whether he got the answers right or wrong. It made no difference.

Once Linda arrived, he was momentarily distracted. It was bad enough that she could see the other wolves' reaction to her, but he could actually hear all of the things they were thinking, and most of it wasn't too terribly polite. He had to shoot some dirty looks at a few of them, though even that didn't stop most of them. He would just have to teach them to be more accepting. Like he really had the power or influence to do that...

Frowning at her, Tristan stopped, letting out a long breath. "Why? What's chasing you? What makes you think I would be of any help? I don't really even have any weapons on me, not that I would be useful with them even if I did have some..." He argued, glancing off into the woods. Somewhere off in the distance, he thought he heard some dog-like noises, along with some voices. What if Megan was in trouble? What if he had already hurt her? He felt a bit stifled, thinking about all the possibilities.
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Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:26 am
Rain didn't want to listen but her wolf ears could pick up the acutess of ramble.

A lot of thoughts were going through Rain's head as she ran. Did she overreact? No. Aaron contented himself with trying to protect her any chance he got. He was treating her like she was a little child. This kind of help support her denial about him actually just treating her like a little sister. He was just on Damien's orders. They didn't know she had forgiven them for not making it in time.

Rain winced. Aaron never raised his voice at her. Though this might be in her head she knew he was angry. But what for? This became her fight when she wanted to fight it.

When had she said things that proved she loved him? When he asked aloud whether she loved him or not she swallowed back the tears that had threatened to surge forward. She stopped her paws and claws digging into the forest floor. I answered you before. I know you love me, I love you too, we've been best friends forever....Don't you get why I don't want to be around you?! Because you treat me like a five year old child who can't defend herself or protect herself.

You can't be there for everything! You can't keep jumping in front of me.
She panted but it was more like a sigh.

She was in some thick emotional turmoil right now. I don't want you to die because of me.I won't be around here for very long anyway. I have decided I'm going to leave. I don't know what you were going to say to me when you were struggling to stay awake. But now even if your rested, I don't want to hear it. There are other females for you. I told Kyrian this when the fight started.

Then she sensed he was close so she morphed back to human. "I don't want any guy to want me." she said loud enough to reach his ears, she hoped. Then she decided that should make him stop so she started to walk away.

Megan wasn't phased b ythis. Kyrian was just like Lucian, a lot of talk. Actually I meant that you are going to be taken down by me, and go make your own cubs, A tree should be a fitting mate for a dirt bag like you.

Honestly the comment about how Damien had shun her away should have stung like nothing else but she wasn't hurt. Because she remembered there was something she was fighting for, someone that thought she was worth keeping and loving.

Megan danced out of his reach her adrenaline pumping through her blood. She threw herself at him and slammed into him. She then proceeded to dive for his throat.

Linda looked at the ground like there was something facinating there. She didn't fit in. She was different. She had already knew this but it stung all the same. In their eyes she saw them thinking she didn't deserve to be here, she didn't belong here and that she was weak.

She bit her lip hard. She didn't stand by Damien she just stood by the forest wishing she could just disappear.

The girl practically broke into tears. "The evil ones." she said and then there was a high pitch screech that came far in the distance. She jumped. Then suddenly her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

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Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:15 am
As he ran, Aaron growled to himself. This was all getting so frustrating. He could feel angry tears stinging his eyes. 'If you love me, then you should want to be around me!' He argued, not even waiting for her to finish. 'If you say "I love you" and then "get away from me", it's contradictory and hurtful. If you really love me then you shouldn't want to hurt me like this. The only reason I protect you is because I love you. I don't want you to get hurt. There are things out there bigger than you- things bigger than me too -and you can't always beat them by yourself. You're just having a pride problem. If you're really not a pup anymore than you shouldn't feel like anyone is treating you like one. I hate to break it to you, but it's not all about you.' He hated having to be so brutally honest, but he really wasn't sure what else he was supposed to do.

'But I don't want another female! I want you!' He noticed that she had finally stopped and he was almost to her. He ran faster, not so much as slowing until he was a few yard away, when he morphed back into his human form. Still not stopping, he rammed right into her, throwing his arms around her. "That's not fair!" He yelled loudly, voice sounding a bit raw. "You can't decide whether I'm allowed to like you or not! I'm going to like you whether or not you say it's okay! Love isn't something you can control. I can't even control who I love so why would you have any say in the matter?" He kept his arms tight around her, keeping her close enough that he couldn't even turn to see her face. He didn't really want to though. It would only make things harder. In fact, he had his eyes squeezed shut, a bit afraid of what might happen if he should share his heart like this. He didn't like to say things like this and tell people his innermost thoughts.

