(1x1) Lyht and Purity
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Tue May 10, 2011 11:21 pm
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Megan was walking in the forest when the scene suddenly shifted from the greenery to Tristan's house. Not a thing looked out of place since they had been there and there was a glass of water sitting by the bedside table. It seemed like just yesterday he picked her off the street and tried to shove water down her throat so she would wake up.

She looked around wondering where Tristan was when she heard giggling. It was faint but she realized it was coming from the front door. She went to open the door and she saw Tristan outside with his arms wrapped around another woman and he was kissing her with the same intensity he once kissed her.

"I love you." the beautiful woman in his arms said and he said it back without hestitation. "I can't believe I actually thought I loved that wolf girl. She was so angry all the time, and she was terrible to me. She kept pushing me away and I guess I have to thank her. I met you afterall. I would've left her sooner or later. It was getting so tiring.." the woman smiled. "I'm glad she did too."

"Werewolves are such freaks of nature." and when those words came out of Tristan's lips Megan felt like someone stabbed her heart. "I'm standing right here." she said wondering if they would hear her. They did and their heads turned. "Oh, it's you. I'm tired of dealing with your drunken butt, get out of my house. I never want to see you again." and Megan was dumbfounded. She never believed Tristan would say such things but he yanked her arm and pushed her outside going inside with that woman. "Stay out." and he slammed the door in her face.

Megan felt like she had no strength left. She finally did it, pushed away the last person she would ever love and who would love her back. No. he didn't love her at all. Everything about love was a lie. She never wanted to trust anyone again. Because it was right that the harder you loved the more you got hurt.

On the physical plane, Megan whimpered and tears leaked out the corner of her closed eyes before her eyes suddenly burst open. She saw that she was in tristan's arms and pushed him away, hard. She fell to the ground but she quickly got up her head spinning. The dream, no, nightmare she had was deeply engraved into her brain. Her breath came out in heavy pants. She didn't look at anyone else just at Tristan. With so much pain in her eyes. Her purple eyes didn't blink as she tried to organize her thoughts. Her hands were shaking. "Get him away!" she suddenly yelled and she ran behind Rain. "Please tell him to just leave. Tell him to never come back. Tell him he can be happy with that human woman and stop chasing after the freak of nature that I am." tears came into her eyes and she curled up into a ball. "Tell him to leave!!!" she said buring face in her knees hugging her knees tightly to herself.

Rain was surprised when Tristan came inside holding Megan but the turn of events was so quick her head was spinning. Her Aunt started to yell hysterically about getting Tristan away and telling him to stop chasing after her, and to be happy with "that" human woman. She hugged her Aunt as she curled tighter to herself, her whole bodily trembling. "Shhh....It's going to be okay."

"No! It's not! He's going to leave and he's going to never come back and then I'll be alone. Rain, I don't want to be alone. But it's going to be my fault and I'm going to push him into anothe rwoman's arms and he won't even spare me a passing glance. Tell him to go away!!" Megan said. She knew now, what her ultimate nightmare was. It wasn't dying, it was losing Tristan. And she was losing him, to her own paranoia and when he got tired of her and left, she would be unloved and all alone. Then she would want death to come to her door.

"Auntie Megan, Tristan isn't going anywhere. He's right there." megan didn't reply and shook her head covering her ears.

Linda was about to reply to Tristan before Megan suddenly sprang from his arms and go into what could only be described an emotional breakdown. "She healed me of my sickness. And then she was comatose for a moment before she became abnormal like this." Linda said and guilt clenched her heart. She hurt megan.

"I think I read somewhere that the stronger a healer gets the more in tune her powers are with her emotions. Like say she just healed you of a deadly disease, all her emotions were thrown out of proportion. In the woods it was anger and here, it's the rest of them. fear love,anger,pain. Stong healers who heal dangerous conditions never live long. The flood of emotions tears them apart from the inside." The healer girl said. "But whatever she feels is legitimate, just mutiplied ten fold."

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Mon May 16, 2011 3:28 am
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At first, Tristan just stared at the girl in his arms. She seemed so peaceful right then, something he had seen rarely, if ever, on her countenance. He did not care much if she did not like him anymore; as long as she was happy, then he was happy.

He was quite obviously alarmed when she pushed away from him and out of his arms. At first, he was mostly just concerned with dropping her. Only once she was safely on the ground did he realize what she was saying. The words hurt deeply and he couldn't look at her. He knew better than she that it wasn't true, but it still hurt anyway. Before, she had told him that he should be on his own way, but she had not been so insistent that he should leave. Perhaps he should just leave. His goal here was to make her happy after all. Clearly him being here was not accomplishing that.

