(1x1) Lyht and Purity
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:49 am
Tristan stopped when she did, staring at her numbly. He felt like someone had just shredded his heart up like a piece of meat and didn't really feel like saying anything. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth to speak, his emotions might all come flooding out in some horrible, painful way.

Thus, he wanted very badly to remain silent. He didn't want to risk it. Her words were really bothering him though, and he wasn't sure that he could keep this one argument in. He bit his tongue literally, hoping that it would help. It did for a few minutes, and he began to follow her again, but finally he couldn't take it anymore. The more he thought about it, the more he had to say it.

"If you spend all your effort trying to push people away just to protect them, then there is no point to loving them in the first place. It's just like being paranoid about death to the point you try to prevent it in every way, rendering useless the very thing you're trying to protect; your life. Why does love even exist if we're just supposed to push each other away to save one another?" That was all. Surely he would not need to say anything further. No, wait; there was one more important thing. Perhaps it would seem random and disconnected, but if he kept up this silence, he wanted it to be the last thing she heard him say. "I love you too."

Damien frowned at her, feeling a bitter taste in his mouth. "I'll promise that only on the condition that I love her at least as much as I love you." He said quietly. Except for love, Damien saw no point in having a mate for him. Sure, for the image as Alpha, for the sake of heirs, but honestly, Damien did not care for either of those things. Linda had been the first person who made him even seriously consider such a thing as having a mate.

"Yes, we can get Megan." He said with a nod. Now he would have to open himself up to the pack again, he knew, to locate her. Not yet though; he needed just a few more moments to focus on her. "I should be the one running away from you, in that case." He replied. What was more dangerous than the life of a werewolf? No less the life of an Alpha wolf. Not only did he have to be careful to not be killed by humans and larger woodland animals, but he had to worry about members of his own pack trying to take his position.

"I love you." He whispered softly, returning the kiss passionately before finally opening up his mind connections again. As soon as he had gotten them to all stop freaking out about how he kept doing that, he asked them if they knew where Megan was. It took a few moments of talking back and forth before they found the other wolves at Delia's house burying her. They were the only ones who had any idea where she was.

"We should leave immediately." Damien said, wiping his face dry with the back of his hand. "Do you want me to carry you?"

Squeezing her hand as much as he could, Aaron let out a soft sigh when he felt her hand. For some reason that he couldn't quite remember, he had been afraid that she would be mad at him. Her hand felt warm and comforting, which made him slightly disappointed that it disappeared. It hurt a bit to be propped up, but the pain was fading anyway. It was more like a pulled muscle kind of hurt now, as opposed to the sharpness it had when the arrow was still there.

Once he was settled, he was able to relax more than he had relaxed in probably a couple of days. After all, he was safe in this house, his pain was going away, he knew that he could rest, and Rain was here with him. What more could he ask for?

When her fingers scraped his face, it just felt like that same, warm, comforting thing that it had been before when she touched him. He looked back at her, wondering if she could hear how much he liked it in his head. Probably not; his thoughts were still completely kept to himself at this point. The porridge was still rather hot, but it tasted very good and he was very hungry so he sucked it in quickly.

Aaron stiffened just a little as soon as she mentioned his brother. He immediately knew something weird was up if she was mentioning him. The words "sister-in-law" gave him a bad taste in his mouth. No, he didn't want her to be his sister-in-law. It was better than nothing, but he personally did not like it much. He waited a moment to make sure she was done before taking in a breath to reply.

"What do you think you'll say?" He asked faintly. Although he wanted very much for her to be with him like that and not his brother, he too would honor her wishes no matter what she chose. He loved her and just wanted her to be happy, whether or not it left him happy.
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:11 pm
Megan was utterly shocked at what Tristan said. So much so she stopped in her tracks. But then she quickly realized everything he said was right. If she spent all the time trying to push them away and keep them safe then she shouldn't of love them in the first place.

She was paranoid? She shouldn't of been so paranoid about it but she was. She could kill and fight but up against her own feelings, they would always win. She didn't know how to say what she felt right now. It felt a little like he stomped on her heart, trying to call her weak. But Tristan wasn't that kind of person.