"I don't want to be just your friend!" His voice got a little quieter now, but it was still something of a yell. "Why don't you get that? All I am to you is your stupid friend who only does things if he's told to and who treats you like a child for no reason whatsoever. That's not true! I wouldn't do the things I do for you if I were just taking orders or if you were only my friend. It goes much deeper than that..." He trailed off weakly, trying to catch his breath. This was all pointless though, wasn't it? He felt as if he had already tried this before and it hadn't worked. Why would it work this time? That was the definition of insanity, after all; doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. She didn't really love him that much. Not as much as he loved her. It would never work. Nothing he could say would sway her.

A pitiful sob jerked through him. He held her even tighter, afraid that she would just walk away again without even a second glance. "I don't want you to leave me..." He whispered, burying his face into her shoulder as he began to cry more openly.

Kyrian only chuckled at her attempt to fight back in the mental battle. 'Nice try, but you're going to have to do better than that.' He sneered as she rammed into him. He let himself fall, rolling on the ground. Although he had to let her get him, he was able to move enough that she didn't get his throat. From there, he just let his claws do some work, slashing wildly at her, especially her face. She would either get off, or suffer some nasty scratches all over her precious face. Or better yet, both.

Damien continued to pace, wracking his brain to try to figure out what he could do here. This needed to end now. He decided to try to get some help from some older wolves who knew the ways of the pack better. However, the only ones willing to help him were having a hard time thinking of anything either. Very little had the power to stop a duel, especially if you wanted it to be stopped forever. If he could even just talk them out of it that would be enough to end it, but Damien was pretty sure that wouldn't work. There was no way he could get through to Kyrian, and there was no way he was just going to give Megan to him. He knew that she didn't want that, and the least he could do was try to stop that from happening.

"Evil ones?" That didn't help him much. There were a lot of evil things in the world. Tristan jumped a little at the scream. It made him panic a bit. He was about to ask her if that was what was chasing her but then she collapsed. "No!" He growled, kneeling down and propping her shoulders up. "Please wake up..." He mumbled, shaking her gently. Breathing heavily now, he glanced around the woods nervously. He was feeling a little fearful that whatever had been chasing her was going to come through and he would have no way of knowing how to defend himself. There were few options at this point. He could try to go back to the cabin and lock himself in, but then he would be all alone which was even worse. He could try to go on and find the wolves... but he couldn't leave her out here all alone. And he didn't think he could carry her either.

In a flurry of panic, he dragged her to some nearby bushes, hiding both her and himself in them. This probably wouldn't do much good, but he was afraid and didn't know what else to do. Even once in the bush, he continued to shake her and slap her face, hoping to get some response out of her.
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Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:42 am
Rain's anger flared when he actually said pride problem. No, she wasn't. It was Aaron with the problem. I never said it was all about me!Her hands clenched in fists. Aaron was the one that was so adamant about protecting her. Jumping in front of arrows meant for her, trying to fight Kyrian for her.

She wasn't prepared for what happened next. Aaron was never one to share too much of his feelings. Even when they were little, she would see him sad and when she walked over he was magically okay.

"Ah." she let out a surprised gasp when he slammed into her and to keep her from falling into the ground, he wrapped his arms around her. He was close, he was too close to her.

When he said that he wanted her, tears started to roll down her eyes.She allowed him to finish, every sentence felt like a step. She had never seen Aaron so openly revealing his emotions..."You aren't my stupid friend." she said pathetically. "But if you do love me, then why do you treat me like a little kid. You act like I can't defend myself and it's not just in my imagination!

You think I can't take an arrow? You think I can't handle myself against Kyrian. You treat me like a little child, Aaron and its not a pride problem. I'm not a pup anymore and neither are you. I wish you would give me credit for being stronger than a pup, but you don't." she sighed slumping in his arms but she liked the feeling of his arms around her.

Her heart clenched when he said he didn't want her to leave. But what purpose did she have here? She realized he just gave her one. One that she had thought could keep her around before.

She felt awful for making him cry. She closed her eyes taking deep breaths, tears still rolling around in her eyes. "Don't cry." she said softly. "I want to be the one to make you smile, not the one that makes you cry." she said softly as she touched his hands and twined her fingers with one of his hands. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I was afraid that you didn't like me like I did you. You didn't seem interested in me at all. On my birthday I wore that pretty dress my mother made and you didn't looked phased. It seemed like you wanted me to accept your brothers proposal...You made me confused and I run when I don't understand things." she sighed as she continued.

"I was angry at you for a long time. I was upset after i recovered my memories that you didn't make it in time. I realized there was only one explaination. You were worried about our Alpha more than you were me. And that made me even angrier." she bit her lip.

"You are very important to me." she finished. She didn't want to say she loved him...not yet.

Megan was surprised he didn't put up much resistance, but she yelped when one of his wild claws slashed at her throat leaving a bleeding cut. She jumped off him and pounced another time, trying to get bite him...anywhere would do.