Either way, he was definitely not going to break his silence. There was no reason to. She wouldn't listen to him. He was about to turn around and leave, but Rain's words made him stop. He didn't really want to make her to be a liar, so he stayed put.

Damien scooted himself closer to Linda, close enough that he could breathe her in and lay his hands on her shoulders. His eyes moved between the scene with Megan and the healer who was explaining it all. After a moment, he let his eyes remain on the healer.

"Is there any way to fix it?" He asked quietly. If there was, he wanted to do it. He doubted that the cost would matter, though he had thought that about Linda being healed earlier too.
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Tue May 17, 2011 12:43 am
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Rain looked up from her Aunt to see Tristan look like he was about to leave. Her eyebrows furrowed. "Could you calm her down and put her to sleep?" she asked the healer woman and she nodded coming over to put a hand on Megan's neck and Megan's body visible relaxed from her curled form and then her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

Rain got up from her crouching position. "If you want to leave you are welcome to do so." she said looking at Tristan. "I know this hasn't been easy for you, but Auntie Megan hasn't had an easy life either. If you don't love her like you say then you should go." She was about to say somethign else when one of the guys interrupted.

"If Megan is in this condition how is she going to fight Kyrian for her freedom?" he asked and Rain whipped around to face him.

"She did what?!" Rain asked. "Kyrian challenged her and if she loses, she's his mate and if she doesn't show up, she becomes his mate." Rain closed her eyes and after a minute. "Then i'll fight for her." She looked at Tristan. "I know what you might be thinking, that you would fight for her but this is a werewolf fight, so you can just leave."

Suddenly Megan whimpered. "Tristan. Don't leave me alone. Not again." she called his name in her sleep.

"Or you can stay with her until she gets better." she said sadly.

The healer woman after putting Megan to sleep pulled some books off Delia's bookshelf and started flipping through them. "I'll keep looking Alpha. I'm sure there is a cure somewhere." she said before the other healers joined her in looking at the old volumes.

Linda swayed on her feet, leaning against Damien. "It's all my fault. When I'm sick, i burden people, even when I'm better I still do the same." She ran outside the house and she sat down close to Delia's new resting place. "I'm sorry." she said and buried her face in her bent knees.

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Fri May 20, 2011 4:29 pm
Tristan watched the healer work, silently biting his lower lip. He was feeling angry and sad and betrayed and unloved and all sorts of other things all at once and it was rather confusing. It made him just want to crawl under something and just hide from everyone for a long time. But if he did that, then his eyes would be off of Megan and she would probably get away.

Looking up at Rain, he shook his head. Since the silence was for Megan and she was unconscious, he replied. "I don't want to leave but if she so badly does not want me around then I am tempted to grant her wish. I want her to be happy, and if that means leaving her then I will do it." His voice was distant and disconnected as if he had memorized the whole thing a very long time ago. He could feel that the hurt in his heart was slowly going numb which was almost worse than the pain.

His green eyes went back to Megan when he heard her mumble his name. Brows knotting into a frown, he let out a soft sigh. Of course he was going to stay with her, but he was still afraid of what she might say when she was coherent again.

"No, that's not true..." Damien moaned, caressing her hair with his fingers. He was about to pull her towards him when she leaped forward and ran off. Following her at a somewhat slower pace, he caught up to her by the time she reached the fresh grave. Now that he finally had a chance to think about it, he grieved for the loss of Delia. Not only was she a valuable healer to the pack, but she had also been an important mentor and role model in his life since childhood. Though he had never had the close connection Megan had with her, Delia had still been like an aunt to him.

Not really sure what to say, Damien decided not to say anything at all yet. Falling slowly to his knees next to her, he pulled her to his chest. Although he held back his sobs, he didn't try to stop the tears from falling.
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Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:47 pm
"You know she doesn't want you to leave. She would go to pieces if you did." Rain said and went over to pick up Megan, kind of. She quickly dropped her into Tristan's arms though. "She won't be happy if you walked away. Thats what she is afraid of most." Rain softly to him.

"Theres another room, you can stay by her side until she wakes up." she suggested pointing to the room next to Aaron's.

"So it's agreed, i fight for Megan in her place?" she asked not really meaning for it to be a question. She didn't wait and she walked into Aaron's room and shut the door. She leaned against the closed door and looked at Aaron's sleeping form.

"There is so much I want to say, but I'm too afraid to say it." she said as she neared the bed. She took his hand squeezing it tightly. "Thanks for being there, and good bye." she released his hand and she gave him a kiss on his forehead before walking back out. "Tim, will you come with me to the place they were suppose to fight?" The werewolf boy nodded and they walked out of the house.