"Then maybe..." her voice trembled. "Love shouldn't exist for me at all." she didn't react to his "i love you too" because if she let it warm her heart, she would just hurt herself again. "I'm being paranoid and a coward. But it doesn't matter anymore does it? Do as you wish." she repeated again and she walked past the trees and up to the house just as they finished digging. "Let me finish it." she said and the three wolves stood aside. She went and took a towel to clean up Delia's face. And she fixed the woman's hair. She wrapped a sweater around her. "I'm sorry I put you in danger." she said softly and nodded to the guys to lower her into the grave.

They started to shovel dirt back into the grave and Megan looked away. She felt tears in her eyes. She knew noone would be here to hold her now she she hugged herself and she cried.

Linda smiled having hope now. She wondered why she hadn't thought about the healing powers Megan had before...She beamed when he said he loved her and then she watched him as he concentrated. He was probably using his mind connection to find megan.

"I can walk, but if it would be faster if you carried me..." she said looking around wondering where she had wandered off to anyway. "I'm sorry I always run away." she said.

Rain was suprised he hadn't reacted the way she thought. She thought he'd be smiling for her. Maybe it hurt him to smile...

She blew on another spponful before putting it to his lips. She thought about what she was going to say next. "I don't love your brother like a mate should. I don't think it would work out very well." she said sighing. "So I was thinking, I shouldn't take a mate at all. Damien would probably welcome me if I came back to visit. But I don't want to stay in the place that hurts me the most. Love is trivial." she said. She looked out the window.

"Love also hurts in so many ways to explain. So I think I'll give it up. No one loves me anyway." she put the bowl of food in his lap. "I stayed long enough. i should go." she said feeling distraught at her predictament. "I just borrowed Delia's house for a nap and some food. Bye Aaron. Don't come after me." she said...not like he could in his condition. She stood up. "Bye." aand she started to walk out.


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Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:16 pm
Not saying anything was looking to be easier now. He felt like he had some form of closure, as slight as it was. Not that he could ever truly have closure unless she accepted him back into her life.

Tristan remained silent to all her words. He disagreed with just about everything she said, but he remained silent. There was no point in it, as usual. Tristan saw nothing about Megan that made her deserve anything any less than anyone else. Certainly not love. He personally believed that everyone deserved love, even the ones who seemed too evil. He just figured that people got to be that evil because they were lacking love.

Folding his arms over his chest, Tristan followed her and watched as he buried Delia. It hurt him to see her in such pain, especially since he knew he should not interrupt. He wanted to hug her very badly, but he knew that she would only push him away, literally. Instead, he just watched silently, holding back his emotions by chomping down on his lip.

"Okay." Damien said quickly, sweeping her up easily into his arms. The movement put a strain on his wound, but it caused him pain worthy only of a slight flinch. It had been healed well, and he had endured much worse.

"It's okay; I couldn't be mad at you for long anyway." Damien murmured, nuzzling her gently as he carried her. It was not too far to go to get there, but Damien felt the need to rush. He felt like she might die at any minute, even though he was fairly certain that he was overreacting. Either way, the soon she was healed, the better.

Sipping at the soup gratefully, Aaron stared up at her through his messy hair. At first her words brought him relief, but then disappointment. No mate at all? And she was again determined not to stay with the pack? This was just getting tiring; could he ever win?

"No, don't give up..." He started faintly, but her next words immediately sent a spasm of panic down his spine. "No, that's not true!" He sat up quickly, almost spilling the porridge all over himself. "I love you! Please don't..." He panted frantically. It was clear that his body had not the energy to handle much, but he would never forgive himself if he didn't push himself to his limits. He honestly cared little if he pushed himself past those limits and to the death anyway; he hadn't really cared ever since he had gone through his angsty teen years.

"Don't... not again." Aaron moaned, tossing the bowl onto the floor and rolling himself over the edge of the bed. The panic was giving him a bit of extra strength, though he still toppled onto the ground before his legs could stiffen enough to hold him. Grabbing onto the bedside table, he pushed himself up shakily, but he couldn't stand if he let go of the table.
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Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:30 pm
After the wolves patted down the soil, Megan stood back up. She had prayed that Delia would find her friends and loved ones now that she has left. She felt cold so she went inside. She didn't know if Tristan would follow but he would. He was getting more persistant.