Why would i be flattered to be marrying someone no less than a savage. You are just like your brother a self centered pompous dog.

Linda felt out of place so she took one look at Damien and left the way she came. She headed back towards the cabin.

Suddenly two figures leapt out of the woods. They were dressed from head to toe in black. "How do you lose a stupid human girl?" the older looking one said aggravated. "Now we have to use another for the sacrifice. She will be punished severly if I find her. Mqaybe cut off her legs so she can't run again." he scanned the small clearing eyes darting over the bushes. Luckily they were thick.

"I'm sorry." the younger one said head low. "Nonetheless it doesn't look like we can go farther without going into werewolf territory. I heard they have a new Alpha, but we don't know if he'll be forgiving if we travel into his grounds." the older one looked around another time. "Lets go back. We search for her tomorrow." and they disappeared as quick as they came.

The girl face twisted in agony as she clung to Tristan tightly but she didn't wake.


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Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:50 am
Aaron quietly accepted the fact that anything wrong around him was just going to be his fault. It hurt him a bit that she wasn't even willing to consider the fact that this might be partly due to a problem she had, but he was used to blaming himself. It felt right that way.

"I'm not treating you like a little kid." He said softly, putting emphasis on every other syllable. "Arrows do kill people and Kyrian is big enough to make a quick defeat out of you. I'm not saying that it's any different for me; the arrow still could have killed me and Kyrian still could have pummeled me as well, but it's better me than you. You're a girl, more important than a guy, and you're younger and you're... just better and it wouldn't be a big deal if I died." That was what he had always thought, anyway. Aaron would rather he have died than to have seen her be in pain. Besides; he was so mentally weak that if she died, then they would both have to die, and that would just be really pointless. Better one than two, even if one hardly counts. "You are stronger. You're stronger than me in a lot of ways, but that's exactly why you need to be alive." He was hardly even thinking about what he was saying anymore; it was just sort of spilling out and he couldn't seem to stop it.

"I did think you were pretty." He said quietly. "Why do you think I was being so weird and quiet and kept looking away every time you looked at me? I was staring at you. I could admit something like that right out in the open; I'm a guy and I'm afraid to be teased." At the mention of his brother, he tensed up a bit. "Don't make my brother part of this." He said quickly with a cringe. His brother had always been good at things which was probably why Aaron had such a high standard for himself. Now he was just one-upping him again by asking that of Rain. "I was only acting happy because if you were with him, then you would be family. I wasn't happy. I wanted to be because I thought you wanted it but I wasn't happy..." He let out a soft sigh.

"You were kidnapped; how was I supposed to know that? If I had known I would have come as quickly as I could..." He felt like he was being attacked but at the same time he felt like he deserved it. "The Al- Damien didn't tell me to follow you just because he wanted to keep tabs on you or anything." Aaron felt a little weird calling Damien "the Alpha" right then. "He knew that I wanted to do it and that I would be especially useless to him if I didn't."

He ended with a sigh. His head was slumped against her shoulder as he tried to come up with where to go from there. The fact that she didn't say that she loved him did bother him a bit, but he hadn't really necessarily been expecting to hear it from her. "So... are you still going to leave me?" He asked in a slow, quiet tone. "I don't blame you if you do. I've probably just given you more reason to leave after all of this." He could feel his hands trembling a bit and his knees starting to follow suit. His sobs had started to quiet, though they were still there. "I love you and I don't want you to leave but... I love you, so if you want to leave, if that will make you happy then..." His throat felt like it was closing in on itself, but he didn't want to start crying all over again, not while she was still here.

Kyrian was pleased to see her blood finally flowing, letting her jump off of him and right back on. he let her catch hold of him once more, though he made sure it wasn't in a very important place, then found a nice spot to bite of his own on her.

'We're wolves, darling; you're not going to find anything better than a savage. Every one of us is either a savage or a coward...' When he said this, he glanced over at Damien. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to go ahead and overthrow this new Alpha. Maybe once he had won this fight and fully recovered he could move on to that fight. He would need some time to get others on his side. It wouldn't be hard; the idiot was in love with a human, after all.

Noticing that she was leaving, Damien stopped pacing long enough to turn and watch her. He wasn't sure if he liked not having her in sight, but surely she would be okay. There were still some people back at the cabin, right? No, wait; no more wolves. But Megan's human was there, he was pretty sure. At least she wouldn't be alone.

Back to thinking. There had to be something, anything...

Tristan was still in a flurry when the things came out into the open. He couldn't see them all that well, but he heard them speak. Trying to stay still, he held his breath. What they were saying wasn't making much sense to him, though he was pretty sure that he was on this girl's side rather than theirs. They sure didn't sound too nice.