"You don't have to do this." the boy said. "But I do, or else Megan will never be happy." She looked over at Damien and his human girl. She found she wasn't angry at him anymore. She forgave him. "Lets morph." and they both changed into their wolf forms and ran into the woods back towards the pack site.

Linda let herself be pulled into his securing hug. "I feel so bad for what I have done to Megan." she said in a broken sob. "But I love you so much, I don't want to be sick again and give you up." Her body trembled. "Even when you say it isn't my fault, it is. Damien. You know it is. Megan would be fine if I hadn't asked her to do this. Please let me feel guilty. It's the only way i can feel better."

She felt something wet hit her cheek and she looked up, to see tears in his eyes. Oh no. She wiped away his tears. "Don't cry." she said softly.

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Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:26 am
Tristan stared at Megan's limp form with a glazed-over look as he listened to Rain. He really still wasn't entirely sure. It seemed like she was constantly trying to push him away, which usually was a sign that maybe she didn't want him around. However, it seemed rather usual for a woman like her to be so contradictory. Perhaps that was all this was.

Taking Megan in his arms, he let out a sigh as his eyes fell to her face. He would definitely stay until she woke up, but if she continued with her go-away tantrum then he wasn't sure what he would do. Even if he was a man, he was still somewhat sensitive, and her words were hurtful at times. At the same time, he wasn't sure he could completely leave her. He was starting to wish that he was a werewolf so he could just live out in the woods for a while. Of course, it wasn't physically impossible to do it as he was now, but it would be a whole lot easier if he were half animal.

"Thanks... for everything." He murmured softly to Rain. If it weren't for the limp body in his arms, he would have hugged her. Instead, he leaned over to give her a kiss on the forehead. She had done a lot for them and he felt like he really owed her now. He just hoped that he would actually get a chance to pay her back at least in part eventually.

Heading into the room Rain had showed him to, Tristan laid Megan gently down on the bed. Pulling up a chair next to the bed, he brushed her hair out of her face with his fingers absently. After playing with her hair thus for a few minutes, his frantic run through the woods before was finally starting to catch up to him and he laid his head on the bed next to her. His tangled hair fell across his face as he slumped there, slowly drifting off into some much-needed sleep.

"But you didn't ask her." Damien replied with a small sigh. "I asked her. I just wanted you to be better and I didn't even think about the retribution." That was one of the hard parts about being Alpha. There was absolutely no room for being selfish if he wanted to be a good leader. He constantly had to think of what was best for everyone in the pack. That was something he would have to work on. This whole Alpha thing was far more stressful that he thought it would be. He hoped his hair wouldn't turn grey over it. There was another one of those selfish thoughts. "Of all the times when you have wrongfully accused yourself, you have never been so wrong as you are now." It felt like a sort of harsh thing to say really, but it was true from what he could see. Linda had been no part in convincing Megan to do this. She had been sick, which wasn't her fault; nothing more. Damien had been the one who had asked her to do it. He had even promised never to ask anything of her ever again. Even if she had spoken the words, Damien had practically put them in her mouth.

Sniffing quickly, Damien gave her a sad smile. "I'm sorry." He rasped quietly. It felt like an opportune time to get some of this out of his system through tears, but he could tell that he was worrying her so he tried to swallow back the lump in his throat for now.
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Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:13 am
Megan was in a dreamless sleep because she was healed to sleep. It wore off faster on her because she herself was a healer. Her eyes fluttered and her whole body felt sore. She had remembered what happened to healers when they healed diseases. They would fade away slowly.

She mustered the strength to open her eyes and then she saw Tristan. He was sleeping and looking so very exhausted. He ran around with her all day, why wouldn't he be? She moved his hair out of his face. She had caused him so much pain. She had pushed him away continuously, yet he kept staying by her side...

But, she knew one day he would be fed up and go. She thought that day should have come already. "Thats what love is." she said in an inaudible whisper mirroring words Tristan had once said to her.

Her head hurt and all she wanted was to sleep. She didn't want to wake him so she edged off the bed the other way and she put a blanket over his shoulders softly. He deserved some sleep. She was clear minded now, she didn't know when madness would catch up to her but hopefully not before she told Tristan how much she loved him. And that she was so sorry fro hurting him.

Now wasn't the time, she had a fight to get to. She walked out and the two wolves stopped her. "Rain went to fight in your place." Her head jerked up. "What!?" she shouted. After a few minutes of calming down she went to check on Aaron. She put her hand on his forehead and did a full body healing. His wound was okay. He wouldn't die from it. It would just leave a nasty scar and leave him in a little pain. "Aaron, I would let you sleep. But you have to wake up."