She saw the pot of porridge and she told the guys to come inside to eat. Then when she was standing in the doorway she looked at Tristan. "Come in to eat something too." she said not really in a caring tone, more like impassive and indifferent. Before she sat down to eat anything herself she went to check on her patient.

Rain was surprised by the suddenly outburst. Aaron didn't even look like he had enough strength in him to yell let alone get up. What he said after he sat up made her head spin. She blinked wondering if she heard him right. She wtahced the bowl roll onto the floor spilling what was left of the food. She was confused. Love her? No. he didn't.
Before she said anything Megan came in and went to help Aaron stand up.

"You are not in any condition to stand." she tsked. She looked at Rain. "Aren't you suppose to be helping Aaron?" she asked

She found her voice. "I helped him sit up and cleaned his wound. I gave him food. I was just about to leave..." she didn't look at him.

"I heard him say he loves you. What is your response to that Rain?"Rain opened her mouth and then she decided she would pretend she hadn't heard any deeper meaning to it rather than he loved her like a friend. She giggled. "I love him too. We've been best friends forever." she said shrugging casually.Megan gave a dark look. Rain knew what he meant and yet she was dodging the parts she didn't want to aknowledge. She helped Aaron towards the bed. "You need to rest Aaron. I'll make sure Rain is still here when you wake up."

"Wait what? I'm leaving Auntie Megan.""No you are not. I have to speak with you. About many things. I'm sure aaron after he has gotten some of his strength back also has things to say."Rain conceded and sighed going over to pick up the dropped bowl. "I'll get him some more." and she ran out of the room.Megan looked at Aaron and put a hand on his forehead trying to ease his bodily pains into a kind of numbness. "You have to rest."

Linda was surprised by his quickness but she held to him tightly. "I wish you would be mad at me. It would make me feel better about putting you in danger all the time..." she sighed and put her head on his chest. She was tired. If this healing thing worked, she wouldn't need to run anymore..she could be with damien as long as her life span would allow.

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Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:43 am
Green eyes half-closed, Tristan continued to watch her mourning silently. He hoped that Delia was in a better place now. If she was as humble and giving a person as he thought she was, he figured she probably made it to whatever nice place people might go to when they die. The thought made him wonder, for a moment, if such things were any different for werewolves. That was probably something he ought not to ask Megan. He could already hear all the pessimistic explanations.

He stood for a few minutes longer there, though gladly went inside at her invitation. The food smelled delicious, even though he actually was not a big fan of chicken porridge. He was hungry enough that it did not matter anyway. Grabbing himself a bowl, he found a place to sit, and began to devour the food hungrily. All the while, he watched Megan.

When Megan came over to help him, Aaron was grateful. He had been only a few short seconds away from crumpling over again; his elbows were no more stronger than his knees. Although he tried to use his legs to help her out as much as he could, he still leaned on her rather heavily. Thankfully, he wasn't all that heavy, but he was most likely heavier than Megan.

"No, that's not what I meant..." He moaned at Rain's best friend comment. That wasn't what he was trying to say, and there was so much more he wanted to tell her about it, but his whole body was slowly going limp, and this included his mouth.

"Thank you." He mumbled to Megan, more about keeping Rain there than the relief she was giving him physically. If she could just keep her there until Aaron had taken a nice, long nap, then perhaps he could keep her here for... well, he wasn't sure how long. Hopefully he could get her to stay with him for the rest of their lives, but there was no telling how she would react to what he planned on saying.

But that would all be revealed in time; right now he just really needed some sleep. He was already slipping out of consciousness as soon as his body hit the bed. Yes, a nice. long nap sounded so very good...