After a while, Tristan was just hoping harder than ever that they would leave. He was starting to get jittery and his lungs were burning, begging for some oxygen. Finally, they did leave. Even then, he waited a while just to make sure they didn't hear him. Them, he finally let out his breath with a relieved huff, quickly taking a few deep breaths to give his chest some much-needed relief.

It took him a few moments to recover, but once he had, he looked down at the girl. She looked like she could really use some help. Still, he didn't know if he should go back to the cabin or head on into the woods, following Megan's tracks. After a short debate, he decided to go after Megan. Picking up the girl in his arms, he made his way as quickly as he could through the trees. He wasn't going to be able to carry her like this all the way, so he had to make the most of it.
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:53 pm
Thats stupid, you are not less important than I am. It would be a big deal if you died....because I would probably never stop crying." she said the last part softly, but since he was so close she was sure he heard her.

"I do think I'm stronger in a a lot of other ways, but thats only beccause people I care about are here with me..." she said sighing.

Rain actually smiled when he said she was pretty. She was about to say something when he reacted to the comment she made on his brother. Feeling him tense she stiffened a bit. "Then you should have told me you were unhappy..." she said. "But then again, it's not too late to say it now anyway." she said

Now it was her turn to tense up. She didn't understand why her Alpha belonged in their conversation but he did. It was her turn to stiffen. She had no hatred against Damien but if Aaron put it that way, that meant if she was in trouble he wouldn't come and save her until Damien said so. She could've died when she was in Richard's hands. But her anger subsided when she felt Aaron trembling.

Her answer could make him happy or it could break him.She felt her heart clench when he said he loved her. How long was she waiting for him to say something like that? Right. Since she fell in love with him... She swallowed trying to gather her thoughts. I will also respect your decision? She finished his sentence for him in her thoughts. "I'm not leaving." she said finally and she felt like a weight was lifted off her chest. "I love you." she said, "When you love someone it's too hard to stop." and she started to cry. She was holding it in all this time. She kept thinking of all the people she would miss and she would be leaving behind if she left. She thought it would be the best thing but it was tearing apart her heart.

"I'm sorry." she said between broken sobs.

[color=indigo]With a burst of healing energy she healed her scratch.

She bit into his shoulder. He was good at protecting himself from her getting in fatal bites. She winced when she felt him bite into her leg.

She grit her teeth and chomped down harder. She was so close to his throat. So close... She tried to tug her leg free but it just sent a sharp pain through her body. She chose not to reply to his remark and thinking about Tristan gave her strength and she jerked out of his jaws, already working her magic into her leg to stop the bleeding and start mending her muscles.

Well you are a savage thats going to be beaten by me. And she lundged for his throat, depsite her still fresh injury. She had to end this soon. Tristan would probably wake up and go running through the woods.[/indigo]

Looking back on where she came Linda sighed softly. Damien was Alpha now, she had to understand she couldn't be his number one. She also had to understand she was human, they were always going to be different. She should get used to his pack members looking at her like they did because if she wanted to stay with Damien, that is what she had to endure.

She considered heading back towards the castle to go see her father. But if she went that far, Damien wouldn't know and he'd be worried. She settled for sitting in a small clearing on a tree stump. What was she to do?

Linda looked up when she heard movement. It was Tristan and he had a girl in his arms. Linda's eyebrows furrowed. If he was trying to convince Megan, he loved her, having a gorgeous girl unconscious in his arms wasn't the way to start. "Tristan? What are you doing running around with her?" she asked. "Megan is deep in fighting right now...if you show up i think you might throw her concentration off..." she said realizing that Tristan would probably feel the same way she does. A human in a werewolf world....

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Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:59 pm
Aaron was silent, letting her speak for a bit now. It was a bit comforting to hear her say that she would care if he died. All his life, that had been one of the main fuels to his suicidal thoughts; he didn't figure anyone would be greatly effected by his death. At least there was one person who would be. And to him, this one person was worth rethinking a whole lot.

"I just didn't figure it mattered if I was unhappy; you're free to be with whomever you wish." He said slowly. "But if you really want to know, then yes, I would be quite unhappy if you accepted his proposal. You deserve better than him." Perhaps it wasn't really his place to say such things, but it was said and done. "I don't know if I'm enough to be deserving either but I could definitely try..." He trailed off with a sigh. Yes, he knew that he would try harder to be good enough for her than anything he had tried for ever in the past.

When she finally revealed her decision, Aaron felt a huge mental weight being lifted from his shoulders. He continued to shake, though this time it was sheer relief. "I love you too..." He said through his sobs. It almost seemed silly to say it, but then again, he felt like he couldn't say it enough times. Aaron squeezed her tightly before pulling back slowly, though he didn't pull himself all the way out of her arms. He got far enough away that he would see her face, but no further. "It's okay..." He murmured, pulling one arm out from behind her to timidly wipe her tears away. "I forgive you, it's okay..." He said it again, pulling his other arm out to help clear her face of tears. His sobs had finally quieted, though the tears had not quite dried up. He held her face in his hands, and, not seeing anything better to do, he did what he had been wanting to do for a rather long time; Aaron pulled her face against his and kissed her.