Rain skidded into the site of the battle. She panted morphing back to human. "Auntie Megan won't fight today, I'll do it." she faced Kyrian who was older, stronger and faster. He was a jerk but Megan had to accept his challenge.

"Megan sends a little female pup to fight me? She does want to be my mate." his lackeys snickered. "Alpha would be upset that you betrayed him." Rain said to the lackeys.

They queited. "Damien is a push over" Kyrian said and rain took a deep breath trying to get her thoughts collected. She had practice fighting so many times. She would do this. She just needed a miracle.

(wanna be kyrian while they fight?)"Stop yapping and lets get this going. Megan has someone she loves and I won't let you take that away from her." Rain said determined and morphed.

Linda disagreed with Damien.He hadn't done it, she had. Megan was like this because of her. The messes in Damien's life were all because of her.

"There's nothing you have to sorry for." she said and kissed him softly. "I know you're sad too. About Delia, about Megan." she said softly. "Now that this sickness is gone, I won't leave your side." she said and she hugged onto him tightly. "I hope Rain is alright." she said suddenly. They looked like they ran off in a hurry...

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Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:44 am
Tristan was in a sort of numb, dreamless sleep, which was really rather optimal for getting some real rest. It was nice how the world didn't even matter for just a little while deep down in that dark place. He felt something gently scrape past his face, but it wasn't enough to pull him fully out of his slumber. Instead, he just sighed quietly and buried his face into his folded arms on the bed. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought about Megan, but it disappeared as soon as he got back to sleep.

Aaron could feel her healing him even before he was awake, though it wasn't enough to convince him to wake up on his own. It was a strange, tingling sort of sensation, starting around the edges of his wound and working it's way down to the core. He was vaguely aware of what it was, but it didn't seem worth waking up for.

When he heard his name being said, he did finally open his eyes slowly. It took him a moment for his vision to adjust and come into focus, but once he saw that Megan was standing over him, he sat up. "What? Is something wrong?" He asked, voice slurred somewhat by sleep as he rubbed his eyes. "Where's Rain?" The last thing he remembered from before going to sleep was her being there so it seemed like an obvious question. It was somewhat discomforting to wake only to find that things aren't as you left them when you went to sleep, but it was especially true for him in this situation after all Rain had been through.

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Kyrian snorted softly at the female that faced him now. She was so small; this would be easy. It was a bit of a letdown that he wouldn't get a nice challenge, but he was going to have Megan one way or another. For a female to refuse a male in the pack, especially a male as strong and worthy as himself was rare, but when it happened, a fight was called for. If either party was somehow unable to fight, they would choose a replacement, though Kyrian couldn't understand why on Earth Megan would have chosen this little girl. Whatever the case, this was what had to happen in such a situation. Even that wuss Alpha Damien wasn't going to be able to change such an old tradition.

Following Rain's actions, Kyrian morphed into his wolf form. He bristled up his jet-black fur as he began to circle her, making himself look bigger than he really was, not that he didn't already look quite impressive. Not wanting to waste any time, Kyrian shot right in, going for her legs first. Normally he would just go straight for the throat, but he decided that he would toy around with this little child first. Some of the other young wolves were starting to gather around too now, curious to see how this would play out. 'Yes, let them watch.' Kyrian thought pridefully. 'No male will want a little weakling like you after they watch this.' He then thought, projecting his thoughts to Rain.

Damien couldn't be convinced of this not being his fault at this point, so he decided to just drop the subject. He nodded slightly, glancing down at the fresh grave. At least he hadn't sent Megan down to join her. Damien would have had trouble living with that. Now that Linda was bringing it up, he realized that something odd was going on with the pack. He was getting strange emotions sent to him, which was enough to make his reopen his connection to figure out what was going on. First just came thoughts from the closest members, especially Aaron and the little that Megan was allowing in. She seemed panicked, and he was just tired and a bit confused. The other pack in the area knew what was going on though. Damien scowled. He hated how much fighting was involved in his pack's culture. It seemed like every dispute, great or small, was settled with some sort of blood-shed.

"I'd better go see about this." He said with a sigh. If nothing else, he should be there to tell them when to stop. Sometimes these things go so out of hand that wolves would die even though the rules of the fight didn't dictate that someone had to die for it to be settled. The least he could do was remind them of that. He would prefer if he could stop it completely, but he knew that would almost definitely not happen. "I'd rather you not come but if you insist, I'm not going to stop you. You just have to promise to stay out of it if you do come." He said to Linda, rubbing away what was left of the tears on his face and clearing his throat. Standing slowly, he offered her his hand to help her up.
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Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:29 pm
Megan sighed having no idea how to begin to explain to Aaron even though she was the start of all of this Kyrian was her fight. How would Rain fair. megan was her own woman for most of the pack life she only cared for Rain briefly, Rain's mother hated her.