"If it makes you feel any better, I was mad at you for a little while." Damien said quietly, rather ashamed of that. "But as soon as I saw you, it all went away." He murmured into her hair. She smelled good to him, so he just breathed her in slowly as he trotted toward Delia's cabin. It was not too much further now; he knew that it would be in sight soon. Damien had been here quite a few times with Megan when they were younger, though he was not used to coming from the direction of the humans' territory (except for a few times when they had gotten a bit too close to it and came running to her house in terror).
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Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:08 pm
Megan sighed as Aaron faded into sleep. He shouldn't be doing anything but eating and sleeping until he was better. He liked to push himself to his limits and that was bad. She lookd up when she felt someone was looking at her and she looked up to meet Trsiatn's green eyes. Her bottom lip trembled before she regained her composure and covered Aaron with the blanket before walking out.

Rain almost bumped into her with another bowl of food. "He's asleep?" she asked softly."Yes. You eat up, you don't look like you ate in a long time too." Megan said."I don't have any appetite to eat." she set the food down on the bedside table."I need to speak to you Rain." Megan said and Rain sat down. Despite her reluctance to listen to anyone, she would always follow whatever her Auntie Megan had to say. Megan ran a hand through her hair. "Do you love him?" she asked right off the bat and Rain actually stared at her in shock.

Her Aunt really never beat around the bush.
"I...I...no." she said shaking her head painfully."You're a horrible liar." she crossed her arms.Rain was angry now. "You are a liar too. You love the man sitting outside and yet you will barely look at him. You won't sit by his side. I can tell there's something wrong. I want to deal with my problems my way, just like you're dealing with your problems your way." she sighed. "I love him. So what? So what? There are a lot of living proofs that you don't have to be with the person you love. I can't forgive him for not making it in time to save me. Not yet."

Megan was speechless. Then her face hardened. "It's not that you haven't forgiven him, you're afraid. You want to be with him but you're afraid that you'll lose him."

?"I'm not you Megan. Yes losing someone you love is a scary feeling but thats not what I'm afraid of. How long has he loved me? I liked him since we were ten. It's probably just a stupid phase he's going through. Our pack barely has any girls our age. I'm the only girl around to direct him affections towards and I won't be used for something so trivial. I won't subject myself to be hurt. My first mistake was for being so innocent and naive to believe if I was with the ones I love I would be safe. Rciahrd and his men got me and they hurt me."Megan felt like she was the one being told off than giving Rain a lecture. "I don't want you to end up like me..."

"It's perfectly fine that I do. Who says we have to have a mate to be strong. Aaron..." she turned to look at him on the bed. Megan found some leverage. "You hesitate, you don't want to leave him here, no matter what you're saying you do want to be with him.""No." Megan cocked her head to one side. "no?" Rain shook her head. "He just needs time to see that he doesn't love me." and she got up going outside to join the others to eat.

Stubborn girl. Megan sighed and then she slumped in her chair and covered her face with her hands. Was she even strong enough to make it anywhere? She had to win tomorrow's fight. She had to win. But for who's sake? Tristan...?She would be a hypocrite if she just kept going back to him. She morphed and she walked into the living room with the others eating. She was hungry too but she wanted to hunt. She after she looked at Tristan, she bolted and ran into the forest.

Linda smiled. It was so nice to be here with him, without anyone between them. She was about to say something when she saw a familiar shade of wolf fur.

Megan almost ran into them. She morphed. "What are you two doing here?" she asked.

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Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:25 pm
Unable to think of anything better to do, Tristan continued to watch Megan in everything she did. Even when she looked over at him, he did not let his gaze fall. Well, perhaps every once in a while to pay a bit of attention to the food he was ravenously shoveling into his mouth, but his thoughts were only on her. His past really mattered little now. He just wanted to be with her, even if she wouldn't have him.

When she bolted out the door, Tristan had half a mind to follow her. Then again he was confident that she would be back again. Probably just going for a walk, or perhaps a hunt, he figured, judging by the way she morphed. With a soft sigh to himself, he returned to the fire to get himself some more food.

So focused on Linda he was, Damien didn't notice Megan until she was on top of them. He surprised himself by being able to crack a smile at the sight of her.