Her teeth digging into his shoulder did hurt, but he just grit his teeth against it. Thankfully, that was all he had to do to hurt her even more. The feel of her leg in his mouth was so victorious. He could even taste her blood. But he knew it wouldn't last long.

'Don't say that; it's far too soon to tell anyway...' He replied. As soon as she got free of his grip, he knew he had to move. The optimal stance would be to stand up, but he could already tell that she was coming at him, so he just rolled. Once he was confident that he was safe, he stood, and without a moment's hesitation, lunged right back at her, going high so that he could get on top of her.

Since there was nothing else he could think of to do, Damien just got a little closer, calmed himself down enough to sit, and carefully watched the fight. As soon as someone had the other in a definite lock, he was going to end it. He definitely didn't want Megan hurt or dead, and to make sure he was unbiased, he would have to prevent the same happening to Kyrian. Even if he did feel like the male deserved a scarring injury, the wolf was part of his pack. It would just be one more step towards getting everyone to truly respect him.

Tristan's pace was slowly decreasing as his breathing got heavier. This wasn't going to work for much longer. She wasn't really that heavy, but she was still a grown person, and he wasn't necessarily the strongest guy around. But he had already thought about all of that and this was his decision, so he would just have to stick with it.

He was finally getting more comfortable with it, with his head down, staring at the ground as it passed by, when he heard someone's voice ahead. Not expecting it, Tristan almost dropped the girl because he was so stunned. Once he saw Linda, he relaxed a bit, though the girl was slipping even faster now. "No, no, no, it's not... it's not what it looks like, I swear." He said quickly. He wasn't even sure if that was why she was looking at him like that, but it did seem weird for him to be carrying a girl around. "I don't even know who she is..." Tristan huffed, stepping a bit closer to Linda and laying down his load gently on the ground. "She just came running out of nowhere and not long after that she passed out and it seemed kind of wrong to just leave her there." He explained, leaving out the part about the creepy things that were apparently looking for her. Crossing his arms over his chest, he looked off into the woods, wondering what to do from there. Maybe Linda could help him. He stared at her for a moment before speaking again.

"Should I go over there at all?" He would hate to be the reason she lost, that was for sure. Not only would he feel bad for doing that to her, but he definitely wanted her to win this for his own personal gain. Even if he really wanted to be there to support her, he didn't want to be her downfall either.
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Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:45 am
Rain was going to protest that it did matter if he was unhappy or not. Rain didn't understand why Aaron was belittling himself. He meant so much to her. If he got hurt or past away, it would break her heart in ways that would probably make her unable to live on. She wished there was someway to convey her thick emotions.

His crying broke her heart. She didn't want to be the one cause for his tears. She wanted to see him smile and laugh with her. She cracked a smile as he gently wiped away her tears. She also moved her hand to dry the tears on his cheeks.

She was surprised by the boldness of Aaron. But she really didn't mind right now. Rain kissed him right back. He tasted like the sweetest thing in the world. Rain would give anything for it to freeze in this moment. She didn't want to let him go anymore. After a minute she pulled back , her breathing slightly hitched.

"If you don't derserve me, then noone does." she smiled and hugged him tightly.She closed her eyes basking in the warmth his body gave off. She wanted more hugs and kisses to be in their future. "I'm sorry I hurt you. But i do get to shout your ear off for plundging headfirst into that fight. I was so ready to get Kyrian. I wanted Auntie Megan to have a peace of mind." she said. "But I forgive you." she giggled. "Because I love you." she said and it felt so natural to say it now. It just came off her tongue. She had been terrified to say such words before, but now that she knew Aaron returned her feelings, everything would be okay.

Megan yelped as she noticed he was trying to get an edge on her. But luckily she had lundged for him, so she used her momentum to push herself past his body. To get pinned under a larger and stronger wolf was bad.

She didn't know what to do. She had to find a way to stop Kyrian. But she couldn't keep plundging headfirst. He would be able to get bites off her.

She feinted right but shot to his left going for a huge chomp, on something important hopefully.

Linda nodded knowing Tristan was a kind human. She looked at the girl wondering what a girl like her was doing running in the woods. Then again, she was also a human girl running through the woods without protection. She looked at him. He seemed tired, in more ways then one. They might have a lot more in common then she thought...

"I don't know. Honestly Tristan, its now that most things have been settled, I know how awkward and odd it is to be in love with Damien. We still are humans after all." she sighed looking back towards the fightsite.