"Here drink some water." she said handing him the glass that was on the table. "I was asleep, and Rain...she went to fight Kyrian for me." she said. "I'm on my way to stop them, but I knew Rain won't listen to me. She might to you." she said.

Megan wondered how she would do this. She had to get Rain out of there. Kyrian fought dirty. Since Megan had fought with Lucian before she guessed they fight similiarily. Megan has much more experience in fighting. She had won that battle in getting Damien into the Alpha position. She realized she had actually almost killed Aaron. Good thing she was exhausted and he diecided not to rip out her throat.

Kyrian also seemed like a taunter, he would find something that might hurt Rain's feelings and while she was distracted he would strike. The more she thought about it the more frustrated she became.

This fight was hers to fight, not Rain's. Rain couldn't do this without support. Why did her neice run into this dangerous situtation? Even though she just answered her own question. Rain stayed around her too long, picking up her recklessness. Megan wasn't about to get Rain killed.

Rain knew she didn't look like a match to fight him. Many probably thought she was wasting her strength and toying with her life having this fight. But Rain didn't care. She didn't have anything to lose. She snarled when he came for her and she jumped out of the way and turned around to chomp on Kyrian's left flank.

I have nothing to fear, I don't want anyone to want me Rain had to remember, she wasn't weak, she was a fighter. She growled and lundged for his throat. She was going to win. She just had to win.You just don't want to give up because your pride won't let you. Megan doesn't want you. Stop making a fool out of your self. She thought towards Kyrian. Two could play with taunts.

Suddenly a motherly looking woman ran out. "Rain!?" Rain whipped her head around to see her mother and then her eyes became cold and she turned back to the fight. She wASn't going down without a fight.

Linda looked at him worriedly. Being Alpha was taking a toll on him. She nodded and took his hand, standing up. "I'm coming." she said. "I'll alwasy be here." she said again because now she knew she could follow through with this promise. Thanks to megan. She wasn't in through the pack connection. "So where did Rain and the other wolf ran off too.?"

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Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:54 am
Aaron grabbed the water he was offered, quickly gulping down a few big mouthfuls. He was probably going too fast for his own good, but he was really thirsty and it felt really good. It wasn't until Megan started talking that he almost choked on the water. She had run off to do something stupid again? It seemed like this was an endless cycle.

"Th-then let's go!" Aaron spluttered quickly, slamming the cup of water back onto the bedside table in such a hasty manner that it almost fell right off the edge. Throwing back the sheets, he jumped to his feet, only to spill clumsily onto the floor; his legs hadn't been quite ready for that just yet. No matter. He pushed himself back up and headed for the door, not really paying attention to whether or not Megan was coming, though he did suddenly realize that he didn't know where he was going. What he didn't realize was that his clothes were all torn up from the fighting and the wound from before and all sorts of other things. Even if he had noticed, he probably wouldn't have cared; he just wanted to get to Rain.

Kyrian let out a low growl, not because he was angry or frustrated or anything, but just to try to scare her. That was one of his usual tactics, especially when going up against younger wolves. Because of his momentum, it was somewhat difficult to dodge her bite, but he just dropped down low and that worked. She did still crash into him, but her teeth were too high to cause any real damage. Plus, her crashing into him meant little; she was quite light compared to him. He fought larger wolves just for fun.

'Now, there's no way that's true. Everyone needs to be wanted.' Kyrian replied. The main purpose of all of this was to try to get them to slip either in words or in their mind defenses. He had to find a mental weakness before he could truly win a battle. Mental weaknesses were so much more debilitating than the physical; that's what he had been taught. 'Do you think I don't know she doesn't want me? I'm not that stupid; we are fighting, aren't we?' He snorted at her, shaking his head a bit. Enough of that though; the purpose of this was to keep the focus off of him.

Kyrian only glanced at the thing that had attracted her attention before lunging in to take the opportunity of distraction. 'Yeah, go running back to your mommy, pup!' He taunted. Now for some imaging. He mentally sent Rain some made-up images in his head of him and his friends attacking and killing her mother. That sort of thing often just sent the opponent into a rage which made things a little difficult for a while, but it also got them to start making things emotional, which made them more likely to slip up and go for a stupid, unprotected shot. He needed more than just her mother though. Kyrian knew that there had to be some male involved in this for her; he just had to figure out who it was.