"Megan..." He said her name slowly, setting Linda down carefully, though he stayed close to her. "I know we haven't always been on the best of terms, especially lately, but I have a favor to ask of you, and if you accept, I think I can promise to never ask anything of you ever again." He spilled out the long sentence hurriedly. His brows were knitted, hoping that she would just say yes. Even if she didn't want to do a favor for this Alpha wolf, perhaps she would at least be willing to do the favor for that shy, little boy she used to play with all the time when she was young.
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Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:18 am
Rain sighed looking at Tristan. "She'll come around you know? I can tell she really does love you." she said shoving some hot porridge in her mouth. She sighed. If she left now her aunt would never forgive her but she didn't want to hear what Aaron had to say. After eating another bowl she felt kind of full so she went to sit in Aaron's room. She pulled up the chair to his bed.

She moved his hair out of his face. He finally looked unpained in his sleep. They grew up together. They got into trouble together. She was grateful he didn't die in that fight to decide the new Alpha. "I'm sorry." she said to him softly.

Megan looked from Damien to Linda. "I'll help you." she said.Linda was relieved. What if Megan had said no, then all that hope they had amounted would have been for nothing. "Could you heal me?" she asked."I don't understand, you don't look hurt." Megan reached her hand out to touch Linda's arm and she gasped. There was some serious illness vibe coming off of her. She bit her lip. "Okay." she said smiling. Then she grabbed onto Linda's arm and put her other hand on her forehead and started to force her magic into the human girl. With Delia's magic in her now, she felt confident she could help Linda. But she didn't know what would happen to her after this was done.

She had never tried to heal a serious illness before. She remembered in one of Delia's lessons with her, that she said to never heal someone with a serious illness unless it meant life and death. But she couldn't recall what would happen to the healer. Sweat matted her forehead in a minute as she concentrated.
Linda stood perfectly still closing her eyes. Everything rided on this.A black sort of misty haze seemed to pour out from Linda as Megan healed her. But Megan got paler by the second. When Megan felt sure she couldn't feel any thing threatening Linda's life she let go. She was about to say something but her world started to spin. "huh?" she said weakly before she collasped. Her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat seem to be in slow motion.

Linda grabbed onto Megan before she hit the floor. She checked her pulse. "Oh my god. Her pulse is so faint, it's like it's not there." she said mortified. She didn't know that healing her would do this to Megan. "What if I killed her?" she said trembling.

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Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:40 pm
Looking up from his meal, Tristan looked at her thoughtfully before nodding. He sort of figured that too, which was part of why he was willing to hang around until she could accept it. Then again, perhaps she did not, in which case, he would just hang around until he died, because he was definitely going to see to it that he went before she did. And if she didn't, he would make sure that he went immediately following her.

"Thanks, I guess." He murmured in reply, shoveling some more porridge into his mouth. From what he could tell, Rain had someone who loved her just as much as he loved Megan, so he hoped that she too would realize it. Then again, he had not seen much of what was going on there; it was just vibes he was getting. Although he was very blind towards people who were attracted to him, he was good at seeing when there were connections between others.

Damien let out a sigh from a breath that he had not realized he had been holding. Staying close to both females, Damien watched closely, though he did not touch either of them. Not being a very skilled healer, he knew little about it all, but he did not want to interrupt it in any way. The more he watched, the more he was unsure about his decision to ask for help. It didn't look like she really knew what she was about to do, or what sort of consequences it would have on both of them.

Jumping forward when she fell, Damien held her carefully on the ground. "No, don't blame yourself. You didn't know..." He said quickly, feeling her pulse and forehead and breath. Returning his hand to her forehead, he tried to force the little bit of healing power he had on her, but it was very little. Perhaps enough to hold her until he could get someone better though. Considering all that had happened lately, he had less than usual too, and it was very hard to push it out of himself. Not wanting to waste any more energy than he needed to, he immediately contacted the pack, locating all the best healers left. Most of them were tired from the recent fight, but a few them who had stayed back at the pack's territory were immediately ordered to get over to them. None of them were as strong as Megan and there were only three of them, but it was all he could do.
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Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:29 am
Rain considered walking out right now. Auntie Megan left to hunt so techinically no one would stop her. But she wanted to make sure Aaron was okay.He took the arrow for her. She would guilty if she just left without making sure he was completely okay.