"I'm sure megan knows you're supporting her all the way. But if you show up, you might break her concentration. And she's already fighting a bigger and stronger wolf than herself. Megan is strong though, I know she'll beat him, because she has you." Linda said looking at the young man. "As for me, I'm trying to stay out of the way. Damien has his people to be responsible to before anything." then she closed her eyes as she felt tears surging up.

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Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:24 pm
Aaron hardly knew what he was even doing. He felt so dizzy all of a sudden. This was something he really hadn't ever dreamed he would get the courage up enough to do to anyone. At one point, he had decided that he would just not even think about romance because he figured it would never happen like that for him. Anyway, it was common in the pack to just mate with someone only for their good genetics or their power or something. That had all started to break down once he realized the fact that he liked Rain, and it had slowly been dissolving ever since. Now it was basically obliterated.

Although he didn't really want to end it, he reluctantly pulled back when she did. He hung his head a little when she began to lecture him. He still didn't agree that what he had done was wrong, honestly. That was not her fight and she shouldn't have been there and Kyrian definitely could have clobbered her. But he finally looked up at her, smiling back softly at her. At least it was okay between them now.

Once he landed, Kyrian spun around quickly to face her again. It was a good thing too, because she obviously wasn't going to take any breaks. Kyrian didn't mind though; this was how he liked to fight. Breaks were entirely unnecessary, especially when the mental warfare could be done without using your mouth.

She managed to get his leg, but he immediately snapped back at her anyway. His claws also went straight to work. Although claws did not always do any serious damage, even the smallest cuts could sometimes be enough to gain an upper hand.

Tristan wrung his hands nervously as he let out a long sigh. He knew that going over there would not help her at all, but at the same time, it made him incredibly antsy to be way over here when he knew that she was fighting for her life. Even if he knew there wasn't much he could do to stop it, he felt like just being there would somehow be better.

In reply, Tristan grunted slightly. "It's complicated I guess but even if it kills me, I can't change it, even if I wanted to." He shrugged slightly, looking over at her. "But you already know that." He added quietly. It seemed like the two of them ought to spend more time together; they did have a lot in common all of a sudden, whereas only a few weeks ago, they couldn't have been further apart.

"Mmhmm..." Tristan nodded, turning to pace quickly. He walked in a few small ovals before finding a fallen log to sit on. Once there, he fiddled with his fingers, played with his hair, and got right back up in a matter of twenty or thirty seconds. Finally, he folded his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree. His eyes again went to her as her most recent words finally registered in his head. Countenance softening slightly, he furrowed his brow as he tried to come up with the words to say. "I'm sure he knows that you're supporting him as well. He did get stuck with a whole lot of power just recently and that comes with responsibility. If he didn't have all of that stuff to worry about, I'm sure he would be pouring every bit of his focus into loving on you." Tristan felt himself actually relaxing as he tried to make her feel better. "And hopefully it'll get better after some time passes; once people get a little more settled after all of this stuff happening and once the wolves get more used to the idea of us being around. At least I hope that'll happen eventually..." He added the last part under his breath.
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Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:20 am
Rain didn't know what to think now. She had been so dead set on pulling apart from the people she loved she wasn't really ready for this jerk back into their midst and right into Aaron's arms. She wasn't exactly having second thoughts, she was wondering what would happen to them now. It seemed like all the relationships the pack has had recently, Damien and Linda, Megan and Tristan all had problems.

Would there be problems awaiting them in the near future. Rain truly, truly hoped not. Rain loved his smile. She grabbed his face to give him one more quick kiss before sighing. "We have to get back, right?" she said looking in the direction of the fight.

"Auntie Megan is still trying to fight for her own happy ending." she said soberly.

Then she realized something. "Oh, you're brother...I have to tell him I deny his proposal. But that would hurt him..." she said softly.

Megan quickly danced away from his slashing claws. She wasn't as small as Rain but she had an agile frame as well. Women who were werewolves fought with their speed and agility bot their strength. She didn't hesittate for too long. She had to tire Kyrian out. She lundged forward again to bite one of the legs that were doing the clawing and slammed her body into his.

All she was thinking about was winning. She had to win.

"It is very complicated." Linda said quietly. "And I do know. But now that most of the problems we were facing are behind us, I realized the biggest issue." she sighed looking at the ground.

"Damien did get stuck with a lot of power recently but it was because he was fighting to protect me. I know he does love me, everything he has done so far has proven it but...his pack won't accept that their new Alpha has a human for a mate." she looked up at him. "Megan is slightly different. She is strong and she faces things head on. She does love you, I know she does, or she wouldn't be fighting so hard. She would fight to be with you, but I'm a coward."

She looked back towards the fighting. "Damien's pack needs him. I need him too, but loving someone is knowing when to let them go." she looked back at him, eyes dry. She knew she had to find strength somewhere and she did. "He won't be happy that I left, but he will be able to focus on being a leader, picking a mate that actually suits him. I'm...I'm just human." and she got up.