"Okay..." Damien let out a slow sigh, looking at her face for a moment before turning his attention to the trees. "This way." He said simply, taking her hand and leading her into the woods. If she hadn't been with him, he would have morphed and gone a little faster, but he decided to remain as-is for her sake. He did speed up into a sort of trot though, trying to make it as easy as he could allow. Even if she wasn't fully sick anymore, he still wanted to be delicate with her. It would be hard to remember that she'd had a princess' childhood, not the rough early upbringing that he'd had.

"They're going to be fighting." He decided that it would be best to get the explanation about this out of the way because there would be little time for it once they got there. "Kyrian wants Megan to be his mate but she refuses, thus they have to have a duel to resolve it. Whoever wins gets their way. Because of Megan's condition, Rain took her place, but at any time Megan can rejoin the fight and take Rain's place if she wants." That was what would happen, he guessed. Although she had not yet come out of the cabin, he could tell that Megan was planning on getting to the fight scene. He wasn't really sure which was worse; Rain fighting or Megan...
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Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:03 pm
Megan would have almost giggled at the slightly comical scene if the situation wasn't so serious. She sighed knowing she couldn't get Aaron to stop now. "The fighting grounds by the pack site." she said and then she morphed and ran full speed. The fight should have just started but she had no idea how Rain was and she didn't want to hesitate anymore.

Her mind travelled back to Tristan who was sleeping on the bed. He deserves a rest Megan, you have him physically exhausted and mentally exhausted from all your drama...she told herself.

She wiped her mind about thinking of him. She had a fight to get to, and a fight to fight. Rain would not get hurt because of her. She already hurt so many close to her.

Rain felt her teeth barely knick his skin more like his fur. Not me was her simple reply and she snarled and went at him again. These weren't spontaneous attacks. Rain was testing his weak points. She had rarely seen Kyrian, this fight would drag on...

I'm not a pup. she replied and her teeth ground together when she started to see flashes of those gruesome images. But she knew these were made up and her muscles relaxed a fraction. She would hurt Kyrian. She wouldn't give him what he wanted. Her mind stayed calm even as her muscles tensed. If you have so much energy to waste on those stupid thoughts and images, why don't you fight like a man.Or are you really just all animal inside?Rain thought.

Linda looked surprised at him. Fighting? Why couldn't they leave Megan alone? "Then why are we walking so slow." she grabbed his hand tighter and smiled before running. Normally she wouldn't of done this because she would be short of breath for a long time and most likely pass out but now she felt free.

"We have to watch out for Rain. I feel like I still owe her for getting kidnapped and beaten...." she said softly.

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Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:03 am
In reply, Aaron only grunted slightly. He followed her lead, morphing into his wolf form to keep up with her pace. He felt very focused now, his thoughts only for the fight they would find up there. He hoped it hadn't gotten too far yet. If she had so much as a scratch on her, he wasn't going to be too happy. In the end, this was all Kyrian's fault. Aaron could think of at least three people off the top of his head who would be against Kyrian right now though, so he odds were in their favor. Of course, then again, Kyrian did tend to have a little group of pals about, just waiting for a fight to come up.

It was pointless to think about things like this before he even got there, but he really couldn't help it. He was worried about what all might go down here and he couldn't keep his mind off of it. He hoped that he wouldn't do anything to shame the pack. He could already tell that the Alpha was headed in the same direction, so he would have to try to watch himself.

Kyrian glared back at her unflinchingly. He could certainly win this battle, even if Megan were to come back in. He would have her, no matter what it took. 'Really? Not a pup?' He chuckled a little. 'Then why are you so small and weak, girl? I see no other explanation for it. You're a little weakling pup, just like the Alpha was.' He decided to leave it past-tense for now, even if he wasn't quite sure it was all in the past. Damien had always been a bit smaller than his peers, and Kyrian liked to prey on such weaklings. Now he was mostly just angry that he had become Alpha, which was part of why he had decided to go after Megan like this all of a sudden. Of course, Megan was most of the reason for it, but frustration usually triggered action when it came to him.

'Why should I want to be a man?' Kyrian replied. [i]'Men are weak. Even Damien, one of the weaker of us, was able to bring down that high and mighty prince back at his little girlfriend's home.' Even still, he did decide to step it up just a little bit. Going in for another attack, this time he went fast for her shoulder. He decided to wait on her throat, but perhaps he could at least cripple her a bit for now.

Damien was glad that she suggested speeding up. He didn't want to have to push her, but he did feel like they needed to get there quickly. The longer this took, the more likely it was that he could get there in time to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

To her comment, Damien only grunted softly in reply. Of course, he didn't really think it was her fault, and he felt at least a bit responsible for that himself, but he didn't need anything like that to come up right now. They just needed to get there. Or rather, he needed to get there. Now that he was Alpha, he had a lot of work that needed to be done. If anything happened to anyone in the pack from now on, it would be at least partially his fault, he felt. He was their leader and it was his job to keep everyone safe.