She touched his cheek with her warm hand. "Maybe I should marry your brother." she sighed softly.

She was so indecisive and she didn't want it to be this way. "I love you." she said softly and then got up.

Megan felt like she was in a dark tunnel. She walked down this tunnel wondering where it lead. Then she saw her mother again. "You are here again, Megan." Megan blinked knowing maybe it was her time to go. "You still have a choice. It's not your time to leave. But if you choose to you may." she said and came over to hugh ehr daighter.

"I'm all alone. Now Delia is gone. I'm all alone." then suddenly she heard a man's voice bounce through the tunnel. "I love you too." it was the memory of Tristan saying this to her after they started to fight again. Tears welled up in her eyes. She would be leaving Tristan alone if she let go of her life now. She didn't wish that on herself. So of course she didn't wish it on tristan.

Linda buried her fac ein her hands. "I won't be able to live with myself if anything happened to her.." her shoulders trembled.

Three wolves burst out of the thick bushes near them and they immediately morphed, coming over. One was a female and the other two were male. The female got over first and touched Megan's arm. "She's slipping away." and then her hand on Megan's arm tightened as she started to heal the girl. The other two guys did the same. After a minute they looked tired.

"She a strong healer. Even us three combined, it's hard." the girl said sweating a little.

Megan felt a pull on her spirit if you will. "I can't leave Tristan. not yet." she said and then she hugged her mother again. "We'll see each other when it's your time and no sooner, young lady." and she gave Megan a shave and suddenyl Megan's eyes burst open.

The healers were pale and all worn out.

Linda could almost cry in joy when she saw Megan open her eyes.

huh?" she said weakly, trying to get up.

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Tue May 03, 2011 4:49 pm
Aaron was quite dead asleep, but his dream were greatly affected by recent events. They were mostly nice dreams, about Rain and everything suddenly becoming peaceful. Eventually, he rolled over to face the door, letting out a deep sigh accompanied by a moaned "Rain...". However, he did not come anywhere near awakeness.

"You didn't kill her." Damien tried to reassure Linda. He stroked her hair affectionately, leaving his other hand to hold Megan. "If this is anyone's fault it's mine; I was the one who asked her to do it." He said, face riddled with worry. Yes, that was right; now, after all he had put her through, he was killing her. What a great pack leader he was. Now he almost wished that someone would rebel against him and knock him out of the Alpha position. He did not belong here. He was not a leader...

"Megan..." He said her name with a sigh of relief as she finally came to. "I was afraid I'd killed you." He really had not mean to word it quite like that, but there was no taking back words. "Thank you. All of you." He said, looking first at her, but then at the other healers there. they had all done him some big favors in just a matter of minutes.

"Let's get you back to Delia's." He said quickly. He was about to scoop Megan up in his arms, but then hesitated. She had such a strong will and hard head and might not appreciate him doing that, as much as she needed him to. "Do you mind if I carry you...?"
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Wed May 04, 2011 12:34 am
Rain stopped at the door when she heard her name beiing called. She turned around to see him turn to face the door. But he wasn't awake. If he just treated her like a sister he wouldn't be mumbling her name. But she didn't want to think about the complications of deluding herself into thinking he cared for her.

She looked at his face one more time before going to out to sit with the other wolves. "Delia died because she took an arrow for Auntie Megan?" she asked wide eyed at the news. Delia was not the most cuddly woman, but she was nice, Delia cared even if her mouth said the opposite. Her aunt would be heartbroken. And now that she didn't let tristan go near her, she was stomaching all this pain and darkness alone.

Linda was shaking. She didn't feel sick anymore. She felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders but the haunting thought of getting her health back just to kill Megan was terrifying beyond belief. "I did." she said softly.

She bit her lip looking at megan. The woman looked terrible. And this was all her doing.

Megan shivered as she felt this unnatural anger over come her emotions. She felt this before. When she hated everyone and everything in the world. Her vision was tinged crimson. She thought she had left this anger behind, but the near brush with death must of brought it back.