The girl moaned softly. "Please don't let them catch me." she whimpered before falling quiet again.

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Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:27 pm
Grunting softly in reply, Aaron let his gaze wander lazily in the direction that had come from for a moment before letting it fall to the ground in front of her once more. "I suppose so..." He sighed with a shrug. In reply to her next comment, he only nodded.

"Mmh..." Aaron hadn't really wanted to think about his brother for a while more, but she was right. "I'm sure he can take it." He paused for a moment to figure out his wording before he continued. "You're too nice sometimes. It's good of you to be so selfless, but sometimes you just have to do things for yourself. This isn't even just for you anyway, it's for me too..." That didn't count for much in his mind, but he could see how it would make it more appealing to her. Though he didn't really think he needed to make it more appealing or her, did he? Hadn't they been through this and decided already? Oh well. It still didn't seem right to hurt someone, but it wasn't in such a bad way, really. This wasn't even the first time his brother had tried to get a mate. Not the first time, not even the second time.

Kyrian tried to pull his legs back quickly, but she was soon on top of him. Not wanting to be on the bottom, he rolled quickly to try to get himself on top of her, waiting until he had gotten upright again before he took a snap at her.

Tristan frowned at her, not liking the direction her words were going in. He really couldn't imagine going through all of that to be with someone only to leave them, even if it was for a seemingly good reason. They hadn't known each other for much longer than he had known Megan, to his knowledge. It wasn't long at all.

"The pack seems pretty messed up to me..." Tristan said under his breath, barely even speaking to Linda. It sounded to him like they needed some help letting go of old traditions and just accept this new age coming on, but he was a human, after all. It would be natural for him to want them to accept his own kind. At the same time, he understood why they felt the way they did; humans had been less than kind towards werewolves.

"Wait, I really don't think that's a good idea..." Tristan went after her, grabbing her by the arm. He continued in a softer tone. "I might not really know so much about this since I don't know you two very well, but it seems to me that leaving would only hurt his leadership. If you leave, it'll just break his heart, and no leader can truly lead properly if they have such a serious personal burden weighing them down. He'd probably go crazy anyway, probably come after you..." Tristan shrugged, going quiet. He wasn't sure if he could really say anything to help the situation. He was no expert. When he heard the other girl speak, his gaze moved over to her, but it soon returned to Linda when she stayed asleep.
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Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:34 pm
Rain looked back at Aaron. She was thinking about what he was saying. Yes, denying his proposal would hurt his brother but then again, it also didn't seal what was between Aaron and herself.

She loved him there was no doubt. But a part still nagged at her. Given it was a very small part it was easy to ignore. The part of her was saying that taking any mate was a bad idea. Even if it was Aaron.

"I may be too nice sometimes, but thats is only because you are forever on my good side." she sighed.

"We should get back." she said and she started to walk towards the campsite.

Suddenly another young man came out through the trees. He looked slightly older than Tristan and just as handsome. "Rain." He looked at Tristan then back at her. "I heard you were back, Why are you with Aaron?" he looked at his little brother with slightly narrowed eyes.

Rain was surprised by his sudden appearance. She hadn't collected her thoughts yet! "Um, nothing. We were just heading back to the fight." she quickly stammered out. She looked at Aaron, her eyes pleading him not to say anything yet.

Megan whined and squirmed from underneath him to free herself just as his teeth nipped the first layer of flesh and fur. She panted.

She had to tire him out.

She snarled and lundged at him trying to get a good chomp in.

Linda was surprised he stopped her. "If Megan could live a better life without you, would you leave? I didn't say happy. I just said better." she sighed. "Look what I've done to Damien. I constantly put his life in danger, I constantly need him to protect me and he does all those things but not without price. Werewolves have died. Delia died. Megan almost lost her eye sight for good and now she might even be going down the wrong path of mentality." She looked back towards the fight.

"Everytime I look at Damien, all those things weigh on my heart. Love does not always conquer all. I love him so much it hurts. But he needs to pick someone who can help him...not just bring him pain." her shoulders slumped. "I won't leave now. But one day I will have too. Megan needs you because you are good for her. I haven't seen her smile too much but it's always when you are around." she looked at the girl on the ground. "She's fighting this fight for you as well, you know." she said.

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Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:38 pm
Aaron remained silent, as he so often did. He didn't think that she was giving herself enough credit, but he wasn't going to say anything. That seemed to go without saying, anyway; anyone on a person's bad side probably didn't often see their good side. That would be true for the nicest person in the world, unless they were so nice that they had no enemies or anyone they simply disliked.