Somewhere deep in his sleep, Tristan thought he heard something. It was enough to wake him up, though he almost went right back to sleep. Whatever it was shouldn't matter, right? But then his hand fell on the bed and he realized that it was empty and cold. Head jerking up, he took a quick sweep of the room. "Megan?" He called out to her, standing quickly and checking all the rooms. The whole house was empty now. That was even worse than just Megan not being there. He didn't even have anyone to ask where she went.

Running outside, he stopped as soon as he reached the yard. He wasn't really sure which direction to go. Searching the ground, he eventually found the freshest wolf tracks. All that time out in the woods following random animals was finally paying off. There seemed to be two sets of tracks, but it seemed right so he started to follow it. That was probably just one of the other wolves, or maybe that younger one who hung out with Rain so much, Aaron. He had noticed that the other bed had been empty too, after all. What mattered most to him though was just finding Megan before she did something stupid.
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Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:48 pm
Megan smelled Damien and Linda also heading for the pack site but she was the one who was in a hurry to get there. So she sprinted faster. She wasn't completely rested but she knew that she was able to fight now. She wondered how she would fair against Kyrian...

If she lost...if she lost she would truly of lost Tristan. If she continued to love Tristan like she did now, Kyrian would have the right to kill him. But that was something she would never allow to happen. Over my dead body she thought to herself.

The forest moved like a blur around her. Her focus point was one. Stop Rain and win this fight. For Tristan...

She wondered if he was awake. He would probably be mad that she left him behind. But she would make it up to him later. She would be truthful. She would stop trying to push him away and shred both their hearts up.

She jumped into the clearing with a snarl. She saw Kyrian going for Rain and suddenly she had a flash of panic. What if Kyrian was going for her neck?!

Rain growled, tired of his fruitless taunting. She knew he was trying to mess with her mind, trying to get her to lose her focus.

She steeled herself for any random attack he might make while he was babbling away in his mind. When he came for her shoulder she was ready. She ducked low. Her smaller physique helping her miss his jaws and she surged up beneath him going for his neck. She couldn't afford to play around, she had to see to it that she took every chance she got to take him down.

Linda was worried. What if they were too late? "Damien maybe you should change and get there first. I don't want anything to happen to Rain just because I'm slow." she said seriously. "Aren't we close? I could find my way with the sounds." she said letting go of his hand.

Suddenly a girl burst from the woods and knocked straight into Tristan, falling on top of him. She was the beautiful girl that Megan had seen in her dream. She had gorgeously long raven black hair and piercing sapphire blue eyes. But right now the sleeves on her dress were in tattered shreds and she was bleeding from a cuts on her leg.

"Oh dear. I'm so sorry. There...there was something after me." she said getting up off him. Her hair was slightly mussed and her hands and knees were dirty, like she fell down a lot. Her blue eyes darted from the forest back to Tristan a few times.

"Do you have water?" she said gasping. "I haven't eaten in days..."


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Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:40 am
Because Rain had gotten herself involved in all of this, Aaron was nearly as frantic to get there as Megan was. He really wished she would have stayed out of this. Sure, he didn't want Megan getting herself killed over this either, but taking her place didn't seem like a proper way to solve anything. All it did was put them both in danger, especially now that Megan was getting herself fully involved in it.

Coming to a halt just behind Megan, Aaron's eyes were only for Rain. Once he spotted her, he felt his blood boil. He, too, saw the male going for what looked like her throat. Aaron didn't take any time to think about it; he just went flying into the heat of the battle. Even if he had thought about the fact that this was a mating duel and how some had been killed for interfering in the past and all of those other facts, he probably still would have done it. Jumping into the clearing, he put himself right in between the two, facing Kyrian. He felt Rain behind him, and realized that he had just blocked one of her attacks. Oh well; even considering that, he had no regrets yet. Once he had hit the ground, he leaped right onto Kyrian, going for his throat.

Kyrian was glad to see that Megan had finally showed up. Now he could have an actual challenge. However, he hadn't really been expecting that other male with her. He had seen the younger wolf before, but he wasn't really sure how he fit into the equation until he came running at them. His mind was wide open and Kyrian didn't even have to try to realize that he was going to try to keep Rain safe, at all costs.