"I mind!" she barked her voice angry, it didn't sound like her. Then her vision started to clear and her eyes rolled back in her head and she collasped. One of the guys caught her.

The healers all nodded tiredly and they started towards the house. The female put a hand on Megan's forehead and winced. "She has a lot of anger and hurt all pent up. Its eating at her spirit." She healed Megan a little and the creased lines on Megan's scowling face faded and she settled into more comfortable sleep.


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Fri May 06, 2011 4:03 am
Frowning at her, Damien shook his head slightly. He still adamantly did not believe it was Linda's fault; she had not become sick on purpose, after all. It was he who should have taken it slow and not forced this upon Megan so quickly. Perhaps if he had given her some time to think about just how it might effect them both, things would have been better. Perhaps she even could have healed Linda just a bit at a time over the course of a few weeks or something.

But he didn't say any of this out loud. He knew that it was futile to try to argue it at this point. Maybe later. After they took care of Megan. And perhaps got some rest too...

Damien shrank back when she snapped at him. He had been half expecting her to say no, but he had not imagined that it would be like that. It hurt him, and he wondered if their relationship really was as mended as he had thought. He was starting to think not. Honestly, he didn't blame her. He was the cause of most of the bad things that had happened to her lately. Really, he was the cause of the bad things that had happened to everyone around him lately. Again, the thoughts of figuring out how to step down from being Alpha crossed his mind.

At the healer's comments, Damien nodded with a slight grunt. He didn't know what to do to help her, but he knew that sitting out here in the middle of the woods was not the best choice. Although he felt bad for going against her wishes, he lifted her gently, nearly losing his balance when he straightened up. "Let's just get her to Delia's and maybe we can figure out what to do from there."

Back at the house, Tristan was starting to get a bit antsy. He knew that hunting took a while, but he was getting nervous that Megan hadn't come back yet. Perhaps it wasn't so much how long she was taking but the uneasy feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. He didn't like to not have his eyes on her.

Heading for the door, he went outside, just standing there for a bit. He wasn't sure which direction to go. Although he was a good tracker, he was finding that werewolves had rather light feet in most cases, and were much harder to track than wild animals or humans.
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Sat May 07, 2011 10:53 am
Linda winced when Megan snapped. She had every right to be angry. She almost killed herself over saving Linda. She walked beside Damien as they headed towards the house. He looked like he needed a lot of rest. After all, he came after Linda right after the fight with richard....

"Am I still sick?" she asked and it was the female healer than came over and touched a hand to Linda's arm. She blinked. "This is incredible. There is no shadow of weakness whatsoever...Megan might actually be the best healer in all the packs."

Rain looked up when Tristan walked out. She got up and walked out behind him. He looked...somewhat worried. Rain sighed and her mind connection block was released. Then she let out a small gasp. Megan's mind connection was shadowed, you couldn't hear any of her thoughts but it wasn't as if she intentionally blocked it. She heard Damien's thoughts and three of the pack's healers.

"Megan will be here soon." she said and pointed into the direction that Damien and the others were going to come out of. Sure enough after a minute or two you heard people walking.


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Tue May 10, 2011 8:24 am
Damien remained silent as he walked. He was still thinking a bit, plus he just didn't feel like there was anything for him to say anymore. Hearing that Linda was, for sure, healed was a relief. He was proud of Megan for being that strong, though he was still angry that she did something so dangerous. She never bothered to think before she acted, it seemed. Right now he just hoped that she would live long enough that he could tell her so.

He lifted his eyes long enough to see that they were almost there. That was another relief. Even if she wasn't heavy, he was having a hard time keeping her up. She was slipping in his arms ever-so-slightly with every step he took.

Tristan nodded slightly when Rain spoke. That was good at least; he didn't really want to have to go out looking for her. Once he saw them coming, he changed his mind about that. Without a word, he ran over to them, taking Megen worriedly from Damien without even asking. Judging by the way his arms immediately went limp when relieved of the load, Tristan guessed that Damien didn't mind too much anyway.

"What happened...?" He breathed, looking down at her caringly as he started back toward the house.
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