His heart nearly stopped in his chest when he saw his brother come bounding through the trees. It was easy to talk all about telling him "no" and going on with their love life, but now that he was here in front of them, it wasn't seeming so simple. Things that he hadn't thought of were coming up like the possibility that he would duel him for her- or worse yet, just try to hurt him without the official challenge placed. He mostly hadn't been expecting to have to go through all of this so soon. It was catching him off-guard.

Glancing back at Rain, Aaron nodded quickly, clearing his throat nervously as he fumbled for some words. "Ah, um, I- we, uh- mm, yes, just h-heading back..." He stammered at an awkwardly quick pace. What he really wanted to do at that point was just run away, but his feet felt like they were glued to the ground and it would look weird to bolt all of a sudden anyway. Instead, he just waited to let one of them make the next move, and he would just play it by ear from there...

Kyrian growled at her as he backed up a bit. He hated when battles took a long time. It just got annoying when the other wouldn't just lose. Since he knew that it would happen eventually, he preferred it to happen quickly, at least when it was a real fight.

Letting out an annoyed huff, he let her get in close and bite him. Or at least that was what he would tell you. Perhaps it wasn't entirely intentional, but even he himself would have a hard time telling for sure even if he really thought about it. Whatever the case, it did get her in close and his head was totally free still since she got his upper front leg, so he went in for a bite of his own.

Tristan let out a short sigh. It seemed like things were terribly complicated around here. But perhaps that was to be expected; this was an unheard-of taboo being put into play now. Nobody could really call it normal for a human and werewolf to so much as like each other, and now there were multiple cases popping up all of a sudden and in the same pack. That was a lot of taxing conflict poured into it, and a lot of that was now on Damien's shoulders. Tristan hoped that they could find a way to work it out, even if it meant him leaving the pack or something. But Tristan didn't know if that was even allowed or was even possible; he knew that they had some kind of mental link that was beyond human comprehension.

It seemed to him that he and Megan were almost in that hypothetical position she was putting him in. However, it was opposite; he was staying with her to try to give her a better life rather than doing as she said and going back home. It was hard to think of it the way she was putting it; there were always those "only if"s and "depends on"s. In the end, he would end up going with whatever was better for her, probably, but he wasn't going to tell her that right now.

"Who says you haven't helped him?" Tristan replied with a slight shrug. From his own experience, finding someone you liked that much did result in some changes in a person whether they realized it or not. Surely there was something that she had helped Damien to overcome or to do in some way. If he knew these people better, perhaps he would have more evidence to back all of this up...

"Good." He said simply, letting out a short sigh. At least that would give them some time to talk about it, perhaps. Although he didn't want to interfere, he was considering saying something to Damien about it if he got the chance. The Alpha wolf had been rather busy lately, so these might be things that he just hadn't gotten around to thinking about yet. Tristan knew that if he were suddenly thrown into such a leadership position, he would have a hard time handling it all. "I know..." Tristan said slowly, gaze wandering over towards the fight. The longer he stayed away, the more he wanted to go over there and make sure she was okay, but he knew he couldn't yet. Waiting was so hard...
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Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:59 pm
Rain didn't know what to do know but she was sure that the truth of their relationship coming out would cause a real problem. Megan was still fighting for her right at love and she didn't want to fight Aaron's brother. They needed to become closer, not further apart.

As they walked back towards the pack site, she sighed softly. She walked neither near Aaron or his brother. What was she going to do? Well it was her right to turn down the proposal, and maybe that was what she would do. It was quick and clean end to this. She loved Aaron and no one could change that.

"So What were you doing in the woods?" she asked his brother.

(I guess we could both play him if need be :])

"Our mother saw you two leave the pack site and she told me." he said looking at Aaron.

Megan was getting tired. But that didn't stop her from avoiding his attack. She slammed her weight into him so they were both thrown in the same direction and she quickly got off him and went back to circling him.

She needed to go for the kill. She growled lowly. She searched for the anger and pain inside her that would help her win. But most importantly she pulled up the affection and love that she had for Tristan and the hope for a better future. This would work, she just knew it.

"She would want to see after the fight. After she wins. because God knows how powerful she is. Megan was and is always going to be a fighter." she told Tristan. "But at the same time I think she will begin to accept that she can't fight what she feels for you, not matter how much she doesn't want to admit." Linda crossed her arms and settled more comfortably on the tree stump.

The girl suddenly burst awake. Sweat beaded her forehead and her hair was a mess but she smoothed it down and looked at the two people in front of her. She recognized the boy that was sure that saved her life and another girl that seemed safe enough. Her breathing was heavy, like she could be possibly running in her nightmares too.

"Please don't let them catch me." she said getting to her knees. "I ran for almost half a day before I got away. Don't give me back to them." she said pretty much not making any sense to anyone who didn't know what she was talking about. "You saw them right." she said inching over and gripped tristan's arm.


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