'So you do have a boyfriend...' He threw the thought at Rain as he fell back, trying to keep himself safe from her teeth. She probably actually would have had him if Aaron hadn't gotten in the way. According to the rules of the duel, any intruding parties were fair game; Kyrian was completely free to tear his throat out if he got the chance. He planned on exercising this freedom if he could. The male obviously wasn't going to go down without a fight though. Aaron went for his throat, so Kyrian pulled up and back. This didn't clear him completely, but Aaron only got his front leg rather than his neck.

'Finally decided to join us, hm?' Kyrian directed his thoughts to Megan now. 'You gonna fight me or just stand there while I kill your little friends?' He challenged her as he went rolling along the ground with Aaron clamped onto his leg. Since Kyrian was larger, it didn't take too much to get him off and get his own teeth into Aaron's throat. 'And that's why you shouldn't rely on emotions when doing battle...' He told the struggling wolf beneath him.

After a short pause, Damien agreed. "Okay, just please, please don't get involved any more than you have to." He pleaded with her even as he increased his pace. "Just keep going straight and I'm sure you'll hear them soon." With that, he morphed into his wolf form, quickly closing the distance between them and the clearing. He got as much information as he could from the other wolves so that he more or less knew where things were by the time he came rushing through the bushes. Things were not looking too good at this point, and he expected to have to step in soon enough. For now, he just watched from the sidelines, pacing impatiently. He made sure that all the wolves knew how how he felt about this tradition, but it certainly wasn't going to stop it right now, and certainly wouldn't stop Kyrian.

Not expecting to be plowed over, Tristan let out a short yelp as he was tackled. He was a little in shock at it all, and couldn't help but stare at her because for basically every part of her appearance. It was a little strange and confusing to him.

"Uhh, it's no problem..." Tristan said hurriedly, pulling himself up off the ground. He had finally gotten over his initial shock, but now he was just a bit in panic because he knew he would have to hurry if he wanted to catch up to Megan. "I don't have anything but there's a cabin back there?" He said all in one breath, pointing the way he had come. It occurred to him that he had just invited a stranger into someone else's house, but he didn't really care at the moment. "I'm just kind of in a hurry, sorry..." He panted, starting off on his way again.
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Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:13 pm
Rain was surprised when a wolf jumped in and when she realized it was Aaron she snapped. He was so stupid, so incredibly stupid. What was wrong with him. Now she had a reason to fear Kyrian. Now Kyrian could get to her.

He's not my boyfriend she shot back and then her heart panicked when she realized his frontal charge was the biggest opening he could have gave Kyrian. Aaron was going to be fair game. NO! she slammed her body inbetween them both and got Aaron free. Then she morphed back into a human. "Aaron change back!" she barked out. "Come with me." she said and her eyes were angry, her posture was stiff. She was practically seething with anger.

But she wasn't thinking logically. She cut off all connection with the pack, and it was only between her and Aaron. You are so stupid! Why would you jump in like?!

I'm so weak I can't fight my own battles? Stop treating me like a freaking little baby!

Rain was so angry she started to speak aloud "You are supposed to be resting. Yet you go plowing through the forest and into a fight that doesn't belong to you. That could have been my only chance to win and you ruined it, because you thought I couldn't defend myself.

Did you know you just allowed him to go at you like fair game. Your life isn't worth any less than mine. Don't treat me like a little girl that needs you to protect and defind her because I don't need you to hold my freaking hand through anything!

If anything happened to you because of me do you even know how much guilt i would feel?!" she exhaled a heavy sigh. "J-Just leave me alone. I don't want to see you." she said and she morphed and ran blindly into the forest. She didn't know where she was going, or where she wanted to go. Just away from here to let out the stong in her eyes that had been there since she Aaron jumped in.

I was alittle tied up, but this fight won't be long anyway. Megan jumped between him and the kids. They are done here. You are my opponent. This is the fight.She didn't want to give Kyrian too much thinking room. He might decide he wants to go after Rain again. But the rules stated the original fighter could come in anytime. Right now was naytime.

Megan growled and went into to attack Kyrian heading straight for his throat. She would have to go in for the attacks that would allow him to be unable to fight anymore. Then she would win. Then everything would be okay.

Linda nodded and he left. Linda sighed and continued on at a comparitively slower pace. As long as Damien was there to watch over his people, Linda was happy. Linda couldn't keep trying to make him put her in the first place.

She followed the sounds of shouting and fighting and she soon reached the clearing and she saw Megan facing a jet black wolf and Damien pacing impatiently. She walked over to him but that wasn't before she noticed the looks she was given. They didn't have to say anything for her to read one word off all their mind. She's a human. Suddenly she felt more than ever she did not belong.

The girl grabbed his hand gently. "No wait!, don't leave me here all alone! They'll come back!" she said. "Please." she pleaded and it wasn't hard to took innocent and helpless because she for the most part was.

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